Finding out the best LARGE CAT BREEDS THAT MAKE GREAT PETS could be challenging as there are many breeds out there, but we are here to guide you on what we think are the best.

Many people think that commonly all cats have the same size. However domestic cats are quite big. The domestic cats that we recognize today are all originally inherited from African wildcats, and as a result, cats have grown over the decades to all regions of the world, distinguishing them into distinct categories and types of breeds.

Therefore, all the cat’s breeds and types are different from one another. All these breeds of cats have their own specific characteristics of behavior and appearance which are known as characteristics of the breed. A few of those features are size and weight. So, domestic cats are widely kept as pets.

Besides, domestic cats are adorable, friendly, and fun-loving. Some also look like other large wild cats. Here is the list of the ten large cat breeds. In this blog, we are all about caring for your cats, so if you are new here, make sure to check out our cat food article, or cat accessories like perches, litter boxes, air freshners, dematting tools and cat cages to name a few.


TYPES OF LARGE CAT BREED that are good pets:

Ten different types of large cat breeds are listed below;

1. Savannah Cat

SAVANNAH CAT breed information

Savannah cat, known as the biggest breed of domestic cat in all. Though, since this breed is a crossbreed, there is some difference as to just how domestic the Savannah cat really is. Savannah cat gets their large size hereditarily as they are crossbred with the Serval, a wild cat found in Africa. Anyone researching for buying a Savannah cat should carefully consider their specific requirement before spending the money.

Savannah Cat

The size of the savannah cat completely depends on how much it gets from its ancestor because it is a crossbreed. The weight of the largest cat of this breed is about 30lb. Because of this, it has a resemblance to a small size dog. The most unique feature of the savannah cat is their physical resemblance with a cheetah.

It has the same short coat and lining on it like a cheetah. But the famous one is a green color with a black spot. Savannah needs a lot of care from the family. You should spend quality time with, coaching, and make fun with them.

2. Siberian

 SIBERIAN cat breed information

The incredibly attractive breed has been identified for nearly 1000 years in Russia. This cat is often considered as a national cat of Russia. Siberian have blue eyes that seem like Ragdoll. Sometimes Siberian has eyes of different colors. These cats are calm and show their friendly behavior for children too.

This cat breed is one of the best options for people who are timely suffer from cat allergies. Because Siberian cat produces less protein that causes allergies to which people are sensitive. They also make buddies for cuddle up weighing between 10-20 pounds. Siberians are very friendly; they do not need a lot of attention.

They are nice with other pets; fun-loving and enjoy the outdoors. If you own a Siberian, then ready to spend money on the high-duty cleaner because Siberian cat often loses their soft and lightweight hair.

3. Maine Coon

MAINE COON cat breed information

In domestic cats, the Maine coon is certainly the world’s longest cat breed. The Maine coon is considered as nice because of some qualities include their chasing power, strength, and strong voice. Maine coon also makes Guinness World Record awarded for the largest, longest, and tallest cat. This is also known as the dog of the cat world.

They are family-oriented, fun-loving, and smart. On the other side, they have some medical or health concerns like they have a high risk of getting kidney and heart diseases. Maine coon has a thick and fine coat. This cat breed has an average weight of 15-25 pounds.

4. Ragdoll 


With their attractive blue eyes, the Ragdoll is easily distinguishable. Their eyes make ragdoll rare. Their blue eyes can also obstruct them from seeing. Ragdoll is a big cat with a long coat and has a calm personality. Ragdoll cat breed is social-oriented, fun-loving, and smart. Such cats are known for their amazing lounging skills and loving behavior for their owners.

5. Norwegian forest cat

 NORWEGIAN FOREST cat breed information

Norwegian forest cats large domestic breed and is native to Northern Europe. A sturdy cat with a dense coat and muscular body. Another prominent characteristic of Norwegian cats is its long dense waterproof coat to keep them alive in the Scandinavian climates from which they come.

Norwegian forest cat is known to be strong, powerful, and loving. This breed’s cat gets its full maturity over a long period of five years. Norwegian Forest Cats can jump or leap quickly. They have a balanced body with a broad chest, paws, legs, and head in a triangle form.

6. Ragamuffin

Ragamuffin  cat breed information

The cat Ragamuffin is similar to the Ragdoll and has several of the breed’s common features. They are a physically strong cat breed with a strong muscle appearance that takes four to five years to fully develop. They are known to love anyone in the family.

They also make a great mess for you because of their shedding and keep you engaged in cleaning all the time. These cats are so happy when they are around their loving ones. Like a ragdoll, ragamuffin is known for its environment-friendly nature, it has a long dense waterproof coat to keep them alive in the Scandinavian climates from which they come.

7. Turkish Van Cat

Turkish van cat breed information

Turkish van cat is the native cat breed of Turkey from the wild and various climatic conditions of the Middle East region and has persisted there for decades. Turkish van cat can immediately identify because of physical appearance include with body appearance and colored face and tail. They are friendly and fun-loving towards their owner. This cat breed has a powerful and muscular body structure. This cat has some health risks like heart muscle disease.

8. Chausie

CHAUSIE  cat breed information

Chausie is considered as the most muscular cat breed that’s why it is mostly known as an Olympic cat. This cat breed has resemblance like dog, qua other large-breed cats. This cat breed looks like a wild or jungle cat in physical appearance. Chausie cat loves to stay outside. These crossbreed cats have enough strength, which may result in more aggressive or violent actions when they feel threatened or upset.

They take three to five years to get full maturity. Chausie’s normal weight lies between 15-20 pounds. Chausie has a medium size hair coat which may be in different colors i.e. combination of black with different colors. Chausie cats are healthy, lively, smart, and have a super skill of jumping.

9. American Bobtail

AMERICAN BOBTAIL  cat breed information

If you want a cat that acts like a dog, then the American bobtail is the best suggestion for you. There are many bobtail types i.e. Japanese, American. Small and no tail of this cat breed is occurred due to the mutation of genes during embryo development. This cat breed does not breed due to the health issues related to the short spinal cord. American bobtail comes in medium and large size naturally. The physical appearance of the American bobtail is healthy and muscular. The American bobtail weighs between seven to twenty pounds.

10. British Shorthair

BRITISH SHORTHAIR cat breed information

This cat breed is native to Egypt. This cat breed was imported to Britain which is why it’s named a British cat. British shorthair is one of the oldest cat breeds in the world. British shorthair is a calm and affectionate pet. Working person who wants to own a cat breed; British shorthair is the best suggestion for them. Because this cat breed does not require more attention and care. His maturity is completed in three to five years from birth. This cat breed has a compressed coat that is eye elegant with a nice color combination i.e. blue-gray.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is siberian cat friendly?

Yes, siberian cat is most attractive and friendly feline among all breeds and it’s famous for its cute activities and emotions.

What is an average cat life period?

The average cat life span is around twelve to eighteen years. The period can be exceed if you properly take care of the adorable felines.

Final Verdict:

Cats are very beautiful and innocent, which makes a great pet. But I have seen that beginners are always curious about which cat breeds suit them. So here I write a top 10 breeds which make a great family pet. So choose wisely!!

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