Best Dog Food for Weight Gain

Overweight or obese canines always get a lot of attention but what about canines on the other side of spectrum? Few canines have trouble keeping or maintaining the weight up at a recommended level & have lost weight recently.  When a canine is healthy, getting him/her to gain weight is extremely simple. On the other hand, helping a canine to gain weight to a certain level can become very complicated. So, I have finalized a list of best dog food for weight gain.

So, it can be said that canine obesity is a much-discussed topic globally but in this article I am going to talk about an issue that is quite alarming & i.e.  Underweight canines. There is a myth that only adopted and rescued canines are underweight; however this is not the case. In fact, it can be any canine living in a comfortable environment, eating healthy dog food. Well, there can be different reasons why a canine is not gaining weight. There are different circumstances and conditions that can leave a canine in need of a few surplus calories. 

However, pet owners should ensure that they always work in conjunction with their vets to address the underlying health problem which causes the canines to become extremely underweight & that they gain weight in a healthy and steady manner. 

Best Dog Food for Weight Gain

How Can Pet Parents know If Their Canines are Underweight?

It is worth sharing that some of the obvious signs & symptoms that are associated with underweight canines include:

  • Bad eating habits
  • Depression 
  • Reduced shine & poor condition of coat
  • Drained energy levels 
  • Visible tail, shoulder, hips, or ribs bones 

None of the above-listed symptoms necessarily indicate that canines are underweight; however they must alert pet parents to the risk of a health problem. 

Possible Causes: Why is Your Canine Underweight?

Cause of dog underweight

Always remember that being underweight is not a disease in fact, it’s just a symptom to warn pet parents that they should consult an experienced vet to determine the root cause. Some top reasons are as follows:

  • Diabetes 
  • Thyroid issues 
  • Intestinal parasites 
  • Dental problems 
  • Bowel disease 
  • Surgery or other illness

5 Healthy Ways of Helping a Canine to Gain Weight 

All those pet parents who want their canines to reach ideal weight should keep the following strategies in mind: 

  • Take to senior vet 
  • Try keeping a canine’s health journal 
  • Weigh canines regularly 
  • Select a good quality and healthy dog food with more protein and calories 
  • Feed canines small meal 
  • Incorporate walk and exercise 
  • Buy weight gain yet healthy supplements or treats 
  • Use the fly repellent for them

Reviewed: Best Dog Food for Weight Gain 

While many canines struggling with weight issues are obese or overweight, some canines also face problems when it comes to weight gain. It is important to note that canines who are extremely active, or have underlying severe health conditions can struggle to gain healthy weight. Luckily, many well-known brands make specialized food to help canines bulk up. So, in this section I will review the top-selling dog foods for weight gain currently available. 

Purina ONE Dog Food 

Purina ONE Dog Food 

An excellent option that will help canines to maintain a healthy weight, the Purina ONE dog food has real turkey as the 1st ingredient making it a highly recommended product. The food is packed with healthy nutrients and vitamins to support the canine’s overall well-being. Apart from this, the recipe contains probiotics to help support the immune system & muscles. Last year, a person came to me and discussed the issue that his Australian shepherd is underweight and he has tried every food, but dog health is same. I suggested him this food, and within few months his dog has gained actual body and fitness with this food.

Formulated with 100% nutrition & 0% fillers, the recipe is all-natural and gives a lifelong nutrition for canines of all sizes & breeds. With all that said, Purina ONE dog food’s crunchy bites will surely encourage the canines to eat thus, leading towards healthy weight gain. 

  • Unique healthy weight formula 
  • Contains no preservatives or fillers 
  • Come in both dry and wet formulas 
  • Support healthy digestion 
  • Real meat 
  • Not for picky eaters 

User Experience:

Many pet owners have said that this dog food is ideal for their beloved canines. According to them, this is a great option for dogs who are facing weight related issues because switching to Purina ONE has made their canines thrive & live a healthy life. 

Taste of the Wild Dog Food 

Every pet owner who is looking for a workable way to engage the canine’s natural carnivorous instinct while helping him to gain & maintain weight should consider buying Taste of the wild recipe. It has real meat as the number 1 ingredient to help support healthy joints, bones, & strong muscles. Moreover, the recipe is nutrient rich & gives minerals and vitamins from fruits & superfoods.

The most noticeable feature of this product is that all the ingredients are sourced from trusted & sustainable global and local sources. The taste of the wild dog food does not contain grains, wheat, corn, artificial colors or flavors. In short, this recipe is especially designed to give complete nutrition & help maintain the sleek condition of the canine’s good health. 

  • Highly digestible 
  • Support shiny coat & healthy skin
  • High quality ingredients 
  • Help canines gain weight 
  • Support overall wellness 
  • Chronic heart diseases in canines have been reported 

User Experience:

According to the buyers, this product specifically touts unbelievable benefits; therefore, they have recommended all others to try the Taste of the Wild dog food to help their four-legged mates gain healthy weight. 

Instinct Raw Dog Food 

According to this brand, the caring for the canines starts with the kind of food items being offered to them & for optimal outcomes, the brand focuses on offering a line of all-natural recipes, recognizable with nutritional rawness & advanced health advantages. And the example is also here in the form of Instinct raw dog food. The product is surely a raw diet nourishment target at assisting canines to gain healthy weight.

Moreover, the recipe combines grain-free kibbles, high protein with natural bites of the freeze dried raw chicken. The number 1 ingredient is cage free chicken. A worth sharing advantage of the freeze dried raw diet is that it will help canines to absorb the healthy nutrients present in the food thus, considered much better as compared to other food preparation methods. 

  • Grain-free 
  • No preservatives or artificial colors 
  • Better digestion 
  • Offer increased vitality and energy 
  • Best for picky eaters
  • A bit pricey

User Experience:

According to the pet parents, this delicious and healthy recipe is extremely nutritious & packed with nutrients. The majority of pet parents have recommended instinct raw dog food. And most importantly, this recipe helps canines gain weight. 

Buying Guide: Best Dog Food for Weight Gain 

Pet parents should know that if their canines struggle to put on weight while on the traditional diet then, it is better to pick a high-calorie, nutrient packed, and weight gain recipe. Apart from selecting a good quality diet, there are some others that should be kept in mind. This buying guide will cover all those factors.  

What to Look for in the Best Dog Food for Weight Gain?

While shopping for the best product, pet parents have to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Give preference to whole food ingredients as they are more digestible and nutritious as compare to fillers and by-products 
  • Select a dog food that gives a concentrated calorie source, ideally 440-460 calories per cup 
  • While helping an underweight canine gain healthy weight, protein is important to help build strong muscles. Pick a recipe that has 30% premium quality animal protein 
  • Limited carb content is highly recommended for canines 

If prospective buyers are still confused about where to look for healthy dog food for weight gain then, they can take help from the above-reviewed products. 

Does Food with High Protein Content Help Canines to Gain Weight?

Yes, because protein comes under the category of calorie dense nutrient & most of the high protein foods contain too many calories thus, making canines to gain weight fast. 

What if Canines Gain a lot of Weight after Having a New Diet?

If pet parents switch their dog diet to a very high calorie food & they gain too much weight than required, pet parents cut back the portions. But if they still continue to gain weight, pet parents might consider buying a high calorie diet with a minimum amount of fat or even with overall low calories. 

Final Thoughts 

In the end, it can be concluded that there are basically many different reasons why a canine starts losing weight. It might be from inadequate nutrition, excessive physical activities, alongside some other circumstances. Apart from this, it could be due to certain health issues. Well, after certifying the exact reasons of the weight loss from a skilled vet & putting necessary actions & medications then, an inevitable next recommended step is to pick the best dog foods that are especially designed for weight gain. Hopefully, the above-reviewed products will help prospective buyers make a wise buying decision when it comes to their much-loved canine’s health and happiness. 

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