Best Food for German Shepherd

As a puppy and dog, a German shepherd looks very beautiful, and everyone loves to hug them. They also show their love and gesture by giving hugs and cuddling their owners. But almost all the owners face an issue with German shepherd food.

As loving as he is, it’s your responsibility to provide him with high-quality food enriched with proteins and nutrition. So today, I will explain to you the best food for German shepherd, which we tested on different dogs and selected the best ones.

 Moreover, we will guide you on which food is more energetic, what you should see before buying, pros and cons of every product. So let’s start!!

best dog food for German shepherd

What type of food does the German shepherd love to eat?

Like humans, dogs also love to eat different things. Most people think that dogs only love to eat meat, and they continuously keep him giving meat. No! This is a wrong concept, which can also make your dog sick.

What different food my German shepherd can Eat? This question arises in many people’s minds, and you also think that. So I will tell you which food he loves the most.

Dry Food:

Dry food is the owner’s first choice, and dogs also love to eat. Dogs love it because it’s super tasty, and the ingredients have health benefits like easy digestion and growth.

Mostly the food is made from grain, meat, and vegetables. Food is cooked in liquid form and then pushed through an extruder to make it solid. Most people serve it in dry form; however, you can also add water while serving.

 As dry food is less expensive and readily available, suitable for the German shepherd, and can be stored for a long time.

Wet food:

Dry food is for the puppies and the big dogs who have difficulty while chewing. It is also beneficial if your dog does not drink much water as it contains 70% moisture.

Wet food is more expensive and has fewer nutrients because of the water content. As a result, your pet needs more food to fulfill his protein and nutrients.

A mixture of dry and wet food:

Most dog owners prefer this food because the dogs love it most. This best food combination will make your dog happier as both requirements are fulfilled in the diet.

You can make two opportunities; mixing the food in a single meal or giving them separately on morning and evening meals.

Home Made diet:

If you are tired of buying food every month or week, then a homemade diet will be the best solution. But making a mixture of protein, vitamins, fats, and carbohydrates can be difficult. So it’s better to contact your veterinarian and get a proper ingredients plan.

Raw Diet:

All dogs most love this type of dog food because it contains the ingredients which wild animals take, like meat, liver, fish, etc. If your German shepherd is weak, this will be the best solution, and you will see improvement in a month.

Generally, owners give their dogs raw food once a month because of its high-energy ingredients, which can make your dog fat and lazy. This food is given to aged, pregnant, and sick canines.

Best German shepherd Food:

Royal Canin German Shepherd Dry Food:

I heard so much about its popularity, I ordered it. After 3 days I received my order. The first expression was so good as it comes in a good and tight condition.

Royal Canin is specifically for adult dogs. The company has written that this food is for 15 month or older dogs, but you manage it with more than 12 months dogs. Food is in kibble shape design which helps your German shepherd to increase chewing ability.

The skin of food is coated with EPA and DHA with fish oil which will be great nutrients for your canine. Moreover, it also contains Glucosamine and chondroitin, which are great for joint and bones health.

The food is a combination of dry and wet food that can make your German shepherd more excited while eating.

  • Best for adult dogs
  • Suitable if your dog has a stomach problem
  • Increase chewing ability
  • Not for puppies

Dr. Gary’s Best Breed German Dry Food:

This package also arrived in nice packing in a short time, but I felt a jerk while receiving it because of its weight.

Dr. Gary is an old veterinarian who developed a formula in the 1990s in which he focused on digestive feed for German shepherds. Likewise, this pack will keep your dog’s digestive system active and healthy.

The food contains energetic ingredients like chicken, brown rice, eggs, and green-lipped sea mussel. If we talk about its health benefits, it is best for joint health, heart health, and gut health.

Dr. Gary especially focuses on quality over and quality; that’s why their food is slow-cooked to ensure that vitamins, minerals, and protein are not compromised.

One of our German shepherds has a serious digestion problem, and he decreases his food day by day. When this pack was served, he ate the food right when we gave it to him. So from our side, the food is highly recommended!

  • Great for picky eaters
  • Best for digestion
  • Full of nutrients
  • High quality
  • A bit pricey

Victor Purpose – Grain-Free Dry Food:

Victor grain-free food is specially designed for German shepherd who has allergy and sensitivity to grain. The product is highly suitable for adult dogs aged more than 1 month. Its ingredients like Glucosamine and Chondroitin prevent joint problems for a long time.

Its main food ingredients contain beef, pork, and fresh fish, which will fulfill dog’s requirements in one meal. These ingredients are great for dog health as they contain protein, vitamins, fatty acids, and proteins.

We have a German shepherd who is ten years old. When we served the food to him, he behaved like 4 years old dog. After one month, his coat becomes softer, and his eyes become bright. So I will definitely choose the Vector again and again.

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  • Grain-free
  • Energetic ingredients
  • Prevent health diseases
  • A dog can vomit for the first time due to a taste change

Purina Pro Plan Wet Food:

Purina’s goal is to provide the best life to fogs by providing them full nutritious food. They made food with an optimized formula that can easily intake breeds of all ages. Purine Pro plan contains fresh meat, poultry, and fish in the food.

The food ingredients are wisely chosen to properly manage the protein, fat, and vitamins for their perfect body structure. Their advanced formula has great health benefits like skin health, digestion, weight management, and energy for aged dogs.

We also tested the food on our Labrador, who has been on dry food for 3 years. He was becoming older by the day, according to what I was observed. After consulting the veterinarian, we decided to give him wet food. After one month of giving Purina wet food, he gets more energetic, and his coat also becomes healthy.

  • The taste is very good
  • A lot of health benefits
  • Pure ingredients
  • Dog teeth do not remain clean due to water-soluble ingredients

Purina ONE SmartBlend Dry Food:

Purina always produces some special for dogs, and this one is so trendy in the market due to its taste and affordable price.

The ingredients contain protein-rich real meat, poultry, and fish, which gives dogs strong muscles and a meaty taste. Pure ingredients contain vitamins, protein, and 100% nutrients. The food for german shepherd is made for all ages of dog breed and provides them with a healthy life.

The recipe is balanced by including dry and wet food in it. So, you won’t have to spend extra money on different packs.

  • A lot of positive reviews from buyers
  • Highly affordable
  • Dog loves the most
  • Cannot stay for a long time

What makes a good Dog food?

Best Food for German Shepherd 6

Dog Food Nutrition:

Your dog’s nutritional needs should be met by the best dog food. While most commercial dog food brands are particularly made to meet at least the basic nutritional requirements for dogs, it’s essential to remember that every dog does not have the same nutritional requirements.

As a result, always check if the food meets your dog’s nutritional needs.


Like humans, animals also love to eat fresh food. Fresh food is not only loved by your pet, but it also has a great impact on its health. Most people prefer to cook fresh food themselves at home, which is time-consuming and dangerous to dog health as you are not an expert in dog food.

Today there are a lot of shops where you can easily buy fresh food.

Guaranteed analysis:

Almost all companies now clearly write complete information about the percentage of vitamins, minerals, protein, and nutrients. The given information is correct and taken very precisely on which you can believe.

So you can easily measure that which things your dog needs the most.


Fat is a vital energy source that plays a role in cell structure, fat-soluble vitamin absorption, and hormone production. Always look that how much fat the food contains. Excessive amounts can cause weight gain in your dog, making him lazy.

Age-suitable food:

Like your dog’s breed and weight, age plays a large role in determining nutritional requirements. The type of food you feed your dog and how much of it is determined by their age. Many foods for senior dogs provide extra help for things like joint pain.

Properly sealed food Pack:

Any dog food that is not packaged properly or has broken seals should not be fed to your dog since it may have been altered or has lost its freshness.

Frequently Ask Questions

How Much should Food German Shepherd eat?

Food is always determined by the age and activities of a dog. The increase and decrease of food can cause a great impact on their health and body structure.

If your dog is active and has more playtime, you should give him more food to intake his energy. Likewise, if your dog is lazy and keeps lying on the bed all day, then you should give him in less quantity.

How do you choose the products?

As we, a group of friends, are dog lovers, each friend has different breeds at home. We keep trying different things on them and see the results after one month. At the same time, we take instructions from our expert veterinarian and perform the test.

We judge the dog changes and after giving our honest review about the product on our website.


German shepherds are very cool pets that require your extra attention. Your attention towards their food is also very crucial, and you should provide delicious food to them. Here is an end of the best food for German shepherd, and we hope that you might have chosen the best for your canine. 

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