Best Toys For Beagles

Are you the owner of Beagle? Then you must know that they are very cute and attractive dogs. Beagles love to play with toys and spend their whole happily. Soft dog toys are fine while your dog is a puppy, but once he begins to chew them apart with his razor-sharp teeth, you’ll need something more durable. 

Finding the best toys for beagles has become a bit tough because you cannot find exactly what your dog needs. So, in this post, I’ll share some of the best Beagle toys with you. These are the toys that my GSD plays with on a daily basis. They are of good quality, moderately priced, and have a long lifespan.

best toys for beagle

Best Beagle Toys:

Nylabone Power Chew Textured Ring Dog Chew Toy:

When it comes to sturdy and quality material toys, Nylabone helped me every time. My beagle dog is a very aggressive chewer who always destroys the toys in one or two days. But this toy gives him a break and he is now playing with the toy and I am writing the review.

It has the shape of the ring and its material and shapes highly satisfy the dog’s urge to chew. As I told before that my Beagle is an aggressive chewer but this ring shows great resistance against it. As a result, we may conclude that it is ideal for extreme chewers.

Not only help in chewing urge but it’s also very good for dental health preventing plaque and tartar. As I bought it in small and regular size as it fits my Beagle. However, you can choose from other large sizes.

  • For aggressive chewers
  • Good for dental health
  • Available in different sizes
  • Made in USA
  • A little bit hard

Wobble Wag Giggle Ball Interactive Dog Toy:

Wobble Wag ball toy is a very affectionate method to make your lazy dogs active. Its shape and material keep the dog healthy and happy. It makes funny noises whenever kick or pushed by your canine which not only makes pets happier but also owners enjoy it.

The ball has 6 clutches which allows your Beagle to easily hold it and throw it away. With the attractive shape and soothing sound when rolled, this ball keeps your dog active and entertained the whole day to prevent loneliness.

My pups love it most play with it throughout the day, which helps me a lot in case I did not pay attention. They become tired but did not stop playing. So for me, it was a wise decision to buy this toy.

  • Dog’s favorite toy
  • Material is non-toxic
  • Sounds from ball attract dog’s to pla
  • Slow costumer service

Carllg Dog chew Toys:

If you are tired of brushing your dog teeth, then don’t worry because Carllg Dog chew Toy is here. The shape of this interactive corn is very impressive including zigzag molars which brush the teeth itself while the dog is playing.

My aggressive Beagle was unable to destroy this corn which shows that the material is made for aggressive chewers. The material used in the toy is completely safe and non-toxic which allows your dog to safely play for a long time.

One interesting feature in the pet toy is the whistle installed in it which makes a sound when pressed. This makes your dog happy and then he continuously try to make these sounds again. One thing which I did not like was the cotton dog bite rope attached with the toy because it was quickly torn off by the dog.

Although it was a great purchase for me and I will definitely recommend you to buy this corn toy for your friend.

  • Design best for teeth brushing
  • Affordable
  • Whistle in the corn make dog happy
  • Rope attached with corn is useless

ChuckIt! Sport Ball Launcher:

Here is an interesting and unique best Beagle toy that also makes owners happy. But you have to play along with your dog because pets cannot use this toy. With easy throwing motion, you can throw the ball more comfortably.

It’s a 26-inch ball launcher that increases the accuracy, speed, and distance of the ball. Before I usually throw the ball with my hands which makes me tired but because the dogs like this game, I was forced. After I bought this toy it helped me a lot in throwing the ball way many times.

  • Easy to throw ball
  • Will not make you tired
  • Increase throwing speed and distance
  • Not suitable for small yards

Pacific Pups Products 18 Piece Dog Toy Set:

If you’re searching for a set of toys, this is a fantastic option. It really makes my dogs happy when they see a bulk of toys and they started playing with them. Buying a single toy can be irritating when you have plenty of pets at home. So this option is best for you.

best beagle toys

The set of toys contains 18 different toys including rope, rubber toys, dispensers, etc. Rubber toys make sure to clean your dog’s teeth allowing you to get rid of cleaning their teeth.

Overall it’s a wise pick for me and completely satisfied with the quality. It’s better to not to give all the toys at one time, keep some toys for later use.

  • 18 different toys
  • For aggressive chewers
  • High quality
  • Dogs did not give attention to individual toy due to bulk of options

Frequently Ask Questions

Why do dogs like toys?


Dogs enjoy chewing on KONGS because the firm rubber satisfies their natural drive to chew. They enjoy touching the various shapes and textures, which keeps them physically and mentally busy, as well as entertaining them for hours. One more, my dogs love so much to play with the tug and war toys.

How long Toys Last?

The appropriate response will differ greatly from one canine to the next. The first thing to remember is that chew toys are designed to be thrown away. Furthermore, these are a one-time use items, so don’t think one to last for a lifetime.

According to my experience, an excellent chew toy will last at least a month.You may anticipate a very well toy to last 2-3 months for dogs who aren’t an extremely aggressive chewers.

Can these toys make my dog Sharpe?

In the marketplace, there is numerous puzzle or active toys. The majority of them appear to be able to assist your dog in developing their brains and becoming wiser. It is true that intricate puzzles appear to aid in the development of problem-solving skills in people, so it stands to reason that dogs will get a benefit in the same way.

You may easily administer a canine IQ test to your dog and keep track of their growth.

Can toys prevent loneliness in dogs?

Loneliness is the most common issue in dogs which is appeared when the owners did not give proper time and consideration. Loneliness can be prevented when your dog remains busy in some activities. While dog toys won’t solve the loneliness altogether, they can assist a lot.

While there’s no alternative for having fun with your dog, the toys will only keep them busy while you’re away.

Buying Guide of Best toys for Beagle

If you want to purchase any Beagle toy for yourself, we will tell you about some points which you should keep in mind before buying any dog toys.

Safe for dogs:

As a dog owner, safety is the first thing which always on the top priority because we love our dogs the most. So make sure that the toys which you are buying for beagles are safe, strong, and durable, as well as chew-resistant and made with non-toxic materials.

Any toys with loose ribbons or hooks, as well as any other little things that your dog might ingest or choke on, should be avoided.

Choose the exact size:

Remember your Beagle size and age while shopping for toys. Toys for puppies will be considerably smaller, whilst toys for larger dogs will be larger and more sturdy. If you offer a little toy to a large dog, it will be swiftly destroyed and maybe choked on.

Strong and Sturdy:

A dog toy isn’t meant to last a lifetime. However, by selecting the most sturdy dog toys, you might save money on replacement prices.

This will be a severe task for dedicated chewers. In general, search for items that are thick, manufactured of durable materials, and comprised of a single solid piece.


Dog toys mean to be in Beagle’s mouth every time. So it matters a lot whether the dog likes that particular toy or not.

Many toys have a meaty flavor in their material. At same moment, they don’t always get the taste and smell of real meat right, resulting in an item that tastes artificial. Some dogs will love the smell of simple rubber, while some will hate it.


Toys for dogs have very important in different ways. Like if you do not have plenty of time to spend with your dog or if your dog is an aggressive chewer, then toys will be really helpful to you. For my Beagle dogs, I choose different toys from which only some fulfill my expectations.

So above are all the best toys for Beagles with affordable prices and sturdy quality. So make a look at them and make a wise decision.

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