Workers Spend More Time with Pets as They Work From Home

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This year, many of us have given up the commute and started working from home. Even if you miss your co-workers and your old routine, being around the house so often has one benefit: you get to spend a lot more time with your pets! They’re certainly glad to have you there, but how have pet owners dealt with all that extra time?

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instantprint, specialists in printed marketing, including signage and brochures, found that the average commute to work was 59 minutes per day. This included commuting to and from work. An hour might seem like a lot, but it definitely adds up. That corresponds to 18 hours a month or 9 days and 2 hours a year. The print shop asked 1,000 Brits how they spent that extra time and that’s what came out 20% of people spent it with their pets.

provide comfort

You can’t blame people for wanting to spend more time with their pets during this difficult year. A survey conducted by Rover found that more than half of pet owners said they felt less stress when they had their pet with them. It also showed that more than two-thirds of people were happier working from home because they had the company of their pet. Animals can help people’s mental health in ways that humans cannot. Loving a pet is so easy and joyful, and you can’t blame people for appreciating them more than ever at this time.

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reduce stress

Rover’s survey also found that 86% of pet owners said their pet helped them feel less stressed. Pets allowed people to distract themselves from the news or current events. It will come as no surprise then that Animal shelters saw an increase in pets finding forever homes in 2020. A pet can help someone with their routine and encourage them to be more physically active. Whether you just play indoors or decide to take a walk and enjoy the fresh air.


Of course, as much as we love our pets, let’s face it: they can’t possibly be a distraction, can they? Don’t worry if you’ve been playing with your pet more than answering emails. You’re not alone. According to another Instantprint survey, pets were one of the biggest distractions. Remember that you cannot properly take care of your pet if you don’t take care of yourself. So try to balance the day between productivity and play.

It’s been a tough year, but we’re fortunate to have our loving companions helping us get through it. How did you find working from home with your four-legged friend? Do you think they were more of a help or a hindrance to your productivity?

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