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With the advancement in the field of automobiles, spending some leisure time especially on weekends with canine mates has become easier. Majority of the people love to take dogs with them which is simply adorable. For a dog owner, having been capable of sharing beautiful memories with his/her four-legged canine friend is now considered as one of the most satisfying & rewarding thing.

On the other hand, the majority of the dogs love sitting and riding in the cars with their owners because it gives them a sense of security & a great chance of enjoying the scenery and novel odor. But, all this requires a lot of preparation and planning, especially while traveling in your car with a little puppy.

As per law, everyone should wear a car seat belt when driving & the same goes for dogs as well. Whether dog owners are going to the groomer, the vet, or they are planning for a long road tour, their little canine friend’s safety and well-being in the car matters a lot.

It is worth mentioning that an unsafe dog in the car while driving can turn into a projectile object in case of a sudden stop or an accident, which could result in serious damage to passengers and dogs. It is very tough to stay focused & drive when the dog is with you in the car.

Fortunately, there are several ways of mitigating these dangers & keeping your beloved canine safe while roaming around. So, here arises an important question that, what is the first and most important thing everyone should do after getting into the car?

dog seat belt harness

Yes, the answer is putting on a seat belt. However, what about the little canine mate? Just like everyone else, the dogs have to be restrained securely whenever they are in the car. Here, I would like to mention that some dog owners do not even understand the importance of a dog seat belt & a difference between dog car harness/dog car seat belts.

Thus, keeping the dog’s safety and comfort in mind, this article will share the useful information regarding the importance of dog harness seatbelt and the top harness seatbelts currently available to give dog owners a peace of mind. 

What is a Dog Seat Belt & How it Works?

A seat belt that is designed for a dog, is a full-body protection harness with a chain attachment that fastens into the seatbelt of a car in order to restrain the little pooch. A dog seatbelt features a heavy-duty design because it helps keep the puppy safe & sound. The dog has to seat in this seat while wearing a seatbelt. In case of any accident, the force is dispensed on the leash through harness so that, there will be less pressure on the dog’s neck.

Importance of a Dog Harness Seat belt

It is recommended to use the dog harness seatbelt to reap the following benefits:

It is recommended to use the dog harness seatbelt to reap the following benefits:

  • A high-quality dog harness seatbelt will surely improve the safety of dog owners and their beloved canines for example, during any mishap, a dog harness seatbelt will prevent a little puppy from falling out or jumping.
  • On the passenger’s behalf, he/she will have fewer distractions if a canine has to sit calmly on the seat.
  • Reach the dog seat belt rules here.

Why Dog Owners should buy a Dog Harness Seat belt?

The dog harness seatbelt helps the driver to remain focused while preventing distractions. It is worth sharing that canine’s distractions can cause the driver to take his/her eyes off the road thus, leading towards something life-threatening. Some canine-as passenger distractions are as follows:

  • Trying to get-out of the car
  • Lunging and barking at other canines
  • Wandering anxiously into the owner’s lap
  • Remain restless throughout the journey that’s why blocking sightlines and mirrors

Due to all these reasons, properly securing a little puppy with a harness seatbelt while driving is a perfect idea.

Dog Car Harness vs. Dog Car Seat belt

The dog seatbelts are simply the leash-like devices that lock the dogs to the car whereas, the dog car harnesses feature a complete harness device that dog owners must put on their dogs. Moreover, both devices are equally useful & effective.  The dog car harness and dog car seatbelt work together when it comes to restraining the dogs in moving cars. The purpose of a dog car harness is to spread the required force of a sudden stop or collision around Canine’s body & dog car seatbelt connects to Canine’s harness & to a car by using a tether loop, latch hook and, clip.

How to Select the Best Dog Harness Seat belt? 

No doubt, a dog harness seatbelt is the only way to go particularly when the dog’s security and safety are all you want. Selecting the best dog harness seatbelt needs as much knowledge and attention to different details as selecting the car seat for the child.

Dogs vary in temperament, shape, and size. Some canines are big & laid back while others are small or short-tempered. Dog owners should also measure the dog’s girth in order to get the perfect harness seatbelt.  Apart from this, the dog owners should consider the following features while selecting the best dog harness seatbelt.

Durability & Design

There will always be some pulling and tugging on the seatbelt throughout the journey, it does not matter how much training you have provided to your dog.  Before buying a dog harness seatbelt, make sure that it is made from a top-quality and durable material in order to prevent the harness seatbelt from breaking.


It is hard to find a multi-functional dog seatbelt harness.  A recommended dog harness is the one that can be used for walking or in the car. If dog owners can find one, it will be extremely convenient for them particularly if they are making numerous stops on a single trip.

Fits Perfectly

It is important to get the right fit for the little canine. If the selected dog harness seatbelt is not adjustable then, it is better to write down the dog’s weight and measurements. Afterward, compare those measurements with the manufacturer’s size chart to select the right product.


Your beloved dog has to wear the dog harness seatbelt for hours therefore, it is necessary to choose the most comfortable product. Try to search a dog harness seatbelt with wider straps and mesh ventilated rib cage.

Best Dog seat belt harness list:

I have reviewed a number of dog harness seatbelts to find the best one. While writing down the reviews of the best dog harness seatbelts, I have considered safety, durability, multi-functionality, comfort, ease of use and, customer reviews. In order to help out readers in their quest to get the best product, this article will provide an overview of the top picks along with the pros and cons of each product.

1. Slowton Dog Car Harness plus Connector Strap 

Best Dog seat belt harness 1Best Dog seat belt harness 2

This cool dog harness seatbelt strap is made from dual mesh fabric. The purpose of this fabric is to prevent excessive sweating while making it extremely breathable once the dog wears it. Slowton car harness seatbelt is specially designed to provide complete protection to dogs’ neck and head. This product is available in different colors and sizes. Again, it is advised to check the size chart to get the right fit.


  • Very economical
  • Made from a durable material
  • Stretchable to give dogs some extra space to move freely
  • Easy and quick to put on due to two buckles fixed on the chest part


  • It may not be suitable for deep-chested canines

2. Vastar 2 Packs Adjustable Dog Car Seatbelt

Best Dog seat belt harness 3Best Dog seat belt harness 4

It is considered a great option because it can slot easily into the holster of the car’s seatbelt & its clip can latch onto the dog’s harness thus, making Vastar adjustable seatbelt an easy and quick way of securing the dog. Furthermore, dog lovers can secure their dogs with only a click & also free them from the belt as easily.


  • Top-quality nylon fabric is used to make cool safety restraint, thus it is very strong and durable
  • It features a swivel to let dogs feel more comfortable
  • Adjustable
  • Compatible with numerous vehicles


  • Dogs can easily pull-out the buckle by applying too much stress
  • Not suitable for little puppies due to long strap

3.  Lukovee Dog Safety Harness with Seatbelt 

Best Dog seat belt harness 5Best Dog seat belt harness 6

It comes under the category of budget-friendly option to keep the dogs safe during travel. The Lukovee seatbelt features a chain attachment ring to let dogs with this harness on short trips or even walk. No doubt, it is pocket friendly but, sizes are very limited, only “small” size is available. Simply constructed & basic comfort and protection, Lukovee safety harness is the one to choose especially while going on quick outings.


  • Comfortable and safe
  • Value for money


  • Chewable

4. BWOGUE 2 Pack Pet Safety Seatbelt

Best Dog seat belt harness 7Best Dog seat belt harness 8

It is considered as the convenient and safest option in order to secure the beloved canine in the car. At one end, the BWOGUE safety seatbelt has a loop that dog owners can easily place over their seat headrest & then adjust accordingly to tighten the seatbelt securely into proper place while on the other end, the seatbelt features a metal knob to let users fix to their dog’s harness or collar.


  • Rust-resistant metal and durable nylon fabric is used to make this seatbelt
  • Fully adjustable
  • Dogs cannot get strained or tangle due to the presence of swivel


  • Not recommended for very strong and big dogs
  • There could be a choking risk to use BWOGUE seatbelt harness with the standard collar.

5. Vastar Adjustable Pet Car Seatbelt Safety Leads

Best Dog seat belt harness 9Best Dog seat belt harness 10

This seatbelt is designed remarkably and divided into two ends. At one end, users can see the nylon strap along with swivel snap & a 2cm dog seatbelt fastener on the other end. In general, the Vastar seatbelt features a cool and effective design to keep the dogs safe. Moreover, this seatbelt is strongly made & difficult for dogs to chew it through.


  • Hassle-free car seatbelt design
  • Keep the beloved canine safely restrained in the car
  • Offers required safety measures for the dogs on the road trips as well


  • Before buying this dog harness seatbelt, it is better to check that the harness fits on the dog properly because dogs might feel disturbed if the harness is too tight.

6. Slowton 2 Pack Dog Car Seatbelt

Best Dog seat belt harness 11Best Dog seat belt harness 12

The Slowton 2 pack seatbelt is designed perfectly with padding restraint. All types of vehicles with headrest can use this seatbelt. Users can also the seatbelt as a general restraint by simply adjusting it to the required length & gripping the leash circle. High-quality fabric and material is used to design this belt thus, it will surely keep the dogs safe & comfortable. Moreover, Slowton helps dog owners to ensure the comfort & safety of their beloved canine. The Slowton seatbelt will allow the dogs to lie down, stand and sit comfortably but, putting the safety of dogs at first.


  • Length is adjustable
  • Multi-functional because, it is not just a seatbelt for dogs but, also a leash
  • Well made


  • Dog owners cannot use the Slowton seatbelt if they do not have a headrest in the cars.

7. COOYOO 2 Pack Dog Seatbelt

Best Dog seat belt harness 13Best Dog seat belt harness 14

A high density & top quality nylon fabric is used in COOYOO dog seatbelt to ensure comfort and durability. It also features a swivel snap made up of a zinc alloy to make traveling with dogs safer and distraction-free. Moreover, the flexible buffer design of this seatbelt will surely keep the canine from a sharp turn or a sudden brake. The COOYOO dog seatbelt is considered perfect for car road tours.


  • The seatbelt is highly secure and safe for dogs due to adjustable straps and top-quality buckles.
  • Highly compatible with the majority of the vehicles


  • Not effective for small puppies

8. URPOWER Upgraded 2 Pack Adjustable Dog Seatbelt

Best Dog seat belt harness 15Best Dog seat belt harness 16

Currently, most of the dog seatbelt harnesses are designed to fit a particular size dog & it could be a major issue for the dog owners who have more than one dog in the home. To cater to this issue, dog owners should consider buying the URPOWER seatbelt as it is available in all sizes and features a nylon strap that is extremely adjustable.


  • Made from the durable material thus, it is very comfortable
  • The elasticity of the seatbelt harness allows the dogs to move around freely without any harm
  • No hard and fast rule is required in order to use the seatbelt


  • Not suitable for small canines as they can fall-off from the seat with speedy breaking
  •  Adjustment component of URPOWER is plastic & be likely to loosen

9. IOKHEIRA 3-in-1 Adjustable Dog Seatbelt

Best Dog seat belt harness 17Best Dog seat belt harness 18

Another great and recommended product that comes under the category of Best dog harness seatbelt is IOKHERIA 3-in-1 adjustable seatbelt. It is a multi-function dog seatbelt having two different and unique types of car buckles. Users are free to select the location of connection according to their requirements. In order to ensure the durability of the seatbelt, a highly adaptable bandage, durable nylon fabric & top quality zinc carabineer are used.


  • This seatbelt offers the best toughness and durability
  • It gives a comfortable and secure level of freedom depending upon the dog’s size.
  • Easy to control


  • According to some customers, it breaks easily

10. Mighty Paw Dog Headrest Seatbelt

Best Dog seat belt harness 19Best Dog seat belt harness 20

According to Mighty Paw brand, if there is an option for kid safety in the vehicles, then canines deserve the same level of safety. Thus, Mighty paw seatbelt features a hook that directly attaches to the latch bar of the car ensuring optimal dependability. This multipurpose and comfortable headrest seatbelt can be used in cars as well as during hiking as it has dual points for leash attachment.


  • Top-quality carabineer
  • The entire process of attaching the seatbelt to the car’s frame is very easy
  • It offers a length adjustment feature


  • The strap is not chew-resistant
  • The strap is also thin especially for the big dogs that’s why can tear apart easily

11. IOKHEIRA Updated 3-in-1 Multifunctional Dog Seatbelt

Best Dog seat belt harness 21Best Dog seat belt harness 22

This seatbelt features two types of safety buckles namely, hook latch and seatbelt buckle. Both buckles can be used easily in all models of cars. Aviation aluminum is used in the making carabiner therefore, it is very sturdy and durable. Dog owners can easily lock their D-ring due to a curved designed which is more ergonomic. Moreover, the seatbelt’s leash is made of wear-resistant and thick nylon along with reflective threads to help dogs see easily at night.


  • The seatbelt is extremely comfortable and safe
  • It features a flexible bungee softening design to prevent canines from being hurt
  • It has an adjustable and reflective design


  • Little expensive

12. Vastar Dog Seatbelt Harness 2 packs

Best Dog seat belt harness 23Best Dog seat belt harness 24

With this amazing seatbelt harness, dog owners can secure their dear canine with just a single click. The clip of this seatbelt is also compatible with a number of vehicles. The best thing is that buyers will get two seatbelts at the price of one belt.   Both seatbelt harnesses can be adjusted to different lengths to fit canines of various sizes.


  • Very strong and safe
  • Perfect for large & medium-sized canines


  • Not recommended for the dogs who love roaming around all the time
  • Sometimes it loses easily due to little stress/force 

After reading the review of each individual product, dog owners are now in a better position to make an informed decision. Now it is clear if dog owners love to take their beloved dogs in the cars or on a walk with them then, there are several fruitful reasons behind “why the dog harness seatbelt” is considered a worthwhile and important investment.

FAQs: Best Dog Harness Seat belt

Apart from the provided information, it is requested to understand the importance of following questions/answers to ensure the dog’s safety and comfort in the longer run.

Is it safe to use a Dog Harness Seat belt?

Seatbelt harness is one of the best options for restraining the dogs safely in the moving car. But, not all seatbelt harnesses are of similar quality. In order to find a great option that keeps the dog safe, it is better to look for the seatbelt harness that features thick straps along with padding as, this will help in distributing the force the dogs feel in sudden break or crash.

What are the different types of Dog Seat belt Harnesses?

While selecting any seatbelt harness for the little pup, try to focus on the provided leash attachment. Dog owners can save a lot of money by simply investing in a top-quality restraining product. The types of dog seatbelt harness are as follows:

  • Latch bar
  • Seatbelt clip
  • Tether attachment

How to prepare dogs for a Seatbelt Harness?

It demands a lot of time, patience and training to make your beloved canine get used to the seat belt harness. However, if your dog is trained enough to walk or run on the leash, the whole process will become easy. So, it’s better to start with a leash. Afterwards introduce the canine to seat belt harness while sitting in the home as they will feel secure.

What is the best car seat harness for dogs?

According to yumehub,SLOWTON DOG CAR HARNESS PLUS CONNECTOR STRAP is prefarable when compared to the other products in the market. This product proves itself the best as it never failsin satisfying the customers.

Final Verdict

Taking your precious canine in the car is a satisfying feeling but, always remember that it is not just legal but a moral duty to keep canine safe while traveling. And in case, the canine gets super excited, he might try to distract the driver’s attention. Such a sudden distraction can cause severe damage. Therefore, it is important to use a high-quality seatbelt harness for the dogs.

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