Best Washable Dog Pee Pads

Although having a canine is super exciting and a great experience for pet lovers, but along with that happiness comes a few challenges, house training being the most obvious one. Moreover, when dog lovers adopt the puppies, they often have to purchase different items including collars, harnesses, leashes, food & water dishes are just a few of the things they might need in order to welcome the new pet. Well, in some cases, puppy pads might also be required. Pee pads are not just excellent and useful items for housetraining the puppies, they can also help sick or senior canines that might have issues getting to their outdoor bathrooms whenever they need to. 

So, all those pet parents who are planning to potty train their canines, I would recommend buying the washable pee pads as a practical option. As, pee pads are especially designed to help pet parents coach their pooches to do their business in a certain place indoor thus, making the whole process of toilet training easy. Since there are different washable dog pee pads available on the market, today I am going to review the 5 best washable dog pee pads to help buyers select the right option. 

Best washable dog pee pads

Why Only Washable Pee Pads?

Because washable pee pads work better for different situations:

  • Assisting aging or sick canines 
  • Housetraining the pups 
  • Lining carrier and crates 
  • During travel to protect car seats 
  • Comfortable for canines
  • Washable pee pads are eco-friendly 
  • Better than Reusable dog diapers

Reviewed: Best Washable Dog Pee Pads 

House training the canines consists of making many trips outside while pet parents carefully look for the signals that canines need to go but accidents happen, particularly during the 1st few weeks. And, it is impossible for pet parents to stay at home all the time so, here arises the need for dog pee pads to help prevent odors, messes, & ruined floors. If pet owners are ready to start house training the canines, here are the best washable dog pee pads.

Yangbaga Washable Pad

Yangbaga Washable Pad

Before moving ahead, I would like to say that prospective buyers should avoid spending a lot of money on disposable dog pads when they can get Yangbaga washable dog pee pads. This amazing product has 4 layers of soft material. The best thing is that there is a comfortable Velcro cloth especially for urine absorption. Apart from this, pet parents can directly wash the pads in the machine more than 300 times and the pads will never shrink.

Furthermore, there is a velvet on the outer layer to prevent urine leakage along with a non-slippery rubber layer especially designed to prevent the pad from moving here & there. The product is capable of absorbing urine in 2-3 minutes. I’m impressed by its packing and the customer support by company is really amazing.

  • Washable & reusable 
  • Great absorbency 
  • Non slip bottom 
  • Better absorption
  • More efficient 
  • Few buyers have reported odor issues 

User Experience:

According to the buyers, the Yangbaga washable pee pads are simply amazing due to being soft and durable. Many customers have commented that the pee pads are perfect senior canines or ones with incontinence. 

KOOLTAIL Washable Dog Pads 

KOOLTAIL Washable Dog Pads 

It is worth sharing the KOOLTAIL pee pads use a simple yet attractive color that is extremely famous among pet parents. The color and design fits perfectly with the home décor so, it will be quite natural when placed inside the home. Furthermore, the pads can be folded to ensure easy storage & is a perfect option for home travel. These pee pads are suitable for use with puppies & larger canines of any breed. We have used this for small breeds like poodles and cane corso, results are overall good.

The product has 4 layers, and each layer offers comfort while protecting urine from leaking. The KOOTAIL dog pads can be used to train pooches to use the washroom indoors & at the same time, these pads can be used as changing pads or bed pads for other small pets. As compared to other brands, these pads can hold more & more liquid without leaving those annoying water stains. 

  • Wonderful water absorption 
  • Quality materials
  • Very smooth and soft 
  • Lightweight & washable 
  • Comfortable for lying  
  • Shrink when washed 

User Experience:

Many dog owners have bought the KOOLTAIL pee dogs and they simply loved them. The majority of the dog owners liked the fact that the pads are more absorbent as compared to the pee pads offered by the high-end brands. 

Pet Parents Washable Pee Pads 

All those dog owners who prefer non-disposable options, should consider buying the pet parents’ washable pee pads. The product consists of 2 washable dog pee pads, & every pad is made of WickQuick fabric blend, triple stitch binding. The durable and soft material wicks & absorbs liquids quickly while preventing the canines from tracking the messes onto the house floors.

Moreover, these dog pee pads are currently available in the option of square, round, & rectangular shapes & prospective buyers can select from different available sizes. Since pet parents can throw these pee pads into the washing machine, they will create less waste & can save a lot of hard-earned money on restocking the disposable stashes.  

  • Perfect in odor control and absorption 
  • One convenient pee pad 
  • Non-slip grip 
  • Anti-tracking 
  • Durable 
  • The pads stink 

User Experience:

According to buyers, the pet parents’ pee pads work as advertised. They are comfortable enough to lay on, extremely absorbent with a waterproof bottom. All in all, they are worth buying. 

Kluein Washable Pads  

Now, pet parents are in a better position to protect the beddings, floor, and furniture from dog’s urine after getting the Kluein washable pee pads. These pads are around 36×41”& have extra heavy stitching along with a very soft quilted top with four layers. The pads also have a waterproof inner barrier to let them perform better after every wash. It is worth sharing that as compared to other commonly available pee pads, the Kluein washable pads are more economical and eco-friendly. The Kluein washable pee pads do not allow any liquid pass through the material even when pet parents use them multiple times thus, making them a great option to use in crates during travel. 

  • High quality and durable 
  • Fast absorption 
  • Budget friendly 
  • Lightweight  
  • Great value for money
  • Not 100% waterproof 
  • Flimsy

User Experience:

Pet parents have commented that they bought many different types of pee pads for their dogs but Kluein are by far the best ones. They are large, light colored to ensure maximum visibility. Overall, buyers are happy with the performance of these washable pee pads. 


The last product on this list is offered by HUMANE Pet, these washable pee pads have 4 innovative layers. Upper layer is known as a breathable quilted layer that is designed to enhance safety and comfort. Afterwards, there is a super-absorbent layer to trap all the moisture. There is a PVC waterproof bedding protection as well in order to prevent canine’s urine from leaking whereas a non-slip safety coating tightly seals the pad’s backing to prevent it from moving and slipping. The HUMANE PET pee pads are recommended for all dog breeds and sizes. Furthermore, the pads are machine washable & highly durable to ensure effective and fast maintenance.  

  • Superior absorbency 
  • Pet-friendly design 
  • Breathable 
  • Washable & easy to clean 
  • Slip resistant bottom
  • Great but they stain terribly  

User Experience:

Buyers have absolutely loved these washable pee pads. According to them, these pee pads are washable, durable, and absorbent. They are of good size, reusable, & do not leak while being affordable. 

Buying Guide: Best Washable Dog Pee Pads 

Selecting the right washable pee pads will depend on the breed type & personal preferences of the buyers. But there are some other factors that pet parents should consider before making a final buying decision. 

How to Select the Best Washable Dog Pee Pads?

Every pet parent wants a pee pad that will simplify the whole process of house training. Irrespective of the budget, pet parents have to consider some other factors before selecting the best washable dog pee pads. Well, prospective buyers should remember that they might need to switch between different products before zeroing in on the right option. 

  • Type and purpose of the pee pads 
  • Construction & absorbing capacity 
  • Performance & odor control feature 
  • Pad size 
  • Additional features & considerations 

Do Washable Dog Pee Pads Really Work?

Yes, washable pee pads can hold far more urine or other liquids, dry fast can easily be used for upto 48 hours before replacing & washing. 


In the end, it can be concluded that washable dog pee pads offer a fast & convenient way to help pet parents train the canines to do their business where they want it. Here, I would like to share that prospective buyers should keep comfort, absorbency, and size in mind while buying the best washable pee pads for dogs. So, whether pet parents are training small pups or helping senior canines, they should try to get the good quality washable pee pads to house train their little mates quickly and efficiently. 

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