Best Petmate litter boxes

We review the top 3 Best Petmate litter box products for you; the petmate dome, petmate top entry and patmate litter pan with features. so lets get started:

1. The best Petmate Hooded litter box:

Petmate Booda Dome

The Petmate Booda Dome Litter Boxis a new unique circular shaped litter box that works like a charm. The large enclosed dome box is designed to contain litter scatter and spray while giving your pet the privacy it needs, and minimizing unwanted odors.

With the Booda Dome Litter Box, you need not worry about smell or tracking, as the built-in charcoal filter to absorbs litter and urine odor perfectly. With easy-to-clean plastic, ability to accommodate cats of all sizes, and carbon filter to cut down odors, the Booda Dome Litter Box gives the freedom from scooping litter every time, and a healthier cat and home. Check our best hooded Litter boxes

2. Best Petmate Top entry litter box:

In the previous model of the PetMate top entry litter box, there were some serious flaws that people were not loving. They have considered all of the complaints seriously and Re-Design the litter box.

Almost all of the flaws have been removed, and we have found the new model as the best litter box. Their approach towards negative feedback reflects how much they care about their customers. Also check our full review of petmate top entry

Best Petmate Top entry litter box

3. Best Petmate litter pan:

best litter pan

The Petmate Giant is an oversized and open feline litter pan that can fit the largest of cats. It is ideal for cats that require a plenty of room to answer the call of nature and those that don’t like the confines of a hooded box. The deep-sized, uncovered pan provides enough room for your pet to do his business.

Cleaning litter boxes is a distasteful task for cat owners as you have to scrub hard to remove those marks. But with Petmate Giant Open Litter Pan cleaning has become super-easy. The unit is manufactured using non-stick plastic that prevents marks from sticking. The super smooth plastic wipes clean with a damp cloth! check list of best litter pans

About petmate:

 The Petmate cat litter is an excellent choice for all sizes of cats. This cat litter is made from durable and eco-friendly plastic. The pan of this litter has a low rim side, which enables the exiting and the entering of the container for your cat. This pan also prevents the litter scatters and unwanted spills, which can make your cats uncomfortable. The petmate is an excellent choice for those cats that don’t like enclosed spaces. The cat litter is sturdy and durable for whatsoever the cat wishes to do.

The petmate cat litter comes with no hood, and this makes the scooping of waste much more comfortable. This litter brand has 50+ years of experience and one of the best products for cat litters. This box comes with a built-in handle for moving, easy lighting, and pouring.

Features of pet mate litter boxes:

  • The open litter top offers space for the cat  to move comfortably
  • We can place petmate litter in different positions for easy access
  • It is durable and sturdy
  • Made with recycled plastic
  • The pan is available in various sizes

Pros of pet mate litter boxes :

  • It was built in a way to prevent litter scattering and spilling with the broad base profile
  • Thanks to the vast base, it offers extra stability, and it is one of  the most durable litter pans in the market
  • It is the perfect pan for any cat and comes in various sizes
  • Provide your cat privacy
  • Eco-friendly
  • Has high walls for big cats
  • It is easy to clean
  • The top has a big opening
  • Side-hinged is included for litter scoop
  •  It is affordable

Cons of pet mate litter boxes :

  • Only the brushed nickel  with pearl-colored head is available
  • Captured paws must be removed from the top, so it doesn’t  scatter the hinge

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