Best Dog Food for Boxer

So, what is the best and healthy dog food to feed the Boxers? Should pet parents give boxer canines the same kind of food throughout their lives? Explore this article in order to know more about the best dog food for boxer dogs currently available. 

Some Facts about Boxers & their Genetics

Boxer canines are the most lovable and playful family companions. They are very affectionate as well & will always be ready to do anything in order to get close to their owners. Moreover, they are considered as the most famous pooches around. These cute creatures have a unique appearance that can make any canine lover melt.  

Best Dog Food for Boxer

With their inquisitive and innocent faces, always waiting for love & attention, it is no wonder why boxer canines always rank amongst the extremely beloved canines in the world. They are one of a kind canines & they truly deserve a diet that suits them. Fortunately, there are different commercial canine foods that will definitely help keep boxers happy and healthy for a long time. 

Dietary Concerns of Boxer Canines 

Before moving ahead, I would like to share that boxers are usually a healthy dog breed however, sometimes they can experience a few health issues. Accordingly, it is better to keep the below-listed health problems in mind while picking the well-balanced food for boxers. 

  • Food allergies 
  • Heart problems 
  • Joint issues 
  • Bloating 

Reviewed: Best Dog Food for Boxer

No doubt, all the products which I am going to review in this article will give the calories and nutrition the boxer canines need in order to stay happy and healthy. However, pet parents should understand that every canine is different from others so they need to be ready to try different products before declaring a certain food as best. 

Royal Canin Dog Food 

I have tried many different brands of dog food for my boxer but no doubt Royal Canin is the only one that he can eat without any problem. In fact, this product has changed my boxer canine’s entire life, for the better in almost all regards. After using this, he is quiet active and energetic with me and family. Because this recipe is especially designed to fulfil the nutritional requirements of boxers.

It not only address the cardiac issues boxers usually suffer by simply including a perfect blend of vitamins and antioxidants. The best thing about this formula is that it has completely fixed the bloating problem of my boxer. In short, Royal Canin is the only dog food brand that I trust & purchase for my beloved boxer. On the downside, its price fluctuates ridiculously. 

  • Best for boxer’s heart health 
  • Highly digestible 
  • Breed specific formula 
  • Maintain boxer’s strong muscles 
  • Give the best value for money 
  • A bit pricey 

Nulo Adult Dog Food 

Nulo Adult Dog Food 

I have deliberately included this product in the list of best dog food for boxers. The Nulo Adult dog food is literally famous among boxer lovers. As per my experience, Nulo brand offers the premium quality dog foods in a price range that every boxer owner can easily afford. This product is also highly recommended by many pet breeders & after looking at the list of ingredients, I can say that buyers are getting the best formula for the price they spent.

Moreover, the food is not packed with artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or even fillers, so I think spending some extra money is always good when it comes to the health of boxer canines. The Nulo Adult dog food seems to be working well for boxers who have skin allergies. However, the shipping services are not upto the mark. 

  • Excellent quality 
  • Work as advertised 
  • No more skin allergies 
  • Help support overall health 
  • keep coat healthy and shiny
  • Not good for picky eaters 

Stella & Chewy’s Dog Food 

The reason behind reviewing this product is simply that these beef meal mixers are surely the bomb. I have bought Stella & Chewy’s food on my dog trainer’s recommendation and I must say that I never regret my decision. As I mentioned earlier, there is no harm in trying different products as long as you are satisfied with the quality of selected products. I ordered this beaf food for my boxer and from product delivery to its result, I will appreciate this brand.

So, a less than delicious yet healthy kibble now become a salivating dining experience for the majority of boxers.  A bit costly but remain fresh if pet parents divide the mixers into small plastic bags right away in order to avoid continuous open/close. Another great thing about Stella & Chewy’s dog food is that it worked surprisingly well for picky boxers as well.  

  • Great dog training treat 
  • No added flavors or preservatives 
  • Easy to digest 
  • No grains & gluten 
  • Added minerals and vitamins 
  • Packaging needs improvement 

Wellness CORE Dog Food 

This product is just amazing, not only it helps to relieve a boxer’s anxiety but it also makes his coat shiny and skin healthy. Well, I would like to share that I spent a lot of time researching various dog foods, & found Wellness CORE dog food the best one. Furthermore, it is a reasonable product as compared to other high end brands of dog food in this price range.

This gives Boxer canines all the energy they need & they have not gained any excess weight. After using the product for a few months, I was surprised to see a fairly significant improvement in Boxer’s coat and skin condition.  While the Wellness CORE dog food is more costly but it’s worth it. Hopefully, this amazing brand will add many years to Boxers by being a good & healthy option for them. 

  • No more itching & hot spots 
  • Help reduce anxiety
  • Best for Boxer’s digestive issues 
  • Picky eaters love it 
  • Smells great 
  • Diarrhea in a few boxers has been reported 

Orijen Regional Dog Food 

I would like to share the different researches that has been conducted on canines, and according to results, cancer rates along with some other health issues in dogs have spiked after the availability of dried kibbles.  And, I must say that ORIJEN regional dog food serves the best purpose when it comes to a boxer’s health.

As compared to a few famous brands of dog foods including Purina, this particular dog food contains healthy and delicious ingredients. While costly, but I believe that ORIJEN dog food of all kinds is worth the price. In short, the quality of this product cannot be questioned as this is a real deal. Say goodbye to Boxer’s skin and stomach issues with ORIJEN dog food. 

  • Finest quality ingredients 
  • Great customer service
  • Delicious and healthy
  • Boxer approved 
  • Recommended for picky eaters 
  • Pricey

Buying Guide: Best Dog Food for Boxer 

Boxer canines always benefit from premium-quality food items, as per saying you are actually what you eat. Therefore, in this section I am going to share some important information that pet parents should consider before making a buying decision. 

What Makes the Best Dog Food for Boxer Dogs?

Let’s discuss few of the characteristics prospective buyers need to look for in any canine food:

  • The selected dog food should contain nutritional additives to help reduce the risk of boxers developing different nutritional deficiencies. 
  • Try to get a dog food for boxer that is made in well-known countries with very strict standards of quality control 
  • Whether the boxer is a pup or a senior canine, it is better to start with the large breed foods. 
  • Premium-quality animal proteins need to be the 1st ingredient in the boxer’s diet. 
  • Boxers are extremely active therefore, they should be provided with a diet that has high content of joint friendly substances. 

How Often Pet Parents Should Feed their Boxer Canines?

The majority of adult canines do quite well with 2 meals in a day. However, with large canine breeds including Boxers, it is necessary to avoid feeding them too much at a time or pet parents put them at risk for bloating. Moreover, feeding the boxers a large breed food will surely help as the large size of kibble can reduce the volume of provided food item while still fulfilling their need for fat, proteins, & calories. 

Important Tip:

I have shared the relevant information concerning the best dog food for boxers after doing a lot of research.  But before giving any new formula to the boxer canines, I would recommend vet consultation. Because the vet can surely help pet parents understand any health problems their boxers might be experiencing. Moreover, he can recommend a dog food that will offer the best support to help treat Boxer’s specific health problems. As this breed is powerful, so use dog chains for outside walk.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it can be said that Boxers are the best canine breed out there. With their adorable little faces, playful characters, and sweet personality, it is difficult not to fall in love with them. So, boxer owners have an important role of feeding them properly if they want their precious companions to lead their life to the fullest. If still they are confused then, it is advised to check out the above-shared reviews of the best dog food for boxer canines to make a healthy choice for little four-legged mate. 

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