Best Timothy Hay Cut for Chinchillas

Chinchillas are considered very docile and lovely pets. Nowadays, they are becoming a famous choice & majority of the pets avidly love to keep them. Although they are very easy to manage & raise, chinchillas will definitely live healthily and happily but it depends on the eating habits & how pet parents treat them. Chinchillas are playful, responsive and a fun pet.

Caring for the chinchillas is not difficult however, they need some special items daily in order to optimize their quality of life and overall health. And, hay offers a great deal of required nutrients for chinchillas. Getting the best timothy hay cut for chinchillas will ensure that pet parents are meeting their recommended nutrition needs. Moreover, timothy hay cut has to be a staple in the chinchilla’s diet & include a wide range of fiber, minerals, and nutrients.

Timothy Hay Cut for Chinchillas

In other words, just like other small rodent pets, chinchillas need a fixed supply of the hay cut in order to balance the digestive tract. It is advised to select a premium-quality and famous brand that is free of artificial and harmful preservatives and pesticides. Keeping this in mind, I have selected 4 different popular brands to help chinchillas’ owners make an informed decision.

Why Should One Only Feed Hay to Chinchillas?

Hay is important for chinchillas in order to function properly. Due to the high fiber content, hay serves the best purpose for chinchillas. Apart from this, it plays an important role in the smooth development of the chinchilla’s chewing abilities.  So, chinchillas should eat hay daily to help dental health in the best condition.

How Much Timothy Hay Should Pet Parents Give to Chinchillas?

The chinchillas should have complete access to the unlimited quantity of the hay. Chinchillas eat a lot of food for their cute tiny bodies. Therefore, pet parents try storing a considerable quantity of the hay. If the selected hay does not contain any sugary flavors, then, pet parents can give their chinchillas 4-5 tbs daily.

In the meantime, treats and fruits should be offered in fewer quantities. It is worth sharing the amount of timothy hay chinchillas should eat also depends on the metabolism. Well, if your beloved chinchilla only eats 2-3 tbs per day then, do not force him to have more.  

What are the Different Types of Hays?

Currently there are two common types of the hays namely alfalfa and timothy. These are 2 extensively used hay types & there are numerous types of both products in the marketplace. But there is a lot of difference between these two types.

Timothy hay

Timothy hay is used frequently with mature chinchillas. on the other hand, alfalfa is best suited for young chinchillas & those with sensitive stomach and digestive system. Another type of the hay is hayothy hay, which is low in protein and calcium but rich in fiber.

What If Chinchillas Do Not Eat Timothy Hay?

The recommended practice is to try different types of timothy hay cut, like 1st cut or 2nd cut. Because your beloved chinchilla might be bored of the taste or texture of the hay, he is currently eating. Or else, pet parents can add a few apples or carrots to the timothy hay in order to add some color or flavor. Likewise, it is better to reduce the quantities of other items you are serving because in this way, he will prefer to eat hay as no other option will be available to him. With all these, don’t forget to add water bottles in its cage.   

Product Reviews:

Selecting the best timothy hay cut for chinchillas is not an easy task but it is also not very complicated especially when prospective buyers know few useful tips & information. Even though there are numerous options currently available out there however I have reviewed and listed only the premium-quality and best timothy hay cut for chinchillas, one can buy.

Kaytee Timothy Hay

Kaytee Timothy Hay

I ordered this for my dear chinchilla. The product came packed wonderfully. The delivery process was hassle-free, and everything was on time. I truly like this timothy hay cut as my chinchilla loves eating it. The quality is great, it is tightly packed and fresh so, as per personal experience I get the best value for money.

I have bought the same timothy hay from another brand as well but after getting this I have noticed a huge difference when it comes to taste, stiffness, and color. These timothy hay cuts were crispy and light, aesthetically pleasing to palate and mind. Moreover, the generous finish of the carrot always brings a gentle mildness & austere boldness to the entire ensemble. However, it would be good if the brand avoids adding Marigolds because my Chinchilla never touches those.

  • High fiber content
  • Promote digestive health
  • All-natural timothy hay
  • Contain dried treats
  • Good texture & flavor
  • According to few customers, some shipments arrived dry & dusty

Small Pet Timothy Hay Cut

Great timothy hay cut, so much cheaper and better than the high-end brands. My chinchilla loves this hay & is very happy with it. It was delivered to me on time and was packed wonderfully in a cardboard box. In fact, I highly appreciate the convenience of getting this amazing timothy hay cut. A little messy but I guess that is the nature of any timothy hay.

The timothy hay was of superb quality even though it had less leaves and more stems as compared to the hay that I normally buy from my nearby supplier. The hay was green, & it also had many seed heads which my Chinchilla loved. I really wish that the quality & taste remain consistent. Well, on the downside, when I opened the box, it smelled a bit fishy but do not worry, it went away after a few hours.

  • High quality product
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Soft texture
  • Perfect blend of nutrients
  • Help support chinchilla’s dental health
  • Freshness & quality may vary between different shipments

Kaytee 2nd Cut Timothy Hay

Kaytee 2nd Cut Timothy Hay

This timothy hay cut is my chinchilla’s favorite product. No doubt, this hay is much better and healthier for my chinchilla than the 1st cutting was. Well, he was ok with the first cutting as well but I noticed he’d finish fast while leaving behind many stems, therefore I decided to order a 2nd cut hay. Such a wonderful improvement, he got super excited & chowed down.

The best thing is that this timothy hay cut smells good & there are some other items mixed in this hay to give it some variety. My only concern is related to the quantity, which is much smaller than advertised. I am not happy with the shipping process, because the whole process was very slow with poor packaging. Due to late shipping, most of the hay was dusty.

  • Wonderful quality & value
  • Good texture
  • Available in both 1st & 2nd cut
  • No artificial colors or preservatives
  • Very tasty
  • Wish it was not so dusty

Vitakraft Timothy Hay Cut

Vitakraft Timothy Hay Cut

My chinchilla has very strong opinions about each & everything especially when it comes to food.  In fact, when he is unhappy, he always throws his bowl around, but luckily since I have found Vitakraft hay, my chinchilla has been very happy. He loves the size of this hay & the provided crunchiness.  Surprisingly, the timothy hay cut is great and tasty.

The pieces are of good size, which is exactly what my chinchilla prefers. The most noticeable feature is that the hay has great moisture content, & the bag is also resealable. And everyone knows resealable bags always keep the timothy hay cut fresh. Well, I would not recommend Vitakraft hay to all those chinchilla owners who are looking for very long strands. Because this timothy hay cut is shredded into small pieces.

  • All-natural hay
  • Promote dental health
  • Support proper digestion
  • Source of healthy & balanced diet
  • Healthy & fresh option
  • A bit messy


When it comes to selecting Best Timothy Hay Cut for Chinchillas, experts suggest our top pick. Our products include all timothy hay that is free of pesticides and additives. This has an ideal green leaves ratio and is high in fiber and low in calcium. So don’t wait, just select the product and make your friend happy!!

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