Top 3 IRIS cat litter boxes

IRIS is one of the best reviewed companies on amazon we present the best 3 litter boxes from IRIS by category. plus pros and cons of of the brand.

Here you go with the best IRIS litter boxes:

The best IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter:

IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter

The design from top to the bottom has the ability to be admired. Moreover, the design of this litter box allows it, to provide you the great blend with your home décor. Although, you will have different color options to choose from so that you can get the model that complements with your décor perfectly. Its placed in Best TOP entry boxes

Top 3 IRIS cat litter boxes 1
Opening comes in variable sizes and and grooved lids clean your cat’s feet automatically for cleaner home.

The best IRIS Hooded Litter box:

IRIS Hooded Litter box

The hooded one has many benefits like you see in the picture, it can be used as a pan, or a hooded large litter box which will have two types of openings, for cleaning and for cat entry. See more hooded litter boxes or large boxes

The best IRIS Hooded box for corners:

This litter box is also good quality litter box as above with all the great qualities like high quality plastic, and nice entry for cats plus the great thing about the litter box is its great for corners and fits so well that you can save space and plays a great role in a better hygiene.

best iris litter box

IRIS Brand for cat litter:

The Iris cat litter box is spacious; it has no-frills and comes in a 19″ by 15 inches.  Unlike other litter boxes, the Iris is quite big and very comfortable for your cats; they can climb out without stress. So if you are okay with an open-top litter cat box, then this is an excellent choice for you. This product is considered to be one of the most budget-friendly litters with functional options.

In this box, you will find a removable litter guard, which safely protects the litter from getting to the floor and make sure that everything remains in the pan. The pan that comes with this litter is unique in a way; it has an attached bottom that permits you to slide into any place in your home carefully. This cat litter box is straightforward to clean, and it has a firm of the clip you can use to hand the scoop inside the box.

Features IRIS cat litter boxes:

  • The polished interior makes it very easy to clean
  • The Iris litter has a removable litter guard that ensures the bedding is in the pan
  • Comes with a matching scoop
  • The rims are durable to keep the feet of the litter in place
  • Help to reduce odor
  • It has a filtered and grooved type of lid
  • Large and medium in size
  • It is designed in such a way you can place it anywhere in your home
  • When cats jump out the non-skid litter feet prevents from sliding


  • Contains 80% of litter spillage
  • A fantastic choice for high spraying cats
  • No need of buying liners
  • The lid reduces litter tracking
  • Because of the large size, it can accommodate fat cats
  • The price is affordable
  • The top of the box can come off quickly when you want to clean it


  • Liners don’t work with this litter
  • Some cats might find it hard to adjust taking the top entry of the litter box
  • Plastic quality is not premium

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