Top 6 BEST Cat Window Perch

Cats love when they peer out the window through the cat window perch. They like to spread out in the daylight and stalk winged animals and different critters they spot out the window. Watching out of the window keeps felines engaged for a considerable length of time. It makes them feel like a piece of the outside – all inside the solace and warmth of their own home.

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What do you mean by perching and why it’s important for cats?

The literal meaning of perching is, “to rest on something high”. Now this meaning also explains why it is so important for the cats to have a perch. Naturally cats are wild animals and one of there natural traits is to sit on the trees, high on one of the branches and just enjoy the scene. this is how they are naturally built.

So when you buy a window perch for your cat, you are offering them that environment and the sunlight which may directly fall on them which will be an added benefit to have a window perch.

Why to have a cat window Perch?

A feline window perch furnishes your feline with an extraordinary perspective on the outside alongside a comfortable bed to unwind and loosen upon. its also called cat hammock. It resembles a fantastic view of your feline’s like a motion picture. What more would she be able to need?

Since most felines invest a lot of energy inside, it’s critical to offer them the chance to appreciate this distraction and remain associated with their environment. Also, last yet presumably most significant a spot where your feline can be high up and enjoy the daylight is probably going to be one of his preferred places. Indoor cats have the advantage of enormously from sun presentation.

Instead of going to walmart or target for buying cat perch for window you can read complete reviews and pros and cons to order it online with the convenience of home.

A cat perch for window is a helpful method to give your feline a protected, pleasant spot to watch out for the goings-on both outside and inside and a lot of incitement. Below are some of the best cat window perch, you should purchase;

Important Features to Consider

The best 6 Cat perches for windows:

1. NOYAL Cat Resting

Cat Window Perch


  • The material is breathable, with plastic and oxford cloth, this feature will prevent your cat from overheating.
  • During the win
  • It’s advisable to add a mattress on your cat window perch bed. The purpose of doing that is to make your cat feel comfortable
  • The cat window perch is sturdy enough to hold your cat even up to 30lbs
  • The installation is straightforward
  • It is effortless to clean
  • cat window perch diy

The Noyal cat resting is one of the best of window perch for cats. Cats like watching the birds outside and also like the warmth of the sun coming in through the window. With the Noyal cat window perch, the cats will enjoy the sleeping space and even a beautiful place to relax so that they can spy on others outside.


  • The suction size of 3.3
  • Package includes: suction and cat hammock
  • Color – cream
  • Weight – 1.55 pounds
  • A cat window perch with no screws


  • Made from breathable oxford cloth, which makes the cat feel comfortable and relax
  • The steel cords are covered with layers of PVC are covered with steel  which makes them scratching/chewing proof


  • It can support weight only up to 30lbs

2. Cat Hammock Window Seat by pefuny

outdoor cat window perch


  • It is reliable and safe; the steel holds more than 40lb for large cats
  • The material is very advanced and more eco-friendly
  • When it comes to toughness, this window perch is capable and more sturdy
  • Very easy to clean with no stress
  • The pads allow the cat to enjoy the sunshine comfortably

This cat hammock window seat gives an incredible sunbathing chance to your kitty due to solid suction cups and thick treated steel links. The organization asserts its item can bolster a load of 35 lbs.

The casing utilized for the lounger is a propelled ABS tube, which isn’t just solid yet in addition to condition inviting. The cat window bed accompanies a rough texture tangle, which is intense, waterproof, brisk drying, and simple to clean.


  • Size – 1.65 pounds
  • Color –beige
  • 360° safety sunbath for cats


  • The wire used in hanging the cat seat from the window is durable and thick, it can withstand scratching and chewing
  • This window perch is designed from advanced ABS
  • The Pefuny hammock is eco – friendly and durable
  • The fabric of the mat is rugged
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • The mat is waterproof


  • The seat fabric is very flimsy

3. AWOOF Pet Cat Hammock 

window cat perches


  • This cat window perch makes your feline feel at home, with the bask in the sun and the feel of tranquility.
  • It gives your cat 360° sunbath
  • This widow perch is the perfect gift for your feline if you want to provide them with so much fun
  • It has a breathable Oxford cloth, and your cat body temperature will not overheat
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Suitable for huge cats
  • Easy to install

If you are looking for a Cat window that will keep your cat entertained for long, then Awoof pet cat hammock is that window perch for you. This window perch makes your felines as if they are outside, all warm, and comfortable in their home. This window perch will also provide an excellent view for your cat and a lot of stretching out and relaxation.

It is an exclusive way for your felines to enjoy their happy life. They will be like a gift to your cats and a relaxing lounge.


  • Weight – 1.15 pounds
  • Four suction cups inside
  • 360° sunbath


  • Durable and safe
  • 360° sunbath
  • Your cat body doesn’t overheat
  • Perfect for large felines
  • Very easy to install


  • Material looks cheap

4. ZALALOVA Cat Window Perch

cat window sill perch


  • The installation doesn’t consume time.
  • Perfect for cats to bask in the warmth of the sun
  • Big suction cups hold up to 50lbs
  • Made from durable and sturdy material
  • Very easy to clean
  • Made from Oxford cloth
  • Gives your cat comfort
  • Body temperature doesn’t overheat

The Zalalova cat window perch doesn’t disappoint. It holds as much as 50 pounds. No devices are expected to install this Zalalova; it requires the utilization of suction cups. The suction cups appended to the fleece secured outline alongside stain steel wire ropes, and are stuck directly onto the window.

This lounger highlights stretchy texture that supports your cat in delicate, warm solace. The Zalalova cat perch is a lovely and subtle, high-quality, comfortable texture of the hammock.


  • Hanging Dimensions: 29.5″ x 21.5″ (H x W)
  • Suction Cup Diameter: 3.3″
  • Cord Length: 23″
  • Weight: 1.3 pounds


  • Made from high-quality and durable material
  • It comes with a washable cover
  • It is capable of holding up to fifty pounds


  • It is expensive
  • The cover wears out from washing too much

5. Kitty Cot Original World’s Best cat perch

cat hammocks for windows


  • You can mount this cat window perch using a giant patent suction cups
  • Easy to clean
  • Made with super-tough PVC plastic pipe and fittings
  • Kitty cot is designed with outdoor and rugged fabric

Kitty cot first world is one of the best window cat perch, and it perfect for your felines. The curious cats in your family unit can watch out for their inside and outside at the same time. This kitty cat cot can be mounted safely to any window and will hold as much as 25 pounds—space for two cuddle pals.

You don’t need tools for installation, and you can put it at any stature either inside or outside the window. The hammock was created of an extreme, climate-safe texture that is anything but difficult to clean. It’s incredible for keeping your cat engaged, and you can make it overly comfortable with her preferred cover or bed on top.


  • Weight –1.6
  • Frame dimension is 14″ x 23-1/2″


  • It is great for indoor and outdoor for curious cats
  • This kitty cot is easy to install
  • You don’t need any stool for installation
  • The hammock from sturdy material and weather-resistant fabric
  • It is easy to clean
  • This window perch is comfy for catnaps
  • It is a special spot for cat, for watching the birds and sprawling sunlight


  • Made with PVC and BPA free

6. K&H Pet Products Kitty Sill

Cat Perch Window


  • The installation is straightforward and can be managed without tools
  • It is strong enough to hold the heaviest of cats, up to 40 pounds!
  • Orthopedic sleeping surface for ultimate comfort while basking in the sun
  • Large enough sleeping surface for big cats, measuring 14″ x 24.”
  • Removable cover for easy wash & care
  • Thermo-Kitty Sill includes 6-watt heater

The K&H pet products kitty sill makes numerous types of window perches, however, this one stands apart among every one of them, just as items from different brands, as a result of the structure. The stage segment of this perch can be bored into your windowsill, as long as the ledge is at least two inches down.

Although this takes some work, and yes, your windows will have changeless openings, it is a long shot for your felines to be secured. With such a securely verified bed, your cats will never need to stress over the seat, falling endlessly from the window.


  • Weight – 3.9 pounds
  • Size – 14” × 24.”
  • Legs are ¾ wide


  • It comes with Orthopedic foam which provides
  • maximum relaxation
  • The removable and wash
  • able fleece cover


  • The heating pad does not have on/off switch
  • Screws leave holes in the window sill

Best cat window perch for large cats:

Best cat window perch for large cats

One of the best cat perches for large cats you will find is this cat bed by Selify. This is any amazing bed with the size of 26 inches to 14 inches which is amazing for big cats. For small cats it might be a playground.

The claim that this cat perch can carry an amazing capacity of 60 pounds which is incredible. with rave user reviews this is one of the best Ham rocks for cats which are big in size. It is made by 1 inch abs tubing material which is very durable by its on.  the suction cups used in this cat perch are amazingly good quality.

best cat window hammock

Best window sill cat perch:

The primary advantage of this cat Perch is that it’s very sleek in design. The perch Made with a very minimal design in mind. With the good coverage area of 22 IN 12 IN which is a good practical space for any  cat Perch. comes with a removable cover which is also washable so you can always change. It is recommended to screw down the perch To the window sill, so it can hold tight there.

Buyer’s Guide for Hammocks/perch:

More variety can make you more confused on what kind of perch to buy, I will help you find out the best perch for your lovely cat. I know how these pets become such an important part of family and live.

Some times you may face problems such as…..

…..the cat is not using the perch

…..the perch was too weak to carry the cat

…..the quality of the perch was not good.

Let me tell you step by step process on how to buy the best cat perch in given budget.


Like I have mentioned some big perches for large cats in the list above, the reason is you need to be very specific on these, if you cat size is big, make sure to search for heavy duty perch.

Hanging style:

Its important to see what hanging style will be supported by your window, for example if your window glass is textured, you wont be able to use the suction cups SO MAKE SURE TO DECIDE, where you want to hang the perch before you start looking for one.

Sitting style:

Another thing to make sure is the sitting style of the cat, whether they like hammock or padded perch which may affect the time spent on the perch.

Material used:

Just be sure the material used is safe for cats and your cats are not allergic to the material.

Final Verdict

In summary, the cat window perch is one of the best ways your cats can get entertained. With the window perch been set high on a divider, this is the right method to allure your feline to use their general climbing aptitudes. This kind of activity will imitate a similar sort of work the feline would perform if they lived outside and were climbing trees.

This brings to another point for cat which is the cat comfort, we need to give our beloved cats the best of everything, like food and litter boxes, find the best sifting litter boxes here or cat backpacks.

In case you’re hoping to put your feline perch alongside a high window, at that point, any of the lofty feline window perch will be reasonable. Some are shrouded in the comfortable floor covering, and others are enhanced with a feline outline.

For the best feline products.

How to make a cat perch at home?

How do you make a cat shelf?

Making a cat shelving home is very easy,  all you need are 4 things, 

  1. comfortable fabric material for the cat to sit down.  
  2. 1 inch abs tubing pipes.  
  3. 4 suction cups. 
  4. and a metal cord.  

all you need to do is to connect the tubing pipes with each other according to the size you want put the fabric on the tubing pipes and attached to the window with the suction cups and the metal chords

Is it good for cats to look out the window?

Cats are similar to humans. Cats like to sit for hours together near the window and watch the birds and other animals in the road. It loves to feel the gentle breeze and gets mesmarised. So it is not an issue to worry about.

Are Cat Window hammocks safe?

Cat window hammocks are safe for the cats and it has to be placed carefully at a certain height so that the cat sits and enjoys its own space.

Why do cats sleep on window sills?

Cats loves to watch the world and admire things. Many cats prefer window ledges and spend much time on it. Cats loves to sit, sleep and enjoy its time by observing people,animals, birds, plants and nature through the window.

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