Best Hamster Bedding for Odor Control

Hamsters are a lovely and entertaining species that, if properly cared can make a wonderful family pet. A study found that hamsters spend the majority of their time sleeping. So, if you don’t provide the best sleeping facilities, you’ll notice a change in their health and behavior.

Most of the time, there comes a bad smell from hamsters. It’s not because of their natural odor or any other disease; it’s just because of the bed they sleep on. So, today, we’ll go through the best hamster bedding for odor control in detail.

With so many alternatives and opportunities on the market, picking the ideal one can be challenging. Therefore, we have thoroughly examined each product and prepared a list of the best. There is a comprehensive list of points to examine when purchasing hamster bedding for odor control at the end of the article.

So have a look at it!

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Best Hamster Bedding for Odor Control:

Small Pet Select 56L – Natural Paper bedding for hamster cage:

Small Pet Company is among the most famous companies that provide great bedding choices and build a strong trust over people. That’s why their product is at the top of our list.

Small Pet 56L bedding is made up of natural paper, which can be used for rabbits, hamsters, rats bedding, and other small pets. It’s super soft, comfortable, and did not create dust which is good for their breathing. It’s super-absorbent, so it will highly control odor and last for a month.

Whenever your hamster pees, it does not spread all over and can easily take out of the cage. Another advantage is that your hamster will not get dusty as paper bedding does not have dust as compared to sawdust.

Due to its popularity, we ordered two packs, each of which arrives in a nice package with a detailed handwritten instruction note.

  • Ideal for small pets
  • Super absorbent
  • Made of natural items
  • Do not have a smell
  • Packing is not up to the mark

Small Pet Select 56L- White paper bedding:

Dust creates great breathing for humans and animals. Likewise, if there is dust in the hamster’s cage, your pet will get serious health problems. In this regard, Small Pet guarantees dust-proof white paper bedding for your hamster, so you can freely clean the cage daily.

Best Hamster Bedding for Odor Control 2

In third-class bedding, when the pet pees, the bedding is constantly stuck with the cage iron and gives you a hard time cleaning. But thanks to Small Pet, this bedding is not like that. Unlike others, this bedding does not have chemicals (for increasing performance), which is a plus point for your pet’s health.

The white paper is really absorbent and will not create any smell, so forget about the odor from your hamster.

  • Easy to clean
  • Dust-free
  • Long-lasting
  • Some people found it expensive

Small Pet Select 226L Aspen Bedding

We receive the product one week after placing the order. The package was well-packaged, with no dust or anything other.

If you have checked different bedding but did not find anyone helpful. Then this product will be your full stop. If your pet is not playing or participating in any activity, his bedding is not suitable to his nature. SPS 226L comes with natural aspen bedding which will be really good for your pet health.

The size of this product is a bit large and contains a lot of bedding inside. If you have a small cage, don’t pour it at once; use it later. But if your cage is large and you have many pets in it, you can use it one time.

It is fairly absorbent and gets you rid of odor if you regularly do the cleaning of the cage. According to buyers’ reviews, we have noticed that after purchasing the Small pet 226L they have noticed a change in hamster’s living.

  • More absorbent
  • Odor Control
  • In bulk amount
  • Affordable
  • Packing gives a bad smell

Kaytee Extreme Odor Control Bedding

Kaytee is another brand that has gained popularity in small pet bedding with its quality products. Kaytee gives super-soft bedding, which will make your hamster more playful. If you have tried a different product before, then you will be aware of the irritating smell of bedding. But in this product, you will not get any type of smell.

The pee of pets did not create a mess inside the cage because the bedding was designed to not join with each other or attach with the cage. The pack is more than enough for your regular cage and will last for a month almost.

Moreover, it also did not have any dust, so you can easily clean the cage daily or weekly. This bedding can also be used for guinea pigs, rabbits, and other small animals.

  • Absorbs 6x its weight
  • Completely dust-proof
  • Odor Control
  • Small pets
  • The quality is going downwards

Vitakraft Crumble Bedding for Small Animals:

Vitakraft comes with great and different ides of bedding in which their baking soda-free formula quickly absorbs any moisture and prevents your hamsters from odor for 14 days. This bedding is not only safe for your hamster’s health but also gives a secure and joyful environment.

Best Hamster Bedding for Odor Control 3

The bedding is made of crumbles of recycled paper, so it will not create a mess in the cage. According to the company claim, there will be no odor for 14 days which is not a joke. Its absorbent nature absorbs any liquid or litter in a few minutes.

  • Odor control for 14 days
  • Super absorbent
  • Easy to swap out
  • Not suitable for large cages

What to see before Buying Hamster bedding?

With a great number of opportunities in the market, you will find it very hard to choose the correct one. So for your assistance, here are some points to remember before buying hamster bedding.


First, you to check the strength of absorption in the bedding. Due to hamster’s litter and some other liquid drop, the bedding gives a smell that becomes very irritating to smell. Moreover, the pets also do not feel comfortable on the liquid surface.

So always look for highly absorbent bedding and absorb any liquid in minutes.


Breathing in a dusty atmosphere is very injurious not only for humans but also animals. Most of the third class companies made the bedding which also includes dust. When hamsters run or owners clean the cage, it creates a great mess in the sense of dust. So care about your pet and select the bedding which is completely dust proof.

Odor Control:

Odor is a smell that comes from the body of a hamster. It is generally due to the bad bedding of pets. Some people suggest scented bedding to us, but it is a serious hazard to pets’ health. Different companies have made bedding that controls odor in hamsters. Always look for a product that claims odor control.


Always purchase bedding according to the size of the hamster’s cage. If your cage is large, purchase a big pack of bedding and distribute it to all cage parts and vice versa. Never compromise on the quantity of bedding because the hamster feels very happy in the cage full of bedding.

Safe Material:

At last, you must check that of which material the bedding is made. Sometimes the bedding also has a very bad smell, due to which hamsters do not feel comfortable.

If you do not want to look at each and every point, no problem. The above given all products are filtered out from these points and then added to our list. You can freely choose any product ad use it for your hamster.

Frequently Ask Questions:

After how much time should I change the bedding?

Generally, it depends upon your pet’s living style. If the quality of the bedding is outstanding, you can use it for 15 days. But if the bedding is spoiled, you should change it after 1 week.

Is buying big packs of bedding helpful?

Yes, if you buy a big pack of bedding, it will be really helpful to save your money. It will also save you time rather than having to buy it every week.

Can I also use it for other pets?

Yes, guinea pigs, rabbits, gerbils, chinchillas, and other small animals can use this bedding.

Can hamsters eat bedding?

Wood beddings are not recommended since they contain sharp edges that can cause significant mouth wounds and internal bleeding if your hamster consumes them. But if the bedding is made up of natural material, then eating this will not be a serious issue.

What can be an alternative for bedding?

Ahh, this question is very difficult to answer as the alternatives are not specifically made for bedding. You can use facial tissues, toilet paper, napkins, etc. Your hamster can have a negative response towards these items because these are not built for bedding.


 Odor control is a serious issue that almost all the owners of hamsters face. But if you properly care for your pet, you can easily get rid of this. We have written a detailed article for best hamster bedding for odor control and try to cover each and everything which can be helpful for you.

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