TOP 6 Best Natural Grass mats for Rabbits/bunnies

When you own a pet you start a journey of love and care. owning a pet is an entirely different experience you should encounter. I am hundred percent in favor of loving humans first, but the love you get from your pets is un-matchable. you can feel the depth of this love by Owning a pet.

When talking about the love you receive from the pets you have, There comes a responsibility as well, as they cannot speak like humans it’s very important to understand their situation and needs. keeping this in mind we are presenting you some of the best grass Mats for your rabbits.

Why Rabbits need a Grass mat?

Now why is this so important? Remember that your pets don’t have as clear a communication as humans, sometimes you see your pets walking on a very hot pavement, you should understand that they might have the same feeling as a human walking barefooted. Grass Mats are very important to provide a soft surface for rabbits. your rabbits need this kind of Mats to sleep and rest.

Once they come back from a tiring day, they would love to have this all natural grass mat waiting for them to sleep over. we have researched and chose the top 6 grass Mats which are chew-able and edible and hundred percent handwoven.

Of course, even though these mats are designed for rabbits you can use them as well for guinea pigs, chinchillas or other small pets. You might even make other experience about the chewing Toy depending on your pet. Chinchillas for example don’t chew them as much as rabbits do. But they surely enjoy them as mat and bed.

A true real mat for the rabbit is to lounge. The Bud is all-natural and can be placed inside or outdoors. It’s fantastic for other modest animals like guinea pigs, hamsters, and hedgehogs! Here is the ultimate pad for your loved ones to loll and frolic on! Two-day shipping given.

TOP 6 Hand woven grass Mats for bunnies QUICK list:

1. Grass Mat Woven Bed Mat 4.8/511X8.3″
2. Peter’s Woven Grass Mat 4.7/5 12X18″
3. Oxbow Timothy Mat 4.7/5 15.8X11.4″
4. Grass mat by Sun grow: 4.6/5 12X12″
5. Grass mats by ware manufacturing: 4.5/5 8X17″
6. Tfwadmx Rabbit Grass Bed 4.3/5 11X7.9″

6 TOP rated Grass mats for Rabbits Reviews:

1. Grass Mat Woven Bed Mat

grass mat for rabbits

It comes with the size of 11 inches to 8.3 inches which is quite good for your rabbit. the product is 100% natural and hand woven. The grass used in this product is highly sustainable and could be placed individually or in a cage.

Is all natural grass mat is ideal for rabbits because they always love to dig and chew.This also provides a soft area for your pets to sleep and take rest. This product comes with the packaging of 3 grass mats which are useful for longer run.

As mentioned earlier this product could be used as multi functional utility like for resting purpose or as a chewable toy.

2. Peter’s Woven Grass Mat

grass mats for rabbits

The main speciality of this grass is the protection of the paws of your rabbits, especially from the cages which have wire bottom. Made of complete natural grass this grass mat could also be used as a chew toy for the bunnies. It is multi functional and can be used fro both inside and outside of cage. Can also be used as a net liner.

Comes with the dimensions of 1 x 12 x 18 inches ; 0.8 ounces which is great form rabbits. One of the reveiwers mentions “My pet rabbit loved this mat at first site! This is the second time I have bought it and I will be buying it again. He lays on it and chews on it.”

seagrass rabbit grass mat

3. Oxbow Timothy Mat

This is our third favorite grass for rabbits, made with Timothy Hay and is 100 percent natural. It may not seem so but is hand woven, One of the good things about them is that they care about environment friendly products, also there is no health hazardous item used in the product. The claim they have made this product from edible material so that your rabbit can chew it all the time. also there was no chemical used in its making

 mats for rabbits

4. Grass mat by Sun grow:

These grass Mats come in a great Packaging of 12 inches to 12 inches. because of their size they are multifunctional, we can be used in a cage for outside the cage. They claim to be extremely water resistent. Like our other favorite products these grass Mats also come hundred percent natural, and are hand woven. they have taken care of any kind of chemicals, it comes with a guarantee of chew-able material.

grass mats for bunnies

5. Grass mats by ware manufacturing:

Here comes the number 5 on the list.  We like this grass mat because of its unique size,  it comes with the size of Measures 8″ Width X 17″ Depth X 1/2″ Height, which makes it usable for a lot of scenarios. These mats come with the ability to fold them so you can fold them to fit in smaller places, or you can make a tent out of them. This is a very genius and useful technique. Other than this unique feature, remaining functions are the same, they come with 100% natural material which is completely edible for your little rabbits and also hundred percent chew-able.

seagrass mats for rabbits

6. Tfwadmx Rabbit Grass Bed

This is another product we love and it uses another genius feature. It comes With a small bucket for your rabbit, which is very interesting in itself. the same 100% natural material which is edible, please give your rabbit a place to sit and sleep. you can even feel this bucket with natural grass to make it even more attractive to the rabbits. Hero also comes with two mats,  all of your requirements are fulfilled by one single product. The size of the mat is 11 inches to 7.9 inches. And the size of the basket is 8.7 inches to 6.7 inches.

What to look for before buying a grass mat for rabbits?

We all care for our bunnies. To provide them a comfy life is our ultimate aim. So before buying a suitable grass mat for your rabbits consider all this factors.

# Size


# Washability


The beeding mat always comes indifferent sizes and dimension. Your rabbit may also vary in sizes. If your rabbit is large, a small bedding mat becomes less comfortable for it. So make sure that a mat is of proper size for your cat.


The rabbit sitting on the bedding mat may at times get bored. It will look for materials to chew. And the mat is the first option for your rabbit to trelish on. So make sure that the mat is made of natural grass and not of any plastic material which would harm the bunnies.


It is highly important to clean the mat from time to time. so in such case, a mat that can be washed in a washing machine is more preferable than hand washed mat. Check out for this quality before buying a mat.

Is Rabbit right as a pet?

Having any kind of PET requires care and maintenance. If you are considering having a pet rabbit, understand that there are some certain requirements you need to fulfill as it’s more of a parent-children relationship.

Rabbits look like very noble creatures, but there may be times when you will wonder that these are small little beasts. They might not seem aggressive but sometimes they are.

rabbits require proper care and maintenance, and of course, I need some investment as well. anomaly live from 9 to 12 years. so they can Your long term friends. they are nice to have especially for children because once they are grown up they will see your pet growing up with them. Let me guide you with what different things you would need if you decide to have a rabbit as a pet.

pet cage:

this is normally the biggest investment, it comes in a wide range of sizes and prices so you can buy according to your budget, remember that a smaller cage Would become smaller with the growth of rabbits.

Litter Box or tray:

Like babies you have to litter train your pets as well, normally rabbits are easiest to litter train.

Other than these major costs you might also want a water bottle, Adish, rabbit feeder, rabbitbrush, rabbit nail trimmers, and some rabbit toys.

Why Wood is used as a rabbit mat?


Wood is used primarily in rabbit hutches. When used for rabbits, it must be safe wood that is untreated. This is not always the easiest to find, so you might need to do some extra searching. Due to its absorbent quality, it should only be used for litter trained rabbits. If your bunny has an accident, the cage may smell more intensely than the other options on this list. The main issue many owners have with it is that it is very easy to chew. Some rabbits even chew through their hutches and escape.


  • Comfortable for rabbits
  • Looks nice


  • Not suitable for rabbits that aren’t litter trained
  • Can be chewed
  • Absorbs rabbit pee

Why is my rabbit running around my legs?

Running around the legs or feet is a very common ritual in house rabbits, they can also sometimes stay urine on your feet. Sometimes this behavior can lead to stressful times. normally its indication that your rabbit is asking for food for attention. If you have ever encountered dogs this is kind of the same habit as them.

Why did my rabbit lose its appetite?

Rabbits normally have a very small stomach so be careful when they are not eating properly. you should consult a doctor as soon as possible because this could be a sign of illness in rabbits.
one of the most common causes is the oral illness of the rabbits when that food intake of the rabbit is not proper, or if you see food dropping outside the mouth of the rabbit this might be some symptoms that your rabbit needs to see a doctor.

Why did my rabbit bite me?

First of all, you need to understand there is a difference between an aggressive bite and an act to ask attention. Normally a rabbit starts doing this just to grab your attention or if you see that you are not paying attention to them for a long time.
Another common reason for the rabbit biting you could be the illness or pain they might be having. They are just letting you know that we cannot bear the pain.

Why is my rabbit biting any household items like a sofa or carpet?

Most commonly this is a sign of boredom. When your rabbit does not have a friend or anyone who is paying attention to him they would just start biting your showing naughty behavior.You can easily reduce this behavior by giving them some toys to play with

DIY Rabbit mat to a rabbit toy:

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