Best Shampoo for Dog Smell

Ready to give your canine’s bath time some really spa-like feels? So, to help pet parents narrow down their options, I have found different pet shampoos that truly fit into the most famous fragrance profiles. Because rolling in the dirty things, smelly coats, & health issues can cause the canines to be pongy. But do not worry, here is the complete guide concerning the best shampoos for dog smell along with a few tips when pet parents should visit a vet. 

Best Shampoo for Dog Smell

Why Buying the Best Shampoo for Dog Smell?

Being a responsible pet parent, it is important to keep canines well-groomed. And, to achieve this goal, having a pet friendly shampoo is necessary. This type of shampoo will help maintain the canine’s overall health while controlling external infections. Here, I would like to mention that pet parents should never go overboard, the occasional wash by using a good shampoo will help in neutralizing unpleasant odors without harming the skin. Before getting too far into this discussion, it can be said that canines deserve a good bath but what about smell? Well, there are different reasons behind dog smell such as bacterial or yeast infections, skin infections, chronic halitosis and many others. 

Is It Safe to Use Regular Shampoo for Canines?

Is It Safe to Use Regular Shampoo for Canines?

It is quite easy for pet parents to think that their scented shampoos might help with dog smell however, there are not considered a great option for canines. Human and dog skin have diverse levels of pH, so whenever pet parents use the human shampoo in their canines, they could cause their skin to become flaky and dry while being more vulnerable to bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Moreover, use the anti-itch shampoo for shinny coat.

Reviewed: Best Shampoo for Dog Smell 

Sometimes a canine will only need a shampoo that will help eliminate a stinky smell & when this is the case, the following 5 best shampoos for dog smell are all what pet parents need. 

Aromatherapy Dog Shampoo  

Really wonderful & gentle scent that is perfect for every canine with a simple and short list of ingredients which I truly appreciate. Pet parents can actually smell the chamomile and lavender in the shampoo. It is worth sharing that Aromatherapy is also great for pet parents who have to take their canines to the groomer to have them bathed. Now there is no need to spend extra money on those expensive visits to groomers.

There is something magical in this shampoo that can completely relax the canines. The most noticeable feature of the Aromatherapy shampoo is that it always left the canines smelling better for a long time that different other options tried. But please be very careful & avoid getting shampoo into the canine’s eyes & ears for an enjoyable bathing experience.

  • Sulfate free 
  • Vet & groomer approved 
  • No harmful chemicals 
  • Support healthy and shiny coat 
  • Anti-itch 
  • Does not produce rich lather 

Pro Pet Works Dog Shampoo 

Pro Pet Works Dog Shampoo 

This product did a great job of keeping canines neat and clean and highly recommended for multiple pet households. The shampoo is thick & lathers up nicely which really helped to get the canine clean thoroughly. It can be considered as a great addition to a canine’s washing routine. Furthermore, it also works perfectly for the itchy skin, the smell is wonderful without being overpowering like some others. We have tested this shampoo at our labs for different breeds like beagles, huskies, and golden retrievers. According to our experts, Pro Pet dog shampoo is excellent for all dogs but avoid it using on dogs with sensitive skin.

However, the trick is to dilute this shampoo with water before applying it onto the canine’s body & then rinse thoroughly. Another important reason behind including this product on this list is that it appears to be extremely natural. Overall, an all-in-one product i.e. shampoo + conditioner that helps cut down on the wash & conditioning time while being extremely affordable. 

  • Safe for daily use 
  • Advanced formulation 
  • Paraben and cruelty free 
  • Help reduce wet dog smell 
  • Best for dry skin
  • Not for canines with sensitive skin

Alpha Dog Series Shampoo 

Maltese lovers will surely be happy with the performance of Alpha dog shampoo as this dog breed usually gets stains in the eyes & sanitary area. Even though it is a bit expensive dog shampoo as compared to others, but it is worth every penny spent. It smells very good & the scent easily lasts for two days in canines. The best thing is that this shampoo came well packed & nicely sealed without any leakage issues.

Moreover, the Pet parents can immediately notice a huge difference in their precious Maltese coat because it makes the coat look softer and whiter. However, it would be great if the brand would consider the same product with some other scents as well. Overall, the shampoo is great and highly convenient for canines who do not like getting wet too much. 

  • 2-in-1 formula 
  • Tear free 
  • Natural and deep cleansing ingredients 
  • Without whitening agents 
  • Gentle on canine’s skin
  • Costly 

HONEYDEW Dog Shampoo 

This shampoo has been great & will continue recommending it to every caring pet parent over there. Due to being a luxurious shampoo, it lathers up fast. The calming scent is good for a new energetic pup, not itchiness or redness after taking a bath. It is worth sharing that HONEYDEW shampoo can easily be used on canines of all breeds & sizes. For a gentle formula, this particular shampoo works amazingly at cleaning & deodorizing.

The shampoo is also highly recommended for flea season because it contains lavender, & lavender is considered as a natural flea repellent. Well, the only thing that could be improved is related to the shape of the bottle. It is a bit tough to squeeze more shampoo with wet hands. 

  • Contain 100% pure oils
  • Hydrate dull coat 
  • Neutralize odors 
  • Highly versatile product 
  • High quality ingredients 
  • Few canines might suffer from skin issues due to essential oils 

Earthbath Pet Shampoo 

HONEYDEW Dog Shampoo 

A highly preferred unscented dog shampoo as the scented shampoos are obnoxiously strong in odor & cannot perform better when it comes to eliminating the canine’s unpleasant body odors. After trying so many all-natural products, it can be said that Earthbath shampoo helped a lot to get the canine’s cleaning job done. This shampoo worked well whenever used without the need for conditioner as it already contained aloe and oatmeal.

It is also best for pet parents who are looking for a product that can treat dog’s allergies and itchiness. The ingredients are safe and do not irritate the skin. Moreover, it cleanses quite well & leaves the canine’s skin well moisturized. While on the other hand , the packaging of this shampoo needs improvements due to leakage problems.

  • Best for flaky, dry & itchy skin
  • Wonderfully cleans & soften the skin
  • Sulfate and cruelty free 
  • Give the best value for money 
  • Help support shiny coat 
  • Runny consistency 

Buying Guide: Best Shampoo for Dog Smell 

While pet parents want something that smells great, they should consider some other factors as well because the selected product can affect the canine’s skin and health. So, there are a few things that pet parents should pay attention to while buying the dog shampoo for dog smell.  

What Makes the Best Shampoo for Dog Smell?

While picking a good dog shampoo in order to tackle a pongy pup, it is advised that pet parents should look for a product that can easily remove excess oils, leaves a pleasant odor, & has some odor neutralizing properties. Moreover, having too much synthetic chemicals in a shampoo is not recommended. Pet parents can also consider buying organic shampoos or shampoos which have organic ingredients. Likewise, having cruelty free and Paraben free shampoo is very important.  

Why Do Few Canines Have Strong Odors?

Well, there are different reasons including the following that: why canines sometimes smell worse?

  • Debris, grime, and dirt buildup in their coats 
  • Excessive buildup of oil 
  • Few canines have a habit of rolling around on almost everything they find comfortable. So, it might be possible that the smell is due to the fact they roll in dirty or smelly items. 
  • Some health conditions can also contribute to the bad odors, such as yeast infections, seborrhea, food allergies, poor dental health, impacted anal sacs, and ear infections. 

Is It Common for Canines to Stink After Taking a Bath?

Yes, it is common however in conjunction with a few factors, i.e.  The water used for a bath, any lingering oils, bacteria, or yeasts on the canine’ skin or coat. It is better to make a regular grooming routine and wipe away any discharge around his eyes or ears to prevent other health issues. Apart from this, clean his skin and fur thoroughly right after shower or bath. 

Final Thoughts 

Overall, it can be said that shampooing the canine’s coat is extremely essential not only for how he looks after a shower but also for his health. All the above-listed dog shampoos will serve the best purpose for his coat & skin while also being tougher on dirt. I must say that natural is always the right way to go, however few pet parents feel like some natural formulas are not good at tackling unpleasant odors. But the best thing is that, with these 5 amazing shampoos pet parents do not have to make a choice between effective and healthy. 

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