Best Brush for Lionhead Rabbit

If pet parents have ever got a chance to lay their eyes on the Lionhead rabbits before then, they can truly understand why Lionhead rabbits are known as fancy rabbits. This breed was 1st introduced to America in 1998 & until 2014, was not known by the ARBA. But the fact is, just like other breeds of rabbits, Lionhead also shed their fur a lot. No doubt, rabbits need thick fur & coats during winters to help them stay warm. But in summers, they will begin to lose the thick fur to prevent overheating.

Looking for Lionhead Rabbit Brush??

Therefore, keeping this in mind, the grooming of Lionhead rabbits is extremely important. Generally, lionhead rabbits are very easy to care for however, it is impossible to ignore grooming with such a different and unique coat. So, what is the best brush for a Lionhead rabbit? In this article, I am going to review the Best Brush for Lionhead Rabbit.

Grooming Lionhead Rabbits & Special Considerations

It is worth sharing that by & large, this rabbit breed has the similar needs as other breeds & crossbreeds of the rabbits. Lionhead rabbits must be in neutered pairs while having a large and enriching environment to make room for natural behaviors, feed a high fiber diet, & be vaccinated. However, lionhead rabbits do some extra coat & fur care in order to ensure that the head of hair does not become matted.

During times when lionhead rabbits are not shedding, their manes should be brushed & combed 3-4 times in a well by using the best lionhead rabbit brush. When shedding, this practice should be done on a daily basis. Because if their manes become more matted, it can easily pull on their skins, causing a lot of discomfort. For outdoor walks, must check the best outdoor rabbit hutch.

Are Lionheads Considered Good Pets?

Are Lionheads Considered Good Pets?

As compared to vicious cats they are named after, this rabbit breed is famous for being friendly and well-mannered. With a peaceful home & proper care, Lionhead can be wonderful pets. Moreover, they are surprisingly social, smart, & pet parents can easily litter train them.

Thus, making a great choice for rabbit lovers & families. Rabbit lionhead are considered to be affectionate and super cuddly. Usually, when it comes to temperament, lionhead rabbits are compared to that of felines because they always enjoy being held & played with.

What Type of Mane Does Lionhead Rabbit Has?

Lionhead rabbits have two different kinds of mane, single & double. Single mane lionhead rabbits mainly have the standard wool mane around faces, heads, & sometimes on the chests. Whereas double mane lionhead rabbits do have the standard mane however, it is very thick around the face and head.

Daily inspection and handling of their mane and coat will help pet parents determine how often grooming sessions are required. It is worth noticing that the best brush for lionhead rabbits should have stiff and short bristles in order to comb through & smooth out their coats easily. 

Product Reviews:

There are various options available out there, however considering the specific purpose in mind before getting any kind of product. So, here I am going to review the top 5 brushes that can serve the best purpose for lionhead rabbits.

Ware Manufacturing Grooming Kit  

This grooming kit is simply amazing with many useful tools in it. I bought this kit for my precious Lionhead rabbit to make grooming sessions easy and fun. And, no doubt the product worked as I expected. The nail clippers are wonderful & safe and the brushes are also great. The most noticeable thing is that it arrived timely, packaging completely unscathed from shipping.

So, with this grooming kit, brushing my Lionhead rabbit is super easy & leaves his coat & fur looking shiny. Well, on the downside, the included chew toy is something like a piece of painted wood which is possibly toxic, & the metal brush is extremely sharp especially for delicate skin of Lionhead rabbits. Overall, this is a great product.

  • Come with a delicious chew treat to entertain rabbits
  • Promotes the natural luster to rabbit’s fur
  • Help reduce shedding
  • Prevent hairballs
  • Effective & safe rabbit care tools
  • Nails clippers might not work for thick nails

Mr. Peanut’s Grooming Brush

This grooming brush was highly recommended for Lionhead rabbits so I finally decided to try it. And, to my surprise it worked wonderfully. Delivered faster than expected in a very good packaging. It is extremely comfortable and looks like a padded glove while being effective at dragging and pulling out dead hair in my Lionhead rabbit.

As per personal experience, the product is way gentler as compared to standard brushes out there with metal bristles. Moreover, this grooming is surely an economical option to gently remove matted fur and tangles on Lionhead rabbit’s skin. Only drawback is that it is not easy to clean. I have to pinch all the hair out & it does not come out in a single go.

  • Made of premium quality materials
  • Has soft rubber tips
  • Simple and effective
  • Work great for all bunny’s coat types
  • Fastening straps are adjustable
  • Glove might be large for pet parents with small hands

Dasksha Rabbit Grooming Brush

Dasksha Rabbit Grooming Brush

Another product that I personally bought for my Lionhead rabbit to make his grooming routine easy. The glove and brush both works better than other commonly available products I have tried. Well, it does not remove a lot of fur but that’s not a big issue. According to my experience, few lionhead rabbits simply do not want to be still peacefully grooming so, pet owners have to get a bit creative.

And, luckily Dasksha grooming kit is the right solution. It helped me to keep my Lionhead rabbit comfortable and happy while grooming as it comes with a wearable mitt and handheld brush. Only concern is the strap, which is quite uncomfortable around my wrist due to the Velcro but as long as the brush is working, I am happy and satisfied with my purchase.

  • Effective and gentle
  • Washable
  • Give the best value for money
  • Adjustable hand comb
  • Made of ultra-gentle & durable materials
  • Some Lionhead rabbits might feel uncomfortable with wire pin grooming brushes

Hertzko Grooming Brush

Hertzko Grooming Brush

This brush is gentle and comfortable enough for my sensitive Lionhead rabbit. Apart from this, it also feels comfortable in my hands & always does a wonderful job. In fact, this bristles on Hertzko brush are exactly what I have been looking for, soft and comfortable enough not to harm my bunny skin & coat but stiff enough to remove pollen, hair & whatever other debris he picks up.

I would like to share that this product has two sides, the brush side works quite well & is of great quality. And the pin side is also extremely good. Well, the bristles on the brush side are extremely tight & do not work well for the long haired lionhead rabbit but for the short haired lionhead rabbits they might work fine.

  • Safe and gentle
  • Strong and durable
  • Very comfortable
  • Comfort grip
  • Anti-slip handle
  • Wire pin brushes are not for every lionhead rabbit

Poodle Self Cleaning Brush

Poodle Self Cleaning Brush

This product helps grooming easy, faster, & much better than ever. No doubt, it is one of the best and easiest grooming brushes to use & hold. The product worked as advertised. And for me, the feature of self-cleaning is great. My Lionhead rabbit truly seems to enjoy Poodle brush although it is quite big for him. But I do wish that there was an easy way of locking the bristles out.

On whole, the self-cleaning brush is very well-built, & like the feel and design of the brush. Well, it is advised to consider the brush dimensions before ordering it as it might not work well on small lionhead rabbits. Clean up is a real breeze though & that always outweighs few of the problems linked with it.

  • Eliminate debris
  • Remove knots
  • Easy press button
  • Ergonomic handle
  • It cleans itself easily and quickly
  • A bit sharp


There are many different Best Brush for Lionhead Rabbit offered, and deciding which one is best can be difficult. Some of the brushes featured in their evaluations here could have been a good fit for your rabbit, and maybe we’ve made it a lot easier for all of you to pick the right brush.

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