Best Dog Food for Bully Breeds

Bully breeds are the opposite of their namesake. Bullies are very friendly, loyal, loving, playful, and affectionate. Bully breeds are exceptionally active and healthy but still, they should be fed a balanced diet to help them thrive. Honestly speaking, buying high-quality dog food can be very tricky due to the unexpected recalls of famous brands & new food sensitivities popping up all over.

Regardless of the breed type & size, it is hard to select the right food. However, it can be extremely tough to find healthy food for Bully breeds as they need more protein and calories. These big canines need a little more care and special attention. While fairly fit and healthy, bully breeds may need a specific diet with low carbs & limited ingredients.

So, all those pet parents who are looking for the best dog food for bully breeds should continue reading this article. I have reviewed 5 of the best and safest options out there ranging from fresh to dry, from senior bully to puppy.

Which Dog Breeds come under the Category of Bully Breeds?

Numerous breeds are known as Bully dogs & they can have immensely different temperaments, looks, & breed histories. But still bully breeds have one important thing in common & i.e., they descend directly from muscular Molosser canines, large canines that previously originated in Greece & had short muzzles and pendant ears.

The majority of the bullies are happy, loyal family companions. Some of the most famous bully breeds are:

·         American Bulldog

·         Boston Terrier

·         Bull Terrier

·         American Staffordshire

·         English Bulldog

·         Pug

·         Great Dane

·         French Bulldog

·         Rottweiler

What are Bully Breeds Allergic To?

Well, the answer to this question is multi-faceted. Every dog can have different reactions to different food ingredients. Mostly, bully breeds react negatively when it comes to soy or corn while other breeds can have allergies to preservatives and beef. so, it is all about keeping an eye on symptoms & working with the Bully’s vet in case of food allergies and other health issues.

Are Supplements Good for Bully Breeds?

As mentioned earlier, it usually depends on the needs of every bully. In case, your vet has diagnosed the Bully with a few deficiencies then, he/she can suggest a specific supplement. But on the whole, for healthy bully breeds, a balanced and healthy diet would surely be enough to fulfill their nutritional needs.

Product Reviews:

According to vets, Bully breeds perform very well with lamb-based and grain-free kibbles. But I would like to say that finding high-quality food for Bully breeds is always a matter of hard work, trial & error. I have researched the top dog foods for Bully breeds based on their nutritional benefits, protein content, & overall formula.

Bully Max Dog Food

This is hands down the best product for my American Bully. I ordered this product on my friend’s recommendation. The delivery was made on time and the food was packed securely. I am so happy that I have found Bully Max dog food. My American bully loved the texture and flavor of the food. Since I purchased this dog food, he does not want his old wet food anymore. I usually do not give reviews but Bully Max dog food is surely worth it.

This product has helped my American Bully in several ways. His coat has become softer & he gained 6 pounds in just two weeks. In short, Bully Max is a way-to-go product. But please follow the feeding instructions to see a huge difference.


·         Pocket-friendly

·         No wheat, soy, or corn

·         All healthy & natural ingredients

·         More Calories

·         Help improve the Bully’s health


·         Not for picky eaters

Diamond Naturals Dog Food

I have used different kinds of dog foods for my French Bulldog but nothing can beat the performance of Diamond Naturals dog food. It has delicious and wholesome ingredients. The trick is to incorporate it slowly into the dog’s regular food. My French Bulldog is quite allergic to chicken so, he does perfectly well on this dog food. Another amazing thing about this product is that it has a moderate amount of protein.

Because if you feed your Bully dog too much protein, he can suffer from joint problems. After being on Diamond Naturals dog food for a month now, the flaky skin on Bully’s back has healed completely with a shiny coat. I highly recommend this product but it is also better to try different dog foods to ensure that you are offering the required nutrition to your Bully.


·         Promote healthy digestion

·         High-quality ingredients

·         Enhanced with guaranteed probiotics

·         Help Bully breeds stay fit & active

·         Source of complete nutrition


·         Few dogs have experienced diarrhea

·         The food is not gluten-free

Taste of the Wild Dog Food

Impressed and happy with the quality of this product. I did a lot of research when it comes to healthy and tasty dog food for my Boston Terrier & finally narrowed down my search to Taste of the Wild. It is an amazing product that is good for my Boston Terrier at a reasonable price point. Truly loved the fact that it is available in different flavors so that my beloved Bully can get a lot of variety.

On the other hand, there are a few concerns concerning the kibble color and size. I contacted the brand personally & according to them; they have different manufacturers. So, there is no need to worry about the kibble size or color because the formula is the same. Either way, the food leaves my Boston Terrier with a soft and shiny coat.


·         Support strong & lean muscles

·         Support healthy digestion

·         Grain-free

·         Protect the Bully’s overall health

·         Provide energy that lasts


·         Contain peas and legumes which can trigger a few foods allergies

Eukanuba Dog Food  

The best thing about this dog food is that it offers extra minerals & healthy ingredients that Bully Breeds need to keep their joints and muscles healthy without having to buy other products including supplements. I have a French Bulldog with a sensitive stomach & I have been through numerous products trying to pick one that works well for him & has the right nutritional content. Since I switched him to Eukanuba dog food, he has not faced any issues at all.

The product is also good for Bully breeds who are suffering from Arthritis. My Bully loves the taste and texture of this food. His coat is extra thick and shiny. The product seems to last longer as compared to previously bought products. Here, I would like to mention that every dog is different, so it is advised to introduce the new food gradually.


·         Balanced & complete nutrition

·         Ensure healthy brain development

·         Premium-quality protein

·         Help keep Bully breeds sharp

·         Give the best value for money


·         It has more filler ingredients

ACANA Dog Food

Well, this product is very expensive. But surprisingly, it is without chicken & chicken fat. The packet is resealable. And most importantly, my Bully loves it. He has been enjoying this food for a long time without any problems. I am happy that the manufacturers have added all the wholesome grains. This pumpkin and lamb limited ingredients food also contains oats, which help fight heart disease and cholesterol in Bully breeds. The most noticeable feature is that the kibbles are slightly flat and this makes it easy for my bully to chew the food.

If your Bully has some health issues then, by all means, select a food that will alleviate those problems. It is all about trying different products and sticking to the one that suits your Bully. But trust me, ACANA is a well-rounded, high-quality product that I would love to give to my Bully.


·         Make Bullies strong and healthy

·         Nutrient-dense food

·         Support digestive health

·         Promote gut health

·         Crated with utmost care


·         It has more sodium content 

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