Best Tug of War Dog Toy

From rubber donuts, to rope tug dog toys & even fun character designs, a good quality best tug of war dog toy has to be durable enough for any kind of hard play while being gentle on the dog’s jaws, teeth, and mouth. I highly recommend reading this article as I am going to unravel genuine fear of the pet parents when it comes to tug of war toys. Readers will also find more useful & detailed information about 4 best-selling products with respect to material, size, safety, price range, durability, & wash ability, later in this article. 

Best Tug of War Dog Toy

Dog Tug Toys: At a Glance

Tug of war toys can be a perfect way of providing mental and physical exercises for canines. Playtime with canines is considered as the best & enjoyable bonding experience, while bringing together mental stimulation, exercise, loads of fun, and trust. And, whilst not the right option for overly reactive or aggressive canines, a tug of war toy is a recommended way for most canines in order to get close to their owners for some memorable interaction. 

tug toys dog

There are many kinds of tug toys in the market & therefore, it is important to consider these types before getting the one:

  • Rope toys
  • Handheld toys
  • Plush toys 
  • Rubber toys 

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Reviewed: Best Tug of War Dog Toys 

My dog truly loved this new experiment, & became capable of interacting and playing with many new tug toys and thus, helped me a lot to create this comprehensive list of the 4 best products. All the below-reviewed products are safe & well-built, so pet parents can just pick one & try it out easily. 

AZMpets Dog Toys – best dog tug toy

If you have a giant canine that loves tugs then, the AZMpets tug toys is a way to go. As a German shepherd owner, I must say that he seems to like them so far. These are very well-made and durable rope toys with a great size. The packaging was amazing and the bag it came with was wonderful.

The most noticeable thing is that there are different sized toys which is great. A highly recommended product for all those pet parents who were tired of purchasing expensive toys that their pups kept destroying. They should buy this as they will get 7 toys, for the price of one toy. However, the product might not serve the purpose for aggressive chewers. I have been using this toy for the last two years and quite satisfied with it. I will recommend you to order the product from Amazon to avoid any delivery issues.

  • Keep canines occupied
  • Helps teething 
  • Veterinarian approved 
  • Safe to use 
  • 100% cotton 
  • Not for canines 50 Ibs plus 

Jolly Pets Dog Toy – best dog toy for chewers

Jolly Pets Dog Toy 

There are many toy brands out there that always claim to be designed for power plays, aggressive chewers & much more however, Jolly Pets brand never makes these claims, yet this is the only brand that can easily withstand the force of powerful canines. So, the major reason behind including Jolly Pets dog toy in this list is a number of benefits it has to offer.

The product is an amazing interactive toy especially for active play. The ball maintains its original shape even if punctured because it does not really rely on internal pressure in order to inflate it. There is also good news for German shepherd owners, while the rope lasted, the German shepherd would surely swing the toy back & forth using a rope while hitting himself with the ball, a very entertaining experience for him. 

  • Perfect for large pups 
  • Made of non-toxic & recyclable materials 
  • Puncture resistant rubber
  • Made to last 
  • Highly durable 
  • Frayed edges might be torn off 

Goughnuts Dog Toy – best puppy toy

Simply love this dog chew toy & so does every canine, no doubt the Goughnuts dog toys perfectly fit the bill. This has proven to be an extremely durable pull toy for different dog breeds. As per personal experience, any dog toy that is used regularly & withstand this much force & lasts even 7-8 months is surely worth buying.

The most distinguishable feature of this product is that it is comfortable enough that it does not hurt the hands during long tug of war sessions & despite the canine’s best efforts, the toy will surely last for the foreseeable future. So, this is a must have for the owners of power chewers. Not only is the toy still fully intact, it also looks new by being very indestructible. On the downside, the product arrived with a strong chemical smell though it eventually dissipated after some time. 

  • Ensure complete safety 
  • Highly durable 
  • Best for supervised & interactive play 
  • Hefty dog tug toy 
  • Different size and color options 
  • A bit pricey 



This one might be the most demanding dog toy out there. That’s why it holds a special position on the list of the best tug of war dog toys. The BLUEISLAND dog toy won’t tear up easily, great product for canine tug war. The product will serve the best purpose for Golden Retrievers as they have the habit of chewing up almost every toy.

This is quite a big rope that is not that easy to chew apart thus, good for canines who love playing tug of war. Apart from this, the quality of this dog toy is simply amazing. Canines are like precious babies in a sense that they prefer anything that squeaks therefore, why not buy one that gives such enjoyment & BLUEISLAND dog toy is not an exception. However, it came with a strong chemical smell which concerns me therefore, it is better to wash it before giving it to canines. 

  • Safe & tough 
  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Nearly indestructible 
  • Good for medium to large canines 
  • Non-toxic
  • Might not last long if used as a chew toy 

Buying Guide: Best Tug of War Dog Toy 

Ready to engage your precious companion in a meaningful and fun play? It is vital to mention that apart from being a healthy exercise & good bonding experience to both canines & their owners, it is mentally challenging for canines as well. While thinking of stimulating physical and mental faculties of the canines, buying the best tug of war dog toys should be foremost on pet parents’ minds. And, this buying guide is all about helping prospective buyers make an informed decision. 

What To Look for in the Best Tug of War Dog Toy?

While selecting and buying the best tug toy for canines, pet parents should consider the following factors:


It is important that the selected product should be made from durable material. It also has to be pet safe and non-toxic. 


The size of the toy has to be according to the size of the dog particularly, his mouth & bite. Apart from this, also check that the toy is not very heavy for the canines to hold because they could suffer from jaw fatigue.  


The materials with which the product is made will determine how reliable and durable it is. Likewise, stitching is extremely important as well. 

Canine’s Play Preferences 

Another important factor that should be given attention as tug toys are currently available in a wide range of designs and materials. Few canines like rope tug toys whereas some canines prefer a product that has a ball at its end. Therefore, it is recommended to consider your precious pooch’s play preferences. 

What are the Advantages of Tug of War Game?

Either taken as a playtime routine or a form of varied exercise, tug of war game has following amazing advantages:

  • Offer a great dose of physical and mental stimulation 
  • Help to keep canine happy 
  • Source of a great bonding experience 
  • Can also be used as diversion 
  • Help with canine’s training 

Is it Safe to Use Rope Toys for Dogs?

rope dog toys

Yes, as long as pet parents purchase a well-made and good quality rope toy. But there are some caveats such as if your canine is a very destructive chewer then, tug toy might not serve the purpose, as they will consider the toy as a chewing object. It is advised to let your canine use a rope toy under your kind supervision. 

Final Thoughts 

In the end, it can be concluded that if pet parents are looking for that enjoyable bonding experience with their beloved companions then, the above-shared list of the best tug of war dog toys will surely be worth a look. Apart from this, pet parents should always inspect any tug toy being used with canines. Always ensure that they are safe & in mint condition. Now, pet parents know what the best & good quality tug of war dog toys are & they have some wonderful recommendations here as well. 

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