PetMate Top Entry Litter Box Review

Everyone definitely loves to have the litter box that is not inferior from the expensive litter boxes in any sense but comes at the lower price. If you wish the same, then this PetMate Top entry Litter Box Review has something really interesting to offer you.

PetMate is the brand that is working in the pet industry from last 50 years, and constantly introducing the products of higher quality that can improve the life of your pet.

To eliminate the headache of cat owners, they have crafted the top entry litter box that comes with all the features that you can get from any best litter box. Apart from the features, they have also considered your buying power and make it an affordable litter box. It comes at 10 time’s lower price than any other best top entry litter box.


PetMate Top entry litter box Review

In the previous model of the PetMate top entry litter box, there were some serious flaws that people were not loving. They have considered all of the complaints seriously and Re-Design the litter box.

Almost all of the flaws have been removed, and we have found the new model as the best litter box. Their approach towards negative feedback reflects how much they care about their customers.

PetMate Top Entry Litter Box Review 1

For this review, we will focus on only the updated model of their top entry litter box.


Overall Dimension of the box is 20″ x 15″ x 15″, your cat will have enough room to get its business done. Although, the overall size of the box in not the larger one, and if your cat won’t like the small spaces then you will have to put the serious effort for its litter training.

The color of the box is dark grey and the lid has the white color that gives the great blend. The entrance of the cat is from the top that is the best part of the design. Cat lovers are already familiar with the exploring habit of the cat, and this top entrance design will excite them to explore it. That will help you a lot in the litter training if your cat does not get scared of the small spaces.

PetMate Top Entry Litter Box

At the top there are the rounded edges, you can easily carry it out for cleaning and can easily pick it up for changing its locations. Moreover, the lid at the top is removable. You can take off the lid if you want to. But it’s better to keep the lid fixed at the top, it will make your floor litter-free.


The recycled plastic material has been used in the construction of this litter box. Sturdy construction allows your cat to use it for many years.

This recycled plastic makes it durable and ensures that you will never need to browse for getting any other litter box.

The litter boxes that come with the same price tag are not able to compete with PetMate litter box, when it comes to durability. At this price, you will barely find out any other litter box that comes with such quality and durability.

Reduce litter tracking

Cat owners always get frustrated by the scattered litter. The design of this PetMate cat litter box does not allow the cat to scatter the litters all over the room. Right after putting this model, you will start noticing the reduction in litter tracking.

Being the cat owner, this feature is something that you must consider while purchasing the cat litter box. Although, while considering this feature, you must be careful because many brands are just making this claim for selling their boxes.

Believe me or not, PetMate is the brand that is providing what it promised. So for this litter box, you don’t have to worry at all. The Lid at the top act as the walk-off mate, when your cat tries to jump out of it, all of the litter that has been stuck in its paw during digging will fall back into the box.

Multiple pets

According to the survey, around 44% of the pet owners used to pet different kind of animals at the same time. If you are the part of this 44%, then this litter box will be better for your cats.

Some of the dogs try to get into the litter box for getting some treats while sometimes they just try to reach the bottom of the litter box for digging. But for making it secure and private for your cat, they have made the wall solids and also used the lid at the top.

The lid also acts as the barrier for your dogs, so they can’t access the litter box anymore. That’s beneficial evenly for your cat privacy and for your dogs.

Note: Here’s a list of the best cat litter box products for you to make a better decision regarding the selection of top cat litter box.

How to clean PetMate Top Entry Litter Box:

At some time, you will definitely need to clean it. But you don’t have to worry about anything like other litter box owners do.

Because they have made it convenient litter box, you will not feel any hurdle while cleaning it. Even you don’t have to put a lot of effort for cleaning it.

Rounded edges at the top and the attached handles allow you to pick it up easily, no matter how much heavier it has become. You can easily pick it up and can pour out the mess at any other place.

Moreover, the scooper also comes with the box and can be hanged along with the body, when you don’t have to use it. Using scoop for the cleaning will definitely enhance your cleaning experience.

You might not get any other better chance to grab the featured-rich litter box at the most affordable price.

The price that the manufacturer is asking for this litter box is way lesser than the actual price that this litter box actually deserve. That would be convenient for you and for your cat either. If your cat is not a lazy one or disabled, then there is no need to think more about it, just grab it for your cat. You will never regret on your decision.

  • User-Oriented Design
  • Recycled plastic material
  • Solid walls
  • Lid reduces litter tracking
  • Cats can turn around easily
  • Affordable
  • Not suitable for lazy and disabled cat
  • Liner has to buy separately

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