What to clean litter box with?

Cleaning the Litter box is the most crucial topic that almost every cat parent ignores and does not pay proper attention to it. Cleaning the litter box is a necessity if you are not doing it, it means you are playing with the health of your beloved cat. Dirty litter box could cause many health issues to your cat.

On the top of all that, your cat does not like the dirty places as you don’t, so if you are not cleaning her litter box, then be ready she will defecate in other corners of your room instead of using her litter box.

Well! Some of the cat parents are cleaning it but they don’t know the right way to do it. We have crafted this article so that you can start cleaning your cat’s litter box in the right way.

So let’s discuss some of the easiest and interesting methods that you can start using right away.

how to clean the litter box

Clean with Gloves and a Mask

The litter box is the resting place for the bacteria and microorganism, that’s why to save yourself from every possible attack, you need to use the gloves and the mask.


If you are cleaning the litter box without using gloves and mask, then the bacteria is actually getting in touch of your skin directly and could cause the health issue to you either. To avoid all of those invisible enemies, it’s better to clean the litter box using gloves and masks.

Cleaning litter box in bathtub?

The little box should never be placed in a bathtub, specially If you are using the bathtub. cat Poop contains some organisms which are not good for humans, if you did that then make sure your bathtub is cleaned properly and  thoroughly. Make sure you also clean your hands thoroughly as well.

Make it your normal practice to clean your hands whenever your hands come into contact with other Poop or pee of your CAT

Can you put litter box in unused bathtub?

I don’t mind as long as it’s unused. If one of your toilets are not being used regularly then this could be a nice place to keep the litter box. make sure the main door is wide open and there is a ventilation system to carry out the smell. this could be a nice place to keep the litter box but proper cleaning and regular checking is required

What is the best thing to use to clean a litter box?

There are many methods to clean the litter box and I have explained the few below as well but one of the best ways to clean the litter box is with warm water and mild detergent,  just take a brush and thoroughly clean the litter box at least once a week. this is not only important for you but also important for your cat to save it from infections and Germs.

You can also use baking soda as an additional cleaning method to make sure everything is good.

Is cleaning cat litter dangerous?

The answer to this question is yes, if you clean the litter Box after long intervals or You are not washing your hands properly after washing for cleaning the litter box. as mentioned before that the waste of cat contains dangerous germs to humans plus ammonia fumes can be created if a cat box is not clean for a long time which is also dangerous for breathing and lungs

How to clean a litter box with bleach?

After you are done cleaning your litter box with warm water and mild detergent. Mix the Bleach with water to make it mild for example if you are using Clorox, take half cup of Clorox and one tub of water then put the solution into the litter box and let is Stay for sometime, after that you can clean it with a brush.

Can you Clean with scoop?

Instead of using your hand, it’s always better to use a scoop for taking out the waste of your cat. Even if your hands are protected with the gloves, still you need to use a scoop.

Some of the litter boxes come with a scoop, but if you did not get the scoop with your litter box, then purchase it separately.

Most importantly, for cleaning and maintaining a litter box, scooping is the task that you need to do regularly without missing even a single day.

Not to mention here, but the suggestion for you is that along with the scooping, it’s better to change the litter of the box after every 2 to 3 days.

Can you Clean with Detergents?

Cleaning the litter box completely with the detergents is another thing that every cat parent should consider.

Dump everything from the litter box into your wastebasket. Use detergent and rag to clean every side, then use the hot water to clean it out. Almost, every bacteria will be removed from your cat’s litter box. Although, if you want to have a better result, then use the drops of vinegar in your detergent.

Tips to Remove all unpleasant smell

After entirely cleaning the litter box, you have to make the litter box fresh for you cat. That’s an optional practice, but cat parents do this because it does not take too much time.

One of the best litter boxes to use is catit jumbo,

There are several ways to remove the unpleasant smell from your cat’s litter box, we will discuss only the widely used and the easiest ways.

  1. Use the baking soda. You just need to add baking soda in the litter box before you actually start adding litter into it.
  2. Use charcoal, the method is similar to baking soda.
  3. Use Filters, place the filters along with the litter of the box so that the odor will get eliminated and your cat’s litter box gives the fresh-smelling experience to your cat.

watch this very nice demonstrative video on how to clean the litter box:

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