Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box

Are you having more than 1 cat at home, and don’t want to have more than 1 litter box in your room? Don’t worry! We have crafted this Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat litter box Review to eliminate all of your worries.

This litter box rants Number 1 on our best large cat litter box list.

catit hooded litter box review

Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter box is not designed to solve only this problem of the cat owners, you will find it as a one-stop solution for all of your needs. Every possible feature has been included in this model to make your life easier. You can’t doubt this product in terms of performance.


Petting the cat is not as simple as many folks think, it requires the great effort and mainly when it comes to the litter training, but with catit Jumbo Hooded litter box, you will not face any hurdle. Your cat will easily get attracted towards it and start using it.

Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat litter box Review

If you are interested to have the litter box that keeps you comfortable and meanwhile satisfy your cat’s natural needs, then do stick to this Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat litter box Review till the end. We are recommending to read it thoroughly because along with the advantages it also comes with some limitations that you must know before getting it for your cat.

Moreover, this model comes in two different sizes, for this review we will focus only on the jumbo cat litter box.

Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box 1

So let’s get started;

Design & Quality

The shape is almost similar to other litter boxes, but there is a minor difference in the design. From the top to the bottom, it is completely enclosed that will let your cat, to get its business done in the privacy.

And even you being the owner of the cat, will never feel the odor of your cat after putting this litter box into your room. Along with the design and construction, there is another feature that does not let the odor to get out this litter box, we will discuss it later.

The entry-level and the entrance space allows every cat to get into it without getting stuck. In the case, when your relative brings their cat to your home, you don’t have to worry, their cat can also use your cat’s litter box. Moreover, the used material makes it durable. After having this you will never have to replace it with another box until some serious accident happens to it.

Carbon Filter

This litter box has a special feature for those who don’t want their guests to complain about the odor of the cat’s messes and for those who don’t want to smell the odor of their own cat’s messes.

We are talking about the carbon filter! They have installed the carbon filter. This filter will not allow the odor to get out of the litter box and will not give you even a single chance to complain about it.

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Although, the pre-installed filter does not last long. You have to replace it periodically, once you start feeling the odor in the room, then it’s mean that the filter has reached its limit and have to be replaced by the new one.

The problem with the carbon filter is that it is not perfectly placed, your cat can ruin the filter by playing with it. And due to this, you might need to replace it frequently, depends on your cat’s behavior.


The cleaning of the litter boxes is more crucial than anything else, you have to pay the proper attention to the cleaning of your litter box. Otherwise, your cat’s health can get affected. And even your cat will never go back into the litter box because they also hate smelly places as you do.

With this litter box, you don’t have to work hard for cleaning it up. At the top of the box, there is a hinged flap that makes the cleaning process easier. For making it the hygienic litter box for your home and for your cat, you have to scoop out the waste regularly.

For cleaning it, you just need to carry the litter box from the top-hinged flap, then have to scoop out everything, and all done!


Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat litter box has the dimension of 22.4 x 17 x 18.3 inches, which makes it enough spacious that any bulky cat can easily get its business done in it. Even more than 1 cat can use it at the same time.

The swinging door is also perfectly designed by considering all the domestic cats. From the entry to the inner space, everything is just so perfect for your cat, that you will not face any issue.

The only shortcoming that comes with this larger capacity is that it will occupy a lot of the space in your room. But that’s not a deal-breaker, because it’s obvious that the larger capacity models require the larger space.

Installation and asembly of Catit Jumbo Hooded

For setting it up, you don’t need to seek the help of any professional. All the components of the litter box are designed in a way that the user can instantly start putting the right piece at the right place. Even if you have not assembled the litter box ever before, still you can get it done conveniently.

There are only two parts that need to be assembled, the top and the bottom. Hopefully! Now you got an idea that how much easy it is.

  • User-friendly design
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble
  • Larger capacity
  • Carbon filter to keep the odor away from your nose
  • Filter can be ruined by your cat

Final Words

If you are looking for the enclosed litter box, that prevents the odor to reach your nose, and can host all of your cats, then you should not consider any other option. Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box is has everything that you need.

From every perspective, this litter box proved itself to be the most suitable option for almost every cat owner. But keep in mind that it is not suitable for the kittens and for those cats who love to munch the fabrics.

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