Best Cat Food for Hairball Prevention

Hairballs are a small collection of hairs that are formed in the stomach of cats due to excessive grooming habits or unusual digestive problems. The hairballs in cats are created when the feline’s digestive system doesn’t go through with its digestive process, and usually, they cough them up.

On average, cats ingest the small strands of hairs, but if the strand gets too big or is wrapped with food items, it becomes a problem, and they cough it up, this is normal in long-haired cats and is not something much to worry about. let’s find out the Best cat food for hairball prevention.

Best Cat Food for Hairball Prevention

What causes hairballs in cats – An introduction:

Hairballs are natural for this animal as they are skilled groomers. Cats have hook-like structures on their tongues that remove the excess hairs and keep them clean. The downside to the practice of grooming in cats is that sometimes they groom themselves a little too much, and hence they pick up too much hair, and that is too much for them to digest, and usually, they cough them up. If you see your cat coughing repeatedly, then you’ll have to look into the reason.

Best cat food for hairball prevention

The reason is multiple, although this process is natural and you’ll see several coughed up hairballs, it could also mean a lot of things, it could mean that your cat is shedding too much. It’s trying to clean its leftover strands, which accumulate into a big hairball. It could also mean that your cat is an over compulsive groomer, and you’ll need to train it to lessen its habit. The digestive system could be facing some irregularities etc. so you have to be aware of how much your cat is coughing up.

What do you mean by hairballs in Kittens?

Best cat food for hairball prevention

Kittens also get hairballs, although it doesn’t happen often, it’s not uncommon. Kittens are adept learners, and hence as they mature, they’ll slowly develop their grooming habits as well. Due to the kitten’s young age, they haven’t grown that much hair, and hence the hairballs won’t be frequent. With breeds that have a thicker coat and longer strands, they may get some hairballs, but that’s because they’re learning, and hence they’ll consume more hairs than expected. As they’re still young, it also means that they’re not as good as they should be, so expect the occasional hairball.

Be careful if you’re kitten is coughing up more hairballs than they should, as they’re still young, regular hairball coughing may damage their insides as it’s a painful process and could lead to some severe problems down the line. So it’s better to be safe than sorry, take your kitten to the vet if the hairball coughing becomes irregular. you might like to read chewing toys for kittens

How does a hairball look like?

The name suggests that the coughed-up material is round in shape, but no, they’re tubular and are covered in a slimy and slippery substance that is the cat’s mucus. The shape of the hairball 9k is due to its passing through the esophagus. The size of the hairball is usually a single inch, but it can go up to a few more inches in size.

The size of the hairball can tell a lot about how much the cat is ingesting hairs. The more hair that it collects means, the more hair it’s shedding. This is an indication of the health of the cat concerning its fur and stomach state.

hairball food

Hairball symptoms in cats/ How to tell if the cat has a hairball?

The hairballs of cats could be caused due to several reasons, which might be related to their health or the psychological state the cat is in. There are also stress factors you need to count in, too, so be sure to look after that. The following reasons are listed below:

1. Excessive Grooming:

Your cat may be excessive in its grooming, which stems from several reasons. The shedding period of cats comes in during summers, and due to the humidity, the hair strands usually start falling out. This causes the cat to increase its grooming and, that makes the occurrence of hairballs that much probable.

It could also mean that your cat is a clean freak and maybe licking its cloak a little too much out of habit. Some cats have this habit, and you’ll need to take it to the vet to decide how to fix or minimize this habit.

2. Lack of appetite:

The lack of appetite is always a factor that you could consider. The loss of appetite usually occurs when your cat isn’t feeling okay, whether it’s related to its digestive system or to the amount of stress your cat is going through.  If it’s associated with the digestive factor, either change up the diet or take it to the vet so you can decide on what to do.

If it’s stressed, try to calm it down by petting it and keeping it away from any kind of dangers or annoyances that might deteriorate the mental state of the feline.

3. Lethargy:

This may be caused due to irregular sleeping patterns or because of incomplete nutrients from its diet. Whatever the reason may be, it’s best to take your cat to the vet to find out the reason for its laziness. The lethargy will cause shedding of the fur at an alarming rate, and you can guess that the number of hairballs will be increasing ten folds.

4. Constipation and Diarrhea:

Another reason that stems from the digestive tract, you’ll need to look into its diet. Either of these diseases determines that your cat is not feeling well, and you’ll have to give it some medicine to cure these ailments. Changing of its edibles needs to be looked in too, as many cats eat anything they find appealing. There have been instances of cats eating junk and later coughing the junk up. If the junk isn’t coughed up, you can bet that it’s going to cause one of these ailments.

5. Diseases such as lymphosarcoma, tuberculosis, and tumor of the spleen

These problems will be unidentifiable by cat owners, and the only remedy for this is to take your pet to the vet regularly. These diseases are severe and will be identified when your cat will be displaying irregular behavior (well, more than usual), and hence quick action will need to be taken. IF not treated in time, they will result in the death of your pet or treated too late, which will cause complications for your cat further down the line.

Some causes of vomiting in cats:

Vomiting in cats is a rare thing for cats to do, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. As any pet parent would worry about the gagging and hacking noises that your cat would make, you’d get to the bottom of it, and rightfully so. Different types of vomit indicate various problems, and hence the following will make it clear which is which:

1. Hairballs:

As discussed before, hairballs are a regular occurrence for cats vomiting. When hair and other inedible get stuck together, they get caught in the esophagus, it creates irritation, and that leads to the cat hacking up a giant pile of hair and other yucky stuff.

2. Cat Diagnostic Hacks:

If the causes aren’t hairballs, then most probably the problem might be a foreign body.  Cats devour a plethora of different harmful substances that slowly degrade their health. You will need to scan the cat by X-rays to identify such dangerous edibles that might be lurking in its environment.  If you decide to take the cat to the vet, then be sure to note where the cat has been recent, it’s activities, and behavior so that your vet can accurately describe what your cat might have ingested.

3. Kidney problem or Infection:

Vomiting is caused when an undesirable foreign body enters the system, and the type of vomit, its content, and color can determine what kind of problems exist in the cat. If the color of the vomit is yellow, then most probably it’s been coughing up hairballs, but if the bile is thick, that might indicate serious kidney problems or an infection.

This coughing up of indigestible might occur due to irregular digestive problems that might be present in the cat. This is known as regurgitation,  and it’s usually in cats, but if it persists for too long, then you should seek medical help. 

4. Food Allergies:

Cats might have allergic reactions to some foods, so it’s best to see how your cat behaves after some time, eating its meals. If your cat becomes itchy, starts getting bald patches, or experiences diarrhea, then your pet hasf food allergies. Instead of switching up its diet, contact your vet so that you don’t worsen the allergy that your pet may be going through.

The Top 7 cat foods for hairball prevention:

1. Purina One Sensitive Systems best cat food for hairballs4.7/5
2. Hill’s Science Diet Wet Cat Food:cat food for hairballs and vomiting4.7/5
3. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Foodcat food for hairballs and vomiting contol4.6/5
4. Blue Buffalo Hairball dry cat foodcat food for hairballs prevention4.5/5
5. Royal Canin Hairball care wet cat foodcat food for hairballs control4.5/5
6. Solid Gold holistic food for adult catshairball control4.4/5
7. Iams proactive hairball control cat foodhairball control4.4/5

Our 7 Top Rated Wet & Dry Cat foods for Hairball prevention

1. Purina One Sensitive Systems Adult Dry Cat food:

Product review:

cat food hairball control

Purina One is one of the most reliable pet food companies out there, and it stands to reason why. The company has been releasing quality pet food products that cater to every need of every type of animal.

Different animals have different needs, and some animals have exceptional problems that require special food to be fed, well Purina One provides there as well. The company’s food is a staple for many pet owners, and with the quality that they’re offering, it stands to reason that they’ll remain in the big leagues of pet food companies.

This product is made to feed senior cats that have sensitive stomachs. Older cats tend to eat less, and when their stomachs become unstable, it just adds to the problem. The meat-based product tries to quell the hunger of the cats while providing relief for their stomach. Cats usually develop side effects due to unhealthy eating. Still, with the addition of this product, the cat will be eating healthily and will remove any unwanted anxieties that the cat might have.

Good for senior cats?

As senior cats do not eat that much, they need fulfilling meals that would give them enough calories to live healthily. The product builds up the appetite of the cat and fills them with nutrients. The formula of this product is excellent for strengthening bones as well.

The 28-day guarantee of the product will have your cat living healthy in no time. The only drawbacks are that the cat might be eating more than they usually do, so you’ll have to look out for its weight. The product is exceptionally cheap and effective, and it would be a shame if you didn’t buy this for your cat.


  • Cats lose all types of anxieties due to fulfilling meals.
  • Extremely cheap product.
  • Your cat will gain hefty weight eating this food.
  • It’s made with a skin-nourishing formula.
  • The food is excellent for strengthening bones.


  • The cats will tend to eat more than they usually do.
  • There are some inconsistencies in some bags.

Watch a video of purine food

2. Hill’s Science Diet Wet Cat Food:

Product review:

best cat food for hairballs

Hill’s Science food is paramount for many ailing and starving cats. Hill’s Science food always has the distinct taste and nutrients that other companies don’t offer.

The company not only provides food products for normal, healthy cats, but they also offer unique formulas for cats with different afflicted diseases. The nutrients that are present in each of their foods is fulfilling In every way, and any cat would be lucky to consume them.

This cat food is designed to treat cats with kidney problems, especially. The wet food formula helps provide moisture and nutrients that would combat any bacteria that attacks the kidneys. The cat food also helps in tackling urinary problems of the feline, with ample moisture and smooth movement through its digestive tract as well. The strengthening formula also supports the cats recover from these diseases. The omega 6’s and vitamin E are paramount for making the coat shine brightly and bones more reliable than they once were.

The cat food is good for stomach imbalances as well. The formula helps in stabilizing the digestive tract with the nutrients it provides. Due to the wet food nature of the product, it passes through your cat with no problem and provides relief to the ailing cat. The supplements that are offered make the cat energetic as well, giving a good sense of health for your cat. The food is also equally appealing and can be replaced as everyday food for your pet.

The product is a bit expensive, and due to its strong odor, it creates a smelly environment, but other than that, the product is a must-buy if you want your cat to live a relatively healthy life.


  • The product treats multiple illnesses of cats.
  • The food is the goat for their coats and kidneys.
  • The product is suitable for sensitive stomachs.
  • The taste is delicious.
  • The food product is suitable for picky cats as well.


  • There were some complaints of consistency for the product.
  • Relatively expensive.
  • The odor is powerful.
  • Spoils fast.

3. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food:

Product review:

best cat food for hairball prevention

Hill’s Science is the epitome of excellent cat food. The amount of choice in their line is phenomenal; the variety caters to every type of cat. Each formula of their product helps different cats with different needs and problems.

They’ve produced unique methods that support the cats fight numerous sicknesses, and the food also helps in recovering their health. All of the food products are very fulfilling, plus the food provides calories and nutrients that would make any feline a happy kitty.

The cat food has many nutrients in its mix. The product provides omega six and vitamin E, which is excellent for the health of the coat of the cat; it’ll be shining brightly. The bones and claws of the cat also get strengthened, making the cat much more active and playful. The nutrients provided help the cat combat all types of anxieties, such as excessive grooming and lethargic behavior.

The product is made with 100% natural ingredients, which means that they’re right for your pet. With the exclusion of harmful chemicals that many companies usually put, they’ve ensured that whatever your cat is consuming. The natural ingredients help the cat build its appetite and a healthy eating habit. The different nutrients the food provides is the cat’s digestive tract. The prebiotic fiber helps the food go through the stomach of the cat quickly, and produces solid stools. The high digestibility ensures optimal nutrient absorption, which lets the cat become healthier and makes it easier to clean the litter box for you.

The downside to this product is that the company has made the kibble larger, which will be harmful to cats with sensitive stomachs. The size of the kibble will make it harder to digest, and the chicken formula isn’t suitable for some cats.


  • There’s prebiotic fiber in the cat food, perfect for immunity.
  • Healthy nutrients such as omega six and vitamin E used in the food mix..
  • The flavor of the food is exceptionally alluring for cats.
  • The formula ensures that there won’t be any loose stools for your cat.
  • The food is excellent for healthy coat growth and fights any fur sicknesses.


  • The kibble is larger and indigestible for most cats.
  • The chicken formula will upset some cat’s digestive stomachs.
  • The product is expensive for pet owners.

4. Blue Buffalo Indoor Hairball dry cat food:

Product review:

best hairball control cat food

Blue Buffalo is a company that dedicates itself to making top-quality food products. The quality they imbue in their meals is immeasurable, and it can be seen that special care is taken when making the formula for your pets.

Their products ensure that your pet will grow healthy and will avoid any health complications with the help of their food products. The nutrients and tastes they incorporate in their products make these meals your pet’s favorite foods.

The nutrients that this product provides are excellent as it helps contribute to many healthy buffs to your pet’s vigor. The product promotes a healthy digestive system as the fiber sources of the food provide relief and support to the digestive system. The balanced proteins and fats of the product make sure that your cat is getting all the supplements it needs while having reasonable control over its weight. The food also helps in strengthening the immune system of the cat.

The cat food is made from 100% natural ingredients such as brown rice, flax, chicken, sweet potatoes, and much more. The mixture of so many parts makes the food extremely tasty for most cats. The different ingredients help in contributing to the elimination of hairballs; this alone is a reason enough to incorporate the foods into your cat’s diet. The fulfilling meal will make your cat feel nourished, and hence any side effects of poor digestion will also be eliminated.

There have been some complaints of the product not shipping quality food consistently and that some cats will avoid the diet altogether. This is just a case of expired deliveries. The quality and love from pet owners all over the world still give their support to this product.


  • There is a high-quality protein in this product.
  • The product has a bone-strengthening and shiny coat promoting formula.
  • The food is 100 % natural.
  • The cat food is made from a variety of ingredients, making it versatile in taste.
  • The cat food ensures the minimizing of hairballs.
  • Food supports immune system growth.
  • The product is relatively cheap.


  • There are some inconsistencies within the product.
  • Some cats will not find the food delicious.

5. Royal Canin Hairball care wet cat food:

Product review:

best cat food for hairball control

Royal Canin is an excellent company if you want quality food products for your concerned pet. The amount of variety they have on their shelf is astounding, and each product has its nutritional value and unique purpose that fulfills the pet’s necessities.

The necessities could range from curing common cause stomach issues to recovery foods, and Royal Canin foods provide foods that would cater to every one of these needs.

The formula of the food is made specifically to cure your cat of its constant hairball problems. Hairballs are caused due to hair build-up due to excessive grooming of cats within the digestive tract. The food product will build the strength of the stomach to ingest better these hair strands instead of letting them build up, also providing vitamins and nutrients which will strengthen the hair strands of the cat. 

The cat food has a significant number of proteins and fibers that will satisfy your cat and also give it the necessary nutrients it needs. The food product is relatively inexpensive and an excellent choice for your cat that may be suffering from throwing up hairballs.


  • The formula for this food product will cure mature cats of their hairballs.
  • The product has a decent blend of proteins and fibers to help indigestion.
  • The calorie count in the food product helps maintain weight.
  • The wet food can be used in conjunction with Royal Canin’s dry food formula as well.


  • Some cats may not like the cat formula.

6. Solid Gold holistic food for adult cats:

Product review:

cat food for hairballs and sensitive stomach

Solid Gold has been selling pet food for over 40 years, with the sole purpose of providing quality taste and nutritional foods. The company is an expert in producing high-quality foods that is always a favorite of many pet owners.

The different line of products that the company has released has still satisfied its customers and, more importantly, the pets that have consumed it.

The product is made with the sole design of eliminating hairballs from the cat’s system. The gradual build-up of hairballs is always imminent, so avoid it altogether with this product. The product primarily strengthens the digestive tract of the cat, and this helps in ingesting any strands of hair that the cat might ingest. With the inclusion of omega acids, the fur of the cat becomes strengthened, and the hair strands will be less likely to break off.

The different amounts of ingredients used in the foods will be attractive to your cat, and the high nutritional value that it provides will be unmatched. The living probiotics in the diet are great for the immune and digestive systems. The probiotics help fight off multiple diseases and issues such as skin rashes, deteriorating fur, and many more like this. The product is expensive but well worth the purchase as it will ensure your cat will have a healthy lifestyle.


  • The product will eliminate hairballs from the feline’s digestive system.
  • The flavor of salmon is mixed in generous quantities in this product.
  • The formula consists of a vast array of ingredients, giving maximum supplement.
  • The product has living probiotics, giving high immunity for the cat.
  • The food product has omega fatty acids.


  • Most reviews say that cats will not care for this product.
  • Relatively expensive.

7. Iams proactive hairball control cat food:

Product review:

hairball control dry cat food

Iams is a top brand pet producing company that has always delivered the best food for your pets. With quality and love ensured in every production of their products, you need not worry about your pet’s nutritional needs.

The company adds the best supplements to satisfy your pet thoroughly. The product has many ingredients in its mix that provide all nutrients that will let your cat live quite healthily.

The chicken in the product is used to the most to offer the right amount of protein, plus the taste is the biggest attractant for the cat. No artificial preservatives make this food a healthy meal for your cat to consume.

The calorie count and balance of protein and carbohydrates make this product suitable for diet as well. The L carnitine in the formula helps with the continence of the cat. The different ingredients will provide adequate supplements as well as leave the cat feeling full.


  • The chicken is the number one ingredient in the product, beautiful for cats.
  • L-carnitine helps with maintaining weight for the cat.
  • The formula helps in eliminating hairballs.
  • The food helps in balancing the calorie count and weight of the cat.
  • There are no fillers in this product, and it’s 100% natural.


  • The recipe change has affected many cats.

How to take care of your cat with hairballs

Cats require constant love and attention; otherwise, they will always develop unusual behavior. No wonder these pets are so spoiled because of the constant care supervision that is given to them. There are many ways you can care for your cat, and ultimately this makes the cat much less probable of hacking up a furball. The health of a cat is determined by its coat and digestive system mostly, and such tips are mentioned below that will make sure your cat is in its best state of health.

Best Cat Food for Hairball Prevention 1

1. Cat grooming:

Grooming is an essential part of a feline’s life as it is one of the crucial activities it does in a day. The more groomed the cat is, the happier it is.  A well-groomed cat has more potential of acquiring a mate, so more power to grooming. You should schedule your grooming session when your cat is relaxed so it can be enjoyable for both of you. The following things should be considered when you’ve started grooming your cat:

2. Brushing:

This is the essential thing you can do when it comes to grooming. Buy a smooth brush that won’t be tangled within the cat’s hair strands. By brushing the cat’s hairs, you’ll be removing any unwanted and shed off hair strands. You’ll also be distributing natural hair oils across its coat. You’ll keep its skin clean and irritant-free.

If your pet has short hair, then you should only brush it once a week. Using a metal comb would be ideal. You’ll need to be extra careful around the belly and chest because that will be the most sensitive area of the pet.

If the cat has long hair, then you’ll need to go the extra mile and have to brush it every day. You’ll need to comb her belly and chest and remove all tangles and knots if you find them. After that, you’ll have to brush the fur in an upward motion with the brush and end with going towards its tail take out the brush from one side of the tail.

3. Bathing:

If your cat is a bit dirty or has come back from a long night of being who knows where then its time for a bath. Cats hate bathing, but it’s essential for their overall hygiene and health. You’ll need to use a slightly alkaline and mild shampoo as not to damage the coat of the cat.

After brushing your cat, you’ll need to make the necessary arrangements for the ultimate bathing. Take a tub and fill it with 3 to 4 inches of lukewarm water. First, you’ll have to wet your pet, taking care not to put any water directly into its eyes, ears, or nose. Gently massage the cat with the shampoo and rinse your cat again with water. After the bathing, dry your cat with a towel, and voila, your cat is clean.

4. Nail Clipping:

Nail clipping is a foreign concept for cats, and you’ll have the most problems with this activity. First, you’ll need to warm up to the cat by touching its paws so that it doesn’t get spooked when you grab its paws. Then proceed to cut its nails and be sure not to cut the pink area. The pink area is a vein that goes directly into the paw, and cutting it will make the nails bleed, so be careful of that.

With all of these points, you’ll have groomed your cat entirely, and your cat will thank you for it.

5. Change food:

The Varying age of kittens determines which foods should be given to them. Kittens need to be given surplus amounts of protein while adult cats don’t need that much protein; senior cats may develop kidney problems if given too much protein.

Cat formula foods are the best foods to give to your cats as they satisfy all the nutritional needs ranging from carbohydrates, fats, etc. to glucosamine and chondroitin, which eases the joints in senior cats.

Neutering your cats will cause hormone changes, so you’ll need to mindful of that. After neutering your cat, observe if there are changes to its behavior, if you notice any change, contact your vet and get recommendations for neutered food formulas. Speaking of hormones, if your cat coughs up too many hairballs, you’ll give coat health-boosting formulas that will cause less shedding and hence a stronger coat and fewer hairballs.

When changing the diet, replace the old diet steadily over a week. By this technique, you’ll see if there are any developing problems of the cat and could easily switch up the diet whenever. If the cat likes the food, then you’re all good to go.

6. Use hairball products:

Many hairball products can eliminate or at least minimize the hairball problem. The hairball problem of cats can be reduced by using some of the products below. If you use them coherently, then they have a better chance of minimizing hair fall, and in turn, coughing up of hairballs.

  • Hartz Groomer’s Best Shampoo and Sprays
  • Hartz Hairball Remedy Plus Past for cats
  • NaturVet Natural Hairball and Aid Plus Catnip Gel for cats
  • VetriScience Laboratories Hairball Digestive Support for cats
  • NaturVet Hairball Aid Plus Pumpkin  Cat Hairball Treatment

If you want other products, then you can view this website and access the various hairball remedies for your feline.

7. Don’t do excessive grooming

Excess of anything is always bad for everything, and the same goes for grooming. If you groom your cat too much, then you will run the risk of shedding much more cat hair strands. If it has short hair, then brush it only once a week, but if it has long hair, brush it regularly for best results.

How does cat food protect your cats from hairballs?

Cat food enhances the digestive system that will be better for ingesting the pesky hair strands that come up due to the grooming habits of the cats. Enriching their diet means strengthening their body and hence their fur too. The less fur they will ingest means fewer problems, and with the added benefit of a strong digestive system, you’ll have minimized the hairballs exponentially.

Best cat food to protect your cats from hairballs:

best cat food to prevent hairball

The finest cat foods are the ones that satisfy the nutritional need of your feline. This is the list of top brands of cat food that will eliminate the hairballs from your cat indefinitely.

  1. Purina Hairball Adult Formula Cat Food.
  2. Hill’s Science Diet Hairball wet Cat Food.
  3. Hill’s Science Diet Hairball Dry Cat Food.
  4. Blue Buffalo Hairball dry cat food

The list goes on, but these are the best foods that your cat will enjoy and ultimately thank you for because of the elimination of the pain of coughing up hairballs.

Best cat food for hairball buyers guide

You always need a guide, and when it comes to being a pet parent, it’s not a matter of choice but necessity. You always want the best for your pets, and hence you need to consider what you’re feeding them. The better the food, the happier your cat will be. A happy cat means a happy owner letting you relish in your pet’s happiness as well.

DIY CAT FOOD ingredients for hairball prevention:

The ingredients in the cat food are as follows:

For Meat products:

  • Chicken
  • Poultry by-product
  • Beef Tallow
  • Fish meal
  • Egg product


  • Brewers Rice
  • Corn gluten meal
  • Wheat flour

Preservatives and Supplements:

  • Mixed-tocopherols
  • Sodium caseinate
  • Potassium chloride
  • Phosphoric acid
  • Brewers dried yeast
  • Natural flavors

With all of these ingredients and supplements available for the masses of cats to enjoy, no wonder these treats are popular among pet owners. The vast amount of nutrients given to cats will surely make their healthy pets to look after.


Processed cat food is generally odorless, with a flavor that resembles a cornmeal base with a slight fish and savory meat taste. The type of brand bought comes into question as some brands have varying tastes. Canned fish food is right for them as it produces meaty and fishy smells, which the cat will love.

Things to avoid to prevent vomiting:

There are some things that you need to avoid when going to buy cat food for your beloved pet, and they are as follows:

Feed grade ingredients:

Feed grade ingredients are lower in quality when compared to human diets. Feed grade foods also allow toxins to seep, which are always detrimental to your pet’s health. Pentobarbital is also found in these foods; this is an anesthetic that is used to euthanize animals. Other factors like rendered fat and contaminants are things you need to look out for when buying food.

Can/Bag Size:

Generally, a bag of 10 pounds of cat food can last your pet for 4-5 months, making trips to the supermarket as minimal as possible. Cats don’t need that much, although they are picky eaters, so be sure to buy a healthy amount of cat food to make it last for your pet.

Other steps to stop hairballs:

These are some of the ways to prevent hairballs from popping up:

  • Always keep your cat hydrated. The wetter the cat’s hair gets, the more susceptible it is to breakage, making the cat groom it more.
  • Feeding your cat a good diet is a key to less hair breakage.
  • Give your cat catnip or cat grass; this makes your pet much more healthy.

What to do for hairball prevention:

These are some of the ways you can implement to prevent hairball from popping up:

  • You should add an omega-three supplement. Omega 3 supports keratin growth, which makes up your nails and hairs.
  • Add a monthly flea preservative. This will make your pet less itchy, preventing hair breakage.
  • Grooming your pet is vital so that you can manually remove damaged and unwanted strands of hair.
  • You need to establish a healthy diet so you can give your pet the best chance of fighting off all kinds of sickness and problems that everyday household pets face.

What to do for hairball control:

If you want to eliminate hairball from occurring again, these are some of the tips and tricks you can use:

  • Avoid excessive grooming. This causes hair strands to fall more than they should and increases in the cat’s stress levels, which in turn increases more hair fall in cats.
  • You should use hairball products or laxatives so that healthy minerals are evenly distributed all around your cat’s coat.
  • There are hairball formulas available all around that minimize hair breakage.

How to change food for cats with hairballs:

Switching the food for Cat should not be done at once, it’s a gradual process and you should slowly change your cat food. so it can adapt, especially the cats with the hairballs and vomiting or even sensitive stomachs. It’s very important to change their food slowly.

The best way to switch for changing your cat food is a 7 day process where you will increase the percentage of old food to a new food by 20% or 25%. everyday add new food and remove old food until you reach 100% of the new food

Watch this video to know more:

Are hairballs dangerous to cats?

if it’s too often, yes. It’s always a great idea to take precautionary measures before it even starts. I feel having a good diet and some methods I have mentioned here are really helpful for hairball and vomiting.

How often should cats get hairballs?

Normally it’s one or 2 times a year but if the cat is vomiting a lot then you have to make sure to have food that prevents the hairball, otherwise your cat may get sick. check our complete guide to control vomiting and hairballs


That’s all about the best cat food for hairball prevention and all necessary measures are explained in detail. With a proper diet and nutrition, one can quickly prevent felines hairball for a long time. The issue occurs due to unbalanced diet and no proper care of cats. Must check the buying guide before adding the item into cart.

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