Best Harness for Pugs

Pugs are adorable little canines & are considered very playful and loyal family pets. With their big eyes, short snouts, & lovely personalities, they are one of the most famous dogs breeds out there. These tiny furballs are silly, sweet, & very loyal to the fault. Pugs are hailed directly from China & Emperors were used to keep them as royal pets.

It can be said Pugs are definitely among the best companions that every pet lover could ever ask for. Pugs are vulnerable to overheating due to their brachycephalic features. Thus, they have fewer exercise needs. But in order to ensure that Pugs stay healthy and maintain an ideal weight, pet parents need to take Pugs for short-distance walks.

Pet parents can also do some light exercises with Pugs. It is worth sharing that using a combination of collars and leashes is not good for this dog to breed as it can cause breathing problems. Pugs have challenging airways & collars can put a lot of pressure on a Pug’s windpipe.

Therefore, harnesses are considered the safer and better option for pugs.  The below-reviewed 5 best harnesses would surely be good for Pug’s well-being and health.

What are the Different Kinds of Harnesses for Pugs?

The good news is that there are numerous kinds of harnesses in the market that could work nicely for Pug’s personality and body type. In fact, options are unlimited. It is better to get a harness depending on the temperament of your pug. Some commonly available harnesses are as follows:

·Front clip

·Back clip

·Step in

·Vest styles

·Dual clip

·Walking harness

Do Dog Collars Lead to Respiratory Issues in Pugs?

The truth is, it varies from dog to dog. It is a well-accepted fact that collars put a lot of unnecessary pressure on the Pug’s airway and throat, especially if pet parents jerk or tug on the collar accidentally. But if a Pug is properly collar or leash trained then, it is safe to walk or run. However, as Pugs have weak airways, an unexpected jerk can cause severe respiratory damage.  So, due to this reason, vets always recommend using a good-quality harness to protect Pug’s respiratory system.

How to Get the Right Size Harness for Pugs?

Usually, Pugs achieve the targeted weight of 15-20 Lbs. therefore, small and x-small harnesses are usually the perfect choice. But do remember that each harness brand sizes its products differently. The recommended practice is to measure the Pug properly.  Firstly, measure the Pug’s neck with the help of a flexible measuring tape.

Afterward, repeat the same process carefully at the widest part of the Dog’s rib cage. There are two commonly used measurements while sizing harnesses.

Product Reviews:

The best harness for a Pug will help distribute the pressure evenly across his chest in order to avoid restricting the Pug’s overtaxed airways. Due to the unusual dimension of this dog breed, it is advised to pick a harness that comes with different adjustment points & ways of customizing the right fit with clasps and buckles.

So, to help prospective buyers get the best one, I have compiled a comprehensive list of my 5 favorite harnesses.

Bolux Dog Harness

Before sharing my review, I would like to ask something from pet parents, have you ever been searching for a harness, purchased, & returned different types & none truly worked the way they wanted it to? But suddenly one fine morning, I got something that works exactly the way you wanted.

And, without any second thought, that is this amazing harness. I ordered this harness with the only expectation it will not disappoint me and my precious pug as many others did. Firstly, the order was delivered on time and the harness was packed nicely. The most appreciable thing about this harness is that my Pug seems extremely comfortable & readily accepted this harness.

I personally love the adjustability feature of this harness. Of all the Pug harnesses out there, Bolux is the safest and easiest one to put on & off.


·         Extremely comfortable

·         Sturdy handle

·         Come with an adjustable chest strap

·         Has wonderful reflective straps

·         Made of quality material


·         It is a bit pricey harness

Eagloo Dog Harness

Everything about this harness is great, I ordered 2 harnesses in a small size for my Pug for walking. For so long, I was looking for a harness that did not pull on his neck. Finally, I got my hands on the Eagloo harness. It was well-packaged in the zippered bag. The bright reflective color is wonderful & makes my Pug stand out. It fits perfectly well, very easy to put on & adjust. Most importantly, the harness is well-padded and seems well-designed and sturdy.

It comes with adjustable straps so, in other words, the harness grows with your Pugs. No doubt, the harness is very sturdy but it needs careful adjustment when it comes to size. In short, this product is well-built, it seems to be a harness that will surely last a while.


·         Offer better control

·         More comfortable and safer

·         Easy to use

·         Fully adjustable

·         Give the best value for money


·         It is difficult to clean & takes a lot of time to dry

Puppia Dog Harness

This harness is very lightweight and soft. Worth buying, just what I expected. Very easy to put on & off while being stretchy. I ordered it in a small size & it fits comfortably to my Pug. And I feel that now I have much better control of my Pug while walking. It is recommended to measure the Pug’s neck carefully before ordering the harness as it is extremely important.

When it comes to price tag, no other harness can beat the comfort offered by the Puppia harness. I have used different harnesses and styles designed by this brand for the last few years, all harnesses have been washed multiple times & surprisingly held up very well without fading.  If Pug owners have decided to buy this harness, be sure their pugs are adjusted to it before going out for a walk.


·         Made of premium-quality material

·         Machine washable

·         Soft & breathable

·         Secure & comfortable

·         Different color options


·         Not good for long-haired canines

SlowTon Dog Harness

I bought this for my growing Pug. It is super lightweight, which I like and Pug also feels comfortable while wearing it. The SlowTon harness itself is superb, made of durable materials & is fully adjustable. My breeder has recommended this harness to me. My Pug rides in the car’s back seat which I covered with the canine blanket, as it has slots for the seat belts.

The harness has a short seatbelt attachment that fits the seatbelt receptacles & keeps my Pug from leaving the back seat.  The seat belt leash is long enough for my Pug to sit & move around comfortably in the back seat. Most importantly, Pug owners can not beat the price point of this amazing harness. However, I would advise every Pug owner that never the Pug unattended once he is wearing the harness.


·         Humanized design

·         Comfortable and safe

·         Easy to use

·         Best for car rides

·         Excellent value


·         Stitching needs improvement

EzyDog Harness

I ordered this harness on my friend’s recommendation, as I was looking for a multipurpose harness for my Pug. Initially, I purchased this product to use in my car but luckily, it turned out to be a great walking harness as well for my Pug. The nylon mesh part of the harness is very soft & flexible. The best thing is that the hardware is very lightweight which is necessary for Pugs but it is not at all flimsy.

Once the harness is adjusted properly, it stays while being supportive. The harness is also rich in color, a quite vibrant shade of classic and iconic red that gives stereotypical looks for my Pug. On the other hand, no doubt the idea of a chest plate is good but the execution does need more testing and tweaking.


·         Ergonomic design

·         Reflective stitching

·         Durable and secure

·         Easy to adjust

·         Comfortable


·         Chest plate is very long compared to the size of the harness

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