Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

Hutch is the only outdoor thing for bunnies that can shelter and provide them fresh air that they can’t get inside the house. If you don’t have much space in your place, these cages can be utilized for outdoor exercise and permanent shelter for them. Many guys ask, is it mandatory to have an open-air enclosure for rabbits? Yes, it’s necessary to have an outdoor box because of several factors that I have explained below. 

After several years of experience, I have found some of the best outdoor rabbit hutch for those who own bunnies and are looking to find a suitable outdoor enclosure. These hutches are finalized on a few factors such as their size, material used in them, durability, reliability, protection, and users’ feedback over these products. Check out all products; we like them for multiple reasons. 

best outdoor rabbit hutch

5 Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

Pawhut Wooden Frame Outdoor Rabbit Cage – good rabbit hutch

Pawhut Wooden Frame Outdoor Rabbit Cage - good rabbit hutch

Here is a product launched in 2013, and I have been using it for my European rabbits for the last two years. It’s an excellent option for those who are on a tight budget. The single-story frame features two parts: indoor and outdoor. Both parts have separate doors for quick access and easy cleaning. The 32 inches outdoor area offers good space for exercise and other activities, and the indoor portion prevents pets from extreme weather. 

The triangular shape hutch is made up of natural cedar and is secure because of powder-coated strong steel wire. The nice feature about creative guys is that you can paint it in any color. My favorite color is blue, so my hutch is painted with a light blue color. The pen comes with hardwood floor pieces for the interior, which are unreliable and pop up after a few months of use. I’m using a blanket instead. Above all, it’s very easy to assemble, but you need a screwdriver for it. 

I ordered this product in January 2020 during the Covid era, and it was delivered on time and without harm under all circumstances. I’d like to praise the customer service team for their excellent service. 

  • Lightweight & easy to move
  • Two doors
  • Single floor
  • Quick cleaning
  • Strong & safe
  • Grey colored hutch is expensive
  • Wooden floor pieces pop out sometimes

Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch With Outdoor Run – best rabbit enclosure

Get this hutch if you want to acquire a double hutch that can be used indoors and out. It’s perfect for those bunnies who need a lot of exercise and running because the running area consists of around six feet square. It’s water and hot weatherproof due to an asphalt roof that eliminates the water and direct sunlight. 

The stated cage is perfect for keeping two bunnies at a time. The cage has three wide doors for convenient access to the rabbits, and a window in the resting section allows owners to check on the rabbit without disturbing it. The litter tray and bottom level mats pull out for easy cleaning. 

In the beginning, when I put my rabbits in the hutch, they chewed the edges of ramps and doors. I used packing tape to cover the edges, and it’s been good so far. Overall, my experience is very nice. 

  • Perfect for outdoors
  • Much space for sprawling
  • Good for two rabbits
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Complaints about bottom tray

Trixie Rabbit Hutch With Outdoor Run

Trixie Rabbit Hutch With Outdoor Run

Trixie is known for producing high-quality pet products that can be used for many years. It’s a nice option for small rabbits and other animals like guinea pigs, ferrets, and rats. If you are buying it for large bunnies, check out its large size. The open area provides enough room for running, jumping, and playing. The ramp is made slip-resistant to avoid any harm to your bun. 

The rooftop is completely equipped with hinged doors with locking arms for access to your pet and quick cleaning. These wide doors allow you to take bunnies in and out of the cage. It’s constructed with pine wood, so it’s very strong and durable. If you are confused about it, don’t be, because Trixie offers a one-year warranty for it.  

  • For all small animals
  • Enough area for rabbit exercise
  • Hinged doors with locked arms
  • One year warranty
  • Not suitable for giant rabbits

Pawhut 2 Story Elevated Wooden Rabbit Cage – double rabbit hutch

What about trying this elevated wooden rabbit enclosure? It’s built with solid fir wood that lasts for many years. It’s been in use since Feb 2020, and due to its performance, I added it to the best outdoor rabbit hutch list. Its design is different from other cages, and the open area is not included. The bottom portion can be used outdoors because it’s open from front and side, the upper portion is suitable for indoor use, and both parts are designed in a way to provide optimal comfort. 

There are two pull-out trays for cleaning, which makes your task a lot easier. Aside from that, you can access your bunnies and their home through a couple of doors. In my view, it’s price is high but the material quality is not up to standard when compared with its cost. The company should focus on increasing material quality. 

  • Compact design
  • Easy to access and clean
  • Durable
  • Ideal for two rabbits
  • Some complaints about the material quality

Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch – best indoor rabbit cage

Here is the final product, which is my favorite from the last months. The lightweight rabbit hutch is constructed with metal and four stainless steel wheels are installed for mobility. It’s large enough to hold other accessories, and I have placed a water bottle, bunny bowl, toys, and bed for him to enjoy. At first, the wood or paint smell was really bothersome; it’s gone now, but I remember it. 

The cage is easy to clean due to the no-leak tray at the bottom, but I can’t clean the cage without picking the rabbits out. Overall, it’s a fine product, and its grey color looks pleasant in homes. It will be interesting for you that it’s the best seller on Amazon. 

  • Excellent design
  • Two floors
  • Easy cleaning
  • Best Seller
  • High quality material
  • A bit pricey

Buyer’s Guide for Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

Definitely, you’ll want to pick a cage that meets your needs while also providing a comfortable setting for your pet. Here are some points that you should consider before finalizing the cage for a bunny. 


The cage’s durability depends upon its material. Because you’ll be using the hutch outside, it should be able to withstand all forms of weather, including rain, snow, hot or cold temperatures, and storms. It would be interesting to you that rabbits enjoy the rain more than humans, and they like to watch the rain, so water-resistant material should be a top priority. It would be better if the hutch paint is non-toxic. 


The purpose behind choosing an outdoor cage is that you want to provide them enough space for exercise in the fresh air. What if its size doesn’t match with the rabbit? Your investment is wasted, and the bunny can’t perform any activity. A rabbit hutch must be large enough for the rabbit to expand out ultimately. In my view, the rabbit should be able to take two to three complete jumps inside it. It should be spacious enough to accommodate numerous rabbits. Don’t forget to check the width, height, and length. Many hutches are too small to allow even a single jump.


The plus point is that outdoor hutches are easy to clean, so you don’t need to worry about that. For convenience, choose the hutch with a removable tray for quick and easy cleaning. Enclosure with more than one door can be a good option. 


Rabbits can’t defend themselves like cats or other species do, so you need to choose a hutch that is well secured. The flexibility to add more latches and locks is a benefit. Strong wire mesh and walls are the only things that can secure them from intruders. 

Brand Reputation & Feedback

Personally, I don’t blindly trust new brands and prefer well-reputed brands in the market and known for good quality stuff. Always go through the positive and negative reviews to get a complete idea about the product’s performance in real life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which is the perfect place to put the rabbit hutch outside? 

It should be in a spot where they can view their surroundings, and the environment is balanced. Avoid placing it in bright sunlight or in an area where it will be exposed to a lot of wind. 

Q2. Why should I pick an outdoor rabbit enclosure? 

Even if the rabbits spend the majority of their time inside the house, every rabbit owner should invest in a hutch. They require fresh air, outdoor vegetation, and exercise sometimes. Rabbits are quite active and can run away rapidly, so every owner should have a hutch.

Furthermore, if the climate in your area is suitable, you can use the outdoor rabbit hutch as a full-time shelter for them. Bear in mind that bunnies cannot withstand harsh weather. When it’s raining or hot outside, bring their cage inside. Outdoor grass mat is another good thing to consider. 

Q3. Can I use the outdoor rabbit hutch for a permanent shelter? 

You are allowed to use it, but cover them fully or place them inside during winter or snowfall season. Some bunnies are sensitive to cold weather. Cover the hutch at night and open a small place for proper ventilation. 

Q4. What’s the recommended cage size for rabbits?

The accurate measurement depends on the size of the rabbit and its activities. If you have one cage for indoor and outdoor, then it should be large enough to offer plenty of space for exercise and jumps. If you own separate enclosures, the indoor cage can be smaller because the rabbit will only rest in it. 

Q5. What are the benefits of a 2-story rabbit hutch?

A double floor cage gives extra space for exercise and running, as well as the ability to house two rabbits at once. Choose the hutch that best matches your darling rabbit. There isn’t much of a difference between single and double floors. 


Picking the enclosure should not be tough because I have explained in detail about every product that has been in my use for the past several years. According to your budget, select the best outdoor rabbit hutch, and don’t forget a few essential points that are discussed above in the buying guide. 

My favorite product is the Pawhut wooden frame, the first one in list, because of its simple design, low-cost, and long-lasting material. If you want an enclosure for a single rabbit, do check it precisely. 

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