Best Dog Harness for Running

For the majority of pet lovers, one of best things about owning a canine, apart from endless enthusiasm & companionship, is taking him for walks. And, no doubt regular walk & exercise is important for the human body too. In short, having a leisurely walk around the neighborhood on a daily basis is considered a perfect way for pet parents & their four-legged mates to stay in proper shape while maintaining good health. It is important to mention that canines are naturally very energetic creatures therefore, they need regular walk and exercise in order to thrive. 

On the other hand, if pet parents are planning to run or walk with their companions, they will have to ensure to keep canines safe & secure. This simply means getting a good and comfortable harness so that pet parents can keep canines by their sides. Definitely, off-leash running is preferable with respect to fun and comfort but there just are not several places where pet parents can have off-leash canines safely & comfortably, with that factor in mind, this article will discuss how to pick good quality & trusted best dog harness for running and jogging with dogs.

best dog harness for running

What Exactly a Running Harness is?

dog harness

This useful item is especially designed to give dogs the most comfortable & safest running experience. Running harness consists of a clip that sits comfortably around the canine’s shoulder blade in order to attach the leash. Additionally, the harness also features a breathable and soft amplified air mesh that fits around the canine’s body snugly, leaving him/her feeling very secure & comfy. Pet parents should aim to have their canines running by their sides or even in front of them to check that canines are happy & keeping up. 

Is a Running Harness Performs Better Than a Dog Collar?

Well, it is difficult to compare these two very useful and worth buying products due to the diverse levels of restraint being offered by them. Collars restrain the canines by simply controlling the neck whereas harnesses help pet parents to control & restraint the canine’s whole body. Moreover, there is also a lot of difference with respect to comfort. No doubt, wearing a harness is way better than wearing a collar. Moreover, you can also use heavy chains for outdoor activities.

What are the Advantages of Using a Running Harness for Dogs?

advantages of dog harness

While there are different standard harnesses available in the market however, they are not designed for running. In short, they are not as safe and comfortable as running harnesses are. Some advantages of dog running harness are as follows:

  • Pet parents can have good control over their canines 
  • Running harness will keep dogs safe 
  • Help prevent injuries

Reviewed: Best Dog Harness for Running  

If pet owners have never bought a running harness before then, finding the best harness will surely be a huge mystery. But do not worry, all those pet parents who are looking for the good-quality and comfortable dog harness for running should consider the below-reviewed 4 top-rated products to keep their pooches right alongside them during running. 

PetSafe Dog Harness 

PetSafe Dog Harness 

A highly recommended product that has been especially designed to build up a strong relationship between pet parents & their pooches. Due to this reason, the PetSafe harness always prioritizes comfort, fit, and safety. Coming with girth straps, shoulder straps, & chest straps, the 3-in-1 running harness ensures that canines remain safe & sound whether they are going on runs or walks.

Moreover, with 5 different adjustment points, the PetSafe harness give pet parents a chance to customize it according to the pet’s body. The front D-ring clip and no-pull vertical ring help prevent pulling without even putting much pressure on the pooch’s throat. Likewise, reflective nylon offers visibility in low light & soft padding gives a comfy fit. Why it is my favorite? Due to its comfort and exact fit and I have been using these harness for last three years.

  • Adjustable fit 
  • Perfect for running 
  • 2 point control 
  • Ensure decreased pulling 
  • Easy to set up
  • Sizing issue

User Experience:

According to the buyers, this running harness itself seems very durable with premium quality buckles and straps with 2 leash attachment points. Many buyers have commented that the product worked exactly the same as advertised. 

Chai’s Choice Dog Harness 

Comfort & efficient support is extremely important for canines therefore, Chai’s support dog harness is considered the best harness for canines. This wonderful harness features an ergonomic design along with a very lightweight mesh lining covering. Additionally, it has a padding of soft sponge in chest & belly area. We recently ordered it to check its results and the company shipment procedure. All was very nice, we received package at our lab in perfect condition and without any damage.

The most noticeable feature of this harness is that it is designed in a way to keep canines feel nothing but comfortable and secure during walks. The harness can easily be modified to the canine’s body size to ensure snug fit with the help of adjustable straps. Currently, the Chai’s choice dog harness is available in 5 different sizes & in a wide range of colors to help pet parents select the one according to the pup’s taste. 

  • Durable and stylish 
  • Ergonomic design 
  • Come with safety features 
  • Premium-quality material 
  • Made to last 
  • Handle is very small 

User Experience:

Many dog owners have bought this harness and according to them, the harness is bright with reflective thread for night/early morning, is fairly lightweight & looks great. Other buyers have commented that this is a very sturdy & well-made harness. 

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness 

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness 

This is another highly recommended running harness that is offered by Rabbitgoo brand. The harness features 4 adjustable straps & double leash attachment points. The Rabbitgoo running harness also has a cool and stylish design that is available in 3 different colors. This running harness is best for medium to large canines including Akita, German shepherd, Labrador, Golden Retriever, and Huskie.

This non-pulling canine harness is designed with two metal leash rings to ensure safe and comfortable dog walks. Made of sturdy nylon oxford & padded with soft cushion in order to protect pooches’ skin. Moreover, the harness has extremely vibrant reflective strips to ensure a safe and comfortable walk both night and day.

  • Comfortable 
  • Lightweight 
  • Fully adjustable 
  • Easy to use 
  • No choke, no pull 
  • Sizing issues 

User Experience:

The majority of pet parents have loved the quality of Rabbitgoo dog harness. They have commented that it is a fantastic product that is easy to use & effective for small and medium sized canines. 

Embark Dog Harness 

As the name applies, the Embark dog harness is especially designed for different strenuous activities including, hiking, camping, and running. The product has an adjustable designed with extremely durable construction. This running harness lets pet parents adjust the straps to give canine’s good and comfortable fit on both his/her chest and neck.

Moreover, the Embark dog harness has an in-built handle which allows pet owners to control the canines. Long straps with extra adjustment space will help users to get a snug fit for their canines. It is vital to mention that the harness’s lightweight materials along with reflective trim look fabulous & help canines move freely without any kind of discomfort or rubbing. 

  • Stylish and super comfortable 
  • Extra durable and heavy-duty 
  • Easy on & off 
  • Highly adjustable 
  • Give the best value for money 
  • D-ring is not strong and durable enough for big canines 

User Experience:

According to the buyers, the harness itself is extremely good, fits well while being comfortable for small-medium sized pooches. Many pet parents have commented that the handle on the back of this harness is surely a life-saver. 

Buying Guide: Best Dog Harness for Running 

Pet owners can use any kind of harness for canines to make running experience more enjoyable and safe but some are indeed better suited for running as compared to others. Therefore, this buying is going to share useful information to help buyers get a harness that possesses the below-discussed traits in order to ensure that it will work well for pet parents & their pooches. 

What should be considered While Buying a Dog Running Harness?

So, prospective buyers can take note of below-listed factors that they have to consider:

  • Comfort is surely the most important and worth considering criteria while shortlisting the selected dog running harnesses. 
  • Make sure to select a harness having a right fit according to the canine’s body 
  • The harnesses pet parents buy for running will have to be durable
  • Look for a running harness that have different attachment points where pet parents can adjust the straps to get a snug fit 
  • It is advised to give preference to a dog running harness that always show minimal movement or sliding once attached to the leash 
  • Reflective strips, high visibility finish are important safety components

Important Rules of Running with Canines 

Make sure to follow these rules while running with canines:

  • Start slow & train the canines with short runs in order to build their stamina 
  • Always ensure that canines are up for it before pet parent start 
  • Teach canines basic obedience 
  • Spare some time for warm up 
  • Put on tick protection 
  • Use a leash that is around 5-6 feet long 

Final Thoughts 

No doubt, running with the canines is about fun and enjoyment but pet parents should put their comfort and safety first. So, if pet parents ensure that their beloved mates are safe then, they will enjoy plenty of running time together. Pick of the dog running harness from the above-reviewed products & pet parents will not regret their investment. 

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