Best litter box for cats that kick litter

Most of the cats are overly happy about digging their litter. However, being a human, we do not like the scattering of litter here and there by our pet. You have to take some steps to prevent your pet’s paw in a scattering of litter and make your floor dirty.

Do cats prefer a covered litter box?

The use of a large litter box might be a better option for big cats. You can use a litter box with low sides, so they have easy access to enter and leave the box. The hooded litter boxes work very well for a domestic animal. You can also use a covered litter box to keep the litter off the floor and odor too. You can get help in the selection of your litter boxes to keep the litter off the floor by having a look at some of the best litter boxes for cats that kick litter.

Why my cat kicks the litter out of the box and how to stop it?

As a cat owner the most common problem I am facing is cat litter tracking. It is caused due to traces of litter attached to your cat’s appendages and fur after using the litter box. Some cats like to dig in their litter boxes, kicking and scattering the litter all over the floor. They like to walk over it and make your home dirty. There are several reasons for tracking the litter out of their boxes.

Cats are known to be very clean animals and if their litter box isn’t kept clean, they will search for a new place to go.

There are many reasons why the cat is kicking the litter out of the box such as:

A) The cat is too large for the box

B) The cat doesn’t feel comfortable in the box or feels insecure

C) The cat doesn’t like the type of litter it’s using

D) The cat doesn’t like its privacy being invaded when it uses the box and so on.

Best litter box for cats that kick litter

Size of the box:

  • Litter box should be large enough that cats can turn easily. There should be sufficient space for digging. Then your cat can dig in her litter, she will kick it underneath and behind her. 
  • If the litter box is very small and cat do not have sufficient space, then litter will scatter on the floor.

Borders of boxes:

  • If you have a big litter box with a low border it will not work as some cats are super diggers. They kick their litter with more gusto. while some cats prefer to do their litter near the edge of the litter box, instead of plenty of space. 
  • So, a litter box with high border not only helpful for cats but also for the cat owner to clean it easily and keep your home clean.

Dirt litter box:

  • If there is too much litter in a litter box, then a box with high borders will not work and cats will kick out the litter.
  • Litter should not be more than 2-4 inchesDue to which your cat gets enough litter to dig in, and digger will not kick out.

Insufficient litter in the litter box:

  • You will be surprised to know that your pet may be kicking litter out of the box if there is less litter in the box. Because she will force herself to do extra digging to cover up her litter.
  • There should be a sufficient amount of litter in the litter box to prevent tracking.

Dirty litter box:

  • Your cat will dig outside of the litter box if you will not scoop the litter box daily. Because cats need clean space to dig her litter.
  • Clean the litter box regularly to prevent tracking of the litter as cats do not like the dirty litter boxes.
  • Many litters help in keeping the litter tracking at the least level. If your cat is not easy with your current litter, try another type of litter suitable for your cats. There are many pet brands offering litter that is not formulated from clay can be the better solution to your cat litter difficulties.

Best 3 litter box for cats that kick litter list:

1. Clever cat Top Entry Litterbox

Best litter box for cats that kick litter 1Best litter box for cats that kick litter 2


Clever top litter box entry is constructed very well. The cats love its design as it is easy to use, and the cat gets enter very easily. It helps the cat in digging the litter. It helps in getting rid of tracking the litter and is effectively dog-proof. You can use it with liner or without liners. If you use its heavy-duty liners help you in cleaning the litter box.

To let this litter box completely work, they have to step onto the front of the lid and then shake their paws off onto it (they make a habit eventually). If they want, your cats could also jump straight out sideways which would result in more litter being kicked out. To make it work better, I drill holes all over the lid and place the box in a confined space to where we can only go out in one direction. The only way to come out of the litter box is to slowly walk towards the front and step down. Also, it won’t work if your cats like to jump out of the litterbox and it’s open.


  • The top entry makes its use easier.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Keep litter off the floor
  • Cat friendly
  • Best for smaller cats or kitten
  • Reduce the odor
  • Excellent dog trap
  • Simple and easy to use


  •  It cannot be used for disabled cats
  • Liners didn’t fit perfectly.
  • The size of the litterbox should be improved.

2. IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box with Cat Litter Scoop

Best litter box for cats that kick litter 3Best litter box for cats that kick litter 4


This top entry litter box prevents litter to scatter and comprises of spraying. It provides a top entry point for comfortable movement of your cat. It helps to keep the dogs away from your cat. It consists of a perforated lid that can be used to remove litter from the paw of your cat. It is a round shape litter box with a litter scoop. It not only keeps the litter inside the litter box but also prevents it to scatter on the floor and control the odor.

It’s super easy to put together. You just snap the lid on and your done. Some of the reviews said the cats wouldn’t use it. I didn’t have that problem with my cat. It’s because she likes to pee standing up. She would pee on the walls, rugs and my floor every time she used her old litter box.

When I got the new Iris Top Entry litter box, I set it up next to her area so she could investigate it for herself. Afterwards I placed her inside without litter so she could see what it was like. After she was done investigating I filled it with litter. I picked her up again and placed her back inside. She did her scratch litter everywhere dance and used it right away! I gave her lots of praise and a few treats for a job well done. Just to be on the safe side I placed it right next to her old box for one night.


  • The best solution for your daily problems related to cats litter.
  • Easy to use for all sizes of cats.
  • Its filtered lid helps in controlling the cat litter to be scattered.
  • The scoop can be hanged easily outside.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to use.
  • Keeps the floor clean
  • Cat friendly.
  • Keeps your home odor-free.
  • Anti-dog top entry litter box.
  • Occupies less space


  • Badly packed
  • Wrapped with a lot of tapes that made it sticky.
  • The size of the box should be reconsidered.
  • Heavy in weight

3. Modkat Litter Box

Best litter box for cats that kick litter 5Best litter box for cats that kick litter 6


This litter box inhibits litter tracking: The design of the Modkat top-entry litter box consists of the locking lid which helps in keeping the litter in the litter box and prevents scatter. It is easy to clean because of the swivel lid and scoop. The leftover litter will be dropped inside when open the lid. The liners can be easily used and washable. They are anti-slip liners and very easy to clean. These liners can be used for up to three months. You can use it very easily in your home because it keeps the litter off the floor and keeps your room odorless.

The main thing I love now is that my business has expanded and with it so many new and wonderful opportunities and activities! I’m not sweeping up litter anymore because my team looks after cleaning duties. The corner of the bathroom, with its stylish layout so stylishly achieves the task at hand. It makes controlling odors a breeze and we’re very pleased we can maintain such an attractive floor space that way!


  • Prevent leakage
  • Easily accessible to cats
  • Inhibit litter tracking
  • Keeps the floor off the litter.
  • Swivel lids make its cleaning easy.
  • Reusable and washable liner
  • Cat friendly
  • Highly recommended
  • Quality justified the cost


  • Liner quality should be improved as it scraped easily.
  • Occupied a lot of space
  • The liner does not cover the inner box completely.

Best litter box for cats that kick litter buying guide:

Large cats are more difficult to place in closed litter boxes because the entry points are too small. You can buy top entry rectangular litter boxes for large cats, so if you do want an enclosed litter box, be sure to check these out so that your kitty can comfortably access their tray.

Many owners forget to check the seal between the base and the lid of a litter tray, but this is essential, especially for spraying cats. Regardless of the height of the walls or size of your tray, if urine can escape to join where the lid and base meet, then you’re sure to have a large mess to deal with.

Some litter boxes may have a smell that isn’t so pleasant. For example, it could smell bad when the cat sprays in it, or it could have an unpleasant odor even without kitty usage. You won’t want to be living with that when there are alternatives to choose from that don’t involve mess.

When it comes to reducing bad odors, make sure you clean the litter regularly. This includes regularly replacing the litter and making sure all of your cat’s waste is scooped out. Beyond this, it’s important to make sure the design of the litter box allows for easy cleaning; can you easily reach dirt on or in all four corners? Do the litter box filters lessen odors? Is it sealed to keep out bad smells? These would be some good questions to ask before buying a new litter box.

What Features Did We Look For

Choosing a litter box can be difficult because it’s hard to know which features to consider. However, once you have a few things that matter to you, narrowing your options should be much easier.

High Sides:

Bringing your cat’s litter box up to the same level as the litter would help them not scatter it around and make it easier for pet owners to pick up. Not all cats are born with the natural ability to be tidy, but those who are can make it work. It would also be hard for you as well.

Should be covered:

Covering your litter box is a good way to contain smells. Cats are more likely to squat over the edge of their litter box, so they’re likely to cover up there if they have enough space.

Smaller Entryway

For best results, try to keep your cat’s entry and exit to the litter box as small as possible. Smaller doors will make it harder for them to extract an excessive amount of litter and avoid leaving a mess all over the floor.

Happy users:

Luckily, litter box experiences are pretty universal. Chances are, one customer’s experience will be another’s. You don’t want to be buying a litter box that hasn’t worked for anyone else who’s tried it! You can bet it won’t work for you either if the issues experienced by other customers are the same as those you have.

What can be the reason behind the cat’s scratching on the wall of the litter box?

  • The reason for the scratching of cats on the wall of litter box usually showing their response and leaving feedback about their litter box and thy litter used in the litter box i.e.
  • The dirty litter box can be a reason for their scratching.
  • If there is too much litter in the litter box, then they also conveyed their message by scratching.
  • If you clean litter box with a scented detergent that cats do not like, then they will be scratched even the box is clean and will not use that litter box.
  • Litter boxes should be scooped daily .it should be completely discarded, cleaned and litter should be kept weekly.
  • Small litter boxes are also a factor to consider.

How do I stop my cat from kicking litter everywhere?

This is the solution to stop your cat kicking the litter:
1. Get a high sided cat litter box so that it won’t scatter everywhere.
2. Buying a covered litter box is another good solution.
3. Using a type of litter which has bigger elements can help as well.

Why does my cat kick the litter out of the box?

I would say it’s a big problem for pet owners, and the perfect example of how normal behavior can be problematic. Domestic cats are descended from wild cats that normally covered their waste

How Many Litter Boxes Do I Need If I Have Multiple Cats?

A lot of people think they can get away with just one litter box, but that is not true.

When it comes to how many litter boxes you need for multiple cats, the answer is simple: one per cat. This may seem excessive, but remember that cats like to take their time and explore the world around them while doing their business.

What features should a litter box for messy cats have?

Aside from the usual, litter-boxes for messy cats should be large in size and have high walls or a closed design. If your litter box comes as a bottom and a top part that clip together, always check how tightly the seal is as urine from spraying can escape through the gap between them.

why having a larger litter box can prevent litter tracking?

Some cats will track litter around the house if their litter box is too small. There is a correlation between the size of the litter box and how much litter ends up outside of it. Larger boxes can reduce tracking because your cat will generally spend less time digging to cover their waste, and more time inside, away from walking on the floor to cover it up.

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