Best Wireless Dog Fence for German Shepherd

Sometimes it becomes very stressful when your German shepherd has escaped home and is about to be lost, especially at night or in unpleasant weather. You need a wireless pet fence that will control your dog in this situation.

A wireless dog fence is a long-term option for controlling and supervising your dog’s activity inside your yard. With the aid of this fence, you can teach your dog to stay in the yard and not go away.

In this regard, my two German shepherds were making a serious problem for me as they went off, and I found them after one day in another street. After, I decided to use a wireless fence to watch their movement and find them easily.

I ordered different Best Wireless Dog Fence For German Shepherds, but some performed beyond my expectation, and some were satisfactory. So I decided to share some top products, how they worked for me, and what factors I looked into them before buying.

best wireless dog fence for german shepherd

Best German shepherd wireless fence:

PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless Fence:

PetSafe is the top leading wireless fence manufacturing company that maintains its good name in the market with its excellent and reliable products. My friend suggested buying this fence as he was also using this for years.

It arrived after three days of order in a beautiful packing which gives a positive gesture. It can fit to necks up to 6″- 28″, and around 5 pounds of dogs can comfortably wear it.

Its collar battery has a long life giving you 3 weeks of backup, but according to my experience, it gives you around about 2 weeks of battery life. However, it is so easy to install, and I placed the flags around the yard. A beep sound in the collar prevents him from going off whenever he leaves the yard.

  • Good value for money
  • Comfortable and easy to install
  • Waterproof with long battery life
  • Battery rechargeable
  • Collar smell irritated me for sometime

Extreme Dog Fence Second Generation:

A digital transmitter, waterproof collar receiver, multiple probe sizes, receiver battery, and 50 training flags are included with the Extreme Dog Fence. According to the manufacturer, the system can cover up to 6 acres of land and includes three antennas.

This is an underground fence kit, so you’ll have to bury the wire. According to my experience, the wired fence is many times better than totally wireless options. Although it is more dependable, it is time-consuming.

It contains a wonderful correction system whenever your dog goes out of the boundary. Each collar, including a beep, could be programmed separately. This would be quite useful if you have a lot of pets at home. Any new dog with its own collar could be simply trained in the fence system.

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  • 6 Acre area coverage
  • Warranty
  • 7 adjustable correction levels which can be used for different dogs
  • Heavy-duty 20 gauge wire
  • Have to bury the wire

PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence Covers up to 3/4 Acre:

Here is another PetSafe product that has a circular coverage of ¾ acre of land approx. 105 ft. in all directions. If you are getting rid of a wire fence, this wireless fence will be your first runner.

You can create a boundary or border with flags, and every time your dog goes out of that limit, the collar will correct him and return back to his yard. Its wireless collar has 5 modes of corrections and one tone-only mode.

I loved the most because of its long-lasting battery life, which gives a roundabout one and half month battery timing. The design of this wireless fence is simple but compact. With your pet, you are free to go wherever you want. After you’ve placed it, you didn’t have to think about your German shepherd’s safety.

  • Hassle-free installation
  • Charging the collar is easy
  • Long battery life
  • On/Off button is irritating

Pet Control HQ Wireless Pet Containment System:

If your yard is too big and you are not getting a large fence for your dog’s, then the Pet Control containment system will be your first choice. The system can be set up in a circular pattern and cover up to 10 acres of ground. You can position the transmitter according to your preferences and range to control your pet.

The fence is simple to put up and doesn’t need to be maintained once it’s done. You have to bury the wire in your fence about 20 meters, enough for a large yard.

  • Have coverage up to 10 acres
  • 2 weeks battery timing
  • Water and weatherproof collar
  • You have to bury the wire

PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System covers ½ acres

If your dog escapes, most wireless fences will shock him, stop when they are out of range, and then shock him again if he tries to return home. You don’t want to educate your dog that returning home is a bad thing, so PetSafe’s no-shock re-entry technology takes care of that.

The above-ground fence comes with a wireless base system, receiver collar, and accessories as standard, and can cover up to 1/2 acre of circular boundary coverage. This product has 5 levels of corrections.

This wireless fence is easy to install and does not involve the burying of a wire. Because of its credibility, this may be the ideal alternative for you, depending on your budget.

  • Long battery timing
  • 5 levels of corrections
  • Conformable and reliable
  • Expensive

Buying Guide of Best wireless fence for German Shepherd

Consider the following considerations and factors before choosing a wireless fence. We also carefully looked for these points, and the one who fulfills these factors is listed in our list. Take a look at them and make the best decision.


This is the most crucial aspect that must be properly considered. Wireless systems are most successful in smaller yards, whereas underground wired fences are best for wide coverage areas. Naturally, enclosing a wide area increases the amount of wire required as well as the time required to install it.

Collar size:

It would create a serious problem for you if your dog did not feel comfortable in the collar. Moreover, certain kits are only rated for usage with large dogs, and if the system is not adjustable, the shock may be too intense for a small dog.

Wireless or In-ground fence:

There are two different types of fences; wireless and In-ground fences. A wireless fence is mostly suitable for a small yard and if you are travelling or camping at any place. You can place it anywhere and easily control your dog within a small area. But it has an issue like it do not give great signal result when there are trees, hills, metal objects, sheds, vehicles, etc.

But the In-ground fence does not have such type of issue. Generally, it is commonly considered for large yards and places. Just you have to bury the wire for one time and forget about your hairy friend’s security.

So always look for the one which suits you more.

Easy to install:

If you’ve never done it before, putting up a fence can be a headache. However, it comes with a manual but chooses the product with easy installation steps.  

Frequently Ask Questions:

Are wireless fences are safe to use for German shepherds?

This question arises in the mind of most of people because dog owners are always curious about their pet’s health. Most dog fences contain a vibration and awareness shock that is not very high that can cause any damage to dog health. So don’t be conscious and get the right product for your canine.

Can wireless fence work on the sloped area?

Generally, it has been noticed that wireless fence performance is not great on the sloped area due to signal distortion. So it’s better to use the wire fence in this situation.

What if the wireless collar gets watered?

It was a serious problem that collars get wet and become damaged in rainy weather. But now companies are making water and weatherproof fences which do not have any problem with water.

How long does it take a dog to train with invisible fence?

You can teach about the invisible boundary and collar to your dog easily. It all depends on how easy your dog is to train. Again, as can be seen, it will take 5-8 weeks to completely train your pet about the safety alarms. The vibrations and beep noises are simple to teach your pet.


Best Wireless Dog Fence For German Shepherd can make you independent from the risk of the dog being lost. After your dog is properly trained with the wireless fence, your dog will not step out of your yard and will become well known for its boundary. So consider the buying guide points and choose the best product for your German shepherd.

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