Best Cat Food for Older Cats with Bad Teeth

The majority of cats can show signs of oral diseases, mainly gingivitis, after turning 3. So, as the cats’ age, the risk for different health problems will only increase. And, no doubt the best cat food for older cats with bad teeth is quite a common concern among pet owners. Keeping this in mind, the article will explore the top 5 cat foods on the basis of quality, taste, and healthy ingredients that can serve the purpose for older cats with bad teeth. 

Best Cat Food for Older Cats with Bad Teeth

Some Important Things to Consider About Dental Issues in Older Cats 

Pet parents probably do not pay close attention to the cat’s dental health but as a caring cat owner, this factor is extremely important. Here are the few things that cat owners have to know about dental issues in older cats. 

  • Good and well-balanced diet is surely the basis for healthy teeth 
  • It is advised to brush the cat’s teeth daily 
  • Gum disease has various different stages 
  • Dry food items can help keep the cat’s teeth neat and clean 
  • Untreated dental issues can lead to sudden weight loss

It is vital to mention that knowing the basics of a cat’s dental health can help pet parents to avoid the above-listed issues. Because things get worse as the cat ages. 

Significance of the Healthy Teeth in Older Cats 

So, the condition of the cat’s teeth can have a great impact on his/her overall health and wellbeing. Other ailments can develop when a cat’s gums and teeth are not getting the right care. Furthermore, older cats will feel more uncomfortable while eating. Taking necessary steps in order to protect the older cat’s dental health is definitely a vital part of being a responsible pet owner. It is worth sharing that whenever infections develop from dirty or unhealthy teeth and gums, they will travel via the bloodstream to compromise the cat’s vital organs. 

Cat bad teeth

Why Do Older Cats Have Bad Teeth?

When plaque develops along the cat’s gum line, extremely painful inflammation usually follows. Pet parents should know that plaque can attack older feline’s teeth just like the way it attacks theirs. Moreover, felines with unhealthy diets tend to have bad teeth as compared to felines with a well-balanced diet that consists of both dry/wet & raw food items. 

Reviewed: Best Cat Food for Older Cats with Bad Teeth 

As mentioned earlier, older felines are more prone to bad teeth and other related dental problems because they cannot produce sufficient calcium in order to keep bones strong due to being old. It is important to share that older felines must eat healthy yet soft food items that are easily chewable. Finding the best food can be tough due to the number of options in the market. But do not worry as I did all the homework and selected the following 5 best products. 

Sheba Perfect Cat Food 

This amazing product has literally been a real lifesaver for older cats with bad teeth. The best thing is that there are individual portions & you do not have to keep any smelly or open cans in the fridge. So, in fact it is as easy as opening the yoghurt containers. In other words, it is just about right for a what senior cat can easily eat in one sitting.  Use this food for your adorable feline to get rid of constipation. I still remember, when my lovely ragdoll was facing same issue, and someone recommended me this food, and after using this, she was feeling better and healthy.

Older cats love this stuff & it does not make them stink and toot like the famous brands that contain corn, wheat gluten, gluten, & other starches and grains that cats’ sensitive digestive systems are not designed for. And, Sheba is a grain-free cat food therefore, it seems perfectly good for the price. Moreover, the packaging is extremely convenient & easy to recycle. Well, it does have by-products but meat is the 1st product listed.  

  • Good packing 
  • Perfect portion size 
  • Has plastic holders for easy upright storage 
  • Delightfully flavorful 
  • Light & delectable texture 
  • A bit pricey 

Meow Mix Cat Food 

Meow Mix Cat Food 

This is a premium quality cat food & contains most of the nutrients that help treat the dental issues in older cats. Here, I would like to share that many pet parents think that Meow Mix is absolutely junk & not very healthy but this is not true. It is certainly much healthier and tastier than what they had usually been scavenging from trash cans & what not. This product has a decent nutritional profile while being economical. Many people complaints that the company always delivered the order late, but I have never faced this issue because we mostly use Amazon for purchasing the foods and other stuff.

Truly appreciate the fact that Meow Mix cat food has proven to keep older cats healthy & properly nourished over time. The kibble is also small just right for the feline’s small mouth. However, the only concern is related to the packaging. It is quite difficult to open the bag without tearing it so, not particularly easy to seal tight due to the tears in the bag. 

  • 100% complete & balanced nutrition 
  • Very delicious 
  • Best for picky eaters
  • Protein rich diet 
  • Promotes & maintains good dental health 
  • Kibbles are very small so there is no room for tender centers 

Purina Fancy Cat Food 

This particular cat food seemed to have wonderful ingredients while being affordable. It has a cleaner smell & less fatty globs as compared to other cat foods.  No doubt, this is the best vet recommended product for older cats. And also worth mentioning, if pet parents do their own research, they will surely find that there is really is not anything bad about meat-by-products, even if they caught something wild, felines eat more than just a clean meat, they obviously gnaw through some tendons, bone, organs & other kinds of tissues.

The Purina Fancy cat food has had the most fruitful impact on older cats’ health & it is such a hidden and precious gem as it is priced quite affordably. Of all the wet food items, finicky eaters have ever tried, they truly love this one. The texture is very soft & there are large pieces so even older cats with bad teeth can easily handle it. 

  • Premium quality ingredients 
  • 100% complete & balanced nutrition 
  • Grain free 
  • Smooth texture 
  • Highly digestible 
  • Shelf-life is short 

Blue Buffalo Food 

Pet parents will definitely see improved cat health after switching to Blue Buffalo food.  The quality of ingredients is great as compared to other similarly priced older cat foods. The 1st ingredient listed is chicken, unlike different other competitors. Moreover, the food is extremely easy to chew because the kibbles are small. It can be said that feeding a wholesome holistic kind of food items combined with fresh & clean filtered water & no junky treats has surely been a key to cat’s good health while avoiding illness & trips to vets.

Likewise, no doubt the Blue Buffalo cat food has been great for older felines with bad teeth & has been worth every penny of the additional cost when pet parents compare it to crap products currently available at the supermarkets that will eventually cost them vet bills in the longer run. So, all those cat owners who are planning to change their elderly cat food then, this is surely something I would recommend switching to. 

  • Ensure healthy lifestyle 
  • Help maintain strong muscles 
  • Support eye and heart health 
  • Vet no. 1 recommended 
  • Contains no preservatives or flavors
  • Packaging needs improvement 

Purina DentalLife Cat Treats 

This product really works because cats have clean, strong teeth & their breath smells much better than expected. Pet parents can even use these treats to help with their older cat’s tartar and plaque. The best thing is that, the large size container is very budget friendly than multiple small packages. They definitely last longer than the other commonly available treats.

Additionally, the product’s innovative design has a unique, permeable texture that allow the feline’s tooth to easily penetrate it thus, helping to clean her teeth on different sides while reducing tartar buildup. Great value as compared to all other dental treats. It can be said that this food is quite different both healthy and tasty. Really appreciate the fact that this brand has made this food in a healthiest way. 

  • Effectively clean cat’s teeth
  • Has added taurine and calcium 
  • Available in 2 flavors 
  • No artificial colors or flavors 
  • Give the best value for money 
  • Few cats might not like the taste 

Buying Guide: Best Cat Food for Older Cats with Bad Teeth 

If your older feline is suffering from dental issues then, the best practice is to look for those cat foods that will help keep their teeth neat and clean while providing nutritional advantages. This buying guide will cover all the relevant information that should be kept in mind while selecting the best cat food for bad teeth. 

Should Cat Owners Select Dry Food or Wet Food for Older Cats with Bad Teeth?

Well, this question is surely the most important one while selecting readymade food items for older cats. The final depends upon the requirements of pet parents. Dry food items are usually hard to chew & are less nutritive as compared to wet items. However, it is easy to keep them for a long time. On the other hand, wet food items are juicy & soft thus, considered perfect for older cats having dental issues. But they get rotten after some time. 

What Ingredients Should be Avoided While Purchasing Cat Food for Dental Problems?

Firstly, the selected product should not contain any artificial preservatives or colors. Secondly, try to avoid a product that is rich in fat. Carbs are also not good for the dental health of cats. 

What Causes Bad Teeth in Older Cats?

Dental problems are quite common in older cats and most of the problems are usually linked with the accumulation of dental plaque. The leading reasons are as follows:

  • Unhealthy diet
  • Infection 
  • Tooth alignment 

How Can Pet Parents Tell If Their Older Cats Have Dental Issues?

It is vital to mention that checking for dental issues in older cats might be a tricky process. However, most of the time, the cats will tell pet parents themselves by simply pawing at the jaw, avoiding food or drooling. Some obvious signs are as follows:

  • Gum bleeding
  • Plaque buildup
  • Gum recession 
  • Broken teeth 
  • Inflammation and redness in gums 
  • Weight loss 
  • Bad breath 

How Pet Parents Can Improve Cats’ Dental Health?

The recommended practice is to visit a qualified vet regularly to check the cat’s oral health. He will clean the teeth if required. In order to prevent teeth problems or maintain oral health in older cats, there are practices that will serve the best purpose such as, feeding dry food items are usually recommended, especially a vet recommended diet in which protein is the leading ingredient. Moreover, there are different cat treats that are especially designed to maintain oral health. 

Final Thoughts:

It is important to feed older cats with bad teeth a healthy and well-balanced diet that they can chew & digest easily. Dental issues are considered a certain part of the feline’s aging process. Luckily, there is a wide range of products that are especially designed to help treat dental problems in older cats. It is worth mentioning that brushing the cat’s teeth daily is not feasible for many pet parents. Therefore, buying the best cat food for older cats with bad teeth is highly recommended. 

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