Best Indoor large cat cages

Cat cage is a type of confinement in which a single cat or many cats are kept. This keeping of cats may be for the purpose of selective breeding. Or to keep the cats away from the harm of other predators like dogs, wolves, hyenas and other wild cats. We all know that cats have an instinct of reaching back to their house when carrying some other places. In this article you will find out the best large indoor cat cages enclosures with or without hammock.

These cages prevent them from doing so even when the new and old homes are much far away and travelling this distance will harm them. These cages are also important because if you want to confine your pet in a specific part of the house when you are not home. When there are babies in the house these cages keep them away from the babies.

Best Indoor large cat cages

If you have more than one cat and you want to keep them separately it offers you this opportunity too. They are also used to carry or transport cats over long distances in carriages safely without any harm during transportation. If your cat avoids seeing vet and on the visit days it tends to disappear the cages will help you to keep them where you want them.

Cat cages are being used by cat owners who bring a cat to their new residence, family. Cages can be used to take care of a cat that is sick, helps to keep sensitive kittens healthy or help protect cats that also have litter boxes or any behavioral problems. Cats are very entertaining and playful even when they’re young. They’re still active even in their adult period. It’s not socially acceptable to cage cats. Caging cats is not really recommended, but sometimes they have to be caged for a certain reason.

Best cat cages

Our 4 Top Picks for Large Indoor Cat Cages and enclosures list:

1. Multi-Level Cat Condo IRIS 32.48″L x 22.24″W x 46.81″H
2. Wire Pet Cage 2 levelIRIS 24.80″L x 36.61″W x 70.08″H
3. Deluxe Cat Home Prevue43.2″L X 25.2″W X 44.8″H
4. Multi-Tier Cat PlaypenSongmics 42.5″L x 28.8″W x 48.8″H

Top 11 Large Cat cages indoor reviews:

1. IRIS Multi-Level Cat Condo / Cage

Best Indoor large cat cages 1
Best Indoor large cat cages 2


This cage comes with 2 or 3 tiers to keep more than one pet in the same cage. The cage is sufficiently spaced so your pet will enjoy moving inside also adding food, toys and more boxes will not issue at all. It has a separate door at each tier and also it has a top open system making the inner more easily accessible. At base there are four wheels to move it from one place to another easily.


Dimensions are 32.48″L x 22.24″W x 46.81″H

·         2 or 3 tiers to keep animals separate

·         Spacious body to make the pets feel comfortable

·         Hinge door are present they can pop open allowing easy movement

·         4 wheels are at the base that make its movement possible


·         Modern design

·         Partition is present

·         Wheels are present so this is easy to move.

·         Easy to access


This cage is suitable for you if you have more than one cat. It will occupy less space in your house. If your cat likes playing with toys then it has enough space in it for toys and even a litter box. Its design is modern and stylish. It will not look weird in your house and will match your furniture. So buy it for your ease.

2. IRIS Wire Pet Cage/Cat Playpen

Best Indoor large cat cages 3
Best Indoor large cat cages 4


This cage contains 2 or 3 tiers. Cats and kittens will love playing in it with toys. This confinement looks very beautiful and occupies less space making it suitable for the low space areas. At base there are six wheels and it comes with a wheel stopper to jam it in its place. Its body is made up of heavy duty wires which are coated with powder its base is made up of durable mold.


·         Dimensions are 24.80″L x 36.61″W x 70.08″H

·         Vertical cage occupies less horizontal space.

·         durable material is used

·         modern design

·         At base 6 wheels along with stoppers are present.


·         Occupies less space

·         Wheels with casters

·         Durable and modern design

·         Easy to move


This cage is suitable for your pets who love to play. It comes with 2 or 3 tiers. It occupies less space if you live in an apartment where space is low you can keep it in your house. Wheels and casters will make its use very easy and purchase it to fall in love with it

3. Prevue Pet Products Premium/Deluxe Cat Home, Black

Best Indoor large cat cages 5
Best Indoor large cat cages 6


This product comes in 2 forms deluxe and premium. This cage is an engineering masterpiece. Its prime purpose is to provide your animal ample comfort and ease. If you have more than one cat this is best for you. It’s enough space and 2 benches provide cats with comfort. Material used in it is heavy duty metal wire which is corrosion free which means it is durable. Wheels are there at base for easy movement. Design is paw friendly and no gaps and pinches are there to disturb cats. The base is easy to remove and lock with clips which means cleaning the cage is now not an issue.


·         109.855 cm Long, 64.135cm Wide, 113.98 cm High are its dimensions

·         Beautiful and comfortable design

·         Wide base allows adding toys, food and litter box in it

·         Made up of heavy duty rust free material

·         Wheels are present at base

·         Base detaches easily by unclipping it.

·         Washable pads and hammocks made of fabric are there.


·         Wide space

·         Comfortable design

·         Easy to clean

·         Easy to move

·         Rust free material


  • Locking wheels could make the product even more better.


If you are a cat lover and have many pet cats then this is the best thing you can give to you cats. They can play, enjoy and rest in it all day long. A busy person will love this cage because it is easy to clean and wheels aid in moving the cage you can shift it where ever you want. It is perfect to buy.

4. Lucky Animal House Standard Gable Covered Animal Pen

Best Indoor large cat cages 7
Best Indoor large cat cages 8


This cage is spacious made up of heavy duty welded wires with a powder coat. It is best for using outside. Its area is 60”x60” which proves the free movement of animals inside the cage. The cage is beautifully designed and durable. This design allows you to add an additional apartment or cage when you want. It has a hinge door of 60”x30” size which allows easy entry and exit. Assembly of the cage is also a simple task.


·         Beautiful design

·         Wide area

·         Full swinging door

·         Made up of Heavy duty wire

·         Durable design


·         Simple assembly

·         Made up of metal

·         Spacious design 

·         Light weighted cage can be carried easily.


·         No partition


This cage is best if you want to keep a dog or more than 2 cats and if you want to keep them outside. This cage is good for outside use and metal body provides it more support and life if you want these qualities in your cage then hurry and buy it because you will love it and your pet will enjoy it.

5. Cat Cage w/Hammock Tray and Casters by Homey Pet

Best Indoor large cat cages 9Best Indoor large cat cages 10


Homey pet three-tiered pet cage is entirely built with your cat’s health, safety and comfort. This pet cage simply sets up with the folds and carry design which requires its assembling such as tools and pet’s parents can easily adopt it. You can design this pet cage to any feature or shape that you can imagine. There are two inside doors for the easier entrance or exit of your cat.

The double door also provides you more advantages to conveniently fit a wider cage in your living area or cars. This cage has a durable plastic pan for quick wipe-up in case of an incident. Two plastic holding handles helps to move the cage safely from one place to another. Safe and reliable slide rod clamps for the protection of the inner animal and outside decor. This pet cage has a dimension of L30″xW19″xH43.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • This pet cage has multiple compartments (can move easily)
  • Pets can easily move down and up through the ladder.
  • You can easily wipe out.
  • Metal rods help to remove litter from the cat’s paws.


  • More space between the bar, there is a chance of escaping and falling.
  • These metal rods can hurt cats.
  • Clips that support shelves can be cracked.

 Point to be noted:

 Here a question is arising whether this cage is suitable for the other animals and multiple cats or not. This cage is made up of heavy and strong wire, but I wouldn’t recommend it for multiple elderly cats and other rodent animals. The plastic slab at the end is not very strong. They could split or bite it very regularly. This box certainly isn’t big enough for a rodent. It is fairly suitable for the kittens, pups and a cat.

6. SONGMICS Multi-Tier Cat Playpen, Cat Cage:

Best Indoor large cat cages 11Best Indoor large cat cages 12


Building your cat, a comfortable home Songmics Multi-tier cat cage is the best choice. Available with all the choices to modify the cat cage as you want to fit i.e. the number of the plates that you want to attach. You have the potential to create a place that will make your cats feel secure, calm and relaxed. For several cats, i.e. 2 big cats, 4 smaller cats or kittens and pups, this cat cage is suitable for them.

The arrangement of the enclosure is as easy as clipping the metal wire-frames with plastic clips, using cable ties for extra protection and adding the anti-slip mats to the edge to assure that the cat cage wouldn’t fall or scratch the sides. If you want to monitor whether your cat will move in or out, this cage is equipped with doors and locks that helps you in controlling their movement. But if you want your cat to play around, they are not needed. This cat cage has a dimension of 42.5″L x 28.8″W x 48.8″H (108 x 73 x 124 cm).


  • Can be designed according to your desired features.
  • The assembling of the parts is so simple.
  • Provide wide space
  • Consists of different compartments for the movement of the cat.
  • Suitable for the multi-cat household.
  • This cat cage has a detachable door.
  • Less gap between metal rod to avoid trapping.


  • The reliability of the bottom pad is not quite so good.
  • The reliability of the staples that keep the door closed is very poor,
  •  Door is very hard to get open and closed.


There are no written guidelines, to bring it together in various ways, so there are no suggestions about how you do it. To overcome this issue first see the video on youtube.

7. Yaheetech 2-Tier Large Cat Cage Kitten Crate Pet Enclosure

Best Indoor large cat cages 13Best Indoor large cat cages 14


This 2-tier pet cage is made up of durable and high-quality plastic and metal content. These metal rods enable the use of two-tier reliability and sleek. This gives your cats more space to relax and find joy in the cage. This two-tier cage is equipped with a lock which keeps the door open and shut for extra protection.

This two-tier cat cage comes with seven wheels to move conveniently from one place to another. This  cage can bear the load very well and do not fall. Its assembling parts come with complete detailed instructions to make ease in its final structure. You’d have to take the loops off and place them in a bag or somewhere. So, you’d have to position the frames of the cage and move over. Certainly, it wouldn’t take far, depending on your living area, and place it perfectly.


  • This cat cage can easily adjust in a small area.
  • Easy  movement.
  • Offers hammocks to please your cat.
  • Have a door and locking system.
  • It has a wider area to make fun of.
  • Connectors make it more strong
  • Best quality product


  • The instruction manual wasn’t easy to understand,

8. Amazon Basics Large 3-Tier Cat Cage Playpen Box Crate Kennel:

Best Indoor large cat cages 15Best Indoor large cat cages 16


This 3-tier cat cage playpen offers your cats or kittens with a pleasant, protected spot to chill or play. it is made up of sturdy metal wire with a black rust proof E-coat polish. This cage has 4 wheels for easy movements of the cage.  Three shelves provide vertical space to cats for rest or play. there are 2 swing-open doors for convenient indoor access and it is equipped with locking door latches.

This 3-tier pet cage has a dimension of 35.8 by 22.4 by 50.6 inches (LxWxH);. This 3-tier pet cage has a removable plastic base plate, spill-proof, tie-down style for easy movement and easy adjustment in the congested area. This  cage is wide enough to hold 2 or 3 big cats because of its inner sufficient space.


  • It is highly durable and affordable.
  • This cat cage can easily adjust to a small area.
  • Easy to move
  • Cats friendly
  • Have a swinging door and locking system.
  • Spacious cage suitable for multiple cats.


  • Sometime it become difficult for our cat to find out how to get out of here.

Point to be noted:

Cat can figure out the spring-loaded technique so there is need of extra components to secure the cage.

9. Yaheetech Collapsible Large 3-Tier

Best Indoor large cat cages 17Best Indoor large cat cages 18


The Yaheetech folding cat pet cage on wheels is suitable for 1 to 3 kittens. You can easily push the cat enclosure and put it in place with the brake casters anywhere you want. The cat cage also contains a FREE hammock, bed and ladder. It consists of a simple-to-remove spill-proof plastic caster, with 3 customizable cat relaxing platforms.

Dimensions of this cage are 31.5 x 21.7 x 48 “(LxWxH). It is made of heavy-duty metal that is coated with corrosion-and water-resistant varnish for maximum strength. Best option for providing natural environment.

Hanging hammock protects the body of your kitten and is the perfect resting spot. Your cat will swing gently while sitting and relaxing all day. Foldable cage panels attached to metal locking systems that can be easily turned and folded for easy storage and transport. For quick cleaning, the slide-out tray under the cage can be removed; 4pcs 360 ° swivel casters can be turned in all directions for easier movement of this cage.


  • Good quality product for cats.
  • Secure and safe even when you’re out of the house.
  • It provide easy assemblage
  • This cage is quite sturdy.
  • The wheels are of excellent quality
  • Wheels can easily move in any direction.
  • The doors are wide open, and the top door is so high to have easy access in the cage


  • Cats can escape easily from the opening in the bottom.
  • Door can be easily open by cat

10. Midwest Cat Playpen

Best Indoor large cat cages 19Best Indoor large cat cages 20


This is quite a pleasant & safe cat playpen. It offers a wide living area for your pet. This pet cage measures 36l x 23.5w x 50.50h inches and is suitable for 1 to 3 cats. This cat playpen offers a free cat bed with an easy to remove leak-proof plastic tray. There are 3 portable cat resting platforms & 4 locking wheel casters for easier placement in your home.

Cat playpen is made of strong metal wire with black E-coat paint to resist rust. Wire gauge weighs 40 lbs. Broad front and bottom access doors ensure maximum possible accessibility for quick cleanup and feeding. The plastic pan can easily slide out to make cleaning quick and simple. Things could not leak down because of its unique proofing quality.

The cat playpen easily collapses down for portability. It carries a plush super light sturdy chenille bed.


  • Super easy to assemble
  • Two sets of double doors make cleaning easier.
  • Easy to feed cats
  • Large, well structured, and easy to compile.
  • Perfect for one or more cats
  • Cat friendly


  • Paws and nails can be stuck badly in the gaps at corners


  • It should be made stronger. Because these wires can be easily separated from one another by an extremely powerful cat.  

 11. Cat Cage Pet Playpen Cat Crate by Dkeli

Best Indoor large cat cages 21Best Indoor large cat cages 22


This cat cage features fun activities for your cat to climb, hop, play and even sleep or relax on, just like a fun park. Even in your absence they will be very secure and happy with this pet playpen. The big 3-tier cat cage is perfect for multiple cats, but ideal for small pets too such as kittens etc.

The cat cage is made up of durable and solid metal wire with a black E-coat finish to avoid rust. The pet playpen distance between all the wires is properly designed and would not harm the pets. and protect your pet from escaping. This is an ideal cage for new kittens and cats.  The ferret cage with a step-by-step user manual is simple to install within 15 minutes. Your cat can play with this cat cage in just a few minutes.

This large cat cage is designed with three large front opening doors for easy and maximum access to the cat playpen. Its large base slide-out pan pet crate tray securely fixed with an artful locking buckle for quick cleanup of the cat’s litter cage.


  • Easy assemble
  • Comfortable cat bed
  • Durable cat ladder
  • Designed with high-quality material
  • Protected by safe-lock doors latches
  • Easier to move
  • Easier to clean a plastic pan in its actual place.

WHY AND WHEN THEIR CATS SHOULD BE CAGED? And buyers guide on cat cages:

There are several reasons when keeping the cat’s cage is the only option. Usually, it is done due to some reasons as given below:

To solve the litter problem

Some cats think that perhaps a litter box is only a decorative object, and their best toilet is behind a sofa or a carpet. They might have experienced some bad litter box habits from other cats. A cage can be helpful in this regard. A cage should be large enough for everything they require, food, water and their safe place to sleep, and the litter box indeed. This will cause these kittens to use the litter box, so that will be a healthy practice for them.

Taming of feral cats

Some feral cats typically get offensive, so that they can then attack or injure you when you get close to them, whereas others just run away to avoid you. The purpose behind the caging of feral cats is to incorporate them into domestic life and to socialize with your others domestic animals. If time is given, these feral cats will learn to understand and trust you.  Please remember that caging feral cats should be a temporary matter. You’re not supposed to keep them inside the cage for their entire life.

Introduction of the new cat to the household

Cats are territorial and your home is their territory. So, what if you have a cat into your home and now you’ve decided to get a new cat or a kitten. Your old cats may be spraying on the new cat to show their anger. Now use of a cage can be a sensible option.   This will avoid injury if they ever start battling, and it is a less dangerous way for those cats that own the territory. This all depends heavily on how your cats react to your new cat. If they welcomed the new cat as a member of their group, then you should try to release that new cat.

For safe traveling with your pet

Some cats vanish from time to time, so you may be concerned about where they’re going if they stray, so temporarily penning or missing them is the remedy. Do remember that it should be temporary and is done for them to behave well or to remain inside the house all the time.  Crating cats is often a way to travel with cats and is commonly done during the trip. It will be helpful in safe driving.

To protect your domestic animals from contagious diseases

If one of your cats has indicated symptoms of some disease or injury, it is best to quarantine them inside the cage as soon as possible. Observe their behavior and look up their condition constantly. Quarantining is typically performed to prevent infectious diseases from spreading to the other animals.

I have enlisted the few best quality cat cages that can be very helpful in the selection of the right cat cage according to your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can i put my kitten in a cage at night?

The answer depends on the reason of putting your kitten in a cage. for example if you want to litter Train Your kitten this might be a nice idea, this will put restrictions and force your cat to use the litter box. as long as your crate or cage, has all the facilities for the cat, we think there is no harm in putting your cat in a cage in night

Can cats live in a cage?

We would suggest use the cage whenever it’s required keeping your lovely pet always in the cage. there are many cases or enclosures out there to play and live as the have all the facilities. we listed a few of them which are the best.

How long can a cat be in a crate?

Experts suggest that a cat can live upto six hours in its cage. If you want to make it stay even longer make sure that you provide the cat with enough food, water.

Can I keep my cat in a cage while at work?

If you are working more than 6 hours than don’t ever think of an idea of crating the cat. You cannot keeep a cat in its crate for a longer peroid. Let it room freely till you come from work.

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