Best Cordless Dog Clipper

Keeping the canines happy and comfortable is one of the biggest & most important for any pet parent especially, if the canines have thick or long coats. Catering for the canine’s grooming needs might be an overwhelming process for pet parents as different breeds need different types of care, attention, and grooming tools. Moreover, there are many reasons why pet parents choose to trim or shave canines’ fur. This usually happens in hot weather conditions as it will help canines to stay comfortable. 

It is a well-accepted reality that owning a canine that needs grooming after every 7-8 weeks can be a little inconvenient particularly during this Covid-19 pandemic when people are requested to stay at homes. With that in mind, I would recommend buying a good quality cordless dog clipper to avoid visiting dog groomers again & again.

In short, dog cordless clippers will surely limit the need for weekly or even monthly trips to pet groomers while keeping nervous canines calm, thanks to low-vibration, low-noise, low-heat, & other nerve-soothing gadgets.  So, what are the best cordless dog clippers? Continue reading the article to get more information. 

Best Cordless Dog Clipper

What are the Different Kinds of Dog Hair Clippers?

Few common kinds are as follows:

  • Cordless 
  • Corded 
  • Quiet & low vibrating 
  • Professional grade 
  • Variable speed 
  • Single speed 

Is it Safe to Use a Human Hair Clipper on Canines?

Human Hair Clipper

Although the two kinds of clippers may look similar, but they have different features and functionality. Human clippers must be avoided while grooming canines as there is an increased chance of injuring the canine. Furthermore, human clippers are nosier & could frighten the canines. In short, dog clippers perform better when it comes to sailing through rough and thick fur. 

What Canine Breeds Should Never be shaved?

There are some dog breeds that pet parents should not groom:

  • Herding canines such as German shepherds, Belgian sheepdogs, border collies, Mastiffs
  • Hunting breeds including Labradors, dachshunds 
  • Nordic breeds like, huskies, Malamutes 
  • Mixes of these dog breeds 

Reviewed: Best Cordless Dog Clippers

Whether pet owners occasionally clip their own canines or are a canine grooming professional, I would like to say that it is extremely important that they find the good quality & right tool. Moreover, If their canines have matted, curly, thick, straight, or wired hair, whether the hair is very small & gigantic, there is surely a cordless clipper specifically designed for them. After reviewing & shortlisting a wide range of products, I have left with 4 top-rated cordless dog clippers that will get the job done amazingly & suit many budgets. 

WAHL Deluxe Cordless Clipper 

WAHL Deluxe Cordless Clipper 

The 1st product that comes under the category of the best cordless dog clipper is WAHL deluxe clipper. It is considered as the number 1 brand when it comes to hair clippers and beard trimmers. The WAHL brand has become nearly synonymous with dog hair clippers & for good reasons, for the last 100 years, the brand has been designing premium-quality products.

And, the deluxe cordless clipper is their recent pet offering. This cordless hair clipper is highly recommended for medium to small dog breeds. It gives rechargeable convenient operation for complete continuous clipping power. However, it is advised to not use the WAHL cordless clipper on larger dog breeds. 

  • Can be used with & without cord 
  • Best for detailed trimming 
  • Easy to operate 
  • Excellent performance 
  • Professional features 
  • A bit pricey 

User Experience:

According to the dog owners, this is one of the sturdiest and best clippers they ever had. In fact this one is worth the investment. Other buyers have commented that the product works great, and canines liked the fact that it is not as loud as the typical clippers are. 

oneisall Cordless Dog Clipper  

This worth buying and quiet cordless clipper will make canine’s grooming extremely easy and comfortable at home. The oneisall cordless clipper is one of the great products among its all counterparts. The product comes with many other useful features thus, making it a best choice for every pet parent.

The Oneisall dog clipper is very lightweight and this makes the clipper extremely convenient to carry all around. Moreover, the clipper has a sleek design therefore, it looks good while being efficient. The product can also be used during charging, so pet parents do not have to worry that the clipper will stop working in the middle of the shaving session. It has sharp blades to ensure long term functionality. 

  • Low vibration & ultra-quiet 
  • Sharp and safe blades 
  • Detachable blades 
  • Amazing cutting performance 
  • Wireless & rechargeable
  • Plastic clutter 

User Experience:

Several buyers have stated that it is a useful and great device for canines. The whole set is very nicely packed, & comes with a cordless shave which is extremely easy to hold in hand while being super quiet. 

AIBORDS Cordless Clipper 

AIBORDS Cordless Dog Clipper 

Before moving ahead, I would like to mention that the best & recommended offense is surely a good defense, when it comes to canine’s matted fur. It simply means that canines need regular grooming.  But if it is very late & your curly haired or long-haired pups have a mass of tangled fur then, pet parents definitely need a good quality clipper with a powerful motor.

In fact, a motor that can rotate 6500xx in a minute and no doubt, the AIBORDS cordless clipper is perfect for this job. Furthermore, the clipper’s adjustable blade cutter head helps ensure that pet parents will get the length just perfect whereas the built-in comb blades & oil is always there to help keep the cordless clipper in proper shape. 

  • Safe blades 
  • Low vibration and noise 
  • Easy to use 
  • Powerful motor 
  • Wireless & rechargeable
  • Heavy 

User Experience:

According to the canine owners, the clipper works amazingly while being really quiet. Many buyers have commented that this is basically everything in one place including the cordless clipper with four adjustable length attachments, comb, and scissors. 

Oster Clipmaster Clipper 

This wonderful cordless design gives freedom of movement to every pet groomer out there to take good care of his/her precious canines. It is a stylish and versatile model that is powered by a lithium-ion-battery and apart from this, Oster clipper is a durable model that is designed for pet professionals.

It cuts through canine’s hair easily though, can run for around 2-3 hours before needing the device to be charged again. On the other hand, I would like to share that the Oster Clipmaster clipper might not be as effective as compared to other cordless models. However, if pet parents want a product that is difficult to beat then, the Oster Clipmaster clipper is a way to go. 

  • Powerful motor
  • High performing tool 
  • Versatile clipper 
  • Worth the money 
  • Perfect for very thick dog fur
  • Heating issues have been reported 

User Experience:

According to the majority of pet parents, clipper works perfectly when it comes out of the packaging. Quiet and easy to use. Many buyers have loved the fact that the product comes with a wonderful carrying case & the cord is of great length that allows for mobility. 

Buying Guide: Best Cordless Dog Clippers 

Keeping the canines neat & clean and their fur well-maintained is considered an important part of being a responsible pet parent. Frequent visits to groomers can be costly therefore, pet parents should learn to groom their canines at home to save a lot of money. Due to the availability of different kinds of clippers in the market, it is difficult to pick the right one. The above-reviewed products are highly recommended however, this buying guide is going to share some other useful information as well, to make the whole process hassle-free. 

How to Select the Cordless Dog Clipper?

Prospective buyers should consider the following factors while making a buying decision:

  • Blade quality and precision 
  • Heat prevention and dispersion 
  • Longevity and durability 
  • Kit that has nail clippers and scissors 
  • Noise level of the selected machine 
  • Speed of the cordless clipper matters a lot for efficient performance 
  • Comfort level or handling style is important 

Some Important Grooming Tips:

Some Important Grooming Tips
  • Before grooming the canines with a new cordless clipper, it is advised to carefully read the manufacturer’s guidelines and instruction for effective and safe operation. 
  • If the canines are new to getting groomed with clippers then, it is important to have them get comfortable with the clipper’s sounds. After some test runs, pet parents can actually trim their fur.
  • Wash the canine & brush out mats or tangles before using the clipper and also use the dog harness, if you go to jogging or for a walk with your pet.
  • Pet parents should ensure that the clipper’s blades are sharp so, they do not snag or pull the canine’s coat.
  • Throughout the grooming session, it is better to check the clipper’s blades regularly to prevent overheating. 

How Often Should Pet Parents Use Cordless Clippers on Canines?

Well, it usually depends on the canine’s coat. On average, pet parents should trim the canines every 6-8 weeks. Moreover, in warm weather conditions, pet owners might have to do it frequently. Canines with double fur or coats also need regular trimming like, once in a week.

Final Thoughts:

In the end, it can be concluded that selecting the best cordless clipper for dogs is extremely important & particularly long-lasting and safe clippers are truly what every pet parent desires. Hopefully, after reading the above-shared reviews, pet parents can get the best and premium-quality product for their beloved companions. 

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