Why is my dog dragging butt and how to solve?

Are you suffering from the same problem of dog dragging butt? As like the many dog owners. Many people feel ashamed when their dog did scoots in front of the guest. So, there is nothing to ashamed if your dog is suffering from the scooting problem. So first we need to understand what is scooting. Scooting is quite common among dogs.

dog dragging butt

When your dog drags their butts on floor, carpet or on grass this action is commonly known as scooting. This problem does relate to the age of your dog. If your dog scooting, there is nothing to giggle but it is an alarming situation for you that your dog is suffering from a serious medical problem. Your dog does not do this action to embarrassed you but actually, he is suffering from a serious issue.

To get rid of that issue he does scoot to comfort himself. These issues include irritation, inflammation, and pain in their anus sacks, and variation in the anal gland is the reason behind it. Anal sacks may become block or wounded due to numerous causes that lead to scooting. Scooting can be caused by numerous gland disorder, infection or worm bite, etc.

Scooting is not just as simple as itching it is a serious medical problem that needs proper care. Make sure a visit to the consultant to overcome this medical problem on time. 

Causes of Scooting or dog dragging butt:

1. Anal sacs

Causes of Scooting or dragging butts

Anal sacks are two small sacs that are present around the anus. Scooting is mainly occurred due to the overfilling or clogging of the anal sacs. In other to get rid of this discomfort your dog does scooting. Your dog may rub his anus to carpet, floor or on the grass. If you observed your dog did scooting more than once in a day then visit his consultant to take a proper checkup.

It would be hard to tell that the whole anal sac has an infection or it gets affected by any virus or tumor. Check your dog by lifting his tail is there any bleeding or inflammation. If you observed anything alarming visit a consultant immediately. Do not cover the anal sac. Infected anal sac would be quite aching. It gets worse if proper precaution is not taken. Treat it with good antibiotics or little surgery would need.

2. Allergies 

dog butt allergy

Allergies are the second obvious cause of dragging butts. When your dog drags his butt probably, he has some sort of allergy. Taking your dog to the consultant to get a quick recovery before it is getting worse. Allergy can be caused by biting some insects or from food.

3. Parasitic infection 

The anal sac can be affected by any parasitic infection. It may be caused by any parasitic inflammation. Due to this your dog can suffer a lot. Your dog drags his butts or licking his anal sac and area around it. When he is suffering from trouble due to parasitic infection. Parasites may cause severe irritation or itching. So, take a visit to the consultant and get rid of this hilarious issue. 

4. Fecal contamination

Due to diarrhea, your dog becomes weak and dehydrated and lazy. Due to fecal contamination no matter what the causes are your dog does scoot or dragging his butts to get rid of this painful and itching situation. If contamination does not get worse, it would be easy to treat. But if it gets its worse condition it will be more painful for your dog.

So, keep an eye on your dog from what problem he is suffering. Make sure your visit to the consultant frequently. Also, keep noticing that either your dog is suffering from constipation or not. Constipation may lead to scooting. 

5. Skin infection

dog skin infection

Skin infection also leads to scooting and maybe the reason for itching, irritating, inflammation and burning. Urinary tract infection may also cause scooting. So, take proper treatment to get rid of it on time and use deodorizing spray after consulting with vet.

6. Tumor   

 If your dog has a tumor it is also the reason for his scooting. Because your dog feels discomfort that’s why he does scoot to get relief. Tumor cause inflammation and itching etc. if you notice any unusual thing or behavior of your dog then visit the consultant to provide comfort to your dog. 

7. Intestinal issue

 When your dog’s intestines are swelled around anus then it causes Rectal prolapse. Due to Rectal prolapse, your dog anus sac and rectal lining get injured. You can notice it easily. If your dog suffering from Rectal prolapse then visit the consultant to get proper treatment before it becomes worse.

Solution for scooting 

  1. Cleaning
  2. Remove gland 
  3. Wet food
  4. Warm compressor 

1. Cleaning 

Your dog does scoot or dragging their butts because his anus is dirty. To get rid of this issue make sure that your dog is clean. If you do clean frequently then your dog’s anus will be healthy and will not suffer from any scooting issue.

2. Remove gland

Occasionally your dog’s anal sac becomes clogged or overfilled that’s why your dog drags his butt. You can remove these glands by yourself. Things that you need are gloves, tissue paper. Squash the pooch and make sure that it removes completely. Collect the fluid with tissue paper. If bloody and yellowish fluids come out it is the indication of infection. 

3. Wet food 

dog wet food

If your dog gets constipated on a daily base, constipation would lead to worse anal gland’s condition. Add more water and drink or add wet food in your dog’s meal this helps to provide relief from constipation. Many dogs do not like to drink water so that in this situation add water in their food. Canned food helps you in this case rather than dry food.

4. Warm compressor 

Drench a piece of cloth in a solution of warm water and salt. Put this cloth on the anus of your dog put some pressure and repeat this process frequently in a day. A warm compressor helps to remove pus or pooch naturally without any medication but only when it is mild. Use gloves and other PPES while doing this process. 

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