Best Dog Food for Beagle

Famous for their bubbly personalities and floppy ears, beagles always make wonderful and loving family pets. Very amiable & calm, the Beagle is an intelligent and gentle canine that can have a stubborn streak. It is worth sharing that Beagles are the 5th most admired and famous dog breed among pet parents due to a number of good reasons. They are absolutely charming, sugary-sweet little companions who like to tag along with owners. However, to ensure that beagles stay happy and healthy for years to come, pet parents will have to feed them with well-balanced and nutritious food.

Best Dog Food for Beagle

Luckily, beagles do not have too many specific nutritional requirements that pet owners should consider, in fact beagles only need an all-natural and premium quality dog food. Apart from this, one of the best things about beagle canines is that they are not prone to many health problems. Pet parents can select the dog food based on beagle’s activity level, age, and their own research concerning the best product. Because selecting the best dog food for beagle will ensure that they have the right foundation for growth & development, digestion, energy, & weight. 

Breed’s Overview:

Not only is the Beagle a great hunting canine & trustworthy companion, it is funny, and easy going as well, thanks to his pleading expression. The beagle is a perfect dog breed for active pet parents. This breed was first bred in England during the period 16th century as rabbit hunting dogs. By the 19th century, the beagles became very refined & widely accepted in the North US, eventually becoming the most popular dog breed. When properly socialized and trained, they can be amazing companions & best family canines. 

Beagle Breed Overview

Breed Group: 


Average Height:



23-25 pounds 


Athletic, amusing, robust, affectionate 


13-15 years

Nutritional Requirements of Beagles:

This dog breed loves to eat & are notorious when it comes to eating, raiding, and detecting everything they can. Pet parents should offer 2 meals in a day of upto ¾ cups of dry items. Well, as mentioned earlier the quantity will vary concerning the beagle’s age, size, & other factors. It is advised to discuss the beagle’s need with an experienced vet in order to get recommendations for the best dog food items, feeding schedule, & amount to be fed. Their diet should contain fiber, carbohydrates, protein, animal fat along with minerals and vitamins. 

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Beagles: 6 Special Considerations

Overall, Beagles are healthy canines however, they can still suffer from few health conditions such as:

  • PRA ( progressive retinal atrophy) 
  • Intervertebral disc disease
  • Hypothyroidism 
  • Epilepsy 
  • Joint problems 
  • Patellar luxation

Accordingly, it is necessary to not overfeed the beagles to ensure their healthy and happy life.

Reviewed: Best Dog Foods for Beagles 

I would like to share that the following 3 dog foods will surely suit the beagles well. There is a specific amount of nutrients that beagles need & the following products will perfectly cover all that, so pet parents can rely on below-reviewed best dog food for beagles. 

ORIJEN Dog Food 

This delicious recipe is quite famous & preferred by beagles as ORIJEN gives a diet rich & varied in whole and fresh animal ingredients from wild roar, ranch raised beef, grass-fed lamb & wild caught mackerel. So, with 85% high quality animal ingredients, this formula aims at providing complete nourishment to Beagles according to their biological and natural needs.

In fact, using raw and fresh animal ingredients including bone, cartilage, and organs, ORIJEN dog food is a biologically appropriate & grain-free product that Beagles have evolved to enjoy. Apart from all this, the ORIJEN dog food is highly recommended for Beagles since it contains chondroitin and glucosamine to take care of their scent hounds joints. 

  • Raw and fresh meat inclusion 
  • Variety of ingredients 
  • Never outsourced 
  • Grain-free 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Might not be good for beagles having food allergies 

User Experience:

According to the buyers, this is one of the best, delicious, and healthiest dog foods out there. Even picky Beagles love the ORIJEN dog food. There is an impressive amount of healthy ingredients to help support beagle’s overall health and well-being. 

Solid Gold Dog Food 

Solid Gold Dog Food 

Another great low calorie and low fat, potato free recipe that is considered complete & balanced for those Beagles who need help when it comes to maintaining a healthy body weight without even sacrificing a taste they will crave for. Moreover, using fish offers a wide range of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which are great for everything from keeping healthy eyesight and building a beautiful & shiny coat.

Combined with fiber-rich prebiotics, the Solid gold dog food’s patented protected probiotics remain alive & viable until consumed by Beagles helping them achieve optimal gut and digestive health. Designed especially for weight control, the Solid Gold is a low-fat recipe that is both delicious and nutritious. During lockdown, I ordered this food for my beagle and I was unclear about delivery due to covid, and on-time delivery was a surprise.

  • Non-GMO ingredients 
  • Help support immune system health 
  • Packed with superfoods 
  • Support Beagle’s overall wellness 
  • Give the best value for money 
  • A bit pricey 
  • Include animal by-products 

User Experience:

Many pet parents have bought Solid Gold dog food to help beagles to reduce weight. According to few of them, so far they are happy with the progress which has been gradual not drastic. Overall, this is a great dog food that pet parents can trust. 

Whole Earth Dog Food 

It is worth sharing that capitalizing specifically on the natural ingredients, this mouthwatering dog food for beagles contains a slightly low content of protein as compared to above-mentioned products. But it does not mean that it is something pet parents cannot offer to their beloved beagles. Furthermore, the inclusion of amino acids help ensure beagle’s optimal growth and development of different organs and tissues.

The four strains of the healthy microorganisms do not just pave the wave for a more efficient beagle’s digestive system but support the overall health & functioning of the canine’s immune system. In short, it is a kind of canine diet that is best for those beagles that cannot resist the scrumptious taste of chicken along with the hints of salmon and turkey. Use the formulated dog food for weight gain, if your canine is weak.

  • Grain-free
  • Small kibble size 
  • High-quality proteins 
  • Support digestive health 
  • Promote less shedding & shinier coat 
  • No artificial colors, soy, wheat 
  • Few buyers have reported heart problems in Beagles 

User Experience:

According to the buyers, the Whole Earth dog food is a highly quality product without fillers and is absorbed better by Beagles. Many Beagle owners have liked the small size of the kibbles. The product smells pleasant & Beagles love eating it. 

Buying Guide: Best Dog Food for Beagle

It is a well-known fact that every canine breed has its own dietary consideration & beagles are no exception. If pet parents give their beagle the food that is according to his specific nutritional requirements, they could potentially notice all kinds of benefits such as better health, more energy, & a long lifespan. Therefore, this buying guide will solely focus on the certain factors concerning the Beagle’s nutritional needs. 

How to Select the Best Dog Food for Beagle?

Since this dog breed is prone to few health issues including obesity therefore, it is extremely important for pet parents to understand the different ways of identifying the best product. To make things easy, pet parents can keep the below-listed factors in mind while selecting the high quality food for beagles.

  • Go for the recipe that contains whole protein as the 1st ingredient because products that list unnamed meat, wheat, and corn as the main ingredients are not suitable for little beagles.  
  • Food formulated without unnamed meat by-products and meat meals should be avoided 
  • The selected food should contain probiotics & other necessary supplements to prevent nutritional deficiencies. 
  • Food that is made according to the strict food-safety regulations will serve the best purpose. 
  • It is not good to eliminate all kinds of fat from the beagle’s diet because irrespective of good quality proteins, the Beagles need healthy fats as well. 
  • Beagles need a protein based food not carbs
  • It is advised to give preference to meat proteins as compared to plant-based proteins.

Important Note:

Pet parents should remember that the calories Beagles get from different treats count as well. Preferably, the majority of Beagle owners agree with this split:

  • Around 80% of the Beagle’s calories have to come from dog food or kibble 
  • Remaining 20% of the calories come from the healthy treats 

So, pet parents should ensure that they do not give their Beagles a number of treats during meals.

What Foods are Not Good & Healthy for Beagles?

spicy and hot dog food

Spicy & hot food items should be avoided. Always remember, few food items can have an extremely bad effect upon beagles, leading to severe illness & occasionally death. It is important to note that these foods include onions, chocolates, grapes, Xylitol, and raisins. 


Overall, it can be said that in some cases, pet parents won’t really need to overthink about their Beagles food choices. Even though few beagles are prone to obesity & may therefore be served by the weight control yet healthy formulas detailed above, others only need a good quality dog food. So, prospective buyers can compare the available options & try to make a wise buying decision for the best dog food for beagle.

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