3 Best High Sided Cat Litter Boxes

We present Top 3 best high sided Cat litter boxes to you which are qualified through a lot of research. High sided cat litter boxes are great to save yourself from litter scatter and let your cats do what ever they want to do. they are good for any kind of cats, either you have a large cat or small cat, it is a best fit for all types of cats.

These high sided cat litter boxes are even good for old cats as they have a low entry which is easy to access. they are all easily cleanable and have a great customer feed back, lets get started right away!

Top 3 high sided litter boxes list:

Name: Our rating:user rating:Dimensions:Buy now:
1. Nature’s
4.5/5 4.4/5 23″L x 18.5″W x 11″HClick here
2. Catit4.4/54.5/5 22.2″ x 16.3″ x 11.3″ Click here
3. Petfusion4.4/54.4/5 22.6″ x 18.1″ x 8.0″  Click here

let us give you some further details about these high sided cat litter boxes:

lets start with our top pick:

Top 3 high sided litter boxes Reviews:

1. Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box review:

High Sided Litter Boxes

Nature’s miracle has a great reputation, over all, this company has some famous products, Nature’s Miracle has been the pet stain & odor brand trusted and loved by pet parents for over 35 years.

Extra large litter box with high sides

The benefits of this high sided litter box are that its good for those people who are against having a covered hood which may not be good for some cats, specially the high cats. Also for those cats who get suffocated in the hooded litter box, this is a nice fit for them. this is also called extra large litter box with high sides. By the way talking about extra large check out the best extra large boxes.

low entry litter box for older cats

If your cat is digging hard, which may let the sand go out of the litter tray if its not high sided. according to one of the users, they have used this litter box as a cat house by just turning it upside down which is an added advantage. like you see here.

Over all this is the best choice you can make if you are looking for an easy to use, high sided litter box. this is it.

Features of this high sided litter box:

  • Prevent litter scatter due to High sides.
  • Easy Spot or wipe cleaning
  • Easy cleaning due to Non-stick surface
  • Item dimension: 23″ Length x 18.5″ Width x 11″ Height
  • Carrying handles.
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean and reuse
  • Great low entrance with high sides
  • Great for all types of cats including old cats
  • Low entrance is great but can be a little frustating for some as it may spill the sand out, this is the only feed back we found.

2. Catit Cat Litter Pan with Rim review

extra large litter box with high sides

This is one of the best litter box with high sides. Catit has also been in the industry for a long time, making quality products and getting good feedback. Lets see what this product has to offer.

This high sided cat litter box has some unique feature which makes it special. that something special is the rim, which is added to prevent spills and it really works. some users are calling it the secure lip which saves you from a lot of spill over. as it has a slanted body which is also a great fit for a litter box.

high sided cat litter box

Some cats like open places so a den-like box is impossible for  them to adjust. so this is a great suit for them. This is a great fit for all types of cats. which makes it a good choice specially when buying online. as you know alot of online stuff can not be reliable because of the size issues, but if it fits all, its lesser risk.

The snap on rim not only prevents the spill over, it can be used to put a litter pan liner in the box, smooth it out and than put back the rim. which relieves a lot.

  • Snap on RIM to save you from spill
  • Easy to clean and reuse
  • Slanted style is good fit for cats
  • Great for all types of cats including old cats
  • Some users mentions about cracks which may appear after a few months of use.

3. PetFusion Large Litter Box review:

low sided litter box

We have a lot to mention about this, but before even we start, its important to mention that its a little expensive than the two above, so it may not be for “everyone” but it is a great long term investment for you pet.

large high sided litter box

Petfusion is also a great good company with great products. this large litter box is FDA approved to be NON stick. Another important point to mention is that a lot of vets recommend this product due to its High quality make and reliability, specially for the cats which may have behavior issues.

The company beleives that this type of litter box promote healthy usage of the litter box and is not suffocating. this high sided litter box has a smart design and is made of ABS plastic with is safe for pets.

High Sided Litter Boxes

For those cat owners where the sticky litter is a problem, this is like a heaven for you. litter wont stuck there just to show you what we mean.

This is the example of perfusion, and an ordinary litter box where the litter is stuck, so this gives you less scoop, less odor and better hygiene. this works like a non sticky skillet.

Lets check a few Pros and cons:

  • NON sticky high quality Plastic
  • ABS plastic which safe for health
  • Reduces Odor
  • Smart Design to fit all the cats
  • Price is comparatively higher but its a good investment

Other than the top three we got some very nice litter boxes for your consideration as the are also great choices, remember, other than user reviews, some new companies are also making nice products which may not have huge amount of reviews but can be future superstars, so lo and behold for the top ten high sided litter boxes with short reviews.

Low entry high sided litter box:

Best choice in this category would be Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box.

low entry cat litter box

High sided litter box with top entry:

The winner in this category has to be the IRIS top entry litter box, as its the best and most durable in its price range and category.

High sided litter box with top entry high walled litter box

Extra High sided litter box with high walls

If you want extra high walls for a litter box then this Arm and hammer litter box becomes your choice.

Extra High sided litter box with high walls

Non stick cat litter box (definition, benefits and product)

One of the the primary benefits of a non stick cat litter boxes the ability to clean it faster and easier.  Non stick cat litter boxes are coated with specific plastic materials or metallic materials which allow the cleaning of the pan and does not allow litter or waste to stick. Normally most of the letter boxes are made in this way or at least They claim it,  one of the best non stick cat litter boxes is Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box.


Why do my cat need a high sided litter box?

You cat needs a high sided litter box because of the following reasons.

  1. it does not like the covered litter box. which can easily be the case as there are many cats who will not like the one which won’t allow them to see what’s happening outside.
  2. Your cat urinates high, some times high urination can cause mess if your litter tray is not high sided. so to make sure its not spreading out side you need a high sided litter box
  3. You cat size is bigger and she likes cozy place. one of the best things about the high sided ones is the feeling a cat have while sitting. it is much more like if you are sitting on a sofa versus a chair. you feel more comfortable.

Why do cats pee over or outside the litter box?

There may be two main reasons for this, other than several others.

  1. It could be a medical situation, in this case the best thing to do is to visit a doctor and let the doctor tell you the best solution, There may be many cases where the cats becomes completely fine after the treatment and uses the same litter box in the perfect way possible.
  2. may be it does not like the litter box it self. there are a lot of cases where the cat won’t like the litter box and will never use it. see, cats are like babies, they need proper care and they also have tantrums which we should understand. to solve this issue, make sure you change the litter box of buy the one with good reviews.

what is the best litter box for high spraying cats?

the answer is the same,

How to I train my cat to use the high sided litter box?

See, the answer to this is simple, you will use the same methods you use to train a cat to use any of the litter boxes, just to mention a few things,
1. Put the litter box in the visible situation.
2. let the cat play with the toys near the litter box.
3. Always keep the litter box clean.
and so on, you get the idea. its not different from others.

Where should I put the litter box?

The place of the litter box depends on the following things, the size of your room or apartment, the size of the litter box and last but not the least, your cat’s preference. some of the tips are, don’t put the litter box in a rushy area and don’t put the box in a small and closed room. this will help in lowering the smell levels.

Low entry litter box for older cats

Older cats feel difficult to get into any kind of litter box which requires more strength like the top entry litter boxes, specially if they have to do it several times a day. Which makes them feel tired and makes you feel pitty for them, the best way to treat older cats or the cats with any disability is the low entry cat litter boxes. The one we recommend in this post is the Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box. because its big enough and convenient for older cats.

Final verdict:

As a cat lover, its safe to say that keeping more than one litter box is always a good idea, if you are the one who agrees with this than one of the litter boxes can be a high sided litter box and the reason is simple. Its uncovered. its high sided to say you from sprays and its a handy one. its just that you have to train your cat to use the litter box.

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