The Best Cat Litter Boxes For Odor Control

Cats hate the nasty smelling litter boxes. This is not a matter of your cat, but you also do not like to live with that foul smell. Because of this cleanliness of the cat’s litter box require your thoughtful attention. The olfactory sense of cats is stronger than you.

So, trying to keep your home as well as litter box neat and clean is quite helpful. Sometimes cats refuse to use their litter boxes because of that unpleasant odor. A stink-free litter box helps the cat to defecate and keep her healthy and pleased.

The Best cat litter boxes for odour control list:

1. Van Ness Cat Pan

The Best Cat Litter Boxes For Odor Control 1The Best Cat Litter Boxes For Odor Control 2


This cat litter pan help in odor control with the disposable Zeolite air filter. This pan is odor resilient and stain-resistant. It contains a locking lid with a handle. There is a detachable door that helps in controlling odor. It is manufactured by sturdy plastic. Four clasps locked base to lid. It is a tall and deep pan. It inhibits the litter off the ground. Its filter comes in two colors white and green small.

• Easy to clean.
• Good quality plastic.
• Clips can be easily fastened and unfastened.
• Detachable door.
• Easily adjustable in the corners.


• Not appropriate for large cats
• Door cause problem.

2. Petmate Booda Dome Clean Step

The Best Cat Litter Boxes For Odor Control 3The Best Cat Litter Boxes For Odor Control 4


This cat litter box has a dome lid that keeps floors litter-free. They litter box contains a charcoal filter for the dome that helps in removing the foul smell and makes it easy for you to use wherever you want. It helps keep your pet clean. This is a pet-friendly litter box. Its dome design and charcoal filter make it more effective in controlling litter odor.

This is a covered litter box that is made of non-stick plastic. And this litter box is also one of the best large litter boxes out there.


• Reduce odor
• All size of cats can use it easily
• It is easy to clean
• Ecofriendly
• Keeps the litter hidden
• Gives privacy to the pet


• Litter box bag is difficult to use because of its shape
• it is dark inside because of its stairs and dome shape

3. Nature’s Miracle Oval Hooded Flip Top Litter Box w/ Odor Control

The Best Cat Litter Boxes For Odor Control 5The Best Cat Litter Boxes For Odor Control 6


This litter box contains an odor neutralizer that constantly reduces the strong foul-smell of can neutralize the litter odor for almost three months. Its design makes it more effective to use and clean. Its non-sticky surface helps in eliminating the litter odor. It is ready to use a litter box without any dilution. It keeps your litter box fresh by an odor-controlling system. This litter box contains a handle with clips to keep the hood safe.


• Removes litter odor.
• Keeps the litter box free of foul-smell and fresh.
• Charcoal filter helps in reducing the odor.
• The wide front door helps in cleaning.
• Provides a healthy environment to pet.
• Keeps your home free of litter stinky smell.
• No urine or litter leakage


• Occupied large space
• Excessive logo pasted on the litter box

4. IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box with Cat Litter Scoop

The Best Cat Litter Boxes For Odor Control 7The Best Cat Litter Boxes For Odor Control 8


This litter box provides top entry to pets and quite useful in preventing litter scatter. It is a large litter and deep top entry litter pan. Its top entry makes entrance and exit very easy for the pet. There is a grooved lid that helps to remove stinky litter so reduce the foul-smell of litter. It is round shape and the design of its litter scoop makes its cleaning very easy. It helps in keeping the litter off the floor and prevents the unpleasant smell of litter to be spread outside of the box.


• Pretty large litter box
• Easy to manage and clean.
• Helpful in controlling the odor of the litter
• Provides privacy to cat
• A good replacement of an open litter box
• Easy to use for cats
• Its grooves effectively catch the litter.
• Easy to rinse off
• Stain-free


• Occupied large space
• A liner should be made for this litter box.

5. Van Ness Sifting Enclosed Cat Litter Pan

The Best Cat Litter Boxes For Odor Control 9The Best Cat Litter Boxes For Odor Control 10


Van Ness litter box is extra-giant can be used for multiple cats. This litter box is surrounded by a sifting litter pan. This pan helps in controlling the litter’s odor. The litter odor is neutralized by a Zeolite air filter. This filter can be replaced easily. It is odor resistant and its design is quite durable. Due to its odor-controlling ability, it keeps pan fresh. It is easy to clean as the top is detachable.


• Easy to use
• Good quality litter pan
• Easy to clean.
• Works efficiently for big cats
• Quality justified its price
• Zeolite air filter control litter odor.
• Cat friendly.


• The flap can trap the box.
• Very heavy

6. Pet Safe Scoop Free Ultra Automatic Self Cleaning Hooded Cat Litter Box

The Best Cat Litter Boxes For Odor Control 11The Best Cat Litter Boxes For Odor Control 12


This litter box removes litter automatically. There is no need to clean the litter box for weeks. It made litter box odorless as Crystal litter eliminates odor by absorbing urine and drying solid litter. It does not make the floor dirty and is dust-free because of crystals. Their disposable trays are lined with plastic and prevent leakage. It is very easy to clean just remove the tray and dispose of it with the help of lid. They have a motion sensor that keeps the record of your pet whenever he used this litter box.


• Easy to use
• Automatically cleaned
• Disposable tray
• Motion sensor helps in cleaning and keeps the records
• Reasonably priced
• Easy to manage
• Outstanding box


• Worth price
• The box is too small.
• Changing the entire tray is large and problematic.

7. Modkat Litter Box

The Best Cat Litter Boxes For Odor Control 13The Best Cat Litter Boxes For Odor Control 14


The Modkat is the top-entry litter box and the locking lid work holds the litter in the box and keeps your floors clean. Any leftover litter will be dropped inside when the lid will be open. The Liners are reusable and can be used up to three months and fit efficiently inside. It is easy to clean. It is designed very effectively and quite attractive. It gives easy access to cat and design makes it more enjoyable to cat.


• Clean up is easy.
• The product is worth the price.
• Modern and stylish design.
• Reduce the odor
• Liner is easy to use and removable
• Cat friendly
• The quality of the box is outstanding.


• More effective for small cats only
• Size is small
• Box discoloration overtime.

How To Clean A Litter Box Properly So It Would Not Smell?

  1. Cleaning of a litter box is completely a tricky task. It should be done on a weekly basis to keep it clean and odorless.
  2. To make it clean perfectly one should empty the whole litter box into a trash bin. Safety measures must be taken before washing the litter box. Wear the gloves and pair of the mask before cleaning because fecal contain germs that are harmful and can infect you.
  3. First dumped the litter than clean the box by using mild and scent-free detergent. Bleach or chemical make it unpleasant for cats and they’ll avoid going their cleaned litter box.
  4. Hot water is quite effective in cleaning the litter box, the best method is to dump the box in water. If detergents are added to the water then it will be more helpful in cleaning the dirt and refresh the box safely.
  5. Do not use caustic agents. Few drops of vinegar can be added to kill the germ lurking on the litter box. Use cat-friendly cleaners only. Clean the whole box with a scrubber or cloth then rinse it by using the warm water then allow the box air dry or dry it by using a clean towel.
  6. After drying use MonoFoil and spray it before adding fresh litter. It helps in eradication of bad smell and kills germs too. It does not irritate the cats.

How do you keep a litter box from smelling?

  1. The litter box should be scooped on a regular basis.
  2. You can use baking soda because it acts as a natural deodorizer for the litter box. It is safe to use as it is non-toxic but prevents any scented soda.
  3. While buying any litter box make sure that it is deep enough to cover your cat waste. It makes clean up stress-free. Plastic boxes are sturdy, low-priced and can be easily clean.
  4. Litter box should be kept in a well-aeratedd area. If you keep litter box in dark it will stinkier. You must keep your litter box in light and should be easily accessible to cats.
  5. The use of charcoal filter also helps in reducing odor.
  6. Air purifiers also helpful in controlling the cat litter box smell.
  7. Replace the boxes as with the passage of time these boxes become the site of bacteria, they accumulate there and cause odor.
  8. A good, thorough cleaning will eradicate the smell. An effective cleaning product neutralizes the odor and help in making box clean and fresher.
 How do you keep a litter box from smelling?

Why Does My Cat’s Litter Box Smell So Strong?

  • Cat’s urine is very concentrated as compared to other pets. Cat urine leaves strong pungent small because of ammonia that is produced as a byproduct of protein metabolism. However strong smell may be indicating a urinary tract infection.
  • The Diet of the cat also affects the odor of cat urine. Assist your cat in drinking plenty of water so to produce dilute urine.
  • Felinine is a pheromone particularly present in the urine of cats. Its an odorless pheromone but its degradation produces odor because of sulfur compounds.
  • Urine, consists of urea, creatine, uric acid, NaCl and many other electrolytes. The yellow color of urine is because of urobilinogen.
  • Bacteria also give bad smell to urea by decomposing the urea and produce ammonia that causes a nasty smell.
  • Older cats have the worst smelling urine because their kidneys do not perform well.
  • Male cats produce more nasty smell urine because of steroids present in them.

How Do I Make My House Not Smell Like Cat?

  1. Cat litter box can give a foul smell in your house. Cat marking places in your home also produce urine smell. This smell is very unpleasant and annoying.
  2. You can make your home odorless by using a cleaner composed of white vinegar. Take an equal amount of water and white vinegar and put it in a spray bottle. Then, use this on spots in your home. Vinegar will evaporate and will eliminate the urine smell.
  3. Soak a piece of cloth in vinegar and then use it to clean your house.
  4. Vinegar can also be used to clean carpet by filling carpet cleaner with it but before using do spot testing to avoid discoloration or staining of carpet.
  5. Wash cat’s blanket at least two times a week. This will help to remove odors leaves by your cat. It can be liked by cats because they feel cozy and soft and they want to lay on this material.
  6. Frequently use revitalized air purifiers are also suggested.
  7. Keep your litter box clean because it can be the reason for the nasty smell. Sometime foul-smelling feline also needs medical assistance for cats.
  8. The litter box should be kept clean. You can and add baking soda for absorbing odors.]it is helpful in reducing the chances of urinary issues. The smell can be due to bodily fluid. Most animal spread odors in your home because of their bodily fluids. Cat hairs in your home can lead to cat odor too.

A video demonstration on how to keep your house from stinking?

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