Best automatic cat litter boxes

If you are in search of the best automatic and self cleaning litter boxes, this guide can prove to be crucial for you as I am explaining all the ins and outs of the litter boxes, I have choose top 3 automatic litter boxes for this purpose.

First of all let me be very clear that automatic litter boxes are not essentially going to make your life COMPLETELY hassle free. There are many situations where you will still be engaged some how, for example, some times the machine will not work or some times the waste will get stuck somewhere. but it will provide you a better experience than cleaning your litter box every day.

The following are the best litter boxes out there in the market:

The best 3 automatic self cleaning litter boxes list:

1. Self Washing Self Flushing Cat BoxCatGenieSelf Washing, Self Flushing, completely automatic
2. ScoopFree Ultra AutomaticPetsafeAbsorbing crystals, Disposable tray
3. Cat Self-Cleaning Litter BoxLitterMaid Low maintenance, Tracking guard

Lets watch a complete video guide on the top litter boxes:

Now its time for little reviews for all of these products.

1. Catgenie self cleaning litter box

Best automatic cat litter boxes

This is one of its kind, but if you don;t understand and follow the instructions, it could be a disaster, There are basically many pros and cons to this product.

If you are Okay with a few glitches, (Like I am ok with them) than its fine. Even I have selected this product to be my number one choice, this product does not work like breeze. there are some flaws to it. But the fact that you can be free from scooping and dirt is the biggest take away of this product.

Like one of the things to mention, the drain pipe should be put in either the laundry drain pipe or the direct drain, because the toilet will have to be flushed every time if you put it in the toilet seat.

It;s like the waste is going to your seat and sitting there for sometime untill you come and flush so its better to put it in direct drain. other wise i have explained everything in the video i made above.

2. Petsafe Scoopfree

Best self cleaning cat litter boxes

Why PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Self Cleaning Cat litter box is the second Best Electric Cat litter box, has to do with its positive reviews and its crystals. Though there are some negative reviews as well, but what we have observed is if the crystals are properly used as per guidance, it’s quite useful.

Its as easy as you can imagine. After a few weeks (let me clarify here that some reviewers have written that if you have more then one cat then you may have to change it quicker then normal.) you can just throw it and install the new one.

Now if you are like us who want a hand free solution, this is the best option but it may be a little expensive for some people. But we have an economical alternative for this as well. Which is the “forever tray” which can be re-used so that its not heavy on your pockets.

Scoop Ultra cat litter box is constructed with all of the automatic features. It will automatically, clean all of your cat’s waste. You don’t have to worry about the cleaning process anymore. Just put it in any corner of the room and relax on the bed.

Instead of scooping out the waste, you just have to program this litter box according to your preference. For the cleaning, you can set the time up to 5, 10 or 20 minutes. Once your cat gets out of the litter box after doing her business, Scoop free ultra-litter box will automatically transfer the waste to the covered compartment after the programmed minutes.

This premium litter box has a digital screen that tells how many times you cat has used the litter box. That’s the great feature that makes it easier for you to track the health of your cat.

It will keep you aware of your cat’s toilet behavior and will keep you aware of its health condition.

Moreover, this monitor screen will also help you to identify the time, when the box needs to be cleaned.  There will be no indication on the screen but you can identify the time of cleaning by looking at how many times your cat has used it.

3. LitterMaid Automatic:

Best self scooping cat litter boxes

The thought of getting the litter box that provides comfort to the cat and the convenience to the owner does not only comes to you, every cat owner wishes the same.

Littermaid is the brand that worked on the same thought and manufactured the best innovative litter box that we will disclose in this LitterMaid Litter Box Review.

Bluntly speaking, the design of the littermaid litter box is suitable for every cat. Your cat can easily get to know the purpose of this litter box. If you have never trained your cat ever before, still your cat can start using it after getting instruction from you for the next few days.

Littermaid litter box has enough space that your cat can do its business comfortably, and even your cat can use it as the bedroom either. Even when one cat is using it, still there will be the room left for other cats. If you have more than 1 cat in your home, then it would be a suitable option for you.

Attached waste receptacles keep storing all of your cat’s odors and the waste. But there will be the time when you need to manually replace receptacle because it does not last long. For making the litter box secure and safe for your cat, you need to replace them periodically.

Whenever a cat uses the litter box, litters get stuck into the paws of the cat. That’s all just because of the digging and the covering habit of the cat. After using the litter box, cat spread all the litter into the room.

But there is only one problem that you might encounter. You cat might get into the litter box again, while the box is in the cleaning process. But don’t worry! It is not dangerous or threatening for your cat. The sensor has been installed in the box that automatically pauses the cleaning process if your cat gets into this. And the cleaning process will start over, once your cat leaves the box.

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