Best Food for Bully Puppies

Bully breeds usually cover a huge range of canines, from goofy lap canines to powerful & fearless police dogs. In other words, the bully breed is basically a broad term used to identify different types of terrier dogs, including Bull Terriers, American Pitbull Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers, Bullmastiffs, & French Bulldogs. They all are good family pets, can tolerate small kids, and love to cuddle while being natural goofballs.

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If pet lovers are planning to adopt a bully puppy, be aware that they will have to invest their time & energy. They are strong, athletic dogs thus, requiring a lot of control and exercise. While bully puppies tend to be naturally healthy but as a responsible pet owner, it is important to feed them a well-balanced, healthy, & nutritious diet. Just like all other breeds, bully puppies are naturally carnivores & therefore it is necessary that whatever product pet parents select for their bully puppies contain a high meat concentration.

Being active and strong, bully puppies will have different dietary requirements depending on their activity levels and weight. So, in order to help pet parents pick the right kind of food, I have put together a comprehensive list of the 6 best products.

Should Pet Parents Go with Grain-Free Foods?

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The majority of the brands of dog food offer grain-free products & sometimes those grain-free products are advertised as healthier and natural but that is not the case. Just like other dogs, bully puppies need nutrition from animals and plant sources & most grain-free products are not high in protein & other nutrients. Although few grains such as wheat and corn are less healthy, bully puppies can benefit from food based on high-quality animal protein.

How Often Should Pet Parents Feed their Bully Puppies?

There is no specific pattern because the feeding requirements depend upon different factors such as activity level, individual characteristics, and gender. A wise start will be the feeding guidelines mentioned on the selected food packaging. Most pet parents will feed their bully puppies twice a day.

While feeding takes their recommended daily amount & divide this in half. Pet parents can offer them half in the morning & another half at night. Moreover, it is better to feed bully puppies at least 2-3 hours before bedtime. As this will allow bully puppies to process their food in a better way. In case, pet parents want a more accurate answer, then it is recommended to seek help from an experienced vet.

What are the Healthiest Treats for Bully Puppies?

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Honestly speaking, the best and healthiest treats are always those with only one ingredient, such as freeze-fried beef or chicken is a wonderful treat. It is unwise to select treats with several ingredients. Single-ingredient treats are often high in protein and low in carbs. So, this amazing macronutrient breakdown will allow them to fit perfectly into the Bully puppy’s diet.

Product Reviews:

The nutritional requirements of the bully puppies can vary depending upon the activity levels and their sizes. Obviously, the more active bully puppy will need more food in order to stay happy and healthy. It is advised to pick meat-based formula with a healthy amount of fat & carbs. And the following products can serve the best purpose in this regard.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dog Food

This is the 4th time I have ordered this dog food for my French Bulldog puppy & have not faced any problem until now. The delivery process is always hassle-free and the packaging is also up to the mark. I highly appreciate the brand’s efforts toward quality. The food has a powerful and healthy protein punch as compared to other high-end brands.

My bully puppy truly enjoys the chicken flavor. He has more energy with good health. Most importantly, his coat & skin condition has also cleared up & he is no longer licking and scratching. On the safe side, I would like to share that my puppy is missing 2-3 middle teeth & they never came in. That’s why he does have a tough time when it comes to chewing the small pieces.


·         Help maintain good health

·         All-natural ingredients

·         Support coat and skin health

·         Protein-rich

·         Source of energy for a healthy & active lifestyle


·         Some sensitive Bully puppies may experience diarrhea

Purina Pro Dog Food

One of my Bully puppies is a very picky eater, whether it is kibble, canned food, or treats. I have tried numerous brands of dog food both organic and expensive ones but all in vain. He only prefers those brands if I add some human food. One fine morning, I received Purina Pro dog food from my friend who also has 2 bully puppies in his home. Surprisingly, my bully puppy finished his bowl instantly. It was a very strange but happy moment for me.

The kibble is of good size. I have noticed a great improvement in his bowel movements along with more energy. The product has also helped my other American bully puppy with his severe skin allergies. Truly loved the scheduled deliveries.  Well, I suggest unpacking the box before carrying it inside in case you order the largest bags because the box is very cumbersome to handle.


·         Support immune & digestive health

·         High protein diet

·         Vet recommended

·         Nourishes healthy coat and skin

·         Complete nutrition


·         May cause diarrhea and vomiting in some bully puppies

Taste of the Wild Dog Food

I was having a tough time finding tasty yet high-quality food for my Bull Terrier that he would actually enjoy. The taste of the wild dog food was recommended to me by the vet & my Bull Terrier really likes it. The kibble is mid-sized & my puppy can handle them easily even though the size seems to make the kibble less appealing. The food is a bit spendy as compared to other brands of dog food but the ingredient list makes the product worth buying.

Moreover, when parents consider the long-term health advantages of grain-free food & a lot of savings from veterinarian bills then, this product is surely a way to go. I ordered the smallest bag just to see how my Bull Terrier puppy responds to the texture and flavor and to my surprise, the smallest packaging lasted a long time.


·         Support joints, bones & strong muscles

·         Good for skin and coat

·         Support a healthy immune system

·         Grain-free

·         Fulfill the nutritional needs of Bully puppies


·         Not good for allergy-sensitive puppies

NUTRO Limited Dog Food

I switched my Staffordshire Terrier puppy to this diet after about months of trial & error with various foods. And, based on his allergy tests, basically, he is allergic to everything in the majority of dog foods. His skin was extremely dry while being hard & crusty. Unfortunately, prescription diets made his allergy worse. After feeding him this food for about 4 weeks, I can see a huge difference. He is growing hair on his paws and ears again.

He is no longer licking and scratching constantly.  It is advised to keep the food in airtight containers & serve only when your puppy will be ready to eat. As this is not the kind of product to leave out, it can stale fast & your puppy won’t eat it. So, if Bully puppy owners are planning to order this food, I guarantee they will be satisfied with it.


·         Non-GMO ingredients

·         Grain-free

·         Make skin and coat healthy

·         Address digestive issues

·         Good for skin allergies


·         A bit pricey

ACANA Dog Food

My American Bully puppy is a very picky eater and ACANA dog food is actually what he loves eating all the time. As per personal experience, this brand is surely the safest and healthiest one currently available in the market. Moreover, the company has amazing quality control. My American bully puppy has responded well to this delicious formula. His coat is thick, shiny, and smooth. He feels more playful and active.

The only concern is related to the packaging, the bags are resealable which is good but the tear-away is designed poorly. Half the time its resealable part would become detached or damaged whenever I opened it. Other than that, this is a dog food pet parents can trust to be as healthy and natural as possible without grains and chicken.


·         High protein

·         Grain-free

·         Nourishing food for puppies

·         All-natural ingredients

·         Give the best value for money


·         Packaging may vary

Nulo Puppy Dog Food

I have a French bulldog puppy, who is a rescue. He was extremely ill when I 1st got him about 3 months ago. He had giardia & a lot of pests along with a severe skin infection. The vet said he had some nasty food sensitivities and allergies, so I have tried different grain-free foods. He has been on Nulo puppy food for about 2 weeks now, and guess what? He feels so good and healthy with less itching.

The ingredients are healthy and top notch and my French bully puppy finds it tasty. On the downside, the cans are specially designed with a label on the lid to ensure easy opening but my experience was completely different, almost every time the tab would break off & the food cans never open easily. It is extremely difficult & time-consuming to use the can opener again and again.


· Low-carb, high meat

·         Great nutritional ingredients

·         Ensure a healthy immune system

·         Help puppies remain happy and fit

·         Budget-friendly


·         Packaging needs improvement

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