Best Extra Large Cat litter boxes

This article reviews Extra large litter boxes with different usage like the best overall, the best for multiple cats or the best for your budget. We have reviewed these boxes in thorough details such as their weight, dimensions, usability, durability and material used. We have also given you the pros and cons of each of the product we reviewed. This article now has top 14 extra large litter boxes reviewed.

If you have a large or extra-large pet, in this case, a Cat. you need to have an Extra large cat litter box with you as well. To give the utmost comfort to your lovely cat. following that, I will review each one of them if you want a detailed look before buying.

Chances are; if you are researching the best One, you either have a new pet at home or your pet is not comfortable with the existing one, first of all, remember its great to have multiple cat boxes but its also important to understand why your pet is not using the feline box. the reason this page can give you best advice is that large litter boxes are mostly comfortable with cats.

Large ones are cozy, spacious and more secure. These are the most risk free choice as they cover most of the concerns of cat owners. Let’s see why is having a large one is important?

The issue of little felines peeing outside the box is considered as the worst ever nightmare for every cat owner. Getting a larger one can make life easier for both cats & their owners.  Usually, the problem arises due to the under-sized litter boxes that the big felines do not fit comfortably anymore.

Apart from this, requirements always varies a lot due to a number of factors such as cat size, habits, preferences of the cat owners & sometimes aesthetics which can make selecting the best one a real challenge. Few felines have a habit of kicking the boxes & it is extremely difficult to clean up all the mess. In order to get rid of while minimizing clean up, it is advised to choose the right litter boxes for the felines.

Best extra large litter box for your big cats

Why having a large litter box is important?:

This is quite understood that large cats needs larger space, but what is needed to be understood is even a smaller cat might need a large one to freely move around, flex their muscles or squat. A large space is always a good idea because of the flexibility it provides.

Which one to choose hooded or uncovered?

It is as important to select the sizes as to select whether to go with the hooded on or uncovered, let us make it easy for you guys.

Benefits of covered-litter box are more than the benefits of uncovered, until and unless your cat is not ready to use the covered one. See we made it simple for you.

Tips on Buying a new Extra large cat litter box:

Don’t be scared by the space:

It often seems very difficult to use this much of the space to fill the litter. remember not to fully fill the entire compartment, you just need to fill one third of it.

Cleaning frequency:

Although it seems that large one will need scooping less often than smaller ones, and its true. but remember not to get carried away with that.

Multiple uses:

One of the best things about the large cat litter boxes are they can be used for more than one cats which is basically amazing. It is somewhat difficult in the beginning, but you can still do it.

Considering a change in litter box! How to change to a bigger one:

While you are keen to give your cat a better place to do its job, its better to slowly move your lovely pet as for humans, change is not easy to accept, if you quickly remove your old litter box and put the new one, it might be difficult for your cat to adapt. remember to keep the new one on the side and slowly let the cat be familiar with the that.

Extra large litter boxes Editor’s choice:

1. Catit Jumbo: Overall bestAAA22″ x 20″ x 18″best hooded cat litterTop 7 clumping cat litter
2. Amazon basics: For multiple catsAAA23.7 X 18 X 16.7″hooded litter boxTop 7 clumping cat litter
3. Petphabet: Best colorfulAA+24.8 x 20 x 16.5″large cat litter boxTop 7 clumping cat litter
4. Petmate: Unique designAA22.5 x 22.5 x 19″extra large cat litter boxbest large litter box
5. Nature’s Miracle: UncoveredAA23 x 18.5 x 11″large cat litter boxbest large litter box
6. Litter Maid: DisposableA17 x 12.6 x 7″ best large disposable litter boxbest large litter box

Top 14 Best Extra large litter boxes reviews:

Top 14 Best Extra large litter boxes reviews

This article is going to review the top large litter boxes currently available in order to make the buying process easy. The trick is to purchase the right box & the feline will surely do its business happily in the litter box instead of on the floor. The following options will work perfectly for the majority of the cats and cat owners however, it is better to keep the personal preferences and feline’s past behavior in mind while considering the shared options.

1. Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat litter box: Over all best

Catit extra large cat litter box review

Catit jumbo hooded Cat litter box is our top Choice for your large pet. either you have multiple cats or a large one, the catit jumbo hooded has all the features you would wish in a cat litter box.

Catit jumbo hooded has the most positive reviews of direct users regarding quality and easy of use specially because of the replacement “carbon filters” and “locking tabs” which makes it a long term product
  Talking about the “replacement carbon filters” which can be bought here, are used to lock down odor which is one of the main features of this box. which makes it unique to others.  
carbon filter uses for the catit large litter box

A few highlights are a good quality material, huge space and carbon filter. people who bought this kept this as their main cat litter box and liked the quality.   We have rated these boxes into three major quality factors: Quality, ease of use and price factors.    

This makes this litter box the best for and indoor apartment and also for outdoor purposes, actually it may sound cheesy but it really makes an all in one.

Just remember to have some litter tracking mats so that your cats are not spreading all the litter everywhere. there are many other options where you can even buy a mat in combination with the box.

  • Large with huge space for your large cat
  • Easy to open/close hood
  • Carbon filter to remove odor
  • Excellent for multiple cats
  • Easy to assemble
  • Not for non-squatting Cats
  • Its not a high end litter box, so quality is not for a 100$ box

User Experience:

Special features include the following

Carbon filter:

These carbon filters are actually important for any kind of litter box you have. they help in absorbing the odor which is a very important aspect to look at. specially when living in an apartment or a closed house. I feel this becomes the most important thing for me.

Closed with a door:

Even though it is believe that open box is liked by the cat, but to be honest its a personal experience. for some people, their cats like the large closed cat litter box and don’t even use the open one.

Build quality:

Regarding build quality, not only Catit is my favorite, but a lot of people i have seen are happy with this box and the quality of the box.

Want to see a user testing this with his cat?

Also check out the unboxing video

2. AmazonBasics Hooded Cat Litter: For multiple cats

Amazon basics large cat litter box reivew

The Second Place holder of Extra large/Giant Cat litter boxes. Is the Amazonbasics hooded litter box perfect for every size cat? It has really large entrance and wide litter bed area that makes this litter box inviting and comfortable for the largest cat breed. As the name suggests the hooded design of this box gives you pet the privacy he prefers and because of the close design, the litter do not spill. It has anti-microbial coating that keep the germs at bay and high back and lid minimize spill over.

Why buy Amazon basics Cat litter box? User experience:

Amazonbasics hooded box is ideal for big cats, offers them great room and enough space to feel comfortable inside. While cats answer the natures call they love to do their business in spacious hooded boxes. It gives perfect privacy to the cats they require. This is one of the biggest litter box out there and compared to average litter box it is easily 1.5X to 2X larger in size.

One of the best options here is you can get the same good quality of Amazon in different styles and sizes. you can choose which suits you best. below is the example of the options you can get while purchasing.
Best Extra Large Cat litter boxes 1

Another amazing feature of Amazonbasics hooded box has removable top that provides easy cleaning. It helps the cat owner in a way that the top is easily removable which helps keep the litter box neat and tidy. Moreover, because of the plastic material, the cat’s waste do not stick on to the walls so you do not have to rub the walls for cleaning. The non-stick plastic is so smooth that allows easy cleaning and stains can be wiped off with damp cloth.

  • AMazing style options which is exclusive
  • Great build quality
  • Removable Hood
  • Microbial plastic
  • you may require to put extra amount of cat litter
  • Not good for small kittens

3. Petphabet Jumbo Hooded Kitty Litter Pan: Best playful

petphabet extra large cat litter box

More famous for its bright colors and attractive looks, this large cat box is also one of the amazing boxes we have seen. comes with a clipping technology to remove the hood if you want and built with good quality material.

Best Extra Large Cat litter boxes 2

A. Removable Hood.

B. No gate for easy entry.

C. Good quality locking system.

D. Playful colors.

User Experience:

As the hood is high, its a great fit for high cats and is quite famous in with the users who like to keep it inside because of the colors it comes with. As it has a removable hood, users really like its versatility, and its great for multiple cats as well. The room you get in this box gives the cats the luxury to move around and relax. The non stick plastic makes it easy to use and clean.

  • Deep pan for odor control
  • color ful
  • Good quality clip/removable Hood
  • Opening may be a bit small comparing to the size of the box
  • May be limited in functionality, or you may say its basic litter box in large size.
  • if you didn’t like it, return cost will be 10$ for shipping

4. Petmate Booda Dome: Best Design choice

petmate Extra Large litter box

Booda dome, before i start talking about cats, let me talk about how pet owners would feel, its amazing. it looks great and has great shape. As they claim its 50% larger than normal covered cat litter boxes so its considered one of the best extra large cat box. now talking about the cats. If you cats are comfortable with covered boxes, than this could be amazing choice for you.

User experience:

Extra Large litter box

Lets dissect the inside of it, you can easily open it and fill in the litter. its made in a way that cat climbs in there and than comfortably sits and does its job. than after a designated amount of time you can change the bag of litter.

Talking about the placement, its great to place this litter box anywhere due to the beautiful outlook, you can even place it in cabinets but I recon that you keep it in the corner of the room.

As it looks great in different colors. so you can buy the color you like, and which matches your home decor. placing a great cat litter mat with it would complement the beauty. This one comes with the litter tracking option because the stairs does this job.

Extra Large litter box

  • Provides privacy with large dome
  • Easily assemble it
  • Great quality plastic finish
  • Great for cats who toss their litter
  • some people suggested smell may be trapped in side
  • Because its covered, some cats are not comfortable

5. Nature’s Miracle: Best uncovered extra large litter box:

best large litter box open lid with high walls

If you are looking for a Litter box which is extra large and doesn’t have a hood, than this should be your go to choice for the cats. some of the salient features to mention are it comes with high walls, which make it easy for even the large cats or even those which are high spraying.

The plastic used is Antimicrobial product protection which is not only Non-stick but also durable quality. Which makes it very easy to clean and use.

6. Litter maid: Best Large Disposable box:

Best Large Disposable litter box

Disposable litter boxes simply mean that you don’t have to clean them again and again and you will always have the option to dispose of the litter box when it becomes dirty we think this is the best disposable box which is large.

We believe that the litter maid disposable box is a great disposable choice. If in case you are looking for it. This is a great option for those who have mobility issues, because it can always be thrown away after use.

7. iPrimio Ultimate Stainless Steel Cat XL Litter Box

Best Extra Large Cat litter boxes 3Best Extra Large Cat litter boxes 4

The best and highly recommended product for all those who are looking for a simple yet extremely effective large cat litter box. This spacious and amazing large box offers cat owners a prolonged service because it is specially made of durable stainless steel, the most hardwearing and long-lasting material.

Cat owners are provided with two choices while buying this box i.e. just pan & pan with a cover. In short, due to the heavy-duty stainless steel design that will not absorb stain, odors, and even rust, the iPrimio ultimate cat litter box will keep the feline’s waste well contained for a longer time. All these factors allow cat owners to enjoy some snuggle time with a little feline.


  • Easy to use and grip
  • Durable
  • Will never hold odor
  • XL size with ergonomic design
  • Easy to cleanup

8. Petmate Hi-Back Open Litter Cat Pan:

Best Extra Large Cat litter boxes 5Best Extra Large Cat litter boxes 6

This features an open-top design thus, it offers sufficient space for both large and small felines. The inclined entry is perfect as a box, especially for older kittens and cats. It is specially made from a non-toxic and durable plastic material that can withstand heavy cat litter. Moreover, it has taller walls and high backside for reducing litter scatter while keeping floors neat and clean.

To put it simply, apart from offering the little felines with a roomy and comfortable box, the Petmate Hi-Back cat pan also helps people in cleaning. Lastly, this product does not have any kind of sharp edges. Therefore, it will protect the felines from unforeseen harm.


  • Raised back spacious design
  • Reinforced bottom
  • Give the best value for money
  • Easy to use and clean

9. Van Ness Cat Pan:

Best Extra Large Cat litter boxes 7Best Extra Large Cat litter boxes 8

The best product for those who are looking for an affordable and basic box, I would recommend the Van Ness cat pan. It is also good for felines that have a habit to dig in the box. It is specially made of plastic & recycled materials, & its polished finish is stain and odor resistant thus, the cleaning process is quite easy.

Currently, it is available in 2 generous sizes i.e. giant or large, therefore, it is capable of accommodating the cats of different sizes. The most noticeable feature of the Van Ness cat pan is that it offers a wide range of choices. If cat owners have the small rooms & are eager to save some extra space, then they should consider corner high-sided litter boxes. 


  • Available in 3 different colors
  • Economical
  • Best option for big felines
  • Odor & stain resistant
  • Easy to clean

10. PetFusion Large Litter Box:

Best Extra Large Cat litter boxes 9Best Extra Large Cat litter boxes 10

Another worth buying option for the picky customers who always try to find durable and valuable products recommended by trustworthy & well-known organizations, the PetFusion large box is a go-to item. Cat owners should purchase the PetFusion large box if they are tired of looking at horrible boxes.

It also has vet recommended features such as an open-top to promote healthy usage & high walls in order to contain leaks and litter. Additionally, it features spacious curves to make cleaning and scooping easier. The non-stick coating of the PetFusion litter box will surely reduce sticking up to around 70%.


  • Great value
  • Superior cleaning and hygiene
  • Smart and feline-friendly design
  • Large size and safety
  • Made from ABS plastic

11. Petmate Litter Pan:

Best Extra Large Cat litter boxes 11Best Extra Large Cat litter boxes 12

It is worth sharing that a big feline not only needs a spacious litter box but also extra litter added in it. Therefore, it is important to give due attention to high walls & large bottom along with the capacity of the selected box while making a buying decision. The Petmate litter offers sufficient space for the felines to do their private business easily & comfortably. This amazing box is capable of holding around 30 pounds of the waste.

Furthermore, it has antimicrobial properties in order to help prevent the odor and stain-causing bacterial growth. Pet owners can quickly clean up after the cat or dog while on walks or at home with a range of waste management products. It also has a comfort-grip edge that surrounds the different sides of the box. Thus, users can lift & move the litter box with ease.


  • Litter controlling walls
  • Holds large quantities
  • Easy to clean
  • Pet-friendly
  • Economical
  • Large litter capacity

12. PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box:

Best Extra Large Cat litter boxes 13Best Extra Large Cat litter boxes 14

The best ever product for busy feline owners because spending a lot of time to scoop out feline’s waste daily is indeed a time-taking task. Therefore, it is better to invest in a remarkable box offered by PetSafe. After buying this cat owners will surely have plenty of extra time to spend with the cats. The noticeable feature is capable of removing waste automatically thus, it simply means not cleaning, scooping, or even refilling the box for upcoming weeks.

With all these amazing features, allows cat owners to save a lot of time & effort on changing the feline litter. Moreover, a pre-portioned cat litter will last up to around one month for a single cat. And the cat owners just have to remove a tray & throw it away while seeing the 1st sign of litter altering color.


  • Come with health counter & motion sensors
  • Easy cleanup
  • Leak protection
  • Will keep floors clean
  • Matchless odor control
  • Can remove waste automatically

13. LitterMaid Multi-Cat Self Cleaning Litter Box:

Best Extra Large Cat litter boxes 15Best Extra Large Cat litter boxes 16

It is a good product for cat owners who want a complete kit of a litter box that comes with different items in order to handle cats easily. LitterMaid has four waste receptacles, a self-cleaning litter box, one scoop, four carbon fibers, one rake clean & 1 paw scrubbing ramp. It is vital to note that this product is ideal for several big cats weighing more than 15 pounds. With smart detection motion devices, the cat owners can check whether their cats are in the it or not.

In case yes, then it will stop cleaning the rake automatically while waiting for the feline to do its private business. If used according to the provided guidelines, this product will never demand daily cleaning or scooping, it simply means that cat owners will have the scoop-free cleaning for around one week. Moreover, this box is specially designed with durable high walls in order to stop litter scatters.


  • Low maintenance
  • Keep surroundings clean
  • Come with valuable accessories
  • Odor control
  • Equipped with advanced technology
  • Noiseless operation

14. Omega Paw NRA15-1 Self Cleaning Litter Box:

Best Extra Large Cat litter boxes 17Best Extra Large Cat litter boxes 18

The last product on the list of the best large litter boxes is Omega Paw NRA15-1 Self-cleaning litter box. Sifting little boxes is quite economical & reliable substitute to automatic cat boxes. It is worth mentioning that Omega self-cleaning box features a cool and innovative design to let cat owners replace their regular scooping sessions with an easy rolling motion.

This box is extremely efficient while being easy to use and handle. Currently, the product is available in large and regular sizes therefore, it is vital to pick the large size in order to accommodate multiple cats.


  • Cleans in few seconds
  • Self-cleaning
  • Perfect for medium or large cats
  • Does not need filters, liners, or electricity
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use

Check out my VIDEO review if you don’t like to read:

How to buy a large cat litter box?

Here is our buying guide to help you buy the best suited litter box for your lovely big cats. When it comes to large boxes then I must say that different cat owners have different needs. It is a well-known fact that felines are considered as a fussy type of domestic animal that sometimes is extremely difficult to get. This section is all about the buying guide to help cat owners purchase the best larger litter boxes depending upon their needs.

Before I take you to the journey of buying the perfect large box, let me give you a few links to the very specific articles which can be read if you have specific problems, like best litter box that fits into a small apartment, litter box for cats that kick the litter, best litter box for messy cats and litter box for cats with long hair.

How to Select the Best Large Litter Box?

Here, I would like to mention that whether cat owners are buying the replacement cat litter boxes or even a new one, there are several factors that should be considered while making the final decision. Some important factors are as follows:

Check the size:

If your cat is too big and you buy a small litter box, it doesn’t make sense right? but there is something more, sometimes you need a larger box than you are thinking because of the movement requirement of the cats, read the buyers guide below for more. Also like me, I feel as humans want to live in a bigger house, i would love to gift my cat an extra large litter box if i can afford. It’s all about your love to you pets.

Check the depth:

How much litter are you going to put in there and if your cat is a digger or not. this will ask you to know the depth. Also larger cats tend to spray high which makes the low wall litter boxes almost useless. By having a giant litter box you can easily manage this problem.

Lid or without lid:

What is your cat’s preference? if your cat if fine with both? we recommend with a lid. Like I mentioned below as well, many people tend to believe that Cats only like open LID litter boxes which I believe is totally wrong. This completely depends on the nature of the cat and could be different to different people.

Deciding whether to select a covered or an uncovered cat box is a matter of personal preference. Cat owners know their felines best therefore, they can decide better. Well, whichever they settle for, it is better to ensure that the box should be large or spacious enough to allow cats to use it comfortably.

Number of Felines

It is always recommended to purchase the large litter box if cat owners are having multiple cats because small cat boxes can get dirty or messy fast while increasing the chances of all the litter being spread everywhere in the house.


The large litter boxes are now available in a range of sizes and shapes. It is necessary to consider the amount of space you have in order to put the box.

Easy Cleaning

The best large litter box enclosure has to be very easy to clean while offering complete access to internal surfaces.

Read the full buyers guide:

We have written a full buyer’s guide below so you can study and get best results. here. this is a general buyer’s guide to show you if you are not interested in large size but want to know the basics of buying the litter box.

How Big or Spacious the Feline’s Litter box should be?

Well, it depends upon the feline’s size. It is important that felines must have sufficient space in order to move around easily while feeling comfortable once inside. In short, the cat litter box has to be around 1 ½ time the cat’s length excluding tails. Therefore, they will have a lot of room for movement. In case cat owners are not sure about it, then they should select the bigger size.

How Do Cat Owners Disinfect the Litter Boxes?

disinfecting tips for cat litter boxes

Water and soap are all they need for cleaning the feline’s litter box. It is important to share that chemicals & other harsh cleaners for instance bleaches will result in a strong & unpleasant odor that felines do not like & some chemicals are harmful to them. However, vinegar can be used for disinfecting the litter box.

Buying Guide: What to consider while buying a extra large litter box:

Tips on Buying a new large Cat litter box

When your cat is big, you have to be careful of buying the right litter box as a smaller one may cause problems. here are a few things you need to consider while you buy a x large litter box.

Factors to consider while buying:

Right dimensions:

You need to make sure to see the dimensions of the litter box which we mentioned here in our page for the sake of sizes. make sure you know the measurements of your cat as well to see if the litter box fits well or no.

Covered or no:

Personally I would always prefer a hooded one and here are my reasons:

Benefits of having large hooded/covered litter box:

  • It keeps odor to it self: this can be huge for people like me as we like to keep them in our rooms or living area its good not to have them spread the odor all over.
  • No dust cloud: It keeps you safe from the dust cloud which may appear around your room if your cat is a little active.
  • Prevents litter spills: Because its guarded, it will prevent the spills of litter and makes your life easier on cleaning.


Another factor to understand is how is your cat entering the box, for example some cats do not like to have a flap/door for the litter boxes, so you can remove. some cats think its fun to have top entry. but for most of cats front entry is good.

What is the largest cat litter box available?

In our view it depends, like if you want to buy for a really large cat (Extraordinarily big cat) you can go with open high sided cat litter boxes which don’t limit the cats with the lids or covers.

Other wise my main recommendation will always be a good x large covered box and there are several reasons for this, let me mention a few of them which are mentioned above.

Coming back to the question of What is the best largest covered cat box? the largest and best litter box you can find is the catit jumbo which has the dimensions of 22″L x 20″W x 18″H which makes it the highest litter box of all.

Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat litter box

Other Honorable mention

(it was out of stock the last time we checked)

Favorite Jumbo Covered Enclosed Cat Litter Box 

extra large cat litter box

This premium quality giant litter box is an example of elegance and simplicity and yet proves to be so useful that it comes to our 3rd place in the list. Its not hooded for the cat who don’t like to be covered.

Ease of use
  • Simple yet elegant
  • Practical – we had to say this, this is one of the most practical cat litter pans.
  • Good for aging cats who don’t want hoods
  • No handle
  • The bottom is narrower then the sides
  • Some reviewers say it leaks urine, but this is rarely said

Why it is important to have Extra large litter box for big cats?

Its important to understand that litter boxes need to be big enough and long enough for the big cats, because space is one of the important factors in boxes. The cats which are not able to flex properly in their boxes, start hating the box and than start pooping out side the litter box which can be a big pain for you so its better to take precaution before something wrong happens.

Which is the Best extra large cat litter box for odor control?

Its important to understand that how these boxes control odor. There are some boxes which leave this to nature which means the odor slowly goes away or they require specific types of litter like the scented litter which reduces the odor. but there are other boxes who use carbon filters, the carbon filter absorbs the odor from the environment and you just have to change the filter if you see the odor control is getting week. CATIT litter box uses carbon filters or amazon basics. which is why we like it the most.

How often should you change out all the kitty litter?

As a general rule of thumb, You should be changing it two times a week with the exception of number of cats you have. the more the number of cats you have, the more frequent should be the change. It also has to do with how many times you are changing the litter and whether it is a large cat box or small. To make things easy, if you are regularly cleaning the litter then twice a week is fine.

Why is my cat peeing everywhere all of a sudden?

The primary reason for cat peeing Everywhere is because of the dirty or unusual litter box. Cat are very clean creatures; they are like most of the humans, which need to be kept clean to work correctly. Therefore, cats need to have a clean litter box, which you would probably have to clean now and then.

If the cat continues to pee in the box, then it might be because of the litter box location, its size, or the litter present inside the litter box. For that, you can put the second one in another area or change the location of the present box. In this way, the cat will have more than one option to poop or pee in. Read more about it here why is my cat peeing everywhere.

Where to put huge cat litter box in small apartment?

Cats are the perfect pets that can be easily kept in the apartment. They are small and clean creatures and can adjust to a small area. However, the placement of the litter tray and its odor is a problem to be solved.

The placement of the cat’s box should be done carefully especially when it is a small apartment. You have to keep the box where the cat has free access to use it. There should be no moisture or noise.  Read more here Where to put cat litter box in small apartment?

What is the extra large litter box with high sides?

Why i keep saying catit is the best large litter box is the reason it can be used with or without the lid. If you remove the upper part of the litter box, it becomes a large litter box with high sides and offcourse open from top.

What is the litter box for high spraying cats?

with out a doubt, if oyu are looking for covered and big litter box, than Catit and if you are looking for uncovered large box than nature’s miracle.

How Can I Control Odor in My Cat Litter Box?

Cat litter boxes will have the a smell no matter what you do, but there are a few ways you can reduce the odor, and one of them is buying a litter box with carbon filters which absorbs the odor, like the catit litter box, or placing the litter box in a ventilated area so that it will not spread the smell in small space. also changing the litter on time reduces the smell.

FAQs about cat litter boxes

How big should a cat's litter box be?

how big should be my litter box

First of all it depends on your pet, but as a general rule of thumb, a minimum height of a large litter box should be at least 16 inches, the width of the litter box to be a minimum of 16 inches. and length to be minimum 22 inches. 

I have multiple cats. How many litter boxes do I need?

one of the best large cat litter boxes

As a rule of thumb, each cat should have a litter box so they are always comfortable and cozy. But there are many situations where its not an option to add a litter box (might be because of space or any other reason.)

In this case you can buy a litter box for multiple cats which we mention above and place that in any corner and let your cats adapt. if you have 3 or more cats, its a good idea to keep at least 2 litter boxes at different corners of your home

Do cats prefer covered or uncovered litter boxes?

Like humans, it completely depends on their preference, technically they like to be able to see while they are in their comfort that of some threat is coming or no.

So our advice for this is to have a translucent cover or door where they could sense if someone is approaching. this makes them comfortable and adjust to the litter box. this is the best advice we could give.

Where do you put a cat litter box? / What room should I place the litter box in?

Just imagine a wild cat, where the cat would like to go and poop, I assume your answer to be the same as mine, a calm and quite place where there is no crowd. this answers the question as in. In your house, best places could be the:

1. Under the stairs
2. In the corners
3. Storerooms
4. Backyard

What is the best cat litter for indoor cats?

You can use the same boxes indoor as well, which are mentioned above. these are the litter boxes which have proven to work best in both situations and both types of cats , like outdoor and indoor cats.

How can I move cat litter box?

We don’t recommend to do it right away, there are many methods, one of them which is simple and easy is to introduce another one in the new location you would like. this makes it an easy transition, if not than gradual change would be something you should follow. keep moving the litter box slowly until you reach your desired position.

Which large cat litter box is best?

According to our research and user experiences the best one we found are below:
1. Catit large litter box.
2. Amazonbasics large litter box
3. Petphabet large litter box.


If the problems of felines urinating outside their litter boxes might bother you then, it is advised to purchase the best large litter box right now in order to see a noticeable change in the cat’s littering habits. A top-quality large litter box is important for every cat owner however, especially those who have indoor cats. Selecting and buying the best and durable litter box for the cat is considered as an important factor when it comes to keeping the cat tribe happy & the home smelling good all the time. Cat owners can select the right one from the above-reviewed litter boxes. Better to pick the large one because it is more secure, spacious, and cozy.