Best Dog Food for Husky

If Husky lovers are in a hurry & just want to know what is the best dog food for their precious huskies then, do not worry this article is going to share all the relevant information. Feeding the Husky can be a difficult task. Pet parents have different flavors, types, textures, dozens of dog food brands, & recipes in hand. Moreover, they have meal sizes & feeding plans but the feeding process should not be overwhelming.  

So, in this comprehensive guide about best dog food for husky, I wrote different things & revealed many facts that I observed during my personal experience with Husky dogs. It is important to share that Huskies are an extremely energetic dog breed therefore, pet parents should consider this factor before committing to the breed. Proper training & socialization are mandatory for huskies but so is a well-balanced diet.  

best dog food for husky

What Pet Parents Should Know About Husky Dogs?

Husky is known for its energetic temperament & wild look. The Siberian Huskies are particularly famous & for many good reasons. But the most distinguished features that set Husky apart are his fluffy coat, vibrant eyes, & cute face. While on the other hand, Alaskan huskies are primarily bred for their working capabilities rather than just charming looks. Even though, this canine breed might not be a perfect fit for inexperienced pet parents, as Husky is very smart & learns quickly.  

Few Finer Points about Huskies Nutritional Needs:

Undoubtedly, Husky might be the most energetic dog breed pet parents have ever seen. It is worth sharing in order to remain healthy & emotionally satisfied, a Husky needs a lot of physical activity or exercise. And, due to this reason, a Husky should be feed with enough calories. Pet parents should know that under-exercised or inactive huskies can become overweight easily, so do not overdo it. 

Common Health Concerns of Husky:

Husky lovers should know that this dog breed is prone to a few quite different health issues that can easily be influenced by the food:

  • Husky often suffers from high blood pressure therefore, it is better to decrease the quantity of saturated fats 
  • Zinc responsive dermatitis, a rare skin disease is mostly common in Husky, so it is wise to limit the zinc content 
  • In senior Huskies, arthritis is extremely common 
  • Itching is another problem that many canine face. Use the anti-itching shampoo for this.

Reviewed: Best Dog Food for Husky 

Now that prospective buyers know a lot more about the Husky’s dietary requirements, they would be ready to start picking the best dog food for Husky. Continue reading the article to see my top 4 picks. 

The Honest Kitchen Dog Food 

As a Husky owner, I can truly understand the importance of adequate nutrition to help prevent or even treat different medical problems. In my quest for the best dog food for Husky, I have seen the adverse effects of the poorer dog food quality. But Switching to Honest Kitchen dog food, my little Husky is all in peace and his health and his health and physique is getting better day-by-day.

The most noticeable feature of this product is obviously the premium-quality & pure food ingredients. Moreover, as compared to other dog foods, this formula is 100% human grade with amazing smell and taste. Pet owners can serve it alone as a complete meal to ensure maximum nutrition or even use it as a topper to Husky’s dry food. No doubt, this is really great stuff but a little pricey. 

  • Smells great 
  • Grain-free 
  • Highly digestible 
  • Complete nutrition for Husky 
  • Non-GMO ingredients 
  • Costly 

Hill’s Science Dog Food 

The primary reason I selected Hill’s science dog food as the best option for Huskies is that this amazing brand supports the growing needs of canines in a small kibble & yummy chicken flavor. Vitamins, minerals, nutrients, with no fillers or artificial ingredients make Hill’s science a highly recommended formula for Huskies.

The recipe is also famous among the majority of Husky owners as the brand’s quality standards are carefully backed by nutritionists, scientists, and veterinarians. Many canines’ even picky ones, find Hill’s Science dog food scrumptious which can be very helpful with Huskies who are usually finicky eaters. This product is usually compared with Royal Canine just because of its breed specifics but Hill’s science is well worth buying. 

  • Support eye and brain development 
  • No. 1 vet recommended 
  • Promote strong teeth and bones
  • All-natural ingredients 
  • Rich in protein 
  • The added variety of chicken may cause stomach problems in few huskies 

Blue Buffalo Dog Food 

Best Dog Food for Husky 4

Let me start off by saying that I truly appreciate the brand’s commitment to quality ingredients to help support Husky’s overall health. Here, I would like to say that unfortunately, many well-known brands that used to be the recommended ones have succumbed to only profit margin. But this particular brand has maintained its reputation by offering the best quality dog foods.

The kibble is of right size for adult and small Huskies & I like that there is not a heavy stench of canine food. Apart from this, the product is reasonably priced as compared to local vendors & comes in proper packaging. Service is always up to the mark & in case something is not right, they do make it right as per my experience.

  • Best for allergies 
  • Well worth the money 
  • No BHT or BHA preservatives 
  • Consistent quality 
  • Pet & Vet approved 
  • Yeast infection has been reported in few canines

Orijen Regional Dog Food 

While there are different studies that show the cancer rate & other chronic health problems in canines have spiked since the time dried kibble came into the market. And, no doubt Orijen is one of the best and highly recommended dried dog foods available. It is better to avoid a few high end brands including Purina, as they usually supply home food products.

The majority of Huskies prefer Orijen Regional dog food over their wet food items. And, if prospective buyers get a chance to consider other foods, they can clearly see that the Orijen’s ingredients are by far the healthiest one. While a little expensive, but I certainly believe that Orijen dog foods of all kinds are worth the price.  

  • Top grade product 
  • Fast shipping 
  • Very tasty 
  • Husky approved 
  • Safest dog food 
  • Pricey

Buying Guide: Best Dog Food for Husky 

In this section, I will talk about the different important things that play a vital role in making a wise buying decision. As mentioned previously, Husky is a very strong and energetic dog therefore, he needs more calories than a less active or small canine. 

How to Select the Best Dog Food for Husky  

best food for husky

Before buying a food for Husky, it is advised to read the product’s label while considering the nutritional requirements mentioned on it.  Even though few pet owners struggle a lot while trying to compare different food products, there are different ways of selecting good quality dog food for Huskies. It is recommended to consider the below-listed factors, no matter what kind of food items you decide to purchase:

  • Buy food items made without artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives to lessen the chances of food allergies & sensitivities. 
  • It is better to pick a product that always lists a whole & identifiable source of protein as the 1st ingredient. 
  • Try looking for formulas that have added healthy omega fatty acids. 
  • Always pick foods that are made in Canada, US, Western Europe, New Zealand, and Australia as these countries have high food quality standards. 
  • It is important to avoid products that have unidentified meat by products or meat meals. 

So, What Makes the Best Dog Food for Huskies?

At any rate, the best Husky-specific dog food should contain the right balance of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, generally fats, high protein along with fruits and veggies. Also, the servings must be proportionate to the Husky’s health condition, age, & activity levels.  

Ingredients That Should Always be avoided 

It is worth mentioning that there are some food items that must be avoided while feeding huskies. As they are linked with the common health issues this dog breed faces. These ingredients include:

  • Chocolate 
  • Avocado 
  • Onions & garlic 
  • Plums and peaches 
  • Dairy products 
  • Raisins and grapes 

Final Thoughts:

In the end, it can be concluded that Husky is a beautiful dog breed to own. Whether pet parents have a Siberian or Alaskan Husky, they should be well-aware of their welcoming demeanor & understated athletic behavior.  Husky is an adorable and unique dog breed, & subsequently has specific dietary demands.

Husky owners can start by offering the best overall foods in this article. Hopefully, the shared information will not only serve as a proper guide to locate food swiftly that will surely work for their husky pups or adults but also shed light as to how different their attitude to food is. No doubt, all the above-discussed products would be a perfect fit for Huskies different needs ranging from age to budget, & special health conditions. 

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