Best Food for German Shepherd Puppies

In the United States of America, German Shepherds are considered the most famous breed, holding the 2nd position right after Labradors.  German shepherds look imposing while being amazing guard dogs. Apart from this, they are wonderful service dogs and family pets. They are loyal, confident, highly trainable & usually very friendly with kids.

But in this article, I will be focusing on the feeding requirements of German Shepherd puppies. It is worth sharing that German Shepherd Puppies might grow up to be courageous, noble, & one of the most energetic breeds around but just like other puppies, German Shepherd Puppies start out being playful and cute.

So, concerning German Shepherd Puppies getting their right and balanced nutrition is surely a key to a happy and healthy life. And the best time to feed German Shepherd puppies a nutritious and high-quality diet is from birth to around 4 months. Continue reading the article in order to know more about the best foods for German Shepherd puppies.

How Much Food Should German Shepherd Puppies Eat?

Young puppies can enjoy 3-4 meals in a day until they are 6 months old. The best practice is to dish out the meals into the bowls early morning, & use these servings as training treats. This will also slow down the potential for overeating & the problems that always come with overeating.

It is advised to consider the feeding amount instructions that are mentioned on the selected product’s packaging. Pet parents can also adjust the serving size if they think that puppies are looking very skinny or even gaining a little too much weight.

Dry or Wet Food for German Shepherd Puppies?

As compared to wet food, dry food is more convenient & budget-friendly. Kibbles is considered good when it comes to removing plaque from Puppy’s teeth. But unfortunately, dry food has less water content. In order to avoid kidney and liver problems in puppies, pet parents should ensure that puppies should drink plenty of water. Wet food contains 80% of water thus, a great option to keep puppies well-hydrated.

Do German Shepherd Puppies Need Supplements?

Usually, vets will advise supplements to senior German Shepherds to keep their joints and heart in the best state. Just like human beings, canines can experience wear & tear on their organs and limbs. But if you own a healthy puppy then just feed him a well-balanced and nutritious diet, additional supplements are not recommended.

Product Reviews:

The best pet parents can do for adorable and super cute German Shepherd Puppies is to offer them premium-quality and tasty dog food. Being an active, & strong dog breed, they usually rely on power-packed food to flourish. Hopefully, the below-reviewed dog foods will help German Shepherd puppy owners to make an informed decision by selecting the right one according to the puppy’s health requirements.

Diamond Naturals Puppy Food

I have been pleasantly amazed by how well my German Shepherd puppy has done on Diamond Naturals dog food. I ordered this product on my brother’s recommendation. Firstly, the delivery was made on time and the food was packed securely. And now after 5 months, I am extremely happy and satisfied with the results of this dog food.

And most importantly, this food smells really good. If pet parents are considering doing a switch, then, it is advised to mix it gradually with the food your puppies are currently eating, as they can experience diarrhea.  After buying this food, I finally realized that saving money on low-quality foods could cost much more in the longer run. So, go ahead and order this food to make your puppy happier and healthier.


·         Exceptional quality ingredients

·         Provide holistic & complete nutrition

·         Help support Puppy’s growth & development

·         Make skin and coat healthy

·         Great value


·         A bit pricey

Blue Buffalo Puppy Food

My 3-month-old German Shepherd puppy is a very picky eater. I have changed 5 brands of canine food & finally decided to give Blue Buffalo dog food a try. The smell is good, thankfully not that strong. I prefer adding a little amount of lukewarm water in order to soak the kibble for 4-5 minutes before feeding.

It helps release the taste and smell and that’s why my precious puppy loves the food. It provides my puppy with enough energy for fast growth and daily activities. I have been sticking with this puppy food for almost 7 months now. I personally believe that the ingredients list is amazing for puppies as compared to other high-end brands as there are no artificial flavors or fillers. No doubt, the product is very expensive but well worth it.


·         Help support strong bones and growth

·         Premium-quality healthy ingredients

·         Promote retinal health

·         Grain-free formula

·         Very delicious


·         Few puppies may experience diarrhea

Royal Canin Puppy Food

It might not be the best one but has amazing ingredients at an affordable price range. Moreover, this dog breed has a sensitive stomach which can lead to vomiting, bloating, diarrhea, etc. So, for the quality and price, I think this is worth buying and the healthiest food pet parents can give to their puppies. My German Shepherd puppy has been enjoying this product since he was 7 weeks old & now, he is 8 months old & thankfully still doing well.

He loves the food to the extent that sometimes I use the kibble to reward this good behavior. I feel happy about investing a bit extra money to get Royal Canin dog food over other commonly available products as I know the food is giving him everything which he needs to develop a healthy body.


·         Fulfill the nutritional needs of puppies

·         Support healthy digestion

·         Promote the health of joints and bones

·         Support the natural defenses of the puppy

·         Give the best value for money


·         Packaging needs improvement

Wellness Complete Puppy Food

With several wonderful dog foods available on the market, it is very hard to select the right one. The problem with the majority of the puppies I own usually comes down to the quantity of protein that they can eat. Even the high-end and highly recommended products are only too protein-rich thus, causing unbearable gas with soft & unformed stools. And I guess, neither is healthy nor normal.

But luckily, Wellness complete has less protein along with other ingredients, allowing for usual processing & healthy elimination. Here, I would like to mention that every puppy is different & sometimes it might take several trials before getting your hands on the right food. It is better to purchase the smallest packaging and try it first.


·         Healthy proteins

·         Support the puppy’s growth & development

·         No meat, fillers, or byproducts

·         Ensure healthy coat and skin

·         Non-GMO ingredients


·         Not a good option for picky eaters

Instinct Raw Dog Food

One of my German Shepherd puppies is very picky, but to my surprise, he loves this food. Instinct is surely a well-known and quality brand. So, knowing the brand & seeing all the amazing stuff when it comes to the ingredient list, I think the food is definitely worth the try. However, as with any new dog food, it is better to introduce the food slowly to help avoid stomach issues. In other words, try the new food or diet over a period of 6-7 days.

I appreciate the combination of freeze-dried raw pieces and kibble. It is good that the brand offers a wide range of proteins including chicken for all those puppies who have food sensitivities and allergies.  My only concern is related to prices, the product comes with a hefty price tag.


·         Support healthy digestion

·         Make skin & coat healthy

·         Balanced and complete nutrition

·         Protein packed

·         Minimally processed


·         Very expensive

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