Best Toys for Australian Shepherds

Australian shepherds are native to the US west coast, and are considered very curious, loyal, and intelligent. They are very energetic & need a lot of exercise along with mental stimulation to control their destructive behaviors. No doubt, Australian Shepherds can be wonderful family canines as long as pet parents are ready to put in some time in order to stimulate and entertain them.

want a best toy for australian shepherd

To achieve this task, toys can also play an important role. So, in this article, I have put together a comprehensive list of the best toys for Australian Shepherds. These toys will surely provide pet parents with an arsenal for getting rid of the Australian Shepherd’s excess energy while creating a peaceful environment for everybody involved.

What are the Different Kinds of Toys for Australian Shepherds?

It is vital to mention that there are various different canine toys; however, every toy serves its own purpose. Well, here are some common kinds:

Puzzle Toys

dog puzzle toys

These toys are designed for working or highly intelligent breeds to keep the canine’s mind sharp. Usually, puzzle toys involve food & a certain series of actions Australian Shepherd should perform in order to get the food.

Chew Toys

Dog chew toys

This type of toy is best for canines with teething problems like puppies or even for canine breeds with powerful chewing drives. Chewing is quite satisfying for canines.

Sound Toys

Squeaks, bells, crinkles, pet parents name it. These toys provide a wonderful source of stimulation especially for bored canines. So, pet parents should try to make few interesting noises in order to encourage canines to explore.

Soft Toys

These toys give comfort particularly for canines that are new to the household or even experienced separation or some trauma. Moreover, soft toys also help puppies to adjust to a new environment.

Exercise Toys

dog exercise toys

These toys should include balls for fetching and running, & Frisbees for a successful catching experience. Anything that inspires the Australian Shepherd to move around & explore will serve the best purpose.

Some Important Tips for Successful Playing Session with Australian Shepherds

It is worth sharing that Australian Shepherds are very intelligent and hyperactive dogs. Toys can keep them occupied for a long time. Here are some important tips that should be considered before introducing toys to Australian Shepherds.

  • Pet parents should always supervise play & inspect dog toys regularly
  • If Australian Shepherds are bored with their current toys, then, it could be better to pack all those & pull-out new ones.
  • Play should be used as a training tool
  • Make playtime a bonding time
  • Must use dog belly bands in some plays

Product Reviews:

Here is my list of the best toys for Australian Shepherds. No doubt, there is always something out there to handle chewing, energy, stimulation, & just about each and everything pet parents could need.

AMZpets Dog Toys 

AMZpets Dog Toys 

I am so happy that I have purchased this product as chew toys for my Australian Shepherd. They are amazingly sturdy & well made. Moreover, the rope is very thick & still performing well after 1 month of continuous use. My lovely Australian Shepherd loves playing with the balls & actual ropes. The packaging was great, the bag it came with was wonderful.

The abundance of war or tug toys is commendable. The quality also seems to be good as compared to other rope toys & the Australian Shepherd has thoroughly enjoyed the different sizes and shapes of this great variety pack.  Few pet parents complained about the product’s durability but indestructible objects are usually not safe for chewing. So, being made of thick fabric/rope, these toys are fairly durable especially with respect to price range.

  • Best for medium-large breed canines
  • Wide range of chew toys
  • Come with free backpack
  • Keep gums and teeth healthy
  • Nearly indestructible
  • May not serve the purpose for some very aggressive chewers

Chuckit Ball Launcher

AWZpets Dog Toys 

This is surely the best and highly recommended dog toy available for Australian Shepherds. Here, I would like to mention that this was definitely designed by the dog owner that knew the unbearable pain of the bad back from bending over frequently & an aching arm from throwing for the Australian Shepherd that has an insatiable urge for ball chasing.

Well, there are a number of things that I love about the Chuckit ball launcher, however I truly appreciated the fact that it easily folds in half making it very easy to store & carry in the tote bag. Only concern is related to the handle that is less comfortable to grip. I would surely recommend selecting one of the versions that come with ergonomic grip.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Available in different sizes
  • Can easily be used in outdoor and water playtime
  • Help increase the dog’s exercise time
  • Premium quality product
  • The ball might be destroyed by super active chewers

StarMark Interactive Dog Toy

In the list of best toys for Australian shepherds, this is another great feeding toy, performs as described. Basically, StarMark is a feeding toy made of hard plastic for puppies and dogs that eat very fast. So, in other words this is not a kind of rubber toy to leave around for Australian Shepherds to play with alone all the time. It is very durable, well-made & heavy. You may also like best cordless dog clippers.

I like how dog owners can adjust its opening to increase or decrease the difficulty level. Here is an important tip for the Australian Shepherds, whenever they introduce this toy to their precious canines, it is better to wobble it a couple of times & canines will learn fast to do it on their own. The downside is that the toy is very hard plastic with a thinner layer of rubber so, it always makes a lot of annoying sounds whenever I use it in the kitchen.

  • Promote mental stimulation
  • Adjustable opening
  • Feeds and exercise the canines simultaneously
  • Very durable
  • Super engaging toy
  • Cleaning is tough because you cannot take out the dispenser

Chuckit Flying Squirrel

This is an amazing product for Australian Shepherds who like to play fetch. The toy is very lightweight & can easily travel across the yard or room. As compared to conventional frisbee, this one fl differently. Once pitched slightly upward, it practically comes to the flying stop at the end of the flight.

This truly gives Australian Shepherds a golden opportunity of snatching the toy out of air. Here, I would like to mention that as a flying toy, it is good. It is slightly difficult for canines to catch as compared to normal flying discs however, my Australian Shepherd was able to adjust fast. However, the product is not as durable as pet parents think & the plastic tubing is very hard.

  • Can be used in floats and water
  • Lightweight
  • Colorful design
  • Raised sides to ensure easy pickup
  • Good alternative to plastic frisbee
  • Strong chewers can destroy it

Mammoth Flossy Dog Toy

This is another all-around best product if pet parents do not mind picking up little pieces off the floors, extremely safe, & no supervision is required. No doubt, this is a well-designed product that stays together & does a wonderful job when it comes to tug-off-war. However, if you have a strong chewer then it is better to buy an actual chew toy for him because this toy is not going to serve the purpose, irrespective of the product description saying this rope toy helps promote canine’s dental hygiene.

Well, a strong chewer will surely tear this thing up to the pile of threads. Overall, the rope is of good length so Australian shepherds can play tug of war easily and comfortably. Apart from this, the rope toy is also very lightweight to carry around without any problem.

  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Tough and durable
  • Great for X-large Australian shepherds
  • Best for interactive fun
  • Encourage bonding & playtime
  • Not a good option for strong chewers


Aussies are rapid learners who have to be kept busy with activity, playing, and rigorous training to be healthy and balanced. Toys can be used to focus your dog’s energy giving him a strong sense of purpose. So choose the Best Toys for Australian Shepherds and make your best friend more happier.

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