Best Dog Deodorizing Spray

While everyone loves canines, but it does not mean to have a home that always smells like a farm. Canines naturally have a quite strong smell but this is not an issue that pet parents have to live with. As there are a wide range of effective deodorizing sprays available that will surely leave the home smelling fresh. Below, I have rounded up the list of 4 best dog deodorizing spray products on the basis of safety, affordability, and effectiveness. In short, this article will give pet owners everything they need in order to both find the best product & use it to great effect. 

best Dog Deodorizing Spray

Is it Safe to Use Deodorizing Sprays for Dogs?

Deodorizing Sprays for Dogs?

Well, deodorizing sprays that are especially designed & formulated for canines should definitely be safe. And, just like other household cleaners, the most important factor is safety while shopping for the pet deodorizer. Some chemicals are not pet-friendly & since they can cause problems long after they have dried if chewed or licked, pet parents should ensure that the selected product is safe for dogs. Moreover, during use, pet parents should try keeping the area well-ventilated because strong odors can be extremely offensive to the canine’s sensitive sniffer. 

Why Do Canines Smell Bad?

Reasons of dogs bad smell

Even if canines do not physically sink, they produce a lot of stinky smells besides their after dinner toots. It is vital to mention that these odors can vary considerably by the canine’s age, with senior pooches and puppies cooking up markedly noxious stinky bombs. Worse, pet parents do not always pay attention right away, & they can easily settle into soft surfaces of the house including carpets. 

The most common dog caused culprits of unpleasant odors are:

  • Hair & dander 
  • Poop and urine 
  • Secretions of anal gland
  • Vomit 
  • Drool 

Regular cleaning and grooming can cut down on unwanted smells but some might persist if they are hiding deep within soft surfaces, making the best dog deodorizing spray a must. 

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Reviewed: Best Dog Deodorizing Spray 

In order to keep home smelling clean, fresh, and good while living with canines, the best and pet friendly dog deodorizing spray is mandatory. With that in mind, prospective buyers can consider the following products as all of them are best-rated & there is an option for every budget as well. 

Natural Deodorizing Spray 

Natural Deodorizing Spray 

A great product that is serving the best purpose I purchased it for. The scent lasts for a long time as compared to other deodorizing sprays & sometimes reminding me of that newborn baby powder smell. However, I would recommend not to over spray it. Apart from this, pet owners should ensure to only use 2-3 spritzes on a canine at a distance of around 6” as any more may overwhelm sensitive noses.

In short, the Natural deodorizing spray is surely a lifesaver especially if any pet parent is more sensitive to a lot of perfume fragrance because that particular one is subtle & it lasts as well. Only concern is related to packaging that needs improvement. It is better that the product should be shipped in a small box instead of a pouch/bag to prevent leakage.  When I ordered, it was shipped in a small box with a nice and safe packing.

  • Leaves canine smelling fantastic 
  • Vet & groomer recommended 
  • Help support silky soft coat 
  • High quality ingredients 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Packaging issue 

Earthbath Deodorizing Spritz 

A really impressive product with great detangling properties. The scent is exactly what pet parents would expect, extremely pleasant with a hint of almond and vanilla without being too strong. Furthermore, the product also helps with very dry skin as well. It is difficult to resist the desire of cuddling your beloved four-legged companion for 5 consecutive hours upon applying Earthbath spray.

It surely leaves the coat & fur in superb condition. It can be said that Earthbath spray is a highly recommended product for all those who want something to help mask the skunk odor. Because it can be used for canine’s beddings and home furniture also to eliminate unpleasant odors. However, I would suggest buying this spray in person for any pet store due to leakage issues. 

  • Safe for all canines
  • Free of harmful chemicals 
  • Smell great 
  • Make coat shiny and soft
  • Cruelty free 
  • A bit sticky 

ANGRY ORANGE Dog Deodorizer 

A product that truly & reliably eliminates dog’s urine is basically magic and ANGRY ORANGE dog deodorizer is not an exception. This enzymatic formula is available in 2 scents & both are amazing. I would like to say that this orange stuff is definitely going to be the right answer to every canine-odor woes. 

Moreover, the orange scent is 100% real & leaves a fresh and light atmosphere behind. However, if pet owners use this too much in a single go that it might get overwhelming for those who are suffering from breathing issues & even asthma. The best thing is that, there will be no discoloration & staining where you sprayed the product. All in all, a great product, would highly recommend it to those with persistent canine marking issues.  The only downside is the sprayer nozzle that is terribly designed. 

  • Fresh and fierce 
  • Safe and strong 
  • Multipurpose dog deodorizer 
  • Smells wonderful
  • Works as advertised 
  • Costly 

TropiClean Deodorizing Spray 

This deodorizing spray is best for canines who usually do not smell too bad but whenever they get upset & bark loudly down the hill then, they sometimes release their anal glands & no doubt this secretion smells absolutely awful. So, the TropiClean is a perfect solution for neutralizing that unpleasant odor without adding a heaving fragrance on top of it.

This deodorizing spray is extremely comforting to canines. To everyone trying to get that workable product for their much-loved canines this is one I suggest them trying. I know every canine deserves the best, so surprise him with this product as it eliminates the smell with a fresh natural scent in its place. On the other hand, I truly appreciate how all the added ingredients are natural but the smell does not last long.  

  • Easy to use 
  • Refreshing scent 
  • Soothes and conditions canine’s coat 
  • Dye & Paraben free 
  • All-natural ingredients 
  • Smells great however fades quickly 

Buying Guide: Best Dog Deodorizing Sprays 

Pet safe deodorizing sprays do not come in an all- inclusive package, with different formulas giving differing results. Therefore, it is important that prospective buyers should consider the needs & end goals in order to ensure they get what they actually need. To make things, I have created this buying guide. So, continue reading the article to get your hands on the best ever product. 

What Makes the Best Deodorizing Spray for Dogs?

While considering what dog deodorizing spray to use, there are a few key features to consider including the following:

  • One of the most important factors pet parents should have to look for in a dog deodorizing spray is its safety & this is best shown in the ingredients list that are being used in the formulation. Try to avoid products with extremely harmful or harsh chemicals including phosphates, Parabens, sulfates etc. 
  • Since dog deodorizing sprays are basically a mixture of different chemicals, synthetic or natural therefore, it is important to perform a few test applications 1st. Because even a spray that has all-natural ingredients might cause allergy in sensitive canines.
  • Moreover, check the fragrance of the selected product. Choose one that you & your canine will enjoy. 
  • If pet parents are releasing a dog deodorizer into the environment daily then, they should not use harsh products. 
  • Last but not least, packaging is extremely important. 

How to Manage Canine’s Unpleasant Odors in the Home?

Well, using a dog deodorizing spray will surely help kill the unwanted odor that canines inevitably release into the air. However, with the help of following things pet parents can minimize the chances of those stinky smells to spread. 

  • Groom the canines regularly 
  • Try using a dehumidifier 
  • Get odor eliminating plants such as Chinese evergreen, bamboo palm, Aloe Vera & peace lily 
  • Wash the canine’s things daily 
  • Use the pee pads and dog shampoo for smell


In the end, it can be concluded that no matter how well-trained and clean the canine is, he cannot help but always release his smell into the surroundings. So, never settle for anything less when it comes to a canine’s health and well-being. Life is messy & sometimes stinky particularly when canines are involved. It is advised to keep the above-mentioned list of dog deodorizing sprays handy & stock up on my tried & true favorites. 

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