Best Dog Heavy chains for outside

Dogs are considered to be the best loyal animal to humans. Owning a dog is cool and we all wish to spend lots and lots of hours with this cute creature. Having a dog and tied with heavy dog chains around and making sure to give your pet a walk around the neighborhood for exercise is important. A cool dog should have a cool designed chain or tie-outs. Chains, tie-outs and collars helps you to handle your pet easily. There are so many tie-outs, chains and other stuff available which can help you in handling the dogs with best dog heavy chains for outside.

best Dog Heavy chains for outside

There are many dogs who love to stay outside and play. if electric fences and other fence systems are not available than the tie out systems are great and handy. they are protective yet allow the dogs to freely move in the given space.

We are here to talk about the heavy duty chains or leash for dogs who are big, strong and healthy. These dogs cannot be handled by the chains which are week. So we are reviewing the best 4 heavy duty chains which will keep your dogs in the yard.

Consider the scenario when your dog is running and you want a tie out system which is secure and has a spring security lock which will help not to Choke the dog.

 We considered the following parameters while selecting the best  tie-out systems which are heavy duty for big dogs.

How to Buy Best Dog Heavy chains for outside:

Material and durability:

 As we are talking about heavy duty dog chains,  the first and foremost thing to consider is the material that changed the made of.  Most of the top 4 dog chains are made of stainless steel and come with a spring anti choke system. 


 A tie out system should be of certain length so your dog can run, walk and play.  To our Experience a tie out system should be more than 20 feet. 

Anti Tangle system: 

One of the other important points to consider is the anti angle system of change. If your chain is easy to Tangle then they may even choke your dogs.

Weather Resistance

Galvanized chains shows superb resistance towards rain and snow as compare to chains that are covered with protective layer. If you reside in a cold or rainy climate, choose chains that are more suited to those conditions.

 clasp type:

 It’s a good idea to buy a  360 degree moving clasp so that it can always move in the direction your dog moves.

Thin but strong:

strong chain

A good tie out system will give you the convenience of portability but also acts as a strong anchor. A good chain will be strong enough to hold big dogs which are heavy and have strong pull power.


Mostly dog chains are coated with protective layer, typically vinyl. Why this coating is necessary? Because it is water-resistant, rust free, and protect from corrosion. A coating also prevents tangles in the chain. At time of buying, make sure that it should not be crack.


Before purchasing, must check the old client’s reviews to analyze the material performance in daily life. Don’t put your trust blindly on new products and companies.

The list of Best chains for big dogs:

BV Pet Heavy Tie Out Cable:

dog chains for outside

This cable is all about making the relationship between the pet and the owner a little more relaxing. The cable is made by keeping the activity and behavior of the pet mind.

The comfortably of the pet is of extreme importance. You can put your dog in a fixed area with the help of this cable.

The good thing about this cable is that it can smoothly go around trees or a post. You can put the cable quickly around any obstacle to keep your dog from moving here and there.

The durability of a cable is essential. The cable should be able to withstand the force from a dominant dog. These cables have gone through some of the best testings to make sure that they last a long time.

The cover of this cable is also made from anti-rust material, which is also a good thing. Rain is not going to be a problem for this cable due to the rust resistance. The cable has a length of 30-feet, which is a right size.

heavy duty dog chain

It is made super active, but it doesn’t sacrifice on the weight of this cable. It is a very lightweight cable. It can hold dogs up to 125 pounds. 

Pros and Cons:


  • Lightweight
  • Strong
  • Anti-rust cover
  • Swivel clip


  • May tangle if not managed properly.

Petest Reflective Tie Out Cable:

heavy duty dog tie out stake

The basic need for a cable arrives when you have to put your dog in a fixed place. To do so, you need a cable to hold the dog in place. This super heavy cable is the perfect way of making sure that your dog stays in position.

It has been designed for dogs up to 250 pounds. It can withstand big dogs that have high strength. An excellent sturdy cable is necessary because it should hold up against the dog’s power to break free. This cable has the most durable build because of the stainless steel build. 

Steel is one of the most durable materials, and there is no way the dog is getting out of this cable. You can easily tie him around trees because this cable is made to curve around things easily. The cable shouldn’t be so small and tight that the dog feels uncomfortable. It also has a reasonable length of 25 feet. It gives the dog enough space to move freely. The covers of the cable come with vinyl covers. These covers are rust-resistant and help in increasing the durability of the cable. 

There are swivel and crimp clips at the ends of the cable to make it strong and sturdy. There is also another useful feature in the form of 360 rotation of the clip.

This allows the dog to move freely around the cable and still don’t get tangled in the process. This cable is the thing that every dog owner needs due to its extreme durability and useful features. The only unfortunate aspect of this cable is that if some of the steel cables are exposed, it can hurt you. You should be careful about not touching the exposed end.

in ground dog leash

You can refer to the cable sizing chart:

long dog leash for outside

Pros and Cons:


  • Good length
  • Reflective
  • Steel cable
  • Swivel covers


  • The exposed wire is a bit sharp and can cut your skin so be careful with making sure its always wrapped.

Boss Pet Prestige Cable:

dog run cable

When looking for the best cable out there for your pet, look no further than this product. This cable is made of galvanized wire, which is used in aircraft. There are sturdy and robust steel snaps present on either end to ensure the best lock.

It can be used for dogs up to 60 pounds. There are a lot of cables out there which can hold dogs up to 200 pounds, but this cable has some extra features up its sleeves which the competition doesn’t have.

This cable is quite rigid and strong; it is made possible due to the various strength tests that this cable has gone through.

This cable can be easily tied around an object like a tree or a pole. You should not worry about the tangling issue because this cable has twin swivel design, which makes completely removes tangling.

Tangling can be a big issue because the dog can get stuck in the cable. The comfort of the dog is crucial when choosing a cable. The material with which this cable is made is mainly crack free. If the cable cracks or breaks, then it’s a huge problem, but the excellent quality of this cable ensures long-lasting and durable cable.

dog tie outs that don't tangle

There is also an intuitive connect system that directly connects the buckle to the cable, which makes the connection stronger between the strap and cable. 

Pros and Cons:


  • Best security
  • Twin buckles
  • Aircraft cable
  • Sturdy


  • Rusting issues found in a few chains

Byshun Dog Tie Out Cable 25ft:

heavy duty dog runner

Pets cables are critical if you have a dog in your house. You need a good and sturdy cable to keep your dog in place. This cable comes with a steel build. It makes it one of the most reliable cables in the market as steel is a very sturdy material and is sure to last long.

But steel has a wrong property that it gets rusts over time. But the cable has an anti-rust cover on top, which makes the cable not to get corrosion. 

This cable is easy to tie around a tree or another thing that you can find. There are also 360-degree clasps present here so that your dog doesn’t get tangled while moving.

The cable has a length of 25 feet, which is standard for pet cables. The cable is strong enough to for a dog up to 90 pounds. Reflective vinyl cover makes it extra secure for night time. The cable has also gone through various testing processes to ensure the best quality and longevity.

tie out for dogs

The best thing about this cable is the weight. This is a very lightweight cable and doesn’t make the dog or the owner uncomfortable. This is probably the cable that every owner should keep in his house for his pets. 

Pros and Cons:


  • Lightweight
  • Good quality
  • Anti-Rusty
  • Steel cable


  • Some users complain about the clasp being a bit weak

Different types of Tie out systems:

Tie out systems are of two types, one is called stake tie out, other is called trolley tie out system. let us explain both of them.

Trolley tie out:

This is a flexible system where the dog has a wide range to move around and still be anchored, this system will have 2 cables, one is tide to the pattern where you want your dog to be able to room round and the other will tie your dog. the mount cable is also called runner cable which basically allows your do to run and play.

Best Dog Heavy chains for outside 1

How to set up a trolley tie out system:

Stake tie out system:

These are also called ground based systems or 360 degree systems, where the hook is normally anchored in the ground and the dog is able to move in 360 degree as much as the cable allows. This is limited system but economic in nature.

Best Dog Heavy chains for outside 2


How long should a dog tie out be?

First of it depends on how much area is available for the dog tie out system, secondly we recommend a minimum 25 feet tie out system, and if you can have a trolley tie out; it would be best. Trolley tie out is explained above.

How does a dog tie out work?

The system works with a piece of chain, a collar, and an anchor which either sticks to the ground,  this is called stake, moves along the dog and it’s called trolley. The system gives a space to your lock to move around and play.  If your yard does not have a physical fence this is a great system to keep your dog within your range.

Dog harness vs Chain collar

Normally collars are used while they are tied out the home, Harness is a solution to prevent your dog from choking or if you want to give your dog a comfortable walk, check out details about Harness and best dog harness to stop pulling.

What are the best outdoor dog chains?

The below are the best heavy duty dog tie out stake chains.

1. BV Pet Heavy Tie Out Cable
2. Petest Reflective Tie Out Cable
3. Boss Pet Prestige Cable
4. Byshun Dog Tie Out Cable 25ft

Is it OK to chain a dog outside?

Yes, but it depends on different state laws. some states allow different timings of keeping the dog out and some states forbid.


The most vital thing to bear in mind is that always focus on product’s quality and effectiveness of dog chains. Remember, coated chains and simple chains have different price and features. Consider your area’s weather before buying outdoor chain.

Many folks ask about my favorite product and I like Pet Prestige cable because of its galvanized wire that is also used in aircrafts. It’s perfect for small and medium-sized dogs. I hope this guide will help you to choose best dog chain for outside.

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