Best Fly Repellent for Dogs

Flies commonly & abundantly exist in our surroundings which usually is not considered as a major risk but these tiny flying creatures are extremely annoying. It is a well-known fact that no one likes flies because they are associated with viruses, dirt, and trash which could infect the entire home & food items if people have got the flies at their place. Apart from this, they can also damage the garden plants & crops.

fly repellent for dogs

Moreover, it is worth sharing that flies can become the reason for food poisoning, tuberculosis, cholera, typhoid, dysentery, fever, and a wide range of other life-threatening illnesses by simply contaminating the food items and water. So, just think about the condition of your little puppy who cannot even have access to the flyswatter. An unwelcomed reality of the summer season is surely Flies & if your dog has a habit of spending a lot of time outdoors then, chances are you have to swat away these annoying creatures most of the time.

Why you need a fly repellent?

Even though the dogs are outfitted in a fluffy and thick coat, that gives required safety against biting bugs including flies and mosquitoes. Despite the fact that the bites of these bugs can be frustrating, leaving itching bumps behind they could be more harmful because they can transmit heartworm disease. Many vets recommended prescription products are now available to flight with biting insects. Let’s find out what products will work perfectly when it comes to protecting the dogs from flies & which one should be avoided.

What are the Different Species of Flies?

 There are around 3600 species of flies & all these difference a lot in appearance & habitat.

  • House flies
  • Blow fly
  • Hoverfly
  • Tsetse fly
  • Drone fly
  • Fruit flies
  • Dung fly
  • Stable fly
  • Cluster flies

The most common and familiar types of flies are differ subspecies of the house fly whereas other types are less common.

Why are Flies Dangerous?

The habits and behaviors of flies can cause a lot of issues including the following:

  • Flies can definitely cause severe harm by becoming the carrier of different infections and bacteria. Their habit of searching for various food items & crawling on them can spread infections fast.
  • Secondly, larvae could infest both animal or human
  • In spite of spreading disease, flies are just annoying due to their continuous flying around & buzzing.

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Best Fly Repellent for Dogs

That’s where a need for good fly repellant for dogs comes in. So, in this article I am going to share some valuable information concerning the best fly repellents for dogs currently available to keep your little companion away from those irritating insects.

1. Farnam Flys-Off Fly Repellent Ointment

Best Fly Repellent for Dogs 1Best Fly Repellent for Dogs 2

Before moving ahead, it is worth noticing that while this product is apparently for use on various open sores and wounds but can be used to protect the dog from flies even when she/he is not injured. Furthermore, this ointment works amazingly on all types of flies such as stable flies, house flies, and horse files. It is also recommended for pets with their jobs in countryside areas, for instance herding dogs.

Only a little amount of this ointment will serve the best purpose so there is no need of slathering the dog’s whole body with it. If the dog is continuously being attacked & annoyed by flies then, it is the right time to order the Farnam Flys Off fly repellent ointment.


  • Easy to apply
  • Works on wounds and open sores
  • Best for working pooch
  • Keeps all kinds of flies away
  • Works wonders


  • The ointment Smells awful

User Experience:

According to the majority of dog lovers, the Farnam Flys Off fly repellent always works like a charm. Few users have loved the product & its quality. No doubt, the product is worth buying therefore, users are recommending this to make those frustrating flies run instantly. It is also better than the sprays.

2. Nantucket Spider Natural Insect Repellent for Dogs

Best Fly Repellent for Dogs 3Best Fly Repellent for Dogs 4

This product also comes under the category of the best fly repellent for dogs. It is a free of DEET concoction that relies on different essential oils such as spearmint, lemongrass, and rosemary for keeping flies at bay. Moreover, the combination of these essential oils give dog lovers broad protection and safety against flies or other insects.

Here, it is vital to mention that dogs might not like getting completely coated in it due to its smell therefore, people should expect to see dogs roll in the dust immediately after they apply it. Well, that might be a little amount to pay for the repellent that really works, which this product seems to do. Besides, it is extremely easy to get the entire coating too because the sprayer gives a constant fine mist after every pull.


  • DEET & soy free
  • Uses a wide range of essential oils
  • Made of natural ingredients
  • No citrus oils
  • Highly effective & lab-tested
  • Give the best value for money


  • Smell is terrible
  • Not recommended for gnats and mosquitoes

User Experience:

The majority of users have commented that they have used the Nantucket repellent for the sake of repelling annoying flies from dogs & they simply loved it. Some considered it a huge win for their household. Well, it has a strong well but much better than other high-end sprays. Highly recommended.

3. Flys-Off Insect Repellent for Dogs and Cats

Best Fly Repellent for Dogs 5Best Fly Repellent for Dogs 6

This product is also offered by Farnam store therefore, a good pick. The product comes in the form of spray to make application more easy and convenient without creating any mess. It is worth mentioning that the Flys-off spray bottle makes it easy to cover a huge swath of a dog’s body; however that’s usually not required.

Additionally, it is highly recommended for spraying on fabrics & beddings to keep those frustrating flies from coming. Apart from flies, it is capable of repelling ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, gnats, & lice. The most noticeable thing is that the Farnam Flys-off repellent does all this at a very competitive price range thus, making it a top-selling product.


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Best for wide scale application
  • Easy to use pump spray
  • Works almost instantly
  • Works as advertised


  • Can get in dog’s eye accidentally
  • Smell is not good

User Experience:

According to the dog lovers, it works quite well when it comes to keeping house flies away from dogs. It is a lifesaver product as within a few seconds flies went away. Many users are happy and satisfied with their purchase & ready to order more in near future. On the other hand, few users have commented that the spray bottle is quite small.

4. Miracle Coat No Fly Zone for Dogs

Best Fly Repellent for Dogs 7Best Fly Repellent for Dogs 8

A great solution if the flies have been getting after the pooch for a while then, this amazing combination of Vitamin E and oatmeal will surely help soothe the pooch’s irritated skin. Moreover, when a dog lover paired that with a pleasant smell, then Miracle coat spray is the only product that dogs may welcome wholeheartedly to get coated with.

The spray uses oil extract from cloves for keeping flies far away & if clove has been proven useful for this specific purpose then, nobody has informed the flies. It can keep flies at bay for like 5-10 minutes therefore, this is good if dog owners are ready to keep flies away from dogs whenever he/she visits bathroom outside. I would like to mention that if dogs spend a lot of time in outdoor settings then, it is better to find a stronger product.


  • Smells great
  • Blend of the natural ingredients
  • Safe formulation
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Water soluble


  • Requires repeated reapplication
  • Not recommended for outdoor pooches

User Experience:

The majority of dog lovers have commented that the product is definitely worth it due to a number of good reasons. It worked like a miracle for many dog owners. Now no more annoying flies bothering dogs because of Miracle Coat No Fly Zone. Conversely, the product smells extremely strong however, it is not an awful smell.

5. UltraShield EX Brand Residual Insecticide & Repellent

Best Fly Repellent for Dogs 9Best Fly Repellent for Dogs 10

Before moving ahead, I would like to share that at first there was UltraShield & now there is UltraShield EX, a brand new and workable long-term solution when it comes to fly & tick control protection, offered by Absorbine. UltraShield EX brand repellent is the 1st sweat-resistant, and weatherproof formula that can control flies for 17 seventeen.

Moreover, it is the toughest working insecticide repellent currently available and easily be used on dogs as well. It comes under the category of ready to use and most advanced tick, mosquito and fly repellent available to cater to the needs of people.


  • Work as expected
  • Long lasting
  • Worth buying
  • Easy to use
  • Weather proof  & contains 2 sunscreens
  • Advanced


  • Packaging needs improvement

User Experience:

Users are loving this highly advanced formula offered by Absorbine. Few dog lovers have mentioned that UltraShield EX can also work as a premise spray & a general fly control strategy. So, whenever you have to eliminate your fly frustrations, just think about this incredible product. In short, the product is perfect at controlling flies.

Buying Guide: 5 Best Fly Repellents for Dogs

As the summer season arrives, people do welcome it with open arms because it is the right time for fresh breezes, picnic outside, holidays but, here comes unwanted guests i.e. flies.  Yes, these tiny creatures always become the most annoying things around & somehow manage to spoil the summer vibe.  No doubt, flies are equally bothersome for both humans and animals.

Well, there are several effective ways of getting rid of flies especially for beloved little pooches. People can use fly repellents in order to deter flies & the following information should be considered while buying the best product.

How to Choose the Best Fly Repellent for Dogs?

In short, try to find the product that works. It is vital to mention that there is a wide range of solutions that will offer relief, from powerful pesticides such as pyrethrin, to eco-friendly & vet recommended essential oils. It eventually comes down to personal preferences i.e.  What dog owners are comfortable with to put on their pooch’s skin? It is also important to consider the effectiveness of the selected product and don’t forget to check the previous customers reviews in order to realize the items performance.

Why Do Flies Like Dogs a lot?

It is worth sharing that there are several reasons why flies may be drawn to your little pooch’s coat. Additionally, few flies are extremely diabolical as compared to others. Such as Horseflies can actually bite the dog & these bites will bleed thus, leading to severe infection. Therefore, it is essential to get them treated timely because infections can actually threaten the overall health and well-being of dogs, especially those with weak immune systems.

What are the Different Ways of keeping Flies Away from Dogs?

Why should dog owners take the risk of allowing flies to pester their precious dogs? Below are some workable and useful measures for combating the flies that are on the mission of giving tough time to dogs.

  • Keep the yard & surroundings neat and clean
  • Use ointments or sprays
  • Keep the dog & his/her area clean
  • Try various homemade fly repellent recipes as well

What Natural Ways Can Keep Dogs Safe Flies?

In order to successfully complement the fly repellent people used for the dogs, try some chemical-free things as well:

  • Turn the backyard into a fly-free oasis by selecting the plant life wisely. While few shrubs, bushes, flowers are designed for attracting specific species of insects, others can help form a strong shield all around the home. So, what are you waiting for? Persuade flies to occupy a different backyard by carefully planting these flora, lemongrass, citrosum, basil, rosemary, marigold, lavender, and peppermint.
  • While going outdoors with the beloved pooches, select a time when flies are not much active i.e. at night
  • Prevent access to the yummy food sources particularly for flies by simply keeping the cover shut tightly on trash can.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it can be said that dog owners should never underestimate the pain those annoying flies can cause & be sure to start the treatment after seeing the 1st symptom of fly bites on the dogs. Moreover, while treating the fly bites, it is important to assess & address the underlying reasons, paying special attention to the dog’s home environment.

However, it is a well-known fact that prevention is better than cure. Moving the dogs indoors during day time can also help. Likewise, spraying the outside living places of the dogs will help as well. It is recommended to remove all those things that can attract flies such as garbage, raw pet food, fecal material etc. Well, in the worst case scenario, it is better to seek advice from an expert vet.

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