Best Chew Toys for Pitbull

Pitbulls are a very playful and lovable breed that make wonderful companions irrespective of their controversial repute of being overly active & destructive. They are very energetic and fun-loving canines that’s why physical stimulation is important for them along with mental stimulation. 

It is a well-known fact that every canine loves to chew different things & Pitbull are not an exception. In fact, Pitbulls can destroy their toys in just a few minutes. Therefore, the best chew toys for this dog breed should have sturdy construction. Although Pitbulls will never keep their toys in the best condition, it is necessary to include high-quality toys as part of outdoor activities and daily games.

It is worth sharing that chewing for Pitbulls is usually a good method of venting out emotions and getting a better understanding of the surroundings. So, if Pitbull owners are planning to get the best chew toys, then the following 4 reviewed premium-quality chew toys will surely help them to make a wise decision.

What Actually Makes Pitbulls Power Chewers?

Firstly, pet parents should understand that dogs of any breed can show super intense & somehow destructive chewing instincts. Such as Russell Terriers can chew through flimsy toys as fast as Pitbulls. However, sometimes Pitbulls show chewing tendencies more steadfastly as compared to other dog breeds. And this is due to the following three traits that make Pitbulls power-chewers:

·         Majority of Pitbulls have comparatively large heads

·         Most Pitbulls show remarkable tenacity

·         Many Pitbulls have very wide jaws so, they apply more torque and leverage on the toys

What are the Preferred Types of Toys for Pitbulls?

Pet parents can consider buying the following types of toys for their Pitbulls:

·         Fetch toys

·         Plush toys

·         Chew toys

·         Interactive games

·         Tug toys

What If My Pitbull Swallowed the Toy?

Most importantly, do not panic. Try to access the entire situation & react accordingly i.e., if your Pitbull is unable to breathe along with other signs of discomfort. If this is the case, take your Pitbull to an experienced vet. On the contrary, if he feels ok and everything looks good, still observe him & his poop for a few days. Because if your Pitbull has swallowed small parts of a toy, he will surely pass it.

Is it Possible to Get 100% Indestructible Chew Toys?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. It is not possible to 100% indestructible chew toys & if pet parents notice that a chew toy is going to break down soon then, it is advised to replace it immediately with the new one. Because broken or damaged toys can be a serious choking hazard.

Product Reviews:

While no chew toy for Pitbulls should be considered completely indestructible, the following 5 are among the most durable and toughest currently available in the marketplace.

KONG Chew Toy

This amazing chew toy has been the only one that can easily keep my Pitbull’s attention for a long time when he is being too aggressive and hyper. I ordered this toy based on the fact that KONG toys are highly durable and a highly recommended option for Pitbulls. And above all, the brand’s delivery process is great.

The product was delivered promptly and was packed wonderfully. This toy is made of non-toxic & puncture-resistant material. Surprisingly, the toy was much bigger than shown in the pictures.  It helps solve other problems such as separation anxiety and boredom of my Pitbull.  However, my only concern is related to the awkward rubber smell, your hands might smell like rubber. But luckily, the rubber smell will go away quickly.


·         Best for stuffing

·         Mentally stimulating

·         Highly durable

·         Almost indestructible

·         Tough yet flexible


·         Strong plastic odor

Goughnuts Chew Toy

My 75 Lbs. of Pitbull chews equine toys in just a few hours and due to this reason, it is a real challenge to find a durable toy that can last more than 7 to 8 days. After doing a lot of research I came across this product. I was a bit confused about purchasing this as based on the provided images it did not seem that it will last long.

But finally, I ordered it and received it in 2 days. To my surprise, it is heavy & indestructible, just as advertised. When it comes to durability, it probably takes my Pitbull a while to tear it up. It is a heavy chew toy, so be very careful where you are going to throw it. Up until now, I am super impressed and happy with the durability and quality. My Pitbull has not lost interest as he badly wanted to make a dent, but no luck yet.


·         Available in different sizes

·         Reasonably priced

·         Heavy-duty and solid construction

·         Pitbull approved

·         Ensure the dog’s enjoyment & safety


·         Aesthetically boring

West Paw Chew Toy

My Pitbull is a heavy chewer, he has wrecked many toys, particularly balls. He can rip through a plastic ball or tennis ball in just a few minutes. So, my friend has advised me to buy a West Paw chew toy. I ordered it instantly. Upon arrival, I was surprised to see the reaction of my Pitbull. He loved the toy from the minute I opened the packaging.

Honestly speaking, I purchased this chew toy with the strong hopes that it will last a longer time than a couple of weeks. But surprisingly, it has exceeded my expectations. It’s been 7 months now & I can barely see a single mark on it. My Pitbull adores this toy & he enjoys chasing it down. While dog chew toys can vary a lot in price and the West Paw toy is not an exception. But that’s a very minor quibble.


·         Soft and durable

·         Dishwasher safe

·         Variety of sizes is available

·         Designed for tough chewers

·         100% recyclable


·         Not a recommended option for mobility-impaired or older owners, due to being heavy


Before moving ahead, I would like to share that do go for this chew toy because it comes with a warranty. In case, it does not work well with your Pitbull, you can easily return it. But I am very happy because it worked from my Pitbull. He played with it almost daily & it is still in the best shape and condition.

The toy has held up nicely except for the tiny nubs on each side. Pitbull has chewed them off on the ends however, the squeaker inside the ball is still intact after a few weeks of play. If you are not using a chew toy as a reward or for training then, please let your Pitbull sit less than 6” away from you & persistently squeak his chew toy until you engage him in play before buying this toy.


·         Perfect size

·         Made of durable & eco-friendly material

·         Has an in-built squeaker

·         Almost indestructible

·         Source of physical & mental stimulation


·         Might not work for wild chewers

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