5 best dog harness to stop pulling

Here are some options from the best Dog Harness for not pulling or no pull harness, these will improve your dog’s training and your life. Nobody likes a pulling dog. But, some leashes are weak and they promote the pulling behavior. This is because these leashes are too fitted and the dog feels like pulling. Once the dog starts pulling it notices that you do not like the pulling behavior. In order to discourage you from holding and dragging the leash the dog resorts to pulling a lot.

This can make a walk super stressful and not fun at all. But, through innovation, there are great things happening in the pet universe. So, here are some amazing options for the best dog harness for not pulling anymore.

A no-pull dog harness is ideal for many things. Its basically a body harnesses for dogs which doesn’t pressure the neck. You get to enjoy the harness for multi-purposes, you get to teach the dog how to respond to the changes in your grip on the harness. And you can train your dog to do things with it. Any trainer will tell you that an investment in the Best Dog Harness For Not Pulling can improve your frustration level and training process with new dogs.

Like you take care of cats and pamper them with with things like backpack, perches, beds and litter boxes, you need to care about the dogs with no pull dog collar .

Once your dog understands that pulling can not help it will stop. It will also stop when you give it more room to be in despite the leash being present. You just need to allow a better no-pull leash to enter your life. It can also reduce the chances of the dog deviating when in the outdoors. You can teach the dog to be friendlier with a quality made no pull leash.

Buyers guide for a no pull harness (what factors to keep in mind?):

 Harnesses come in different varieties,  to find the best harness for your dog you need to follow the following things:


you never want to compromise on this one right?  can it hold up your dog? is it worth the money? will it with stand the normal wear and tear.


if you are searching for the best harness for your dog it means you are caring about the comfort of your dog as well.  you don’t want to pressure your innocent animal. is the pressure uniform across the whole harness.


My biggest concern would be,  to buy something which will perfectly fit my dog or to say the least,  it should be properly adjusted Around the body of the dog.

Cost efficient

you can have all these features and pay thousands of dollars and this is not what you are going to do here right?  you are here to find out something nice plus cost efficient. something which is worth the money.

If you consider all of these features you can find the top 5 best harnesses for dogs with no pull.

Why you should be using a no pull harness?

 here, let us tell you are few of the benefits which are no pull harness have.

  •  They offer you a great control while walking.
  •  It will not be Harsh on your dogs.
  •  Off course you will not feel the pain of pulling the dog.
  •  If your dog backs out the collar its a great aid.

How to measure your dog for a harness?

 as we all know that dogs are not built with the same body size, some are big,   some are small, some have heavy body, and some have tiny bodies. so it’s very important to measure the size of the body of the dog before you buy the harness.

Dog size chart:

 To measure the harness size, you don’t need to go below the chest line.  it’s only the neck size and the chest size. as you can see in the below picture:

dog size

Once you have measured the sizes,  the below chart will help you find out the size of the harness.


5 Best dog harness to stop pulling list:

1. Blueberry Pet Collar

Best no pull dog harness first choice

If you are a pet lover and you do not want to be cruel to your dearest dog you can invest in a kind alternative. The Blueberry Pet is a comfy and safe option. It is made out of non-toxic colors, and a soft fabric that will not have the skin of your dog.

If you touch the dog’s skin under its fur you will notice that it is more delicate than human skin. This is why you need a softer fabric and a better alternative to rough leashes.  The dog may accidentally pull onto the strap and injure itself this is why a no-pull strap is always better.


The Blueberry Pet Harness comes in up to 15 colors. These are pet-safe colors. The material is reflective for easy navigation. It can also be used as a car seat belt. The color options allow it to be a matching lanyard for a pet lover. we call it best dog harness for walking .

The dog collar is made in just as many sizes as the colors. The standard chest girth is going to be 28.5 inches to 38.5 inches, and the neck is going to be 24.5 inches to 38.5 inches.

With a chest strap of 14.5 inches. The chest strap is not adjustable. So you should be sure to measure your dog and then place an order.

The collar fits the dog properly and allows room for the dog to breathe and tilt its neck. This is going to help the dog is not feeling as if it is restrained but giving you the control to keep it safe with it.

The fabric is soft and kind to the dog. It is made out of Twil and oxford styled fabric for maximum strength and softness. These are created out of polyester materials. Buckles are made from socially responsible eco-friendly plastic.

The Dog Harness has a metal D ring. It is matt grey coated to add endurance. You can buy the mesh collar and belt separately. This is a machine wash option. You can rinse it in a cold water cycle on your machine with gentle dog-related outfits and other things.


  • It comes in 15 colors and more than 15 sizes.
  • Soft and gentle


  • You will have to buy the belt separately


The Blueberry Pet Harness fits the dog well, this will not leave any room for the dog to chew it to tear it off. It is safe and sturdy.

2. URPOWER Dog Leash Harness

harness to stop pulling

Urpower Dog Leash is also an adjustable and heavy-duty harness. This comes in many sizes, such as small medium and large. It also comes in a few plus sizes for larger dogs. You can enjoy it on a daily basis.

It will not hurt the dog and neither will help the dog in making your life difficult like many leashes and harnesses. What you can do is walk, train, run and play with the dog while the dog is wearing this leash.


The Urpower dog leash harness is made out of jeans like material. This is like cotton jeans you wear on a daily basis. Do you get scratched? The dog will not either. This is a heavy-duty but soft harness. This helps in keeping the dog happy and not pull on your leash. The material is mixed with a thin nylon that does not irritate the dog. It is beautiful for the dog to wear and highly functional for you to use it for your dog. The anti pull harness for dogs we call it.

The harness stretches with substantial duty tools. There is the fastener that holds the least is made out of wear-resistant and rust-resistant materials. There are as many as 2 adjustable straps to be used. 

The harness will not cut or peel into the skin of the dog. It is designed according to soft logic to make is non-tugging and non-pulling. The pet will not become agitated in this one.

The product also comes with a valuable warranty to be used for 180 days by the makers.


  • non-tugging and non-pulling.
  • wear-resistant and rust-resistant
  • The harness will not cut or peel into the skin of the dog


  • Comes in limited sizes


If you are looking for a quick and simple way to help your dog train, run and walk better then this is it. It is a sure-shot way to keep the dog safe and happy.

3. EXPAWLORER Big Dog Harness

no pull harness

The Expawlorer is also a great company to look into for soft dog harnesses that the dog will not pull. Pulling can be dangerous for the go and very inconvenient for the person walking the dog.

Pulling can also make the dog not want to run. A poor leash can be unsafe for the dog. And a leash that is too hard can be injurious for the dog. So welcome the best dog harness for not pulling in your life.


The harness or chest garter vest is made out of soft materials. Yet it is ideal for sturdy outdoor activities. You can use it for walking, training and running seamlessly.

The vest is constructed out of very strong rubber rings. These are designed and placed right on top of the dog harness to provide you effective and strong control over the dog’s neck. The harness is secur4ed further by a metal D ring.

This is a no-pull harness. It yet gives a lot more control to you as to where the dog is heading. The dog will feel free to move around but it will feel like you are holding its hand as a child feels. You can not hold it too tightly or it will run away and you can not do it too softly because it will not work either.

The dog will not feel suffocated or choking in this one either. This is ideal for long-wearing and daily usage. The harness has added benefits of a night time reflective tape help in navigating it easily at night.

You can quickly snap it onto the dog and buckle it. It has an adjustable quickly fastening buckle.


  • You can choose many styles
  • Adjustable and great for outdoor activity


  • Comes in limited colors and sizes


This one is ideal for pet lovers with larger dogs and Labradors.

4. Lifepul No Pull Dog Vest Harness  


Lifepul is also a comfortable brand. The Lifepul no-pull dog vest harness is also a soft and comfortable dog harness made for your comfort control and the dogs un-irritated behavior.

you can avoid the dogs pulling, choking and tugging with this one in a lot of ways. It will not be too tight or too irritating. Yet it will allow you to help the dog choose its direction.


You get to control the direction, speed and the mood of your dog. This makes training a lot easier for you. You can join in the leash connecting D-ring on the back and it will make this whole experience even safer. The dog will not want to tear the jacket off. It is snug and soft.

Lifepul no-pull dog vest harness is softly padded. It is going to feel like the dog is wearing a soft cushion. It is ideal for keeping the dog warm and insulated from the weather in winters.

The padding also makes it comfortable and breathable for any season. You need to protect your dog. And this Lifepul no-pull dog vest harness does just that but in a lot of ways.

This is great for a small dog as well as a larger one. The mesh comes in many colors and styles. You can also match it with your own outfits.


  • You get to choose the colors and styles
  • The materials are soft and the fitting is ideal


  • Fewer sizes available


Lifepul no-pull dog vest harness is great for any weather. It is padded and comfortable. IF you want your dog to enjoy luxury then this should be it.

5. ThinkPet No Pull Harness Breathable

no pull vest

The ThinkPet No-pull Harness is a breathable option as well. It is a sports harness that can be used to train the dog for pet shows and marathons.

You can use it at night because it has a reflexive padded lining. The vest is adjustable and it has a back and front clip for easy usage. You can control the harness easily.


It is one of the very few adventure sport harnesses available. This is a no-pull one so it will make the training a great deal easier. You will get more options on this one because there are a lot of sizes.

 You can take your dog for hiking, hunting and climbing with this harness. It will not wear or tear easily. The harness is durable & escape-proof. You need such an option with harder to train dogs. However, if you want to be kind you can use it as it is sturdy but not mean or cruel to the dog.

ThinkPet No-pull Harness is crafted out of nylon. This is a rich version of nylon and it will not hurt the little one. You can use it for adventure. It is fully lockable and completely adjustable to find the right fit to try different settings with the dog. It has many safety buckles and fastenings.

The wide strap helps in ensuring that the dog is not choked during usage.

The ThinkPet No-pull Harness is a padded and breathable dog jacket. It is insulated for tough weather. You get to enjoy the safety and carefree nature of this breathable inner coated mesh. It is ventilating and weather proof. This is ideal for the fury skin of your dog. The dog remains domesticated and well behaved in this one. It has fluorescent straps that the dog can play with during nighttime. These can be very amusing. There are two different D-rings to keep the dog in place as you two work through things, walk at night or take an adventure stroll.

There is a back clip for added safety. You can jog and train better with this one.


  • Available in more than 9 colors and 5 sizes in each
  • Allows optimal use in tough environments
  • Allows safety with several fastenings


  • Not many sizes available


How to put on a dog harness?

  1. Unbuckle the dog harness.
  2. Lay it on the ground.
  3. Let your dog step over the harness
  4. Let your dogs both paws, through the loops of the harness.
  5. Buckle it up from the back side of the dog .

This step by step video can help you a lot to buckle the harness.

What type of harness is best for a dog?

There are many types of harnesses, like step in harness or overhead harness. according to our experience the best harness is the one which that dog is comfortable at. no pull harness is normally the best one Which comes with the proper collar and does not hurt the dog.


ThinkPet No-pull Harness is a great  reliable, sturdy and protective chest vest for your dog.

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what is the safest dog harness ?

We found our top 5 list to be the safest,

What is the best dog harness with handle?

dog harness with handle

The Expawlorer is a great company to look into for soft dog harnesses with handle that the dog will not pull. Pulling can be dangerous for the go and very inconvenient for the person walking the dog.
Complete review is mentioned above, Here is the product link

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