Best Rat Bedding

Rats- the majority of the people might think of the dirty, nasty little rodents that reside in sewers. But, the rats are the most loved and favorite pets, due to their sweet and inquisitive natures. Rats are not dirty or nasty creatures at all. In fact, they prefer to live in spacious and clean areas.

Moreover, the areas rat create for himself, include food storage, a nest, runway trail & few peaceful corners for relieving the stress. Just like human beings, pet rats want to stay clean, warm and comfortable on a daily basis.

If the readers of this article are among those people who truly enjoy and love the company of pets, especially rats then, they might have few serious issues when it comes to keeping the rat cage clean. Beyond everything, some rodents are not certainly the cleanest creatures and rat lovers want them to remain healthy and fresh all the time.

Thus, with this important factor in mind, rat lovers should consider buying the rat bedding as it will create a safe and comfortable environment for them while reducing unpleasant odors. Such rat bedding options are now easily available however, it important to ensure that rat will like having a bed in the cage without any problems.

The purpose of this article is to compare the best rat bedding options currently available, giving readers a chance to make an informed decision, in view of the possibilities, features, requirements and other factors about the rat bedding.

Best Rat Bedding

What is the Best Rat Bedding?

After getting a suitable cage & providing the rats with a safe environment, the next important thing is bedding. The rat bedding needs to be secure and comfortable for the little rats. Moreover, the material of the best rat bedding will never harm the rats, but some rat lovers unknowingly select something that would be dangerous for rats.

So, because currently, there is a wide range of rat bedding options for rat lovers to get their hands on them. Thus, the rat lovers must walk through the related & crucial things to get the best rat bedding.

Top 10 bedding for Rats and small animals list:

Choosing the best & suitable rat bedding can be quite challenging & also a matter of personal preference, to help rat lovers in their quest, below are few of the highly recommended and best rat bedding available today.

1. Kaytee Clean and Cozy White Small Animal Bedding

Best Rat Bedding 1Best Rat Bedding 2

This product is very famous and favorite among rat owners. Apart from rats, this bedding is appropriate for all types of small animals. It is made from a soft paper to offer a fluffy and comfortable environment for the rats. Moreover, Kaytee bedding is extremely absorbent thus, it will keep the rat’s cage odor-free, clean, and dry.  With a reasonable price tag, the Kaytee pet bedding is available in different sizes.


  • Eco-friendly and dust-free
  • Users can expand the bedding up to three-times its original size 
  • Available in the wide variety of colors


  • Sharp hooks around the top.

2. Carefresh Small Pet Bedding

Best Rat Bedding 3Best Rat Bedding 4

Another top-rated and bestselling product, the Carefresh pet bedding is made from a natural and raw fabric for utmost comfort. The rats can feel the pillowy softness & fluffiness thus, ensuring that their delicate feet are safe and comfortable. It has a number of pet-friendly features therefore, it is a perfect option for other small pets as well. Moreover, the Carefresh pet bedding is 100% flushable and biodegradable. It promises to give rats a cozy, clean and comfortable environment.


  • Available in a wide variety of colors & sizes
  • Offers all the important features in order to keep the little rat healthy and clean
  • Capable of eliminating the bad odors for approximately 10 days
  • Perfect absorbency


  •  The odor-free feature can be improved else, it’s perfect

3. Kaytee Clean and Cozy Extreme Odor Control

Best Rat Bedding 5Best Rat Bedding 6

This product gives rat owners a whole new standard when it comes to absorbent and super-soft bedding. The cozy and clean bedding keeps rats dry and clean. All these features make this a highly useful product for all those looking for a rat bedding with a powerful odor control technology. It gives users fourteen days of odor control by just neutralizing ammonia odors to keep the cage clean and safe while still remained dust-free.


  • It neutralizes odor to let users have a clean and fresh cage
  • Dust-free
  • Comfortable and safe


  •  Heavy
  • Need assistance to assemble
  • Sharp hooks around the top.

4.Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding

Best Rat Bedding 7Best Rat Bedding 8

This top-quality bedding from a famous animal bedding brand is another hit and the number of pet lovers prefers to have the product in their homes. Made from unbleached and pure paper fabric, the Small pet animal bedding contains no dyes and additives. Furthermore, it is dust-free so, rat owners do not have to take tension about the allergies or other respiratory issues. The bedding is also available in different packs and sizes.


  • Super absorbent
  • Great for making tunnels, ramps, etc.
  • Comfortable and soft


  •  Few user felt that the size is small

5. Vitakraft Fresh World Strength Bedding

Best Rat Bedding 9Best Rat Bedding 10

This is a highly recommended option due to its remarkable features & the best thing is, the Vitakraft rat bedding is made from recycled material. This rat bedding is capable of absorbing moisture thus, there is no chance of unpleasant odor. The material is very fluffy and soft that will encourage the rat’s nesting behavior and healthy burrowing. No doubt, Vitakraft is the best option for all those rat lovers who are looking for the bedding with a powerful order control mechanism. Due to this great feature, there is no need to change the rat bedding daily.


  • 99.5% free of dust
  • An extremely safe, non-toxic and unbleached option
  • Super soft to let rats feel more secure and comfortable


  •  Few user felt it was dry.

6. Kaytee Pine Bedding

Best Rat Bedding 11Best Rat Bedding 12

It’s a great option for all those who are looking for pine bedding for their little rats. No doubt, Kaytee is a recommended product if rat owners want a very durable and comfortable bedding material to maintain the rat’s cage easily. It is worth mentioning that this bedding also has the best outdoorsy odor that will transform the room’s smell easily where the cage is located.  It is made from a softwood but still, it is biodegradable and all-natural.


  • Dust-free
  • The Ongoing odor control mechanism
  • Highly absorbent
  • Features shaved, soft & thinner strips of wood to protect the rat’s feet
  • Insect repellent


  •  Small in size.


  • The pine’s smell is strong therefore, place the bedding in a ventilated area in order to ensure that the rats do not become sick due to natural oils.

7. So Phresh Paper Pellet Litter 

Best Rat Bedding 13Best Rat Bedding 14

This product is just like the above-mentioned products but it is made from a paper thus, less mushy. This rat bedding is generally safe for all other small pets as well. As it is paper-based bedding, there would be a maximum absorption at least cost. Obviously, when the bedding absorbs the urine, it should be capable of dealing with the unpleasant odors. And I must say that the So Phresh bedding provides great absorbency & keeps the cage of rat clean and dry.


  • Biodegradable
  • Environment friendly
  • Natural paper pellets will help in locking the moisture
  • To control unpleasant odor, it contains baking soda


  • Less comfortable and harder on rat’s feet

8. Oxbox Pure Comfort Small Animal Bedding

Best Rat Bedding 15Best Rat Bedding 16

Another trustworthy and famous company offering worth-buying pet supplies, the Oxbox introduced this particular pet bedding for their safety and comfort. It is made from a pure, never-printed and unbleached paper therefore, it is non-toxic.

The material of this bedding ultra-soft and capable of absorbing the moisture along with inhibiting the growth bacteria, fungus, and mold. It offers great odor control, thus making the process of cleanup easy. In short, it gives the utmost hygienic and comfortable bedding for the precious rats.


  • Odor absorbent in order to minimize rat odors
  • Dust-free due to being paper-based
  • Hygienic, soft and safe
  • Purity tested


  •  At times dusty.

9. Sunseed Small Animal Bedding

Best Rat Bedding 17Best Rat Bedding 18

Sunseed bedding is a great paper-based & dust-free bedding made from recycled newspapers and magazines therefore, it is a very safe and effective option when it comes to urine and moisture absorption. Moreover, the Sunseed bedding is designed carefully and features an odor control system to keep the rat’s cage-free of nasty smells.


  • It has a vibrant color
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-toxic and safe


  •  Few user felt the presence of adultration.

10. Kaytee Natural Bamboo Nesting Material

Best Rat Bedding 19Best Rat Bedding 20

It comes under the category of best bedding material for small pets because it made from a 100% natural rayon derived from dye-free bamboo material. The product encouragers nesting and burrowing instincts.  Moreover, Kaytee nesting is made from an eco-friendly resource thus, it is recyclable.


  • Pet-friendly to keep them warm & safe
  • Extremely soft
  • Biodegradable.


  • At times your pet does not likes it.

The article has discussed the major and well-known types of rat bedding in order to help readers select the best one. Well, apart from reviewing the best product, there are many other important factors that rat lovers should consider while selecting or buying the bedding. These factors are discussed in the form of FAQs below:

Rats Bedding FAQs: Answered

Why it is Important to have a Rat Bedding?

For an experienced and especially a novice rat lover, the importance of bedding while considering the health of rat is something out of question. No doubt, the rats make perfect pets and extremely clean if owners provide them with sufficient space for their waste and food. Thus, it is important to select the best and high-quality bedding for them.

What makes the Best Rat Bedding?

The majority of the rats are not capable of dealing with chemicals or dust on their beds. So, how do rat owners know everything about the best rat bedding? Don’t worry, they can begin with an important fact that rat’s need less dust and few chemicals. Here, I would like to mention that for some buyers, cost matters a lot, however, if they put the health and safety of the rat at first then, it is better to spend more time getting the best product.

What are Good Choices concerning Best Rat Bedding?

Some good choices regarding the rat bedding are as follows:

Shredded Newspaper Rat Bedding

It comes under the category of a reasonable option especially, if the rat owners already have the paper shredder. Moreover, if owners are using a newspaper then, it is better to change it frequently. Never let the newspaper stay wet & do ensure that use a newspaper without toxic ink.

Fleece Rat Bedding

Fleece Rat Bedding

There is good news for rat lovers that old pieces of any cloth or fleece can easily be used as rat bedding. It is a great option if the rats are allergic to toxic chemicals. Apart from this, it is also a perfect option if owners are allergic to rat bedding materials. Furthermore, rat owners can reuse the fleece & other pieces of clothes but, always clean & wash them properly. While washing them, better to use extremely hot water to kill germs.

Aspen Bedding

Best Rat Bedding 21

It is considered as a great replacement for pine/cedar. Aspen bedding does not have dangerous phenols like pine/cedar. However, it is tough to clean aspen bedding.

Pellet Bedding

Lastly, the pellet bedding is extremely famous nowadays. Most of the pellets are made from different recycled newspaper & some other pet-friendly materials.

What are the Bad Rat Bedding Options?

It is better not to use the following options when it comes to a comfortable and safe rat bedding:

  • Cat litter
  • Pine/cedar bedding
  • Corn cob rat bedding

Do Rats really need a Safe Bedding in the Cage?

So the answer is yes, whether rat lovers choose fleece or traditional rat bedding options, their little rats always need something while sitting in the cages to get some warmth, promote burrowing and absorb odors and urine.

How to keep Rats Clean and Healthy?

How to keep Rats Clean and Healthy?

It is extremely necessary to keep the cage of the rat clean and also remove the soiled bedding. Because, dirty and smelly cages can cause some serious breathing issues along with lung infections. Try considering the following steps:

  • Check the cage three-four times a week. If found dirty, clean it immediately
  • Once a week, check & clean the cage thoroughly by using a pet-friendly cleaner and scrub
  • Place the cage indoors as rats cannot survive in outdoor settings
  • Provide them with a healthy and secure environment
  • Read more about pet hygiene here.

What should be avoided while selecting the Rat Bedding?

It is advised that rat owners should avoid the following things:

  • Always ensure to avoid using harmful & synthetic materials because they can create serious health issues in rats
  • Do not use chemical-laden or scented materials
  • Avoid clumping materials or beds that are not capable of absorbing ammonia and moisture in no time.

How Often Rat Lovers should change their rat’s bedding?

Well, it completely depends upon the type of bedding used. The recommended practice is to deep clean the rat’s cage after every 8-10 days. Likewise, it is advised to check the rat’s cage on a daily basis and do some quick cleaning. For instance, if rat lovers are using shredded paper, natural, pellet or aspen beddings, they should carefully look all around the rat’s cage. They can use a small shovel and silicon gloves. Remove the bedding if it looks wet and dirty. By doing so, rat owners will ensure that the cage is odor-free and clean.

Do Rats like to eat their Own Bedding?

Yes, it is considered a normal practice because their teeth grow constantly & for keeping the teeth in a proper size, they have to gnaw on items. Therefore, it is crucial to buy safe bedding.

What Factors Should be Considered While Selecting the Rat Beddings?

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous types of rat beddings currently available in the marketplace. Thus, sometimes rat lovers may find it difficult to get the best once especially if they the novice buyers & and for this purpose, it is recommended to do a lot of research. However, after rat owners have decided upon the suitable type of the bedding for their rats, they should consider some other important factors discussed below:


Before buying any product, there are few specific questions rat owners should ask from the seller, such as does the bedding contain any bad chemical? Is it dust-free? Is it safe for the rat? Etc. No doubt, quality comes at first thus, there should be no compromise on that.


Since rat owners will need the bedding on a daily basis, they will consider purchasing beddings in bulk to get some extra discount offers. However, before they do that, it is recommended to test the product. If the rat seems happy and comfortable with the purchased item, only then try to get items in bulk.


Try to select the size of bedding according to the size of the rat, cage, and number of baby rats per cage. The number of rats always increases the chances of bedding wastage so, rat owners will have to buy more.


It is a well-accepted fact that safety comes first. The same applies here, try to get the safest bedding material like it should be dust-free to prevent respiratory issues.


The famous and top rat bedding brands will always make it sure that users end up buying the best item. Due to this reason, try to buy a rat bedding for a reliable brand as it will save a large amount of money in the longer run.


The rat bedding should be effective by being highly absorbent. The best practice is to read the reviews carefully before getting any product.


Finally, the purchased product should give rat owners great value for their money. Buying a worthy item is all you want else worthless bedding will cost an arm and leg in the future.

Conclusion: Rats Bedding

Keeping the rats in a safe, healthy and comfortable environment includes buying the best rat beddings that will keep the rat’s tender feet and respiratory system safe. Hopefully, by now readers should have a better idea of what to buy and what not to buy. It is a worth-sharing fact that providing your beloved rats with soft, comfortable and secure bedding is important not just for its safety & health but also for the rat lovers and their families. This is not only rat bedding but can also be used for other small animals.

The above-given list of the top and best rat bedding should ensure a fresh, dry, and hygienic environment for the little rats to keep them satisfied and happy while preventing serious respiratory issues. And most importantly, while considering the products online, it is advised to check the user’s reviews to get the top-selling product.

Furthermore, the right and high-quality rat bedding will transform the smell, feel, and look for the rat completely thus, increasing the life-span. Well, there is not a single rat bedding available to suit the current individual needs of each rat & finding the best one will make a huge and visible difference in rat’s life.

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