Top 3 Catit litter boxes

One of our fav brands when it comes to litter boxes is CATIT. Great quality and affordable prices. Lets see what are the top three Litter boxes from Catit.

The best 3 by category:

The best Catit Hooded litter box:

best cat litter box

Catit jumbo hooded is one of the most compact boxes out there, you will find it as a one-stop solution for all of your needs. Every possible feature has been included in this model to make your life easier. You can’t doubt this product in terms of performance.

Petting the cat is not as simple as many folks think, it requires the great effort and mainly when it comes to the litter training, but with catit Jumbo Hooded litter box, you will not face any hurdle. Your cat will easily get attracted towards it and start using it.

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The best sifting catit box from catit:

So you dont want to scoop your cat litter that often, Here is the solution, we got a nice semi automatic sifting litter box for you with out being too expensive.

Because we don’t represent this company so we can also talk about the flaws. If your cats are not cool with the plastic bag below the litter than avoid buying this because if they scratch the plastic below, it will kill the purpose.

best litter boxes

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The best CATIT pan/high sided box:

best high sided litter

This high sided cat litter box has some unique feature which makes it special. that something special is the rim, which is added to prevent spills and it really works. some users are calling it the secure lip which saves you from a lot of spill over. as it has a slanted body which is also a great fit for a litter box.

Some cats like open places so a den-like box is impossible for  them to adjust. so this is a great suit for them. This is a great fit for all types of cats. which makes it a good choice specially when buying online. as you know alot of online stuff can not be reliable because of the size issues, but if it fits all, its lesser risk.

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About Catit brand:

The Catit cat litter is one of a kind; it can accommodate more than one cat and provides privacy for your cat. This litter has an attached top transparent door that swings in front, and the fantastic thing is that this door can be folded back to the top, where it can sit on top. These doors are quite significant for the cat to be able to get in and out anytime with no stress. The Catit consists of two parts; the bottom and the top, and both of them have two sliding latches hinged on each one of them; this helps in keeping both pieces together.

When it is time for cleaning this type of cat litter, take off the hood and hang the bag for scooping on the in-built anchor for bags. This litter also has a carbon filter that traps all the toxic odors and prevents it from reaching out and giving your home an unpleasant smell.  The litters can be replaced by litter filters anytime.

Features of catit litter boxes:

  • It can fit multiple cats
  • The built-in carbon filter helps in absorbing the odor
  • It has an anchor hinged for bags
  • The litter is very easy to clean


  • The high walls are suitable for cats that don’t enjoy squatting when urinating
  • An excellent choice for fat cats or multiple cats
  • This litter offers your cat privacy, and it is better to control a kicking litter
  • The anchor hinged for bags is good for scooping
  • Litter door I foldable
  • Has a carbon filter that helps reduce smell
  • The swinging doors are removable
  • The edges are easy to clean
  • It is effortless to assemble
  • It doesn’t occupy a big space although it is spacious


  • The latches don’t seem to clip very well
  • The filter is not well protected
  • The doors can be left open and sometimes get stuck
  • Latches might end up breaking

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