Best Dog Food for German Shepherds with Skin Allergies

German shepherds, like humans, suffer from different allergic reactions. The Dogs scratch their faces, lock their paws, have runny noses, have itchy eyes, and constantly chew their food. If your dog has these symptoms, he most certainly has a food allergy.

The same thing happened with our three dogs, and I became anxious when all of our medications and precautions were useless. My friend then advised me to feed the best dog food for German shepherds with skin allergies.

I used dozens of different allergy products and gave them to the dogs separately. From there, I choose the top five products and listed them. So have a look at the article and provide treatment for your German shepherd’s allergies.

Oh sorry!! I forgot to mention that my allergic dogs are doing much better than they were before, and they are now able to play with other pets without scratching or rubbing their bodies.

Dog Food for German Shepherds with Skin Allergies

Best food for German shepherd with skin allergies

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food Skin Recipes:

I decided to purchase this product after reading so many positive reviews about it. When I received the delivery, it was really well and tightly packed, which gave me an excellent first impression. The package was very nicely and tightly packed at the time of receiving, which gives a first positive vibe.

Hills’s science is producing outclass food products for all pets, especially dogs. Their scientists well understand pets’ food and combine nutrients and ingredients to give a long and healthy life span to your German shepherd.

Before buying this product, my three allergic dogs forcefully eat the food. But now they run towards the bowl at mealtime. Vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acids are widely available in dog food ingredients. These two sources are the most beneficial to a dog’s skin and coat, keeping it healthy and shiny.

The food’s ingredients have a wonderful flavor that the dog really enjoys.

  • Made for stomach and sensitive skin dogs
  • Contain vitamin E and Omega-6 fatty acid
  • Dogs love to eat
  • Trusted Formula
  • I didn’t find any

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Food:

Blue Buffalo company was come into being in a very interesting way. Once a family has a dog named blue, which do everything with them. One day the dog gets sick, and the family makes a unique food for his health. The dog not only becomes better but gains a healthy life for a long time.

After reading their interesting story, I decided to order two packs. I was surprised to see the beautiful packing when I received the order.

The ingredients include pure and fresh meat that provides proteins to a dog to make his muscles strong and healthy. Important minerals and vitamins are included in the formula to make the dog’s immune system better.

Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids included with fish oil make the dog’s skin healthy and shinier. My dogs love to eat the food and anxiously wait for the next meal.

  • Made of high-quality ingredients
  • Make immune system better
  • Experts’ advice
  • A lot of positive reviews from buyers
  • Only for adult dogs

Purina ONE SmartBlend Dry Food:

Purina claims that with their food, your dog will become active and live a long life. The food can be served to breed of all ages as it is in dry and wet form.

Food is made of real meat, poultry, and fish, which makes the dog’s muscles strong and gives him a tasty meal. The protein-enriched food dog is full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for a more energetic life.

One surprising thing which made me bound to use this product was their 28 days challenge. In which they claim that after using the food, your dog’s eyes will become bright, coat becomes shiny, and pet will become more energetic in only 28 days. That’s Amazing!!

  • Affordable price
  • 28 days challenge
  • Best for picky eaters
  • The pack has a bad smell

Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin Dry Food:

Purina especially introduces a special package of food designed for sensitive skins and allergies. However, keep in mind that this meal is only for large breed dogs who weigh more than 50 pounds.

Its main ingredients include rice and oat meat which is easy to eat and digest. For sensitive stomachs and making the immune system strong, they make digestive food easy by adding natural prebiotic fiber.

Most of the food brands add the artificial flavor of wheat, corn, and soy which make them sick. But Purina adds 100% real ingredients to meet dogs’ physical needs.

I am still using their food for my dogs, and I judged a great change in their activities and body shape.

  • Dogs love it
  • Solve skin problems
  • Also best for stomach problem
  • Expensive for some buyers

Whole Earth Farms Dry Food:

Whole Earth has been producing full of nutrients and affordable food that veterinarians and experts highly recommend for a long time.

As their recipes are highly recommended by veterinarians and nutrients experts, so you can highly trust their food. The food is cooked in the USA, and real meat with fresh vegetables and fruits is added.

Its natural ingredients include grain-free food with minerals, proteins, and nutrients added that make his immune system better, strong nails, make coat healthy and shinier.

They always produce balanced food for pets, which makes them energetic and increases their life span.

  • Trusted by veterinarian
  • Cooked in the USA
  • Balanced diet
  • Dog can vomit for the first time due to a change in food

What are the Ingredients to look for?

Although the food contains different ingredients, the two main ingredients are fats and protein. It is also significant to note that these nutrients should not be obtained from ordinary sources. Their diet should consist of high-quality foods.

With these two important ingredients, other sources are also very important, like meat, chicken, fish, etc. Some of the ingredients do not provide complete protein sources. So in this regard, the food must contain fish oil to get the omega 3 fatty acids which are great for their health and life span.

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What are the symptoms of skin allergy?

This is a crucial point to know that how you can judge that your dog is facing allergy. First of all, you must visit the veterinarian for a regular checkup once a month. Your vet will tell you if your dog is facing some type of allergy or not and give you a better suggestion.

Furthermore, a list of symptoms is compiled so that you can quickly monitor the situation. If you look that your dog has reddish skin, which is steadily increasing in different places, then it’s an initial stage of allergy.

Best Dog Food for German Shepherds with Skin Allergies 6

If your dog barks without any reason, scratches and bites his skin, you can understand that allergy is aggressive.

Moreover, in some cases, the allergy results in the dog’s hair loss and swallowed reddish patches on some parts.

What Causes Allergic Reactions In German Shepherds?

Some food ingredients contain a substance known as allergens. The immune system of dogs did not accept the allergens and reacted with it as a disease which caused a great problem with their skin. Some of the common allergens are Pollen, fur, hay, smoke, corn, soy, wheat, etc.

Generally, the immune system work is to fight against diseases, but in this case, allergens make the immune system confused to work and result in skin allergies.

What factors to Look in Dog Food for German Shepherds

Nutritional Guarantee:

Every pack must have an AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) statement that this product has complete and balanced nutrients.

No matter which ingredients you are choosing, you should look that it gives all the necessary nutrients for your dog’s health.


Expensive things are not always better when it comes to dog food. As you have to buy dog food monthly or weekly, so choosing an expensive one will seriously disturb your budget. Likewise, changing food daily due to price will be a great hazard for a dog’s health.

Buy according to Age:

Food is made according to dog health and Age. An adult dog can never eat puppies’ food; likewise, a puppy cannot eat adult dog food. So select the food according to the Age of your dog. On each dog food pack, a visible statement of dog age is written; you can check from there.

Check for allergens:

As I said before, some food ingredients contain allergens that the immune system does not accept and become a skin allergy issue later. Never choose the food which contains the ingredients causing allergens.

Take a start from the food, which is a good source of proteins and carbohydrates. It can help to improve the immune system of your dog.

Dog breed:

As I mentioned above that foods are assembled with dog ages. Likewise, food is also made accordingly to the breed of dogs. Some foods are specifically made for some dog breeds, which are made accordingly to their health and body structure. Giving that food to some other breed will be a serious problem. So choose wisely!!

Frequently Ask Questions:

What did Omega Fatty acids do?

Omega fatty acids are essential for your dog’s healthy skin and lustrous coat.

Taste of the Wild contains only natural Omega fatty acids: Omega-3 comes from smoked salmon, while Omega 6 comes from plants. Both work in your pet’s tissues to keep his or her skin healthy.

How can I shift my German shepherd to a new food?

We suggest making a gradual switch from your current product to a new diet. While diets may appear to be comparable on the surface, they may contain very different sources of nutrients, which your pet will have to adjust slowly.

Change diets over a one-week period, starting with 34% of your old diet’s daily and 14% of the daily suggested amount of your chosen new product. Change these amounts every two days by a quarter of the daily amount until you’ve converted completely to your new product on day 7.

What is AAFCO?

The AAFCO is an acronym for “American Association of Feed Control Officials.” This is a group of state and federal “feed” regulators from the United States and Canada. They create an annual book called the “Official Publication” that contains a model regulation for ingredients, nutrition, and labeling those individual states might choose to adopt as law.

Final Verdict:

Good food directly affect your pet’s health and increase his life span. Allergies in dogs are a common issue that is catered to giving the best dog food for German shepherds with skin allergies.

So above are all the best products which we first used on our allergic dogs and then listed here. We hope your German shepherd will also relieve allergies after eating this food.

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