LitterMaid Automatic Multi-Cat Litter Box Review

The thought of getting the litter box that provides comfort to the cat and the convenience to the owner does not only comes to you, every cat owner wishes the same.

Littermaid is the brand that worked on the same thought and manufactured the best innovative litter box that we will disclose in this LitterMaid Litter Box Review.

The litter maid is the brand that loves the cat as much as you do. They are the leader of the cat’s litter boxes industry and working so hard to give every possible feature to their customer base.

For providing you the cleanest, hygienic and safest litter box, they have manufactured the Automatic cat litter box, now you can pet the cat with less hassle. It comes with every feature that you can imagine in the litter boxes.

Features of LitterMaid Litter Box:

Here we have crafted an unbiased review for you so that you can figure out, whether you should have this one for your cat or needs to look at any other alternative.

LitterMaid Automatic Multi-Cat Litter Box Review 1


Bluntly speaking, the design of the littermaid litter box is suitable for every cat. Your cat can easily get to know the purpose of this litter box. If you have never trained your cat ever before, still your cat can start using it after getting instruction from you for the next few days.

Whenever new solid box came into the home, the cat’s feels threaten sometimes but the design of this litter box ensures that your cat can instantly become friendly to it and can start getting its business done comfortably. In fact, your cat will be loving to use it for defecating.

LitterMaid Automatic Multi-Cat Litter Box


Littermaid litter box has enough space that your cat can do its business comfortably, and even your cat can use it as the bedroom either. Even when one cat is using it, still there will be the room left for other cats. If you have more than 1 cat in your home, then it would be a suitable option for you.

At the same time, multiple cats can use it, the material that has been used in it, even allows the bulky cats to use it. Most of the time, the weight of the cats causes the leak at the bottom of the litter box. But Littermaid litter box has the ability to bear the weight of all bulky cats.

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This litter box becomes more interesting when it comes to the cleaning process. With this model, you don’t need to scoop put the waste regularly.

There is the cleaning cycle option that can be programmed to keep the litter box clean and safe all the time. The cleaning cycle feature is used to automatically take out the waste from the litter area to the waste receptacle.

Attached waste receptacles keep storing all of your cat’s odors and the waste. But there will be the time when you need to manually replace receptacle because it does not last long. For making the litter box secure and safe for your cat, you need to replace them periodically.

Now instead of wasting the time on the cleaning, you can spend most of your time with your fussy friend.

Moreover, the automatic rake that covers the waste also has to be cleaned periodically, because it gets in touch with the waste frequently. For cleaning the rake, you can easily unattached it from the box.

Litter tracking

Whenever a cat uses the litter box, litters get stuck into the paws of the cat. That’s all just because of the digging and the covering habit of the cat. After using the litter box, cat spread all the litter into the room.

But that’s not the case with the litter maid. While using this model, your cat can dig as much as it can. It is designed in such a way the litter tracking will be reduced automatically. The main reason behind the litter tracking reduction is its higher sidewalls.

Along with the sidewalls, the paw-cleaning ramp also contributes evenly for reducing the litter tracking. The cleaning ramp works as the foot wiping.

Convenient & Secure

Littermaid litter box is easy to use for your cat and even for you. It is completely user-friendly from every perspective.

But there is only one problem that you might encounter. You cat might get into the litter box again, while the box is in the cleaning process. But don’t worry! It is not dangerous or threatening for your cat. The sensor has been installed in the box that automatically pauses the cleaning process if your cat gets into this. And the cleaning process will start over, once your cat leaves the box.

Limitations of LitterMaid Automatic Multi-Cat Litter Box:

You can’t find any completely perfect product, there are the limitations associated with every product. Same is the case with this litter box. Let’s have a look at the prominent shortcomings of this model

  • They have used the plastic material in the construction of this model. That makes this product flimsy. Although, it could not break down easily by the cats. But if you also have the dogs in your home, then you have to pay the proper attention towards it.
  • It’s easy to assemble but requires more effort at the time of maintenance.
  • Considering all the advantages and disadvantages, and after comparing it with other models, we end up calling it relatively expensive litter box.
This litter box is extremely satisfying when it comes to performance. It comes with shortcomings like every other litter box. But you will never get disappointed by this model by its core functionalities.

In the core functionalities, you can’t claim even a single flaw. It cleans well, give enough space and on the top, provides the convenience. If you are literally looking for the top-notch litter box, then you must give it a try.

Although, you have to settle with the plastic material which is not the deal-breaker because most of the litter box comes with the same material. Moreover, if you can put some extra effort into the maintenance, then this product is completely engineered for your cat.

  • Spacious
  • Easy to clean
  • Secure and safe for your cat
  • Easy to use
  • Flimsy body
  • Maintenance is not effortless

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