CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box Review

Cat Genie is the most popular top-notch cat box that you can avail. If you are a fan of the robust machines, that take all of your responsibility and perform by itself, and does not ask you to get out of your bed, then congratulations! In the industry of the cat’s litter box, Cat Genie is the machine that will meet all of your requirements.

They claimed to be the first and the best self-washing machine, and mainly for this feature Cat Genie is getting many positive responses from the public. Many other advanced features are also included in this model that we will discuss later on in this CatGenie cat box review. Their claim of being the first best robust cat box machine is something that forces us to put this review together.


The curiosity of knowing whether their claims are based on facts or they are just the marketing gimmicks, we have done extensive research. And finally, here we are just about to give you the comprehensive review so that you can make the informed decision about this cat box model.

CatGenie Self Washing Cat box Review

Here in this review, you will get to know all about its prominent features and all about the shortcomings associated with this Cat box.

CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box Review 1

So let’s get started;

User review and experience:

When it comes to the design, the manufacturer has not followed the generally used design that people are loving. They have decided to go with the different approach and end up manufacturing the cat box that looks same to your toilets and even works the same as your toilets do.

Hopefully, you got an idea about the design. Talking about designs we got everything covered in terms of design here. Traditional toilets are not different from this cat box in any sense. It requires the water source as your traditional toilet needs. This amazing cat box will use the same sewage system that you are using for draining out the waste.

For flushing out the waste, they have attached 2 standard-sized hoses that are almost similar to your washing machine hose. The purpose of one is to flush the water, while the other one is used to drain out all of the waste.

CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

Along with the flushing functionality, there is another auto cleaning feature that uses the sanitizing solution for removing every germ and every contaminant from the water litter granules. The granules that has been used in this box provides the same feeling that other boxes litter provides to the cats that’s why cat used it to cover and to dig its waste.

What else do you need? With this model, you don’t have to spend in the scoop too. Instead of wasting your money on the scoop you should check out this premium cat box that will take your every cleaning responsibility of cat box. If you can get out of the easy cleaning trap of other brands, then you should get this robust machine.

Let’s have a look at some of the other interesting features before making any final decision.

Note: Here’s a list of the best cat litter box products for you to make a better decision regarding the selection of top cat litter box.

Is CatGenie Self Washing Designed for Multiple cats

When there is only one toilet in the room, then the humans can wait but the cats can’t. If you have more than 1 cat in your home, then this would be an interesting feature for you. Cat Genie cat box is enough spacious that at least 3 cats can easily use it at the same time.

Well, if the multiple cat owners end up purchasing top entry cat litter box, then it would be the issue for them. Cats will spread their mess everywhere. To avoid any frustration in the future, this feature makes it the best option to get.

Maintenance cost of CatGenie Self Washing litter box

For these cat boxes, if you want it to keep performing as it was performing in earlier days then you have to replace the washable granules after flushing at least 240 times. In the nutshell, these washable granules last for around 3 months, but that’s the estimated period.

The actual period depends on your cat’s attitude towards it, but don’t worry the maintenance cost is not higher and it will not put the dent in your pocket. The strong odor in the room will be the signal that it’s the time to replace your granules.


For using any robust machine, you first need to set certain values that instruct the machine all about the way of working. Same is the case with this machine, you can use it as per your preferences because it offers all the possible setting options that you will be loving.

It’s better to check out all of the possible settings available, and after checking all of them, set the setting that works really well for you as per your convenience. In other words, you will have full control over the operation of this cat box.

Installation and assembly of CatGenie Self Washing

That’s the part of this machine that we are not considering as the user-oriented. Being the robust cat box, it requires a great effort to be installed in your home. We consider it as the most hectic process but doing it for once is more preferable than cleaning the cat box after every 3 days.

The instructions are clear and concise if you have never set up such thing ever before. Then it’s better to spend some time understanding the whole installation process before getting started.

If you don’t want to get it done by yourself, ask any professional in your town to set it up in your home because there are many minor details involved in the process that should not be missed if you want it to work properly and smoothly.

  • Robust operations
  • Washable granules
  • Multiple cats can use at a time
  • Durable
  • Customizable
  • Setting up this box requires great effort
  • Cleaning the whole toilet requires at least 35 Minutes

How does CatGenie get rid of poop? / How CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing works?

CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing is basically a complete on stop solution for cat waste, It is like a toilet with all the functionalities from washing to cleaning, it comes with washable granules which are reusable. it has cat sanitizing system which makes sure the cat is always clean.

Is CatGenie septic system or drainage safe?

Yes, How it works is basically or majorly only drains water and the washable granules are actually biodegradable, they can decompose by them self in less than 9 months which is a relief. Normally there are a few granules attached with the solid waste but because of their ability to decompose they are completely safe for septic systems and drainage.

How long does a CatGenie cycle take in reality?

Around 30 minutes. The full cycle of cleaning, washing and draining takes around less than thirty minutes which is a very good time imagining every time CatGenie is cycling, its providing a very clean experience for the cats for the next time they come in, the video of how it works completely show you the process. and visual aids helps you understand how it actually works.

How do you attach a CatGenie to a toilet? / How do you refill a CatGenie cartridge?

The video below shows you exactly how to attach and setup your CatGenie cat litter system so you can just follow the instructions and make sure everything else is fine.

Do self cleaning cat litter boxes really work?

First of all remember that a self cleaning litter box does not mean that you won’t have to touch it ever. there is still some work involved. now to answer the question I would say it is a risk that you take for your life style. Now risk could mean big reward or loss. Personally I feel it’s a great life saver. If it suits your pet it will save a lot of your time.

Do cats prefer their own litter box?

like humans, some cats are flexible to share their litter box with others and some don’t. So before you buy this litter box, make sure to know if you have multiple cats that the cats are comfortable to share one litter box or no.

Final Words

In terms of the functionality and the performance, this cat box is unmatchable. You will hardly find any other cat box that can outrank it. For making it the best cat box, they have included every possible yet advanced feature in it. Most importantly, eliminate your headache of cleaning and odor.

Well after getting this premium designed cat box, you will need to compromise in the beginning. Because you will be frustrated, whenever you will start setting it up. It requires great efforts and some additional parts too.

If you can settle down with this limitation, then you should grab this cat-friendly model right now without giving it any second thought.

Other than cat genie, some of the other notable brands are catit, petmate and IRIS which could be worth checking out.

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